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Al-Qadim - Arabian Adventures (AD&D)

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"The Seven Voyages of Sinbad, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Aladdin and His Magic Lamp -- these and other classics fill the pages of the Arabian Nights. Each tale is told by Scheherazade, a beautiful young woman who reveals them night after night to a murderous king. After a thousand and one nights have passed, she wins his heart with her stories and her life is spared.

The tales of the Arabian Nights stand among the world's greatest works of fantasy literature. Yet this genre has been virtually untapped by the designers of fantasy games...

...This is the Al-Qadim campaign -- a realm of wonder and awe, where threads of Arabian legend are richly interwoven with the fantasy of the AD&D game. Like Scheherazade's tales, the Al-Qadim campaign blends the real with the imagined, the natural with the supernatural, creating a unique new realm of fantasy.

Andria Hayday,
1993 TSR Master Catalog

Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures
"Magic carpets, ghoulish vixens, genies rising from the sand in a whirlwind of smoke and fire — such wonders, spun into tales by the fabled Scheherazade, enchanted a king for a thousand and one nights.
The AL-QADIM campaign will enchant role-players for a thousand and one more.

You are about to discover an exotic realm inspired by the tales of Sinbad, Ali Baba, and other classics from the Arabian Nights. The first in a series of products, this volume features everything DMs and players need to launch the AL-QADIM campaign:
• New rules for adventure, including desert survival, turning the hand of Fate, and averting the mysterious power of the evil eye
• New roles to play: bold desert raiders, swashbuckling corsairs, clandestine slayers, mystic clerics, wizards of fire, sorcerers who command the genies, and more — over 20 roles in all!
• New proficiencies, from camel-riding to haggling at the bazaar
• New spells and a unique realm of magic, featuring the provinces of flame, wind, sea, and sand
• An introduction to Zakhara, Land of Fate, a new setting for the AL-QADIM campaign"

1992 ... Jeff Grubb & Andrea Hayday... 160 pages ... TSR 2126 ... ISBN 1560763582

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Land of Fate [BOX SET]
Bottom box lid is dated 7-92.

Maps are:
1077XXX0701 Zakhara large-scale map (1 inch = 90 miles)
1077XXX0702 Zakhara north regional map (1 inch = 10 miles)
1077XXX0703 Zakhara south regional map (1 inch = 10 miles)

The clear Mylar map overlay is coded 1077XXX0704, and clearly labeled for this set. TSR had been guilty of recycling overlays in the past (re-using the Forgotten Realms "grey box" Campaign set overlay in the Kara-Tur set for example).

The creatures in the MC sheets: Genie of Zakhara (Dao, Djinni, Efreeti, Janni, Marid); Giant, Island [clearly the cyclops from Sinbad -W]; Giant, Ogre; Roc, Zakharan; Yak-Man (Yikaria).


"Ride a magic carpet to the land of a thousand and one adventures! Visit spired cities, lush oases, and mysterious isles set in glittering seas. Meet sultans and sheikhs. See genies and giants. Discover a trove of new magical treasures! Wheter your character starts from the compatible Forgotten Realms game setting or begins the journey elsewhere, this box contains everything a bold adventurer needs to explore the exotic AL-QADIM campaign world.

• 2 guidebooks totaling 192 pages
• 12 full-color reference cards
• 8 Monstrous Compendium sheets
• 3 full-color poster maps
• 1 clear map overlay for measuring distance

1992 ... Jeff Grubb ... TSR 1077 ... ISBN 1560763299

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City of Delights [BOX SET]

Maps are:
1091XXX0701 The City of Delights: Golden Huzuz
1091XXX0702 The Palace of the Enlightened Throne

The clear Mylar map overlay is coded 1091XXX0703, and is also labeled "Al-Qadim Campaign".

Half of the reference cards are city districts pulled from Map 1. The other half are city scenes, with a Zakharan glossary on the back.

The creatures in the MC sheets: Afanc (Gawwar Samakat); Al-Jahar; Cat, Winged; Crypt Servant; Genie, Tasked (Administrator, Harim Servant); Ogre, Zakharan; Opinicus; Parasite; Pasari-Nimi; Singing Tree; Sirine; Talking Bird; Tatalla; Vargouille; Vermin, Elemental.


