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Shatterzone - West End Games


Shatterzone [BOX SET]
"You just melted the barrel of your Guttermann HMG. Your armor's shot full of holes, and you know there are at least five more guns on your tail. The last time you checked, no cavalry was comin' over the hill. And you've still got to fly the shatterzone. You thought you were going to get rich. You thought you were going to get home. Now it looks like all you may get is dead. All in all, a helluva bad day." BOX CONTENTS: * Rule Book * Universe Guide * Player's Guide * Action Card Deck

1993 ... WEG 21001 ... ISBN 0874312272

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Player's Guide * Universe Guide * Rule Book

Player's Guide
96 pages ... WEG 21002 ... ISBN 0874312299
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Universe Guide
96 pages ... WEG 21003 ... ISBN 0874312280
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Rule Book
96 pages ... WEG 21004 ... ISBN 0874312302
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"You're only as good as what you're carrying. The difference between the right weapon and the wrong one is the difference between living another day and ending up vacuum. In this book, you'll find the weapons, armor and other gear you need to survive, along with vehicles to get you where you're going - and maybe even back again. This is the best of what's out there - the rest is up to you."

1993 ... 128 pages ... WEG 21006 ... ISBN 0874312361

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Grimsyn Sector
"Fight shatrats at the edge of the 'zone. Run guns under the well-armed nose of the Fleet. Duck through the sewers of the megacorp worlds, and sneer at the most dangerous fringers.
Grimsyn Sector. You might get rich, you might get famous. You might never leave."

1993 ... 96 pages ... WEG 21007 ... ISBN 0874312345

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Fringers Guide
"The Few. The Proud. The Criminally Insane...

They're demented by nature, violent by design, outcasts by choice, and they're everywhere.
In this book, you'll meet some of the galaxy's most bizarre and dangerous fringer groups. They're eccentrics and fanatics, theorists and terrorists, and the only thing they have in common is that they're all on the outside breaking in.

These are the groups Fleet warned you about but you didn't listen."

1994 ... 128 pages ... WEG 21008 ... ISBN 0874312388

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Techbook: Ships

1994 ... Shane Lacy Hensley & Ed Stark ... 128 pages ... WEG 21009 ... ISBN 0874312396

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"Just over that rise ahead you see them? Never laid your eyes on anything like that, did you? Well, neither did anyone else these are the aliens of the Shatterzone universe, and they're waiting for you inside these covers.
From the unexpected encounters of Fleet scouts to the murderous inmates of Uru-Nabal, here are the strange, the wondrous, the deadly, many of them from beyond the reaches of the 'zone. They're cunning and trusting, fierce and fantastic, but most of all, they're ... alien.
This book contains descriptions and stats for dozens of new alien species for your Shatterzone campaign, suitable for use as player or gamemaster characters."

1994 ... Dustin Browder & Evan Jamieson & Lisa Smedman ... 96 pages ... WEG 21011 ... ISBN 0874312426

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Fleet: A Survivor's Guide
"'So you think you want to know everything there is about Fleet, dunsel? Not hardly. You just want to know enough to survive.'

Fleet is a handbook for using the Consortium of Worlds most deadly arm in a Shatterzone campaign. A monolith of power and a force for destruction all rolled into one gamemaster tool, Fleet is the ultimate motivating factor in any campaign in which it appears. Or not.
This supplement shows gamemasters how to use the powerful, dangerous, enigmatic Fleet without completely disrupting a normal campaign. It also illustrates how a completely normal campaign can be blown to hell ... if that's what the gamemaster is after.
Fleet. A survivor's guide to a deadly universe."

1995 ... Ed Bolme ... 128 pages ... WEG 21012 ... ISBN 0874312434

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Stock Ships: Vessels of the Consortium

1995 ... Dave Pilurs ... 128 pages ... WEG 21013 ... ISBN 0874312442

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Hardwear / Softwear: Take a Walk on the Cyber Side

1995 ... Elaine Hinman-Sweeney & Brian Sean Perry ... 128 pages ... WEG 21014 ... ISBN 0874312450

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Brain Burn

1993 ... 64 pages + GM screen ... WEG 21020 ... ISBN 0874312329

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"What you bring to Teraxiter is not as important as what you leave there. The denizens of the city will take everything you have and more, if they can get it.
Breaking even is losing on this planet where megacorps vie with gang-bangers for dominance. Coming out ahead means coming out alive."

1993 ... Shane Lacy Hensley ... 64 pages ... WEG 21021 ... ISBN 0874312337

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1993 ... Jamie Beerbower & George Winter ... 64 pages ... WEG 21022 ... ISBN 0874312353 (Incorrect. shared with a Paranoia release.)

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Through the Cracks
"It's a tense moment. Five people you thought were your friends are staring across a table at you.
No one speaks while they wait for you to come up with something.
If you freeze now, you'll be at their mercy.
No prisoners.
No second chances.
You've got the hardest job in the universe... you're the gamemaster.

Suddenly, you reach for the Shatterzone supplement Through the Cracks. Before anyone can speak, you say confidently, 'Okay, everyone, here's what we're gonna do...'
It's good to be back in control."

1994 ... 96 pages ... WEG 21023 ... ISBN 0874312418

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Shadow of a Black Sun
"What dread secret does the Camilla system conceal? And to what lengths will its rulers go to keep it hidden? Your characters may find out and they may regret it!
This new supplement to Shatterzone features details on the Camille system, the Five Houses that rule Camille, Nocturn Station, and the Secret that so many are willing to die ... and live ... for. Also included is 'Masked Intentions,' a complete mini-adventure.
What lurks in the shadow of a black sun...?"

1995 ... 64 pages ... WEG 21024 ... ISBN 0874312469

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