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Han Solo and the Corporate Sector
"Before a young farm boy, a crazy old hermit and two droids entered their lives, Han Solo and Chewbacca were two of the most famous smugglers ever to cross the star lanes. Their exploits took them to the Corporate Sector, an area of space dominated by the totalitarian Corporate Sector Authority. They crossed paths with evil slavers, paranoid Authority officials behind the infamous Stars' End project and even Gallandro, the meanest gun-slinger in Authority space. Relive their adventures in this sourcebook, a guide to the people, places, events, technologies and strange creatures of the exciting Brian Daley novels Han Solo at Stars’ End and Han Solo's Revenge."

1989 ... Michael Allen Horne ... 144 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40042 ... ISBN 0874311993

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Heir to the Empire Sourcebook
A Guide to Volume 1 of Timothy Zahn's Three-Book Cycle

"'Beware the Dark Side' ... a warning for Luke Skywalker, and a call to arms for all forces of good and order in the New Republic. The Evil Empire and Darth Vader have been defeated and the Galactic Civil War seems won, but the heroes of the New Republic must now battle new enemies. Join Luke, Han Solo, and Princess Leia as they face new challenges to galactic peace and fight the forces of evil in this companion reference to Timothy Zahn's best-selling novel Heir to the Empire!

This volume includes complete information and game statistics on all of the characters, aliens, vehicles, Droids, and starships from the best-selling novel! Return to a universe of rich detail, sweeping power and the mystical Force!"

1992 ... Bill Slavicsek ... 144 pages ... WEG 40056 (hardcover), 40068 (softcover) ... ISBN 0874311799/0874311861

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Dark Force Rising Sourcebook
"Grand Admiral Thrawn's plan to restore the Empire to absolute power proceeds with horrifying efficiency. Only the bravery and skill of Princess Leia, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker can stop him from delivering a killing stroke to the New Republic!
While Thrawn's schemes unfold, Like Skywalker confronts the mad Dark Jedi Joruus Cbaoth in a struggle for the fate of the Jedi Knights, and the galaxy itself!
Return to the wonder and excitement of a far-off galaxy in this companion volume to Timothy Zahn's best-selling novel Dark Force Rising. This book includes complete information and game statistics on all of the characters, aliens, vehicles, Droids, planets and starships from this gripping adventure."

1992/3 ... Bill Slavicsek ... WEG 40058 (hardcover)/ WEG 40074 (softcover) ... ISBN 0874311829/0874311934

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The Last Command Sourcebook
"Finally! The stunning conclusion to Timothy Zahn's three-book cycle is adapted for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.

The New Republic faces a grave challenge from a reunited Empire, as the infamous Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn takes the battle to Coruscant, the very heart of the New Republic! As Thrawn plans his final stunning campaign, the New Republic's bravest heroes race across Wayland in a desperate attempt to destroy the Emperor's cloning chambers at Mount Tantiss! Learn the story-behind-the-story of this climactic showdown between the Republic and the evil Galactic Empire.
Return to the wonder and excitement of a far-off galaxy in this companion volume to Timothy Zahn's best-selling novel The Last Command. This book includes complete information and game statistics on all of the characters, aliens, vehicles, droids, planets and starships from this gripping adventure."

1994 ... Eric Trautmann ... 144 pages (hardcover) .. WEG 40059 ... ISBN 0874311977

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Dark Empire Sourcebook
Summarizes the events, characters, and equipment in the Dark Empire comic series from Dark Horse Comics. -W