"Golden Huzuz, the City of Delights, is the 'heart of the heart' of the enlightened lands. It is the religious and political center of Zakhara and, say its inhabitants, the most beautiful city in the entire world. But beneath the beauty lies mystery, for the court of the Grand Caliph is as full of intrigue as the Grand Bazaar is full of adventures waiting to happen. Come, explore the delights and dangers of Huzuz the Golden, heart of the Al-Qadim campaign world.

• 2 guidebooks totaling 192 pages
• 8 full-color reference cards
• 1 clear map overlay for measuring distance
• 2 full-color poster map sheets

1993 ... Tim Beach & Tom Prusa & Steve Kurtz ... TSR 1091 ... ISBN 1560765895

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Noble Knight | Amazon | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

The Complete Sha'ir's Handbook
"Discover the secrets of sha'irs, who counsel and cavort with genies. Unravel the mysteries of elemental mages, who bend flame and sand to their will! This magical tome holds a wealth of new information about Zakhara's exotic wizards and their dazzling enchantments. Within you'll find new kits, from clockwork mages to spellslayers. Here too are new spells and proficiencies, plus clandestine and nefarious societies - exposed at last! A must-have for all Dungeon Masters and wizard players in the AL-QADIM campaign."

"This book should more appropriately be called 'The Complete Al Qadim Wizards Handbook,' because a large portion of the book is devoted to new kits for wizard characters. These kits work best as NPCs, because most of them don't use normal spellcasting rules, but new variations which take days, months, or even years of setup. Examples include the Mechanician, who places his spells inside clockwork automatons, or the Spellweaver, who weaves them into tapestries. They are interesting ideas, and DMs will probably want to use them in their game as soon as they can write them up. But it's hard to imagine a player getting excited about them.

Sha'irs are not forgotten, though. There's a large section of the book about details of the sha'ir's gen, and a list of rituals the Sha'ir can undergo to make his gen more powerful. This list is not all-inclusive -- it encourages the player and DM to make up their own ritual if they wish to improve the Gen in a way not listed in the book.

At the end of the book is a list of new spells for Al Qadim mages. There's more here than is contained in the usual AD&D supplement- quite a few spells for every level. New spells are usually interesting, this being no exception." ... from Amazon user Chris Dudley

1994 ... Sam Witt ... 128 pages ... TSR 2146 ... ISBN 1560768282

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Monstrous Compendium Al-Qadim Appendix (MC13)
"Glittering treasures lie undisturbed in darkened caves. Angry genies seethe in magically-sealed bottles. Gigantic birds of prey roost atop unscalable mountain peaks. Sea serpents twist and sliter beneath blue waves. Alongside a world of stunning beauty and idyllic leisure exits a harsh realm of legendary beasts and monsters.
The AL-QADIM appendix for your Monstrous Compendium contains 64 pages of monsters drawn from the fables of the Middle East. The creatures in this appendix are perfect for an AL-QADIM campaign, or for spicing up any AD&D game desert setting."

Ammut • Ashira • Asuras • Black Cloud of Vengeance • Buraq • Camel • Camel of the Pearl • Centaur, Desert • Copper Automaton • Daolani (Gen) • Debbi • Desert Camel (Camel) • Djinnling (Gen) • Dragon, Zakharan (Vishap) • Efreetikin (Gen) • Elephant Birds • Gen • Genie, Noble Djinn • Genie, Noble Efreeti • Genie, Noble Dao • Genie, Noble Marid • Genie, Tasked, Architect/Builder • Genie, Tasked, Artist • Genie, Tasked, Guardian • Genie, Tasked, Herdsman • Genie, Tasked, Slayer • Genie, Tasked, Warmonger • Genie, Tasked, Winemaker • Genie Double (Markeen) • Ghost Mount • Ghul, Great • Giant, Desert • Giant, Jungle • Giant, Reef • Hama • Heway • King of Birds (Simurgh) • Living Idol • Lycanthrope, Werehyena • Lycanthrope, Werelion • Maridan (Gen) • Markeen • Maskhi • Mason Wasp, Giant • Mountain camel (Camel) • Nasnas • Pahari • Racing camel (Camel) • Rom • Sabu Lord • Sakina • Serpent Lord • Serpent, Winged • Silats • Simurgh • Stone Maiden • Vishap • War camel (Camel) • Zaratan • Zin

1992 ... 32 pages + 4 dividers ... TSR 2129 ... ISBN 1560763701

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Golden Voyages (ALQ1)
The MC Sheets are: Coelenite, Ogrima, NPC Crewmen, Ending the Adventure, Sartani.

