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1st Edition Adventures - Star Wars - D6 Roleplaying

Star Wars

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West End Games published a lot of one-shot adventures in its 1st Edition Star Wars RPG, and some were later reprinted in the Classic Adventures Series 1-5, updated to the 2nd Edition rules. These will be listed in chronological order.

Many of the early folio adventures came with little counter strips, intended for use with the Star Warriors starship combat game, and other Star Wars RPG accessories. The counter strips often fell out of the booklets or were discarded, and are usually not present in used copies.

Tatooine Manhunt
Reprinted in Classic Adventures 3

"Talon, Victor of Balamak. Talon, Father of the Old Republic Navy. Talon, who shaped modern Imperial naval tactics. Statues honoring Talon stand all over the Empire - except where the Emperor pulled them down. They say Talon died years ago. But they're wrong. He's still alive. * The bounty on his head exceeds 50 million credits - but who offers it? * The Empire wants him - but dead or alive? * Bounty hunters are converging from all over the galaxy - but to protect him or hunt him? * Even Jabba the Hutt is "interested" - but why? Now the Rebel Alliance wants him, and the word is he's on Tatooine. Guess where you're going?"

1988 ... Bill Slavicsek & Daniel Greenberg ... 32 pages + fold-out map + strip of counters ... WEG 40005 ... ISBN 0874310695

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Strike Force: Shantipole
Reprinted in Classic Adventures 5

"Battle Imperial starfighters in the vastness of space, chase deadly probots through asteroid storms, and go up against a heavily-armed escort frigate in this explosive full-length Star Wars adventure.

In Roche Asteroid Field, a secret Rebel project nearS completion. Headed by Commander Ackbar and staffed by insectoid aliens, this project code-named Shantipole will provide a powerful new starfighter for the Alliance arsenal.
But first, Shantipole must be safely escorted back to Alliance High Command. That's where you and your team come in. With a borrowed freighter, sealed holo-disk orders, and a good blaster at your side, your ship emerges from hyperspace right in the middle of a TIE fighter patrol!
And they told you this was going to be a routine mission ...

32-page booklet features:
A suspenseful script with parts for every player which quickly plunges them into the action-packed story.
A full-color, 17" x 22" cut-away interior map of the asteroid research station, Shantipole.
Background information on Verpine, a race of insectoid ship builders that live in the Roche Asteroid Field.
A pull-out section full of non-player character templates and additional, fully detailed maps.

Also includes:
Star Warriors starfighter combat scenarios including new ship statistics, counters, and complete set-up rales.
Extensive gamemaster notes and guidelines to help keep the adventure exciting, fast-paced, and fun!

A complete adventure for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. For gamemaster and one or more players."

1988 ... Ken Rolston & Steve Gilbert ... 32 pages + fold-out map + strip of counters ... WEG 40009 ... ISBN 0874310911

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Battle for the Golden Sun
"A navigational accident has led the Empire to the mysterious and legendary water world of Sedri. Rebel spy networks carry troubling tales back to Alliance High Command, rumors that Sedri holds the secret of the Golden Sun a secret that could give the Empire the power to crush the Rebellion once and for all!
An Alliance dignitary, young and impetuous, disappeared while checking into these disturbing rumors. Now a special team of Rebel agents volunteer to undertake a desperate mission. Guided by a half-sane Mon Calamari, they must make their way to Sedri, locate the missing dignitary, avoid imperial entanglements, and solve the mystery of the Golden Sun.
If the rumors prove even partially true, then this band of Rebels is all that stands between the Empire and total control of the Galaxy...

40-page booklet features:
An exciting script with a part for each player that brings their characters to life and plunges them right into the action.
Detailed descriptions and maps of an underwater village and the mysterious Sun Caves of Sedri.
Background information on a new race of sea dwellers from the planet Sedri.
A pull-out section full of colorful non-player character templates for an added dimension in roleplaying excitement.
Also includes:
A poster-size, full-color map of an Imperial Sea Garrison a complete base with descriptions of important areas, special equipment, and undersea storm troopers.
Extensive guidelines to help gamemasters make their adventures fast-moving, challenging, and fun."

