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Tales of the Reaching Moon

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TRM magazine had a primitive beginning, much like a fanzine. Indeed, issue 1 billed itself as a fanzine, though this changed on the cover of issue 2. Issues 1-6 were hand-stapled photocopied sheets. I have also seen issues 7 and 8 fanzine-style, as well as the more professional saddle-stapled style seen in later issues.

A photo of all the TRM magazines together at our Games Gallery

Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 1
ARTICLES: Nomad Clan; Hayward; The Spoken Word; Quack; Gloranthan Art; Unicorn's Horn; Cameos; Hearth Warming Sartarite Customs; Furnishing For Effect; Rumours; Dafergrickery; Review of Glorantha Genertela; more.

Summer 1989 ... 23 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 2
ARTICLES: Staying Alive; Duck Soup - How to get rid of PC ducks; Heroquesting; Five Foes; White Crescent Rising; Fighting Fat; Skill - ticks; Baboons; Elves; Rumours; Hop Wars; more.

late 1989 ... 32 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 3
ARTICLES: Jaxarte Whyded; Cult of Geo; Ancestor Quest; Pentian Cosmology; Rumours; Serious Money; Review of Elder Secrets; more.

1990 ... 35 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 4
ARTICLES: Furious Faction Fighting; Notes From Nochet; Cult of Gagarth; Vivisculpture; Games Gloranthans Play; Circle of Death (scenario); Garhound Contest; Melisande's Hand; more.

1990 ... 43 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 5
ARTICLES: Dissolution of the Temple of the Wooden Sword; Greg Stafford Interview; Swords & Sorcery; Ruined Quest; Allied spirits; Cult of Humakt; Indrodar Greydog; Legitimus Lightfingers Circus of Wonders; Assault of the Isle of the Dead; Jaxarte Whyded, pt 2; Alebards Quest; more.

Spring 1991 ... David Hall (editor) ... 46 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 6
ARTICLES: Cult of Maran Gor; The Broken Earth - Earth rule cults in third age Genertela; Folk Magic; Pendragon in Glorantha - rules conversion from RQ3; Pendragon Pass - culture & background; Runedragon - combat & weapons system; Pendragon Pass character sheet; more.

Autumn 1991 ... 47 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 7
ARTICLES: Hero Quest Special! * Hero Quests by Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen & Others * "How to Write Hero Quests" * RQ News * Stories

Winter 1992 ... 51 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 8

There are two distinct printings of issue 8. The contents are identical.


ARTICLES: * Cult of the Crimson Bat * Live Action Trollball * The Red Emperor * Sun County Author Notes * Jaxarte Whyded * Gods of Terror * Broo Society * News * More.

Summer 1992 ... 51 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 9
ARTICLES: * Sandy Petersen Interview * Hut of Darkness * The Coven of Five * The Hungry Ghosts * RQ News * more.

Winter 1993 ... 51 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 10
ARTICLES: "Sea Special" * The Cults of Dormal & Magasta * War Fleets * The Wolf Pirates * Three Great Scenarios * Reviews * Maps * Gossip * More.

Summer 1993 (Summer 1994?) ... 55 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 11
ARTICLES: Pamaltela - Great Southern Land; Groomquest; Cult of Pamalt; Veldt Trek; Land of Jolar; more.

Spring 1994 ... 55 pages

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Questlines: A Gloranthan Journeybook
"Questlines is published as a fund-raiser for RQ Con Down Under, to be held in Melbourne, Australia in January 1996."

