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Chivalry & Sorcery

Chivalry & Sorcery, 3rd Edition ~ Chivalry & Sorcery, The Rebirth ~ Land of the Rising Sun


Chivalry & Sorcery, 1st & 2nd Editions
Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)

Chivalry & Sorcery: Warfare & Wizardry in the Feudal Age (1st Edition)
"CHIVALRY and SORCERY is the complete fantasy role playing system.

CHIVALRY and SORCERY represents the most complete and detailed fantasy role playing game on the market. Included: ...All necessary rules for character creation, experience and specialist skills, combat, magick, and the campaign setting. The world of Chivalry and Sorcery includes laws, customs, social classes, and all that would be found in the feudal setting of a complete fantasy environment."

1977 ... Ed Simbalist & Wilf Backhaus ... 130 pages ... FGU 7701

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Chivalry & Sorcery (2nd Edition) [BOX SET]

"CHIVALRY & SORCERY is a role playing game that deals with the age of legendry and of chivalry. The game itself is almost as legendary as the age with which it deals.
This boxed set is a totally new edition of this game which is known for its completeness and attention to detail. It describes a realistic and fully conceived world based on the feudal setting which is the basis of myth and the fantasy tradition in literature.
In this box are the complete rules for the C&S game system and for the creation of a complete world or environment. These rules are contained within three volumes.
Volume One details all rules for character creation, character experience, and character advancement.
Volume Two includes all rules for the actual world and society of the feudal age. It includes sections covering such diverse topics as the chivalric code, clerics, and costs and availability of items in the C&S marketplace. Also included are the complete combat rules.
Volume Three includes the rules governing magick and its use by magicians of many diverse types. Also included in this volume are the beasts and legendary creatures that populate that fantastic environment which separates the world of fantasy from that of reality.
CHIVALRY & SORCERY is the complete fantasy role playing system."

1983 ... FGU 7701

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C&S GM cards / charts

Five cardstock cards reprinting tables and sheets from the game rules. They are fairly rare today.

In no particular order, the cards are:

* Battles - Close combat "Shock"; Close combat "Melee"; missile fire; Movement Rates; Morale; Terrain; Siege Engines.
* Clerics & Magic Users (fillable form); calendar codes; Combat (fillable form).
* Character sheet (fillable form, both sides)
* Magick Conflict Table: Spell Targeting; reverse side has a fillable calendar.
* Chivalric Arms; Infantry, Yeomanry, Militia; Non-fighters; Naturally Armed Monsters; bare-hand combat; Magical Resistance; Missile Fire Matrix; Tactical Maneuver Matrix; Spells Known by Non-Player Magick Users.


197? ... Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)

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Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook
"This supplement includes answers to the most commonly asked questions about C & S, a full explanation of how to use the magick system created in Chivalry & Sorcery, and new rules for medicine, diseases, trade, agriculture, forestry, sieges, and marshalling feudal forces in time of war."

1978 ... Edward E. Simbalist & Wilf K. Backhaus ... 106 pages ... Fantasy Games Unlimited 7702

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Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook 2
CONTENTS: Doors; Locks; Breaking In; Weaponsmithing; Determining Spells for Non-Player Magick Users; Availability and Powers of Runes on Weapons and Scrolls; Prices and Availability of Alchemetical Materials; Magical Items; News Conveyance; Jacquerie; Expanded Strategic Warfare System; Strategic Warfare and Sieges; Strategic Naval Warfare.

1981 ... Edward E. Simbalist & Wes Ives & Phil McGregor ... 51 pages ... FGU 7703

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Saurians: Dinosaurs & Intelligent Saurian Races
"Adds a new dimension to the world of Chivalry and Sorcery. Complete rules, charts and tables to enable players to introduce over 250 new reptilian beasts and intelligent races. A comprehensive book of background information on an extremely harsh prehistoric world."

1979 ... Wes Ives & Edward E. Simbalist ... 170 pages ... FGU 7705

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Swords and Sorcerers: Vikings, Steppes Nomads, Gaels and Picts

"This book covers the Vikings, Mongols, Gaels, Picts and Celts. Each such nationality is fully discussed in terms of social organization, military organization, magick user types, character development, and political/economic systems. In addition to discussing this new set of nationalities, SWORDS & SORCERERS offers Mass Combat Modifications to properly allow for the battle tactics and effectiveness of these new army groups. A new battle system for paper and pencil is also presented for those who wish to speed up mass combat resolution or who wish to avoid the use of large numbers of miniatures (why anyone would wish to pass up the full splendor and pageantry of medieval miniatures is inexplicable.) Finally, a set of tables for instant calculation of feudal holdings and fortress construction is also included in this rule book."