"Following the deaths of Darth Vader and the Emperor and the destruction of the second Death Star, the Rebel Alliance proclaimed a New Republic over three-fourths of the Galaxy.
But without the thousands of Jedi Knights who formed the backbone of the Old Republic, the new confederation was a precarious one. Long years of struggle ensued, during which Imperial factions consolidated control over a fourth of the Galaxy. Whole systems became fortresses, bristling with firepower.
Then, five years after the Battle of Endor, the infamous Grand Admiral Thrawn mounted a deft assault, nearly bringing the fledgling Republic to its knees. Ultimately, Thrawn was defeated. But, within days of Thrawn's downfall, surviving members of the Emperor's Ruling Council staged a stunning assault on Coruscant, and the vital Imperial. System once again fell under Imperial control.
It seemed certain that a new Empire was about to emerge from the ashes of the old. That very possibility triggered a ferocious war among the numerous Imperial factions. Who would sit in the Emperor's throne? Who had the right — and the might?
Meanwrule, the Rebels were quick to seize the opportunity to sow confusion among the feuding Imperials, using captured Star Destroyers to conduct hit-and-run sorties into the war zones. During one such mission, Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, learns more of the Dark Side and its hold over his family. He finds hints of an ominous destiny for him and for the children of his sister, Leia. An enemy long thought defeated has returned — an individual imbued with all the power of the Dark Side itself! As long-cherished plans fall into place, new and exotic war machines move against the Republic. A Dark Empire has arisen..."

1993 ... Michael Allen Horne ... 128 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40071 ... ISBN 0874311942

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The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook
"A comprehensive history of epic struggle between the forces of Empire and those of the Rebel Alliance. It is told through profiles of those who lived the battles, from the glorious victory over Yavin to the desperate holding action at Hoth, from the daring rescue of Princess Leia Organa to the decisive Battle of Endor. Within these pages are the players, both major and minor, who moved across the galactic stage not so very many years ago and changed history forever."

1993 ... 158 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40076 ... ISBN 0874311985

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Tales of the Jedi Companion
Covers the Tales of the Jedi series by Dark Horse Comics.

1996 ... George R. Strayton ... 176 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40082 ... ISBN 0874312892

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Truce at Bakura Sourcebook
"The Official Guide to Kathy Tyers' Novel The Truce at Bakura
Cold-blooded invaders from beyond known space; a desperate alliance with tattered Imperial forces; a fight for the survival of the Rebel Alliance itself!
Kathy Tyers' exciting Star Wars novel comes to life in this hardcover sourcebook.
The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook is the official reference companion to the best-selling novel!"

1996 ... Kathy Tyers & Eric S. Trautmann ... 150 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40085 ... ISBN 0874312566

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Jedi Academy Sourcebook
"The resurrected Emperor is defeated, his Empire a crumbling ruin. As Leia Organa Solo and the New Republic government struggle to rebuild in the aftermath of this destructive conflict, Luke Skywalker begins his search for new Jedi students. But the battle against the Empire's remnants is not over, as a new threat looms from within the dreaded Maw Installation ... a threat that could spell the New Republic's doom. The secrets of the infamous Kessel Run, the Jedi praxeum on Yavin IV, the prototype Death Star, and the terrifying Sun Crusher are revealed here for the first time. The Jedi Academy Sourcebook contains detailed entries on the characters, events, technology, new Force powers, and long-lost Sith lore from Kevin J. Anderson's thrilling novel trilogy."

1996 ... Paul Sudlow ... 114 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40114 ... ISBN 0874312744

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Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook
"Five years after the Battle of Endor, the war against the evil Galactic Empire is finally ending as victorious New Republic forces reduce the once-feared Imperial military to a shadow of its former might. At long last, peace seems possible. But appearances can be deceiving. From the deepest reaches of the Unknown Regions, an heir to the Empire emerges: a brilliant tactician, a ruthless adversary, and a cunning warlord capable of leading the Empire back to its former glory. A warlord named Grand Admiral Thrawn... The Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook reprints and updates material originally presented in sourcebooks covering Timothy Zahn's epic three-book cycle. This volume contains complete information and game statistics on all of the characters, aliens, creatures, vehicles, droids, planets and starships from the novels Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command."

1996 ... Bill Slavicsek & Eric S. Trautmann & Timothy Zahn (foreward) ... 248 pages ... WEG 40131 ... ISBN 0874312809

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Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
"The Official Companion to the Novel Shadows of the Empire.