"Inspired by the tales of Sinbad, Golden Voyages provides the source material and adventures needed to run a mini-campaign on the Crowded Sea. Detailed backgrounds, perilous locations, and wondrous NPCs populate the enchanted seas. Player characters will discover wildly different adventures as they sail from place to place.

Golden Voyages includes: six booklets filled with mini-adventures, an overall framing adventure, expanded rules on ships and sailing, details and background concerning topography, tribes, and new locations, and plenty of maps and player handouts; Monstrous Compendium pages detailing new monsters; a custom DM screen for use in all Al-Qadim games; and a poster map of the Crowded Sea."

1992 ... David "Zeb" Cook ... TSR 9366 ... ISBN 1560763310

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Assassin Mountain (ALQ2)
This set has an odd misprint - or at least this particular set I'm looking at (3/21/2014) - The "Holy Slayer Sourcebook" booklet cover is stapled to the "Adventure Book".

The MC sheets are: Cobra, Giant; Genie, Tasked (Deceiver, Oathbinder); Gibbering Mouther; Greyhound, Saluqi; Marrashi; Sandman; Wind Walker.


"The Assassins of Zakhara strike in silence and from darkness, certain of their faith and the rightness of their cause. The slayers carry out the orders of their Grandfather assassin, never questioning his wisdom or direction.

Assassin Mountain is the DM's guide to the secrets and objectives of the assassins. Captured inside this Sourcebox, you'll find new information about the holy slayers of Zakhara, from their methods, tools, and secret stucture to the means used to ensure the silence of their members. The adventures within pit the player characters against the slayers of the Everlasting, one of the most powerful and influential sects in Zakhara. The web of deceit and terror spun by the Everlasting weaves its way into the city of Liham, entangling the PCs and leading them to the perils of the assassins' stronghold.

Assassin Mountain includes:
* two booklets filled with source material on the holy slayers of Zakhara and adventures with the Everlasting;
* six cardsheets;
* MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM™ pages detailing new genies and other monsters; and
* a poster map of Jabal Sarahin, the fortress of the Everlasting.

Recommended for use with the Arabian Adventures rulebook."

1993 ... Wolfgang Baur ... TSR 9431 ... ISBN 156076564X

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A Dozen and One Adventures (ALQ3)
This set has a similar misprinting as ALQ2: The "Muluk, City of Kings" booklet cover is stapled to the Adventure Book. Seems to me it should go on the Campaign Book ("32-page campaign guide describing Muluk" as the promo text says on the back of the box). The TSR coding isn't much help... both booklets have 9432XXX1501 as their product code on the title pages.

The MC sheets are NPCs.


"There is no escaping Fate in the world of Zakhara, home of caliphs and favored land of the genies. And the Fate of brave adventurers is to travel the wide realms, vanquishing the unrighteous and protecting the meek.

A Dozen and One Adventures leads the characters from bustling Muluk, City of Kings, to the mysterious citadel of flame, and many points between. They may meet the king who never died, the fish-people of the Great Sea, and other wonder too amazing to mention.

This adventure sourcebox contains a 64-page booklet of 13 adventures, a 32-page campaign guide describing Muluk, the northern lands, and several new magical items, a poster map of Muluk and Krak al-Niraan, six map cards, and four Monstrous Compendium insert pages featuring NPCs."

1993 ... Steven Kurtz ... TSR 9432 ... ISBN 1560766220

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Secrets of the Lamp (ALQ4)
The MC sheets are: Elemental Kin (Earth, Crysmal; Fire, Azer); Genie, Tasked (Messenger, Miner); Grue (Chaggrin, Harginn, Ildriss, Varrdig).

"Revealed within are the greatest secrets of the genies: their magics, their rulers, and their homelands. From the Citadel of Ice and Steel to the Great Dismal Delve, the works of geniekind are as wondrous as they are magnificent.

Tour the City of Brass, from its golden towers to its brazen streets, foil the evil yak men and their dao servants, travel on the desert whirlwinds of the jann. Learn the legends and secres history of the genies, their cities, their foibles, and their feuds.

Secrets of the Lamp includes a 64-page sourcebook about genies, a 32-page booklet of adventures set in Zakhara and the City of Brass, a full-color poster map, six cards showing details of the City, and four MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM pages that introduce new genies and other elemental creatures."

1993 ... Wolfgang Baur ... TSR 9433 ... ISBN 1560766476

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Ruined Kingdoms
"The Nogaro River has seen the rise and fall of countless empires, unequaled in their evil and terror. Buried but not destroyed, their legacy lives on, shrouded by the tangled jungle and by time itself.