1988 ... Douglas Kaufman ... 40 pages + poster (Imperial Garrison Base/Aquatic) ... WEG 40017 ... ISBN 0874311039

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Reprinted in Classic Adventures 5

"Captured by Imperials, a small group of Rebel heroes find themselves trapped within the detention block of a Victory-class Star Destroyer. Suddenly explosions rock the giant battleship as the Imperial vessel is attacked by an Alliance fleet. When the smoke clears, the Rebel objective is obvious - escape by any means possible! But the attack has left the Star Destroyer a battered wreck, its crew scattered and its power fading. What dangers await the Rebels deep within the smouldering ruins of this once-great vessel? What Imperial devices remain to prevent their exit? Only those with courage and conviction will attempt to find out. Only those with strength and luck can hope to survive."

1989 ... Rob Jenkins & Michael Stern ... 40 pages + fold-out map + counter strip ... WEG 40016 ... ISBN 0874311055

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"Beyond realspace, past the time-bending corridors of hyperspace, another galaxy waits to be discovered. When a problem develops with the hyperdrive engine of an Alliance prisoner transport, members of both the Rebellion and the Empire are deposited into a strange, unexplored dimension between the hyperlanes and realspace.

Here, abandoned ships from all over known space float beside those of unknown origin. These desolate craft orbit a giant vessel, drawn to it like moths to a flame or a spider's web.

Within the dark interior of the giant ship, the war between Rebel and Imperial finds new battlegrounds and new weapons with which to destroy each other. But they also find something else, something that just might find them first. It wants to escape otherspace, to reach realspace. And when it does, the galaxy will die!"

1989 ... Bill Slavicsek ... 40 pages + fold-out map + counter strip + rules upgrade sheet ... WEG 40018 ... ISBN 0874311284

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Scavenger Hunt
"The Imperials have destroyed the Rebel base on Dankayo, reducing the facility to stag. Now that slag has been loaded into a transport for shipment to an Imperial research base. Buried within the wreckage are intact data banks containing the locations of every Rebel contact in this portion of the galaxy. If that information is discovered, thousands upon thousands of people will die!
A Rebel strike team has been assembled to intercept the Imperial transport. Problem number one: figure out the transport's destination so an ambush can be set up along the appropriate space lane. Problem number two: convince the scavenger Squibs to help with problem number one. The Squibs know where the ship is headed, but will only reveal the information in exchange for a favor. A big favor...

40-page booklet features:
An exciting script with parts for every player that immediately thrusts their characters into the thick of the action.
A full-color, poster-sized map of the Imperial lambda-class shuttle.
Detailed background information and statistics on two new alien races.
A pullout section including gamemaster maps, non-player character templates, and all-new ship statistics.

Also includes:
Star Warriors starfighter combat scenarios, set-up rules, and full-color counters.
Extensive gamemaster guidelines to help you create the fun and exciting mood of
a Star Wars movie."

1989 ... Brad Freeman ... 40 pages + poster + strip of counters ... WEG 40020 ... ISBN 0874311292

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Riders of the Maelstrom
Reprinted in Classic Adventures 3

"Danger lurks aboard the Kuari Princess as Rebel heroes try to uncover the purpose behind a top-secret Imperial rendezvous while fighting notorious pirates -- the Riders of the Maelstrom.

A mission to rendezvous with a top Rebel spy on Aris goes wrong. The Rebels are chased by better than a full company of stormtroopers, strafed by Imperial sky swoopers, and risk death to escape along hundred-meter high tree limbs. When they manage to smuggle themselves onto the luxury liner Kuari Princess, the Rebels know they can finally rest easy. The Rebels are wrong.

Which Imperial officials are having a secret meeting aboard the Kuari Princess, and why? Can the Rebels stop the Imperial plot? Can the Rebels prevent the Riders' awful plan of destruction? Outmanned, outgunned and out of time, the Rebels must forge a victory from only their courage and resourcefulness."

1989 ... Ray Winninger ... 40 pages + poster ... WEG 40021 ... ISBN 0874311241

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Otherspace II: Invasion
"Death stalks the galaxy. The dread Charon, destroyers of worlds, killers of galaxies, have found their way into realspace. If they are not stopped and soon the Rebels' galaxy, too, will die.

In a remote, little-traveled corner of the galaxy, the Alliance safe-world of Stronghold floats serenely against the bloody backdrop of Rebellion and Empire. Here, families of Alliance warriors hide, safe from Imperial attack.

But something has gone wrong. Terribly wrong.

There has been no contact with Stronghold for weeks. No comm reports, no ship traffic. Nothing. It is as though the entire planet has vanished. Six Alliance personnel race to Stronghold to find out what has happened to the planet and to their friends and loved ones hiding there.

Six Rebels against the Invasion!"