After his defeat on Cloud City, Luke Skywalker finds himself a pawn in a deadly game between Darth Vader and the mysterious and dangerous leader of the criminal organization Black Sun. Confronted by bounty hunters and his own worst fears, Luke must lead a daring rescue mission to Emperor Palpatine's throne world of Coruscant, where he will confront the foes who lurk in the Shadows of the Empire..."

1996 ... Peter Schweighofer ... 128 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40122/40123 ... ISBN 0874312817

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Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide
"The Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide features comprehensive coverage of the new planets of Steve Perry's best-selling Shadows of the Empire novel — from geography and politics to military organizations and famous people. Each chapter includes detailed adventure outlines. You and your group can be exploring the planets of Shadows of the Empire in no time.
• Visit Greedo's jungle homeworld of Rodia, where hunting is not only the planet's favorite sport, but the most-honored profession. Just take care that you are the hunter and not the prey!
• Vergesso Base is a very carefully hidden shadowport where all manner of scum and villainy gather to do business with the underworld. Get tangled up in the spice trade or the Rebellion, free a few Mends from the slavers guild, or help fend off an Imperial assault.
• Land on Bothawui and enter a world of spynets and intrigue. Immerse yourself in the Great Game by finessing the defection of an Imperial bureaucrat, or head for the wilderness to face predators with more direct ways of dealing with you.
• Head for Kothlis, the frontier world of Bothan space. Run a sabotage mission for Borsk Fey'la, or try to track down a missing Imperial courier droid before the Imperials can."

1996 ... 96 pages ... WEG 40134 ... ISBN 0874312841

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Secrets of the Sisar Run (Shadows of the Empire)
I love the cover art of the leggy fighting blond by Greg & Tim Hildebrandt. -W

"The cargo run was too good to be true: big profits and minimal risk. However, those profits come at a steep price, as a group of enterprising young smugglers ore about find out when they are pulled into the middle of The Sisar Run's most dangerous criminal enterprise. No one can be trusted and there's no way out, with enemies lurking in the shadows and danger at every starport. Can your characters survive after learning the secrets of the Sisar Run?
A campaign for smugglers involving characters and situations introduced in Shadows of the Empire."

1997 ... 96 pages ... WEG 40136 ... ISBN 0874312906

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Cracken's Threat Dossier
"Delve into the secret files of New Republic Intelligence and learn the inside story on some of the greatest threats the New Republic has ever faced! Join General Airen Cracken on a guided tour of the Hapan Cluster, tangle with the forces of Nil Spaar and the Yevithan Protectorate, or match wits with the Human League on Corellia.
Cracken's Threat Dossier is a companion to seven Star Wars novels, detailing the ships, characters, aliens, locations, and histories featured in these thrilling tales:
* Discover the danger and intrigue of the Hapan Cluster or relive the battle against Warlord Zsinj’s armada from Dave Wolverton's The Courtship of Princess Leia.
* Follow the events of the Black Fleet Crisis from Michael P. Kube-McDowell's Before the Storm, Shield of Lies and Tyrant's Test.
* Explore the mysteries of the Corellian Sector and the Starbuster Plot from Roger MacBride Allen's Ambush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia, and Showdown at Centerpoint.
Each entry contains a "debriefing" describing the events of the novel, as well as scores of game statistics and background information so gamemasters can integrate this material in a Star Wars roleplaying campaign."

1997 ... 144 pages ... WEG 40139 ... ISBN 0874315042

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Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook: Special Edition
"Rediscover a universe of valiant heroes, nefarious villains, fantastic technology, and exotic locales. The forces of the Rebel Alliance fight a desperate battle against the evil Empire in a galaxy-spanning civil war. If the Rebellion fails, countless millions will be crushed beneath the heels of Imperial tyranny...

From the glittering spires of Coruscant to the blistering Dune Sea of Tatooine, the secrets of the Star Wars universe are at your fingertips in the Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook, Special Edition. This fully indexed volume features scores of exciting new artwork and photographs as well as detailed game statistics and background information of the characters, ships, planets, creatures and locations from the Star Wars Trilogy, Special Edition."

1997 ... 192 pages (hardcover) ... WEG 40089 ... ISBN 0874315069

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