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"Take a fascinating trip through the Star Wars galaxy with the Star Wars Adventure Journal. Each issue features exciting adventures, new planets, aliens, and technology, and tales from the Star Wars universe!"

Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.1
"This premiere issue features never-before-published work by best-selling author Timothy Zahn. When Talon Karrde investigates a suspicious safari operation run by a Krish gunrunner, he falls into more trouble than he bargained for. In an interview, Timothy Zahn talks about writing his Star Wars trilogy.

Other features in this issue include:
A shopping trip through Glah Ubooki's Strange & Wondrous Imports.
Tips from infamous smuggler Piatt Okeefe in Smuggler's Log.
Chessa's Doom, the tale of how one man became a Rebel outlaw.
A bounty on bounty hunter Cragus 12 in Wanted By Cracken."

* "First Contact" by Timothy Zahn
* "From Heir to Last Command" by Ilene Rosenberg
* "The Spira Regatta" by Paul Sudlow
* "A Glimmer of Hope" by Charlene Newcomb
* "Glah Ubooki's Strange and Wondrous Imports" by Shane Hensley
* "The Quality of Mercy" by Nicky Rea
* "The Lan Barell" by Paul Sudlow
* "Escape from Balis-Baurgh" by Paul Balsamo
* "Breaking Free" by Dave Marron
* "Regina Cayli" by Ken Rolston
* "Stranded" by Chuck Truett
* "Univited Guests" by Gary Haynes
* "Chessa's Doom" by Perter Schweighofer

1994 ... WEG 41001 ... ISBN 0874314003

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.2
"This issue features Charlene Newcomb's tale of Alex Winger, daughter of an Imperial governor secretly working to liberate her world from the Empire's grasp. Imperial scouts have tightened their patrols near the mysterious mining facility on Garos IV. Alex and her friend Dair Haslip test the scouts' patrols, then plan a daring ambush against an Imperial convoy.

Other features in this issue include:
An interview with Dark Horse Comics' Tom Veitch, Chris Gossett and Dan Thorsland.
Out of the Cradle, a young smuggler's coming of age story.
Imperial Customs officers you don't want to meet, in Smuggler's Log.
A guide to Sevarcos, a planet which helps supply the Empire with spice.
Boddu Bocck, a hunter who preys on New Republic operatives, is Wanted By Cracken."

* "Whispers in the Dark" by Charlene Newcomb
* "Making Star Wars Comics Come Alive" by Ilene Rosenberg
* Q&A with Tom Veitch, Chris Gossett, and Dan Thorsland.
* "Free-Trader's Guide to Sevarcos" by Anthony P. Russo
* "You're in the Army Now" by James Cambias
* "Out of the Cradle" by Patricia A. Jackson
* "The Way of the Yrashu" by Dustin Browder
* "Rebel Privateers!" by Tim O'Brien
* "The Prophecy" by J.E. Lauterio
* "Recon & Report: The Journey to Coruscant" by Peter Schweighofer
* "Return to Taul" by Gary Haynes
* "A World to Conquer" by Dustin Browder
* "Big Quince" by Peter Schweighofer

1994 ... WEG 41002 ... ISBN 0874314011

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.3
"This issue features Galaxywide NewsNets your sampling of data publications from throughout the Star Wars galaxy. From the New Order Progressive to Cynabar's Infonet, here's where everyone gets their news. NewsNets feature the latest headlines in political, military, economic and entertainment news. From Grand Moff Tarkin's "accidental" demise to comprehensive coverage of the blockade at Ralltiir, Galaxywide NewsNets provide a colorful glimpse into the Star Wars galaxy.

Other features in this issue include:
An interview with Classic Star Wars illustrator Al Williamson.
A guided tour through a bulk freighter in Smuggler's Log.
Blasters For Hire, a guide to running mercenaries in Star Wars.
A look at the Vratix and the bacta industry in The Business of Bacta."

