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C.J. Carella's Witchcraft - Eden Studios


C.J. Carella's Witchcraft
"A Game of Magic and Dark Secrets

They are the Gifted. Feared for their unique powers, they have been hounded for centuries, and forced to practice their Arts in secret.

The time for hiding is over.

A time of Reckoning draws near. It marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one -- or the destruction of all things. The choices the Gifted make will determine what the future will hold.

WitchCraft is a complete roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

A fantastic setting filled with magic, witches, sorcerers, psychics and the mystical.

Detailed character creation rules for the Gifted, Lesser Gifted, Mundane and Bast.

A full exposition of the Unisystem rule mechanics, useful for any game in any time period.

Background information on six Associations: the Wicce, the Rosicrucians, the Sentinels, the Cabal of the Psyche, the Twilight Order and the Solitaires.

Comprehensive descriptions of four Metaphysical Arts: Magical Invocations, The Second Sight, Necromancy and Divine Inspiration.

An overview of the supernatural elements of the WitchCraft setting, including spirits, ghosts, undead, and other creatures from beyond mundane existence."

1999 ... ISBN 1891153402 (back cover: invalid. Actual: 1891153404)

EDN 4000
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EDN 4000HC
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Witchcraft, 1st Edition

1996 ... Carlos J Martijena-Carella ... 219 pages ... Myrmidon Press ... ISBN 0963955039

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Mystery Codex
A sourcebook detailing new information on Covenants, new Invocations and Gifted powers, and new supernatural threats. The martial artists of the Secret Dragons, and the not-quite human Pariahs are presented. Rules are also provided for playing the Relentless Dead, Phantasms and Vampires as characters.

1999 ... 256 pages ... EDN 4001 ... ISBN 1891153412

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Abomination Codex
"Abominations lurk in the dark corners of the world.

Shape-shifters haunt back roads and lonely highways. Immortal beings walk the streets unnoticed and pursue centuries-old agendas. Secret societies manipulate world events and decide the fate of millions. Ancient African cults call on gods and spirits to do their bidding. And those marked with the Taint of the Mad Gods must make a choice -- serve entities from beyond reality or fight to preserve the world and their very sanity.

The approaching Reckoning will spare no one, human or monster, mortal or undying. Hidden Covenants are forced to set aside ancient feuds or long-held vows of secrecy, and step forward to face terrible new foes. Their choices may help save humankind, or doom it completely.

Fear not the monsters, but the beings the monsters fear.

Abomination Codex is a supplement for the WitchCraft roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

A new Character Type, rules for Ferals, bestial shape-changers, and True Immortals, reincarnated undying children of a lost civilization.

New Associations: the near-invisible Knights Templar, the voodoo-wielding Covenant of Legba, the shape-shifting Nomads, the immortal Lodge of the Undying, and the desperate Tainted Mockers.

New Metaphysics: The Keys of Solomon, Spirit Patrons, Familiars and Taint Powers, as well as information on Voodoo Magic and Atlantean Arcana.

Background on Elementals, Nature Spirits, Zombies, Fiends, Ethereals and Creatures of Taint.

Compatible with All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Armageddon, and other Unisystem games."

2000 ... 174 pages ... EDN 4002 ... ISBN 1891153420

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The Book of Hod
"You've been here before.

Every night, in fact, you visit this Realm. While you dream, your Dreamscape floats in the clear, infinite ocean that is the Periphery, Hod's borderlands.

But there's more to Hod than the Periphery. Much more.

Break free of your Panorama, travel to the Garden of Earthly Delights, visit the First World, enter the sanctuary paradise called Shamabla, or discover the vast worlds coma victims like Otis Kline build within their minds. And if you feel really adventurous, explore the Sammael Gate, where the Mad Gods' Tainted minions edge their way into mankind's reality.

If you dare...

The Book of Hod is a supplement for the WitchCraft or Armageddon roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

A new Character Type: the Greater Gifted

Details on three new Associations-the Ghost Dancers, the Society of Assassins, the Enlightened Masters-and two new Solitaire Groups-the Wizards of Oz and the Apoanu Apyabaiba

An overview of Hod's Realms-Periphery, First World, Garden of Earthly Delights, the Domain of Morpheus, Plane of Ideas, Akasha, Shambala, Coma Kingdoms and the Wastelands.