With Ruined Kingdoms, bold explorers can at last lift the veil of oblivion and unravel the mysteries of a dark and sinister past.

Inside you'll discover:

* A 32-page campaign booklet describing the Ruined Kingdoms and their many secrets.
* A 64-page book packed with adventures - nine plots of intrigue and danger that transport player characters from Dihliz to Afyal and into the heat of the ruin-choked jungle. Adventurers face yak-men, genies, and giants, and unearth artifacts of awesome magical power.
* An 8-page booklet filled with villainous women and deadly reptilian monsters.
* Six cardstock sheets featuring detailed maps and player aids.
* A stunning poster map of eastern Zakhara, depicting the twisting valleys and ancient capitals of the Ruined Kingdoms."

1994 ... Steven Kurtz ... TSR 9440 ... ISBN 1560768150

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

Cities of Bone
"On moonlit nights in the Land of Fate, many adventurers hear the call of long-forgotten cities rich with burial treasure. But is it bravery to breach the tombs of Zakhara's ancients and risk the ire of vengeful spirits, or is it greed? Fate knows the answer and will guide all to their destinies among the Cities of Bone!"

• Campaign Guide (32 pages)
• Adventure Book (64 pages)
• NPC Booklet (8 pages)
• Poster Map
• 6 cardboard map pages

1994 ... Steve Kurtz ... TSR 9467 ... ISBN 1560768479

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

Corsairs of the Great Sea
"A thousand welcomes, noble friend! I see your eye is as keen as the eagle and your mind as sharp as my jambiya, for you hold in your hand a great treasure. This box contains everything needed to launch an epic adventure featuring corsairs and mamluks:

* A stunning poster map of the Corsair Domains and Zakhara's northern shores.
* Six full-color cardstock sheets containing maps and player aids.
* An 8-page booklet filled with new monsters, including the dreaded ghul-kin.
* A 32-page sourcebook detailing the wily pirates of Hawa and their greatest enemies, the stalwart mamluks of Qudra, plus several new magical items.
* A 64-page adventure book presenting a fabulous array of tales set in or near the Corsair Domains. Meet the beautiful and notorious Jayani al-Jasir, called by some the Queen of Pirates. Face untold perils to fetch the wondrous waters of the River of Gold. Save Hawa's people from the horrible Soultaker, and much, much more. But beware! Treachery awaits at the hands of those you trust most!"

1994 ... Nicky Rea ... TSR 9449 ... ISBN 1560768673

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"Pit of the Ghuls, Genies' Anvil, Vishap's Teeth... the mere mention of these mystical sites fills men's hearts with fear and apprehension. Now the mysteries of the High Desert are revealed!

Caravans takes player characters into Zakhara's greatest sea of sand to face its most treacherous denizens. Heroes match wits with djinn and ins alike - and fulfill a lover's obligation more than a half-century old.

This sourcebox includes:

* A 32-page Campaign Book with notes from famed travelers of the High Desert, plus details on a wondrous magical carpet
* A 64-page Adventure Book featuring tales of honor, riches, and unrequited love
* An 8-page book of player aids
* A magnificent full-color poster depicting Ala'i the Hungry, a fortune-telling carpet whose profound wisdom and wondrous powers will guide heroes on their epic adventure."

Not mentioned in the contents list are 6 handout cards typical for this series of box sets. The player aids booklet (9459XXX1903) also contains Monstrous Compendium sheets for two new creatures: Genie (Noble Efreeti) and Ghuls.

1994 ... Rick Swan ... TSR 9459 ... ISBN 1560769033

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG

"Once, the Tribe of Altair roamed the sands, free as the great eagle on the wind. Now, caged by an evil mage, these desert riders yearn for their lost freedom. But Fate takes a hand as a noble djinn seeks to fulfill an ancient wish....

In this unusual three-part scenario, players take the roles of the men of the tribe, who stage a revolt after being enslaved in the Pit of the Laughing Efreeti and then try to battle their way to freedom. In the second part, the PCs are the women of the tribe, who must escape the evil flame mage's harem and use all their wits to win free of a strange city. Finally, the children of the tribe have to slip away from an evil temple before they can be sacrificed, which calls for them to embark on a magic carpet ride that promises to be the adventure of their lifetimes."

1998 ... 32 pages ... TSR 9584 ... ISBN 0786911964

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF)

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