* "Al Williamson: Drawing a Daily Diet of Star Wars Comics" by Ilene Rosenberg
* "Mission to Zila" by Charlene Newcomb
* "The Business of Bacta" by Michael Kogge
* "When the Domino Falls" by Patricia A. Jacson
* "The Pentastar Alignment" by Anthony P. Russo
* "Blaster for Hire" by Anthony P. Russo
* "Changing the Odds" by Dave Marron
* "The Void Terror" by Peter Schweighofer
* "Outlaw Battle Armor" by Philip Tobin
* "Droid Trouble" by Chuck Sperati
* "Explosive Developments" by Peter Schweighofer

1994 ... WEG 41003 ... ISBN 087431402X

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.4
"New York Times-best-selling author Kathy Tyers returns to the Star Wars galaxy with Tinian on Trial, the tale of a young industrial heiress caught in the twisted scheme of an ambitious Imperial Moff. Tinian's grandparents owners of I'att Armament help develop an energy field which could make stormtrooper armor invincible against blaster fire. But when Moff Kerioth interferes, Tinian and her friend Daye are thrust into a daring tale of heroic sacrifice and love. In an interview, Kathy Tyers talks about writing her best-selling Star Wars novel, The Truce at Bakura.

Other features in this issue include:
Fragments from the Mind's Eye, a humorous look at Star Wars.
It's A Gambler's Life, a guide to running gamblers in Star Wars.
A preview of West End Games' Creatures of the Galaxy.
The Final Exit, the tale of a Jedi Knight's final performance."

* "Tinian on Trial" by Kathy Tyers
* "Kathy Tyers: Personal Influences Affect Bakura" by Ilene Rosenberg
* "The Final Exit" by Patricia A. Jackson
* "It's a Gambler's Life" by Anthony P. Russo
* "Shadows of Darkness" by Charlene Newcomb
* "Enemies for Life" by Stephen Luminati
* "Creatures Preview" by Bill Smith
* "Loyalties" by James Cambias
* "Starter's Tale" by Peter Schweighofer
* "A Deal Gone Sour" by Chuck Sperati
* "Surprise Visit" by Stephen Crane

1994 ... WEG 41004 ... ISBN 0874314038

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.5
""It had been a really bad day ..." Sienn Sconn was just minding his own business at his favorite dive when a young woman caught his eye. Little did he know she was a New Republic operative running from Imperial agents or that he'd be plunged into a hair-raising starport chase from stormtroopers, a bounty hunter and a ruthless Imperial officer. Come along for the ride with Sconn and New Republic agent Shandria L'hnnar in One of A Kind.

Other features in this issue include:
* Profiles of several new starships.
* Smugglers of the Outer Rim.
* An interview with Star Wars game writer and editor Bill Smith.
* The misadventures of Galactic News Service reporter Kella Rand.
* Zirtran's Anchor; a spaceport preview of Platt's Starport Guide."

* "One of a Kind" by Paul Danner
* "Bill Smith: An Inside Look at Star Wars Gaming" by Ilene Rosenberg
* "A Buyer's Guide to Alternative Starships" by Stephen Luminati
* "Stand and Deliver" by John J. Richardson III
* "Smugglers of the Outer Rim" by Doug Shuler
* "A Bitter Winter" by Patricia A. Jackson
* "Crimson Jailbreak" by Peter Schweighofer
* "Star Wars Summit" by Richard Hawran
* "Wind Raiders of Taloraan" by James L. CAmbias
* "Turning Piint" by Charlene Newcomb
* "Zirtran's Anchor" by Anthony P. Russo
* "Galaxywide NewsNets" by Paul Sudlow
* "Vengeance Strike" by Peter Schewighofer

1995 ... WEG 41005 ... ISBN 0874314046

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.6
"New York Times-best-selling author Kathy Tyers returns to the adventures of Tinian I'att, the former industrial heiress whose life was ruined by an ambitious Imperial Moff. On the run from the Empire, she and her friends find shelter on Silver Station, where Tinian hopes to find somebody who can use the c-boards stolen from her family's prototype energy shield. Join Tinian, her friends, Rebel supporter Una Poot and Wookiee bounty hunter Chenlambec in To Fight Another Day.

Other features in this issue include:
* Alex Winger's final Rendezvous With Destiny.
* A rough and tough speeder ride with Swoop Gangs.
* The misadventures of Galactic News Service reporter Kella Rand.
* A quest for a long-lost artifact in Relic."