New Metaphysics including Baraka Sabil, Abhinja, and Shamanism

Background on the denizens of the Dream Realms-Nature Spirits, Ethereals, Morpheus, and even the Archangel Dumah."

2003 ... Thom Marrion ... 128 pages ... EDN 4003 ... ISBN 1891153323

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Grace and Guidance: The Storm Dragons Covenant Book
"They are the followers of the Celestial Dragon. Keepers of ancient secrets, but believers in truth and freedom, they contain both cryptic mystics and flamboyant combatants in their midst. This supplement for the WitchCraft roleplaying game introduces extensive background information on the current affairs and attitudes of the Covenant, character creation tips and hints for Storm Dragon Cast Members, a detailed history of the events that shaped the Covenant from formation to the present, and varied discussion of potential Storm Dragon-based stories and plotlines."

2005 ... Aaron Rosenberg ... 128 pages ... EDN 4004 ... ISBN 1891153390

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The Book of Geburah
"The Dead have always outnumbered the Living. And all souls pass through Geburah's Threshold, the boundary realm between the lands of the Living and Dead. While most move on to other Sephiroths or new lives, the unlucky ones sink deeper into the violent gray Death Realms, trapped for eternity. With the Book of Geburah, you can go to Hell-or the Twilight World, Hades, Feng Du, or even the Death Duchies-and experience the torment of such souls firsthand. When you do, you'll pray this is not your Afterlife . . . The Book of Geburah is a supplement for CJ Carella's WitchCraft roleplaying game. In it, you will find: New Character Types: Beginning Supernatural (Pre-Heroic Character) and Supernatural (Legendary Character) Details on Associations in Geburah-the Infernal Legion, the Wild Ghost Children of Les Enfants Perdus, the Cult of Kali, and the Syndicate New Supernatural Qualities (Races): Chohan, Greater Seraphim (angels and demons), Lesser Seraphim, Qliphonim (from Armageddon), and Seraphim An overview of Geburah's Realms-Threshold, Twilight World, Pit of Gehenna, Pit of Tartarus, Plane of Battles, Valhalla, Hel, Hades, Khem, Feng Du, Chohan Death Realms, and the Citadel of the Archangel of Death New Metaphysics: Maleficia powers of Demons and Qliphonim, Chohan Death Lord powers and abilities, and the Cult of Kali's Tantric Rituals Background on the denizens of the Death Realms-Ghosts, Ghost Animals, Cerebus Hounds, Einheriar, Lesser Valkyries, Greater Valkyries, Ani, and Death Gods"

2003 ... Thom Marrion ... 128 pages ... EDN 4005 ... ISBN 1891153331

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WitchCraft Chronicler's Shield

2001 ... EDN 4006 ... ISBN 1891153463

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Power and Privilege: The Rosicrucian Covenant Book
"The Brotherhood of the Rose Cross

Rosicrucian history is relatively brief, not quite eight hundred years, but it has been eventful. They have come closer to defeating the Combine than any other organisation, and closer to complete destruction than they like to admit. They have spawned one of the oldest and most powerful Dark Covenants, but are now one of the most pure organisations in the world. They believe in responsibility, and centrality of magic, but recruit primarily from those who have had mundane power handed to them on a silver platter. They require absolute obedience to orders, but hardly ever give any.

Are You Ready to Join the Elite?

Power and Privilege: The Rosicrucian Covenant Book is a supplement for the WitchCraft roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

Extensive background information on the current affairs and attitudes of the Covenant.

Character creation tips and hints for Rosicrucian Cast Members, and some words of wisdom from members of the Covenant.

Detailed history of the events that shaped the Covenant from formation to the present.

Varied discussion of potential Rosicrucian-based Stories, as well as both broad and detailed Story plotlines."

2001 ... David Chart ... 104 pages ... EDN 4007 ... ISBN 1891153471

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