1990 ... Douglas Kaufman ... 40 pages + sheet of 42 cards + strip of counters ... WEG 40028 ... ISBN 0874311063

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Crisis on Cloud City
"Chilling murder and intrigue abound as Rebel agents become detectives to solve a deadly mystery on the floating metropolis of Cloud City.

It started as a routine escort mission. Famed Alliance engineer Walex Blissex was contacted by an old friend who had made a startling scientific breakthrough. But when the Rebel escort team arrives on Cloud City to meet this mysterious scientist, things begin to go wrong. Dead Wrong.

Mystery leads to murder. Murder leads to deadly confrontations with killer droids and Imperial agents. And the Rebels wind up entangled in webs of deception, deceit and death! The fate of the city in the cloud and everyone aboard depends on the Rebels and their ability to unravel the mystery before the knots pull tight!

40-page booklet features:
* An exciting adventure script with parts for each player designed to hurl them right into the action.
* An extensive pullout section including maps of the famous city in the clouds and non-player character templates.
* Detailed information on the inner workings of Cloud City and its citizens.
* Extensive gamemaster guidelines to help re-create the tone and feel of the Star Wars movies.

Also includes:
A complete deck of sabacc cards and rules for the popular game played by Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, with:
* Standard rules which can be used in tandem with Crisis on Cloud City, your own Star Wars campaign, or as a complete game by itself.
* 84 illustrated color cards

A complete adventure for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. For gamemaster and one or more players."

1990 ... Christopher Kubasik ... 40 pages + Sabacc card game (sheet of 84 cards) + seperate Sabacc rule sheet ... WEG 40022 ... ISBN 0874311365

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Black Ice
"Black Ice. 7,800 meters long five times the length of an Imperial-ciass Star Destroyer. The pride of the Imperial Replenishment Fleet.
Black Ice. It carries nearly one billion tons of starship-grade fuel cells more than a year's worth of power for an entire Imperial Main Battle Fleet.
Black Ice. If she remains in the Empire's hands, the Imperial Navy will cut a swath of destruction across the sector and beyond. Black Ice. The Empire will do everything in its power to protect her, Black Ice. The Rebels must take her or die in the attempt.

40-page booklet features;
Maps of the Imperial cargo ship Black Ice.
Detailed information about Black Ice, including deck plans, descriptions, and crew and Droid statistics.
Pullout section full of more maps and non-player character templates.
Action-packed script with parts for every player, plunging them directly into the action!
Also includes;
Star Warriors mini-campaign, featuring multiple battles and ship repair and replacement rules.
Counters for use with Star Warriors.
Lots of gamemaster guidelines to help run this exciting adventure."

1990 ... Paul Murphy & Bill Slavicsek ... 40 pages + counter strip ... WEG 40030 ... ISBN 0874311071

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Death in the Undercity
Reprinted in Classic Adventures 3

"The mighty Mon Calamari Cruisers are the cornerstones of the Rebel fleet, and the key to victory over the massive Imperial Navy. These powerful starships are supplied by the citizens of Calamari, a planet entirely loyal to the Alliance at least on the surface.
Beneath the surface of Calamari's majestic oceans, the tireless Quarren labor to provide ores crucial to the construction of Mon Cal Cruisers. Recently, a series of bizarre mining accidents has slowed production to a near standstill. It's up to the Rebel agents to discover the source of the problems.
But these are no ordinary accidents. All signs point to deliberate sabotage, and the embittered Quarren are quick to accuse the surface-dwelling Mon Calamari and their outworlder Alliance of the destructive acts. While the Rebels race to uncover the truth and stop the sabotage, the entire planet teeters on the brink of civil war!

64-page book features:
An action-packed thriller pitting the Rebels against a hidden enemy.
Detailed maps and diagrams of a domed Quarren city.
An opening adventure script which sets up the mood and feel of the Star Wars movies. Also includes: Special Bonus: Quarren Profile Book
Detailed descriptions of the ocean-dwelling Quarren, including: history, personality, racial characteristics.
Map of the Quarren city of Morjanssik: encounters, law and order, the underworld, player character and non-player character statistics.
Provides a unique setting for a Star Wars campaign!"