* "To Fight Another Day" by Kathy Tyers
* "Greel Wood Haven" by C. Robert Carey
* "Rendezvous with Destiny" by Charlene Newcomb
* "Relic" by George Strayton
* "Ringers" by Laurie Burns
* "Swoop Gangs" by Jon Beyer and Wayne Humfleet
* "The Cure" by James L. Cambias
* "Finder's Fee" by Peter Schweighofer
* "Galaxywide NewsNets" by Paul Sudlow
* "Kella Rand Reporting" by Laurie Burns
* "The Trap" by Gary Haynes

1995 ... WEG 41006 ... ISBN 0874314054

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.7
New York Times-best-selling author Timothy Zahn weaves a tale on the origins of one of his most infamous Star Wars characters! When a Victory-class Star Destroyer captain pursues Rebel smugglers into Unknown Space, he and his ground troops get more than they bargained for. Are the attacks on their encampment caused by the smugglers, primitive alien natives, or someone else hiding in the forest? Find out in Mist Encounter.

And don't miss the special preview story featuring characters from Rogue Squadron, the first in Michael A. Stackpole's series of four X-Wing novels to be released in 1996! Missed Chance follows X-wing pilot Corran Horn on the run from Imperial agents and the cunning schemes of an insignificant but power-hungry Imperial bureaucrat. Find out more about the upcoming X-Wing novels in an exclusive interview with the author.

Other features in this issue include:
* Into the Core Worlds, a guided tour to the heart of Imperial space.
* The History of R-Series Droids, from the R1 to the R7.
* A galactic courier's misadventures during the Retreat From Coruscant
* A Taste of Adventure, four outlines for exciting Star Wars adventures."

* "Mist Encounter" by Timothy Zahn
* "Missed Chance" by Michael A. Stackpole
* "Michael A. Stackpole: The Adventures of Rogue Squadron" by Ilene Rosenberg
* "A Taste of Adventure" by Tony Russo
* "The History of R-Series Astromech Droids" by Pablo Hidalgo
* "Retreat from Coruscant" by Laurie Burns
* "The Kaal Connection" by Peter Schweighofer
* "Into the Core Worlds" by Paul Sudlow
* "Old Corellian: A Guide for the Curious Scholar" by Patricia A. Jackson
* "Passages" by Charlene Newcomb
* "Galaxywide NewsNets" by Paul Sudlow

1995 ... 286 pages ... WEG 41007 ... ISBN 0874314062

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.8
"Anyone visiting the Kuari Princess' observation lounge could find navigator Celia Durasha challenging Security Chief Kaileel to a game of b'shingh at the holo gameboards. But when Celia's old flame now an Imperial Moff s aide boards the Kuari Princess, she realizes her life will be changed by the conflict between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The innocent holo game suddenly mirrors her own precarious situation. Caught between loyalty to the Empire and loyalty to her best friend, Celia soon learns it all depends on A Certain Point of View.

Other features in this issue include:
* The Gree Enclave, a sequestered part of the Outer Rim where an ancient civilization is slowly dying.
* A dangerous journey toward the dark side in Uhl Eharl Khoehng.
* Counterstrike, a daring mission to keep an Imperial faction from regaining control of Corva Sector.
* An exciting mini game campaign following the exploits of the infamo Black Curs mercenaries.
* Other regular columns like Scouts' Dispatch and Wanted By Cracken.

* "A Certain Point of View" by Charlene Newcomb
* "Gree Enclave" by Timothy O'Brien
* "Uhl Eharl Khoehng" by Patricia A. Jackson
* "Galaxywide NewsNets" by Paul Sudlow
* "Yard of Opportunity" by Christopher M. Olson
* "Counterstrike" by Geroge R. Strayton
* "Blaze of Glory" by Tony Russo
* "Black Curs Blues" by Peter Schweighofer
* "Firepower" by Carolyn Golledge

1995 ... WEG 41008 ... ISBN 0874314070

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.9
"Shannon Voorson was just a child living in the immense workers' quarters serving Kuat Freight Port. She enjoyed reading story platforms on her computer, and dabbling in slicing into the installation's data network. But when her cousin, Deen, came to visit the family, Shannon wanted to help him and his "friends," members of the Rebel Alliance. Despite opposition from her parents, Shannon uses her computer skills and her child-like charm to help her cousin and the Rebels. But can a little girl really pull it off? Follow Shannon's adventures as she begins Slaying Dragons.