* ON SNAKEPIPE'S EDGE - A Far Point campaign base from John Hughes & Michael Raaterow
* TarosKarla - A Far Point founding myth
* Spirits of the Far Place - Introducing the Elder Tribes
* A Far Point Stead Calendar - Harvest, herding and hunting
* A Far Point Chronology - From Sunrise to Starbrow
* Rituals of the Far Place - Orlanthi rituals to spice up play
* Exile 1614 - A Fragment of Memory
* Tribes of the Alda-Churi - The Land and its History
* A Visitor from Prax - Jaxarte's Holiday Postcard
* Bluefoot Orlanthi - A Look at the Tovtaros Tribe
* Gloranthan Sources - Andrew Bean tells you where to go next
* Edict - RQ Con Down Under? What's that?
* Gloranthan Genesis - Greg Stafford reveals the dreadful truth
* Four Answers - Riddles and magic from Penny Love
* The Cult of Trickster - The long awaited Chaosium cult write-up
* Trickster and Hoolar - Sandy Petersen recounts a Doraddi tale
* How Vinga Joined Orlanth's Household - A Ralios myth from David Dunham
* The Cult of Hunter - Chaosium's hunting cults of Glorantha
* The Tribes and Population of Sartar - David Hall delivers, plus maps!
* Arkat & Aeol: A Henotheist Murder Mystery - Was Nysalor murdered? The game's afoot!
* Frog Boy - Original fiction from Greg Stafford
* Home of the Bold - Kevin Jacklin explains the how and the why
* King of Sartar - Oliver Dickinson reviews the documents
1. Maximum Game Fun - MOB introduces the MGF Factor
The Red Dragoons - David Hall fills in the detail
2. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and LURVE the Crimson Greg - Peter Metcalfe dissects the sources
3. Campaign Myth-Management - John Hughes takes a closer look

1995 ... John Hughes (editor) ... 76 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 12
CONTENTS: Runepower One-Use Rune Magic Wyvern Child Glamour Questlines A Tale of Woe Warhamster Granite Phalanx Plants Reflections Windy Hill Queen Ogzag's Hall Zines Seen Things that Love Night Raven's Stepladder

1995 ... 59 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 13
CONTENTS: History of Malkionism Crusade Shades of Stygian Malkionism Malkioni Sects Malkioni Saints The Holy Church of Rokarism The New Hrestoli Idealist Church Beyond the Building Wall Wyrms Hold Notes from Nochet Sorcerous Views Letters Zine Seen The 7 Ecclesiastical Councils of Malkion Things that Love Night

1995 ... 57 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 14
CONTENTS: PRAXIAN SPECIAL * Regions of Prax * Spirit Cults * Cult of Eiritha * Scenario by Carl Pates * more

1996 ... 63 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 15
ARTICLES: Prax Part Deux. Cult of Waha. A Prophesy of the Hero Wars. How Storm Bull Did His Work. Spirits of Prax (Part 2 of 2). Scenario: The Hell Hound. Holiday Glorantha: Moonbroth. Cam's Well. An Analysis of Some Herdman Bones from Cam's Well. The Praxian Hyena. What Father Gabran No-Breeches Told Me. A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine, and Thou. The Counting Knot. Harstal's Tale. Why Little Brother Don't Come to Visit My Home No More. Inginew Swowrdsmith: A Humakti Sub-Cult. The Tunnelled Hills. The Plateau of Statues.

1996 62 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 16
Lunar Special. Danfive Xaron. The Oronin Valley. Cult of the Red Emperor.

1997 ... 66 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 17
Seapolis, East Isles and Cult of Yanafal Tarnils.

1998 ... 66 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 18
SARTAR SPECIAL. Lismelder Tribe. Cult of Odayla. Heroquest by Carl Pates.

1999 ... 67 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 19

CONTENTS: Indrodar Greydog; The Anas Clan; Safeela and Hiord; Delecti the Necromancer; A Speculative History of the Upland Marsh; Upland Marsh Encounters; Upland Marsh Map; The Necromancer's Gift; The Marsh-Wight; Spirits of the Marsh; The Death Clan Ritual; Upland Marsh Plants; more.

2000 ... Greg Stafford ... 67 pages

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Tales of the Reaching Moon, Issue 20

CONTENTS: Edict and Farewell; Seleric Verses; Holiday Glorantha - Arrolia; Arrolian Timeline; Tale of Three Cities; Origins of the Kingdom of War; Arrolian Lunar Church; Arrolian Lunar Society for RQ; Phases of the Red Moon and Sorcery; Prophecies of the Hero Wars; White Horse Herd; Golden Guard; Rope of Cedarbark; Greydog Inn; more.

2002 ... 66 pages

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RQAdventures, Issue 5
ARTICLES: Mad Baron Voorstik; Snake Pipe Hollow; Gondo's Revenge; Cult of the Dancing Snake; Interview with the Dwarf (special insert); SPH Encounter Table; more.

Spring 1995 ... Shannon Appel (editor) ... 34 pages

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