1978 ... Edward E. Simbalist & Wes Ives ... 96 pages + rune card ... FGU 7711

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Arden: A Gamemaster's Aid for Chivalry & Sorcery (A Complete Kingdom)

The map cards are very helpfully numbered 1 through 24. -W

"Welcome to Arden! Arden is one of the nations in the Archaeron campaign of the designers of Chivalry & Sorcery. It encompasses some 136,000 square miles, roughly equal to the area of the British Isles or about sixty percent of the area of France. Arden's total population is about 3.5 million, but only 2,909,110 have been counted by the census conducted every ten years. The population density is about 1/22 that of modern Britain, which means that there are large expanses of trackless wilderness between the settled regions.
Only the bare outlines of Arden are presented here. Players have the basic geography in a set of 24 maps in a scale of 1"=12 miles (1cm=7.6km) depicting the major towns, castles, and Knight's fees, mountains, hills, rivers, and lakes in short, the general physical environment. The major feudal holdings are delineated with respect to such factors as their military strength, populations, and economics. A number of aspects of the society, history, and political situation are also presented. However, it is the "World Master' (the game referee) who must breathe life into the region by providing the local color.
Arden should not be regarded as a scenario booklet or a 'dungeon module.' Rather, it is a 'World' environment, a campaign guide which a World Master can use to introduce his own scenarios. Arden is the 'stage' on which all of the adventures of the player-characters are enacted. It is an environment designed to facilitate role-playing on many levels.
Many of the features of Arden are based upon the systems evolved in Chivalry & Sorcery and its attendant expansions (C & S Sourcebook and Swords & Sorcerers.) These rule books will also provide helpful explanations and gaming systems but are not essential to the use of Arden as a campaign environment. Indeed, Arden is designed to be used with any FRP gaming system."

1979 ... 46 page booklet + 24 cardstock maps ... Edward E. Simbalist ... FGU

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From the Editorial Introduction:
"Chivalry & Sorcery utilizes a fairly complex system of individual combat in the interests of realism and player input. Such a system is far harder to master than the type systems employed in earlier, first generation, role playing games. It requires work, pracLice and patience to master the C & S system and some reference to the charts while conducting an individual level combat or melee with small numbers of characters.
Some players have objected to this degree of complexity, while others have joyfully taken the plunge and revelled in the realism. Yet, even those who are willing to go to the work needed to achieve this degree of real ism in a combat system have hoped for some form of streamlining. One answer to this problem came from a C&S campaign in North Carolina, across the continent from the original campaign. After a series of letters and rules modifications, this new system has been adopted in the original campaign as well. It offers n system to streamline out many of the references to tables, paperwork, and complexity of the combat system without changing the basic system or reducing the realism of C&S combat.
Destrier offers a card system to demonstrate the tactical decisions made in C & S combat and end the need for paperwork. The cards have the additional advantage of making the entire, system easier for novice players which will speed up the events within any ongoing campaign. The basic combat system is unchanged, only the mechanics are somewhat simplified and easier for the novice to understand quickly. Player options remain the same and combat rounds are run more smoothly..."

1978 ... Wes Ives ... 24 pages + 7 card pages ... FGU 7741

Castle Plans for Sieges in 25mm Scale
"Ideal for Chivalry & Sorcery"

1977 ... 4 mapsheets + booklet ... FGU 7781

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Fortification Plans: For Sieges in 25mm Scale

"Ideal for Chivalry & Sorcery"

1977 ... 4 mapsheets + booklet ... FGU 7782

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Bireme and Galley: Naval Warfare, Egypt to Lepanto

"Complete naval rules for ancient, medieval and Renaissance periods. Designed to work with Chivalry and Sorcery, included are cut-apart ship counters for fleet actions and 25 mm scale deck plans for boarding actions. Also included are detailed rules on naval trade, piracy and profits."

1978 ... 100 pages + deckplans poster + charts ... FGU 7790

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Rapier and Dagger: Swordplay on a Man-to-Man Scale
"The treatment of Rapier & Dagger in these rules is divided into two distinct styles: (a) using just paper and pencil, and (b) rules for using 25mm or 54mm figures. Both of these styles of rules use similar concepts and terms derived from the writings of the 17th Century masters of the blade. The most important of these concepts deal with distance and movement..."