Other features in this issue include:
* Combat Moon, a trial to the death between the best warriors of two worlds embroiled in conflict.
* Seven tramp-freighters waiting to be purchased on the lot of Fizzi's Slightly-Used Starships.
* Lumrunning, a smugglers' guide to slipping illegal cargoes past Imperial Customs inspectors.
* A new column, ISB Intercepts, featuring readers' roleplaying game questions and answers from game editor Bill Smith."

* "Slaying Dragon" by Angela Phillips
* "Fizzi's Slightly Used Starships" by John J. Richardson III
* "Droids Defiant" by Thomas Bowling
* "Combat Moon" by John Whitman
* "Lumrunners" by John Beyer and Wayne Humfleet
* "Easy Credits" by Paul Danner
* "Death-Hunter" by Tony Russo
* "Repulsortank Battlefield" by Timothy O'Brien
* "Stand at Bhir'khi Pass" Timothy O'Brien
* "Galaxywide NewsNet " by Paul Sudlow
* "ISB Intercepts" by Bill Smith

1996 ... WEG 41009 ... ISBN 0874314089

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.10
"His body broken but his determination still whole, Daye Azur-Jamin struggles to serve the Rebellion, running guns to aliens fighting hard against Imperial domination that threatens their very existance. He doesn't suspect that his fiance, Tinian I'att, and her newfound mentor, the Wookiee bounty hunter Chenlambec, have targeted the aliens' charismatic leader, Agapos, as their next prey! Inspired by Agapos' truthful sayings, Daye must save the alien leader, Tinian and himself. Only Droids Serve the Maker is another Star Wars adventure from New York Times bestselling author Kathy Tyers.

Other features in this issue include:
* A medic along on a commando mission must decide whether her abilities can save an Imperial prisoner, or if she can kill him to keep valuable secrets from the Empire violating her oath to Do No Harm.
* Visit the homeworlds of the Chadra-Fan, Gamorreans, Kubaz and Whiphids in A Free-Trader's Guide to the Planets.
* Toria Tell's Droid Journal provides an interesting array of new droids from a servant droid to the impressive public works droid.
* Catch up with the latest news on events within the Star Wars universe with Galaxywide NewsNets."

* "Only Droids Serve the Maker"
* "Do No Harm"
* "A Free-Trader's Guide to the Planets"
* "Toria Tell's Droid Journal"
* "The Capture of Imperial Hazard"
* "Desperate Measures"
* "Galaxywide NewsNets"
* "Alliance Intelligence Report: TIE fighters"

1996 ... WEG 41010 ... ISBN 0874314097

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.11
* "Command Decision" by Timothy Zahn
* "Farrimmer Cafe" by Jean Rabe and J. Allan Fawcett
* "Spare Parts" by Pablo Hidalgo
* "The Most Dangerous Foe" by Angela Phillips
* "Alien Encounters" by Timothy S. O'Brien
* "The Longest Fall" by Patricia A. Jackson
* "The Ando Project" by Chris Doyle
* "Bungo n' Rusti Get Carry-Out" by Jim Anderson
* "Star Wars Rules Upgrade" by Bill Smith
* "Galaxywide NewsNets" by Paul Sudlow

1996 ... WEG 41011 ... ISBN 0874314100

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.12
"Imperial Intrigue Abounds!

Take a "Side Trip" with New York Times best-selling authors Michael A. Stackpole arid Timothy Zahn as they weave a tale of deception and intrigue. Bounty hunter Jodo Kast often mistaken for the infamous Boba Fett draws a group of smugglers and Rebels into the heart of a devious Imperial plot. Can Corellian Security officers Corran and Hal Horn uncover the truth before It's too late? And what happens when notorious Black Sun operative Zekka Thyne turns up on Corellia with his own conspiracy? The exciting plot unravels in the first-ever Zahn-Stackpole Star Wars collaboration!
* Witness the long-awaited confrontation between Alex Winger and dark iedi Jaalib Brand!, Who will survive the clash of wills, and who will be destroyed? Find out in Betrayal by Knight.
* Plunge into the intricacies of Imperial gam design with Major Qiran Vol, Rebel Alliance military defense expert, in Imperial Garrisons.
* Meet four of the galaxy's most mysterious species in Shapeshifters."