1990 ... Michael Nystul ... 64 pages ... WEG 40037 ... ISBN 0874311152

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The Game Chambers of Questal
Reprinted in Classic Adventures 5

"Defying orders, Rebel agents launch a desperate search for a missing friend. What they find could shatter the Alliance forever. Rebel Agent Tiree is missing. He never made it to the rendezvous point. AlIiance Command cannot spare the men to launch a full-scale search; Tiree is on his own. But one group of heroes owes Tiree more than they can ever repay - and they vow to find him. Retracing Tiree's trail, the Rebels go to the planet Questal. Tiree was on an unsanctioned mission there, hot on the trail of a rumored weapon of fearful proportions. Then he disappeared. Now something is hunting the Rebels,Can they avoid Tiree's fate, rescue their friend - and save the Alliance? ~~ 40-page book features: * An exciting adventure script that hurls the players right into the action. * Extensive descriptions of the Game Chambers of Questal, a hunting preserve where the Rebels are the prey. * Detailed information on the planet Questal, its Imperial government, and its inhabitants * Diabolical puzzles, tricks and traps to test the Rebels' mettle. * New monsters and alien races. * Gamernaster guidelines to help re-create the excitement of the Star Wars movies."

1990 ... 40 pages ... WEG 40033 ... ISBN 0874311101

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Isis Coordinates
"An Imperial Survey Corps vessel emerges from hyperspace above an uncharted planet. The survey team begins its sensor sweeps. The lifeform indicator crackles to life. Habitations are scanned ... a spaceport... power generators ... landspeeders ... an X-wing fighter ... Rebels!
The survey team has stumbled upon a densely-populated Alliance factory world. If they live to reach an Imperial base and report their findings, hundreds of thousands of lives are at peril, and the Alliance will lose over 30 percent of its starfighter manufacturing capacity. Only two things stand between the Imperials and their base - half a galaxy of hyperspace, and a small band of Rebel heroes!

64-page book features:
* Detailed descriptions of the Rebel factory world Isis.
* Deck plans of the Corellian gunship Handree, which is the stage for a dramatic conflict between Rebels and Imperials.

Also includes:
* Cut-apart puzzles which the players must solve to complete the adventure.
* Adventure script and cut-aways which help capture the mood and feel of the Star Wars movies."

1990 ... Christopher Kubasik ... 64 pages ... WEG 40036 ... ISBN 0874311144

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Scoundrel's Luck
"Solitaire Adventure Starring Han Solo. Princess Leia Organa has been kidnapped! It's up to Han Solo to rescue her - again! With Chewbacca, the Millennium Falcon, and a good blaster at his side, Han must win a race across the galaxy to save Leia!"

1990 ... Troy Denning ... 80 pages ... WEG 40102 ... ISBN 0874311128

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Jedi's Honor
"Solitaire Adventure Starring Luke Skywalker"

"After the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance needed a secure site to base their operations. Luke's dual mission: to search for a world the Empire has overlooked, and to observe local systems along the way.
But in the Sil'Lume Asteroid Belt, the search takes on a personal twist a local agitator taken prisoner by the Empire is reputed to be the son of a Jedi Knight! Should Luke pursue the rumor, or is his mission for the Alliance paramount?
Luke Skywalker Jedi-in-training, Hero of Yavin stars in this fast-paced tale of quick wits and tough decisions. You'll choose his best options and fight his opponents.
Sometimes logic is your best tool as you analyze the situation as Luke sees it. Sometimes you have to trust in Luke's piloting prowess. And sometimes the young Rebel's untrained ability with the Force is all that stands between him and destruction!"

1990 ... Troy Denning ... 80 pages ... WEG 40103 ... ISBN 087431111X

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Graveyard of Alderaan
Reprinted in Classic Adventures 2

"'No! Alderaan is peaceful. We have no weapons!'
But Princess Leia's plea to Grand Moff Tarkin went unheeded, and the Death Star battle station turned its deadly super laser upon the unsuspecting world. Alderaan, once a paradise world where violence was nonexistent, was totally obliterated.
Now only an asteroid field remains to remind the galaxy of the might of the Empire. It is called the Graveyard by spacers and free-traders, and stories about it fill the idle hours in cantinas from the Outer Rim to the Core itself rumors of Jedi artifacts floating among the ruins, of ghost ships that wink in and out of sight.
Who will venture into the field of shattered rock to confirm the tales of a powerful legacy from the past? Who will brave the dangers of the Graveyard of Alderaan?