1978 ... Wilf K. Backhaus ... 21 pages + cardstock chart sheet & character sheet ... FGU 1108

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Chivalry & Sorcery Gamemaster's Shield
Two 3-panel screens, with tables on both sides. No artwork. Some of the tables are repeated from screen to screen, so that players would have access to the relevant tables I presume. -Wayne

1980 ... Judges Guild 250

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Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook (2nd Edition)
"The CHIVALRY & SORCERY SOURCEBOOK contains expanded rules for the C&S rules system. Included in this volume are sections on:
Designing Outdoors Adventures. This section covers mapping a world, weather, movement over distances, and detailed encounter tables for varying locales and situations.
C&S Monsters, covering rules of creation and motivation.
Physicians, Wounds, and Diseases. This section covers new PC types and their role in dealing with plague, disease and wounds in game terms.
Feudal Economics, dealing with trade, mining and agriculture in detail.
The revised version of the award winning C&S Battle Systems which cover miniatures battles, sieges, mobilization, and full military campaigns.
The C&S SOURCEBOOK provides well though out rules additions for Gamemasters and Players alike."

1983 ... 72 pages ... FGU 7702

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Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook 2
"The CHIVALRY & SORCERY SOURCEBOOK 2 contains expanded rules for the C&S rules system. Included in this volume are sections on:
Doors, Locks, and Breaking In. These sections detail the strengths and weaknesses of different types of doors and locks and how to break down or otherwise get through such obstacles.
Sections on Magick, including how to quickly generate NPC Magick Users, Prices and Availability of Alchemetical Materials, Availability of Runes on Weapons and Scrolls, and a section on Weaponsmithing.
For the Grand Campaign there are sections dealing with news conveyance and the everpresent threat of peasant uprisings.
The Strategic Warfare system (for paper and pencil) is expanded to include both sieges and naval warfare.

SOURCEBOOK 2 is a welcome addition to the C&S rules system and a must for GameMasters and Players who wish to add these new additions to their campaigns."

1983 ... Edward E. Simbalist & Phil McGregor & Wes Ives ... FGU 7703

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Swords & Sorcerers (2nd Edition)
The centerfold has a 11 x 17" cardstock sheet of runes to cut out for play.


"SWORDS & SORCERERS is an expansion to the world of CHIVALRY & SORCERY as it deals with the cultures surrounding the main Western European background presented in the basic rules of C&S.
Dealt with in this volume are the Northern Barbarians (or Vikings), the Mongols (who invaded Europe and the Holy Land during the Middle Ages), and the Picts, Gaels and Britons of the British Isles.
Each culture is discussed in depth with sections dealing with religion, morality, common names, magick types, codes of honor and warfare, economics, architecture, etc. The use of characters from these societies within the C&S framework is also worked out so that characters (player-characters and NPCs) from Western Europe and the surrounding regions can interact in the course of a campaign."

1983 ... Edw. E. Simbalist ... 34 pages + cardstock rune sheet ... FGU 7711

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The Dragon Lord
"THE DRAGON LORD is an adventure pack for use with the C&S game system. It is intended for a group of four to eight players who control characters of various types and a Gamemaster. This package also includes enough background information to create an ongoing campaign based in the world in which THE DRAGON LORD takes place. This adventure can also be used as an isolated adventure or within an already existing campaign.
The setting is the area of Barrisglen and the wilderness beyond the human settled area of the Glen. The player-characters begin a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess and to end the depredations of a dragon that has the region at its mercy. Of course, all is not as it appears on the surface and the characters must deal with a variety of events and encounters on the way to their final confrontation with the dragon.
What of the mysterious wizard Malichtharn? Can they satisfy the requests of the shade of Landor? The quest is perilous but the potential rewards are great. Can the characters successfully conclude the quest?"