* "Side Trip Part One"
* "Side Trip Part Two"
* "Betrayal by Knight"
* "Imperial Garrisons"
* "Galaxywide NewsNets"
* "Small Favors"
* "Shape Shifters"
* "Heroes Need Not Apply"
* "Idol Intentions"
* "Festival of High Winds"
* "Vehicle Counters"

1997 ... WEG 41012 ... ISBN 0874314119

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.13
"Intrigue on Corellia!

Join New York Times bestselling Star Wars authors Michael A. Stackpole and Timothy Zahn as they conclude their tale of deception, intrigue and betrayal on Corellia. Corran Horn and his father, Hal, have been imprisoned in Zekka Thyne's dungeons, no thanks to the traitorous bounty hunter, Jodo Kast who is often mistaken for the infamous Boba Fett. The two CorSec agents were trying to discover what Kast and a rag-tag group of smugglers were going to do with the low- grade spice and rare Durindfire gems they smuggled onto the planet. At first it seemed like some crooked deal with the small-time crime chief Borbor Crisk but the two CorSec agents are afraid something more devious is going on. It's all part of a grand scheme masterminded by one of the galaxy's most cunning tactical minds. Find out how the entire puzzle fits together in "Side Trip."

Other features In this issue include:
* Go treasure hunting with a pair of love-struck Weequays as they spend their vacation braving the Day of Sepulchral Night.
* Special Ops: Shipjackers takes you along on a wild ride with some Rebel commandoes bent on stealing a carefully guarded starship.
* Grab your sabacc cards and sit in for a hand with legendary gambler Kinnin Vo-Shay as he tries to win The Last Hand.

* "Side Trip Part Three"
* "Side Trip Part Four"
* "Conflict of Interest"
* "Galaxywide NewsNets"
* "The Last Hand"
* "Special Ops: Shipjackers"
* "The Day of Sepulchral Night"
* "Alien Encounters"
* "The Occupation of Rhamalai"
* "Scouts' Dispatch"
* "Cynabar's Droid Datalog Addendum"

1997 ... WEG 41013 ... ISBN 0874314127

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.14
* "Murder in Slushtime"
* "The Breath of Gelgelar"
* "Special Ops: Drop Points"
* "From the Files of Corellia Antilles"
* "No Disintegrations, Please"
* "Alien Encounters"
* "Crimson Bounty"
* "Droid Datalog"
* "Galaxywide NewsNets"

1997 ... WEG 41014 ... ISBN 0874314135

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Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.15
* "Alien Encounters: The Shard" by Stephen Kenson
* "Firestorm" by Kevin J. Anderson
* "Special Military Unit Intelligence Update" by Timothy S. O'Brien
* "White Death"
* "ISB Intercepts" by Eric Trautmann
* "Laughter after Dark" by Patricia A. Jackson
* "The Great Herdship Heist" by Daniel Wallace
* "Tasariq: The Crystal Planet" by Tom Moldvay and Steve Miller
* "The Draw" by Angela Phillips
* "Two for One" by Paul Danner

1997 ... WEG 41015 ... ISBN 0874314143

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Adventure Journal Best of Journal Issues 1-4
"For two years the Star Wars Adventure Journal has brought Star Wars fans new adventures and source material about their favorite science fiction universe. Now the best articles from the Journal's first year - all of which are out-of-print - are reprinted in this special collector's edition. This collection includes "First Contact" by Timothy Zahn, "Tinian on Trial" by Kathy Tyers, "The Final Exit" by Patricia A. Jackson, "A Glimmer of Hope" by Charlene Newcomb, "Rebel Privateers!" by Timothy O'Brien, "A Free-Traders' Guide to Sevarcos" by Anthony Russo, "The Void Terror" and "Recon and Report" by Peter Schweighofer, and "The Spira Regatta" by Paul Sudlow. The Best of The Star Wars Adventure Journal features special essays from the authors themselves with insights on their inspirations, story origins and views on the Star Wars phenomenon. And don't miss the special section showing original color artwork only seen in their initial Journal articles in black-and-white - all by Chris Gossett, artist for Dark Horse Comics' Tales of the Jedi and Dark Lords of the Sith. Sit back, open up, and celebrate some of the outstanding articles which have opened up the Star Wars galaxy."

1996 ... 134 pages ... WEG 40129 ... ISBN 0874312728

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