64-page book features:
A full-length adventure that takes Rebel characters back to the ruins Of Princess Leia's adoptive home world.
Maps and diagrams of Bazaar, an Ithorian herd ship that can serve as the starting point for dozens of adventures.
Descriptions Of the Alderaan asteroid field and all that it contains.
Traps and opponents to test even the strongest Rebel heroes.
Adventure script and cut-away scenes to help capture the mood and feel of the Star Wars movies."

1991 ... Bill Slavicsek ... 64 pages ... WEG 40019 ... ISBN 0874311160

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Domain of Evil
Reprinted in Classic Adventures 2

"Stranded on the swamp world of Trinta and pursued by relentless bounty hunters, a group of Rebels face horrors drawn from their own minds - horrors with the power to destroy them! Pitted against the powers of an insane Jedi Knight and the Dark Nexus in which he dwells, the rebels must triumph or risk falling to the Dark Side of the Force."

1991 ... 64 pages ... WEG 40034 ... ISBN 0874311489

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Planet of the Mists
"The Rebels must take cover in the swamps of Marca, where they discover a mysterious alien race named the Sekct.
Not only must the Rebels escape, but they must save the Sekct from extinction. And the only way to do that is to penetrate the hidden Imperial hyperbaride plant and disable it, despite the Imperial swamp troopers, mercenary security forces, and Tyne, managing director of the plant, feared by all because of his strange abilities ...

64-page book features:
A complete adventure, including staging hints and background information on the planet Marca, the alien Sekct and the native creatures.
A complete map of the plant on Marca, with guidelines for the security forces both inside and outside the plant.
Information on the Empire's elite swamp troopers: Army combat troops trained specifically for wet terrain duty, with equipment perfectly suited for the hazardous environment.
Adventure script and cut-aways to capture the mood and feel of the Star Wars movies."

1992 ... Nigel Findley ... 64 pages ... WEG 40049 ... ISBN 0874311225

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Mission to Lianna
"The Rebel Alliance's greatest weapon is not the bravery of its soldiers nor superior training nor advanced weaponry. The Rebel Alliance is built on information.
The Rebel heroes have been asked to deliver updated information to the Rebel cell network on the industrial world of Lianna, home of Sienar Fleet Systems, manufacturer of the dreaded Imperial TIE fighter. What starts as a simple delivery becomes something even larger than the Rebels can imagine, as the characters discover that Lianna is where the Empire is building a secret weapon that could mean the destruction of the Alliance a cloaking shield!
It is up to the characters to infiltrate and destroy the plans before the Empire can put the cloaking shield to work...

64-page book features:
* A complete adventure, involving corporate intrigue, Imperial officials and secret Rebel sympathizers determined to stop the Empire - even if it means sacrificing the characters!
* Complete information on the urban world of Lianna: its cities, people, and industry. Includes locations and maps.
* Staging hints, guidelines, encounters and rumors to help the gamemaster run the adventure.
* Adventure script and cut-aways to capture the mood and feel of the Star Wars movies."

1992 ... Joanne E. Wyrick ... 64 pages ... WEG 40052 ... ISBN 0874311233

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The Abduction of Crying Dawn Singer
Reprinted in Classic Adventures 1

"An albino Wookiee paces, nervously taking a few puffs on a long clay pipe. A repulsorlift limousine pulls up beside him. Two lightly armed guards exit the limousine. Seconds later, a slightly built avian creature steps out. The Wookiee lets the pipe fall to the ground and shatter. A scarred man in the shadows speaks into a comlink. "Okay boys, let's do it."
Crying Dawn Singer, a famous Shashay Space Singer, has been kidnapped by criminals eager to discredit the Rebel Alliance. Can the Rebel heroes learn who is truly behind the plot to blame the Alliance, and why? Can the Rebels rescue the helpless Shashay before he is killed?

64-page book features:
* A complete adventure, including background information on the new worlds and characters introduced.
* Gamemaster tips and staging hints to keep the players on their toes in this fast-paced, thrill-a-minute story.
* Complete deckplans and game stats for the modified spacetug, the Worthless Fool.
* Adventure script and cut-aways to capture the mood and feel of the Star Wars movies.
* Complete description of the mysterious Shashay Space Singers.
* Information on the corporate-owned industrial planet of Narg."

1992 ... Chuck Truett ... 64 pages ... WEG 40053 ... ISBN 0874311772

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The Politics of Contraband
Reprinted in Classic Adventures 1

1992 ... Gary Haynes & Paul Arden Lidberg & Brian J. Murphy & William Olmesdahl & Eric S. Trautmann ... 64 pages ... WEG 40067 ... ISBN 0874311845

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