1984 ... J. Andrew Keith ... 20 pages + centerfold color cardstock map ... FGU 7751

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The Songsmith
"THE SONGSMITH is an adventure pack for use with the C&S game system. It is intended for a group of four to eight players who control characters of various types and a Gamemaster. This package also includes enough background to create an ongoing campaign based in the world of the North Kingdom, in which THE SONGSMITH takes place, as does the previous C&S adventure, THE DRAGON LORD. This adventure can be used as an isolated adventure or within an already existing campaign.
The setting is the more recently settled lands, north of the North Kingdom itself. Beginning in Barrisglen, where THE DRAGON LORD left off, the adventure takes the characters by sea to Dwarvendale in search of the long-lost city of the Dwarves, Khalezheer. Powerful help is available in this quest which requires knowledge of the hidden secrets of Khalezheer from the time-shrouded depths of the past.
Can the party reach Dwarvendale? Is the wizard Thuvalae all that he seems, and what dangers will be faced in the Lost City? It is a truly perilous quest, but the overall rewards make it worth all risks!"

1984 ... J. Andrew Keith ... 20 pages ... FGU 7752

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Chivalry & Sorcery, 3rd Edition

Chivalry & Sorcery, 3rd Edition
"This book contains all the rules needed to play Chivalry & Sorcery(TM) 3rd Edition. Here are just a few samples of what Chivalry & Sorcery 3rd Edition has to offer:

* A character creation system for both point based and randomly generated characters, or a mixture of the two, in about half-an-hour. Optional rules allow for special abilities, flaws, determining your character's Astrological sign and much more.
* 16 Character Vocations.
* Our new Skillscape(TM) system, which allows any character to develop just about any skill.
* 250+ Skills.
* Our new Crit Die(TM) system, which allows for quick and realistic results. All that's needed are three 10-sided dice!
* Seven Mage vocations, a ton of spells, rules for creating magical devices, over 175 magical materials, and rules governing the creation of a Mage's focus.
Again these are just a few samples of what Chivalry & Sorcery 3rd Edition has to offer. The rules are simple to use, yet realistic, and can be learned in about an hour."

1996 ... Edward E. Simbalist & Wilf Backhaus & G.W. Thompson ... 202 pages ... Highlander Designs 5000

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Game Master's Handbook
This book contains all the information needed to Game master Chivalry & Sorcery 3rd Edition. Here's a look at what's inside:

* All the information a Game Master needs to GM Chivalry & Sorcery including how to govern the Skillskape system, award experience, and handle game mechanics.
* How to design your own Adventures: information on how to create Adventure outlines, develop plots, build NPCs, and how to "freestyle" gaming sessions.
* Information on how to create your own Creatures and Monsters, from their statistics to their motives and attitudes.
* A complete section on how to run a Feudal setting (something that Chivalry & Sorcery has always been famous for). Also included are rules on how to design your own Castle & Manors, or use the example structures provided in the holding types.
* A Chapter on creating your own Campaign setting, whether it be an island, area of land, country, continent, or entire world. information on how to generate your own social status charts and how to modify those in the basic game to represent your campaign. Design any setting, whether it be Feudal, high Fantasy, or something in between. This is must see material for any GM wishing to either develop his own Campaign, or modify an existing one.
* A complete Fantasy setting. The World of Tannoth including a full color, 10.5 x 24 inch map.
The Game Master's Handbook is an indispensable aid to any GM regardless of system, for information on running a Feudal setting, or for the GM who wants to design his own world. With the information on how to Game Master Chivalry & Sorcery, this product is the tool any GM should own to run the 3rd edition of the rules some have called "The game to take us into the 21st century!"

1997 ... 152 pages + fold-out color map of continent of Malvernia ... Highlander Designs 5100

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Game Master's Shield
"The Game Master's Shield contains all the charts for Chivalry & Sorcery 3rd Edition for easy reference during game play. On the front of the Shield there are tables for Spellcasting and Combat. On the interior of the Shield all necessary charts are included for Skillskape, as well as damage information for weapons and armor absorption values.

Also included is a 16-page booklet with a scenario guide and seven new Magical Devices of Power. The included scenarios will help the Game Master plot adventures and quests. These are outlines that a GM needs only spend a short amount of time fleshing out to create his own unique adventures. The Magical Devices of Power serve as examples of the Chivalry & Sorcery rules for creating magical items, or the GM can use them, as is, in an existing campaign."

1997 ... Highlander Designs 5101

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Creatures Bestiary

1997 ... Edward Simbalist ... 238 pages (paperback) ... Highlander Designs 5200
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1997 ... Edward Simbalist ... 238 pages (hardcover) ... Highlander Designs 5200H
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"Her Majesty's orders are clear, 'Go forth and fortify our northern border!'

Your party has been charged with expanding her Majesty's kingdom into the Arivain Plains, to create a buffer between the nation of Elb and the advancing Orc horde. Many trials await your party, but the rewards for success are tremendous.

An adventure for 4-8 characters of 1st to 3rd level. This adventure can be played with either the World of Tannoth campaign setting detailed in the Game Master's Handbook, or in your own campaign setting.

Also included are eight pre-generated, beautifully illustrated character cards with pre-generated characters ready to drop into your own adventures."

1997 ... Allison E. Kaese & Kory M. Kaese ... 30 pages + carstock character cards in the centerfold

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Marakush: Anderia
"Further explore the world introduced in "The Dragon Reaches of Marakush". Enter the region of Anderia, partake of the lush and verdant geography, marvel at the inhabitants and their Machiavellian politics."

1998 ... Andrew Cowley ... 62 pages ... Brittannia Game Designs 8515 ... ISBN 1902500008

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The Dragon Reaches of Marakush

1998 ... Steve Turner ... 62 pages ... Highlander Designs 8500

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Chivalry & Sorcery, The Rebirth

Chivalry & Sorcery: The Rebirth Vol. 1 - Core Rules

2000 ... 102 pages ... E.E. Simbalist & S.A. Turner & M. Whalley ... Brittannia Game Designs 1001 ... ISBN 1902500105

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Chivalry & Sorcery: The Rebirth Vol. 2 - Magicks & Miracles

2000 ... 102 pages ... E.E. Simbalist & S.A. Turner & D. Blewitt & Sue J. Turner ... Brittannia Game Designs 1002 ... ISBN 1902500113

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Chivalry & Sorcery: The Rebirth Vol. 3 - Gamemasters Companion

2000 ... E.E. Simbalist & S.A. Turner & D. Blewitt & C.D. Speirs ... Brittannia Game Designs 1003 ... ISBN 1902500121

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Chivalry & Sorcery Light

1999 ... E.E. Simbalist & W.K. Backhaus & S.C. Betney ... 48 pages ... Brittannia Game Designs 6000 ... ISBN 1902500016

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Chivalry & Sorcery Light - Starter Pack
Set includes C&S Light, Dragon Reaches of Marakush, and C&S Light GM's Screen.

1999 ... BGD 6100 ... ISBN 1902500024

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Knights' Companion
From the Dark Ages to the Renaissance, the role of a Knight is detailed for your enjoyment. The contents include detailed information: The Tourney and Joust, the Hunt, Courtly Politics and for those who wish to win the favour of their lady - Courtly Love.

1999 ... 96 pages ... BGD 2000 ... ISBN 1902500032

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Dwarves Companion
"Inside this book is the story of how the Dwarven race was first conceived, its early history, its trial and tribulations with both Elvenkind and mankind. The story of the sundering of the Dwarven race, the children of Durin, Ptah and Lothgaringer and the secret of what happend to the children of Ptah when they sealed themselves underground.

There are revised rules for generating Dwarven characters along with new vocations, new Dwarven magic, Dwarven religion and details on the many clans that make up Dwarven society.

Bring the Dwarves alive in your Chivalry & Sorcery campaign and introduce the magic of the Runes to your players."

2000 ... Paul Williams ... 54 pages ... BGD 3000 ... ISBN 1902500067

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Elves Companion
Elven history, character generation, the 13 great houses, lifestyle & customs; misconceptions & truths; calendar, religion and elven magick and more are covered.

2000 ... Paul Williams ... 54 pages ... BGD 3100 ... ISBN 1902500075

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Marakush: Treachery
"The Isle of Peace has become the unwitting backdrop for a treacherous struggle between the clans of Trerone and Donethal. As the two vie for power in a series of cattle raids on the mainland, a band of adventurers become embroiled in this feud while visiting the Isle. Hired by a travelling minstrel, can they succeed in foiling the plot of one of the factions? Includes rules and stats for use with HarnMaster as well as Chivalry and Sorcery rules."

2001 ... 42 pages ... BGD 8010 ... ISBN 1902500148

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Land of the Rising Sun

Land of the Rising Sun

Box set includes book and heavy paperstock charts & tables (x5). The rule book was also sold separately.

"A role playing game in the age of the Samurai. Land of the Rising Sun offers a detailed look at this exciting era using the game systems made popular by Chivalry and Sorcery.

Hailed by experts for its authenticity, the game includes all rules for characters, magic, encounters, world generation, and even the customs and buildings of Japan."

1981 ... Lee Gold ... 152 pages ... FGU 5301

Box set:
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Rulebook only:
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