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Castle Falkenstein - R. Talsorian Games


Castle Falkenstein
""When computer game designer Tom Olam found himself sorcerously shanghaied by a rogue Wizard and a Faerie Lord, little did he suspect that he would soon become the pivotal force in the struggle to control an alternate Victorian Universe. But before the deadly game could end, he would first have to battle gigantic Landfortresses, outwit Dragons, romance a beautiful Adventuress, and defeat the Evil legions of a Dark Court determined to destroy him at all costs. Then maybe, just maybe, he could find a way home again ...
It's a novel. It's a game. It's both. It's Castle Falkenstein, an amazing journey into another universe just a few steps away from our own: a place where Dragons and Steampower rule the skies, Faerie Lords duel atop the battlements, and where the forces of Wizardry and Magick meet the gaslight streets of the Victorian Age. But with Castle Falkenstein the story never ends, as you too take up saber and spell to adventure in a distant world on the other side of the mysterious Faerie Veil: a world of Swashbuckling Fantasy, High Romance, and Magickal Technology..."

1994 ... Michael Alyn Pondsmith ... 224 pages ... RTG CF6001

ISBN 0937279439/0937279447(?)
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ISBN 093727951X
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Comme Il Faut: All Things Right & Proper
"Life in the Steam Age is a confusing web of restrictions, rules, mores, & manners. But fret not, Dear Reader. In Comme Il Faut, Our latest publication for Castle Falkenstein, R. Talsorian Games gives Players and Hosts alike a Guide to living the Stylish Life in the neo-Victorian world of New Europa. This Useful Tome contains invaluable information such as:
• Modes, Manners and Related Topics from A-Zed, including Assignations, Duels, The Military, Traveling by Land, Sea & Air, Races & Regattas, and, of course, the Right Clubs and How to Keep Up Appearances.
• Proper applications of High Sorcery, including Cantrips, Wards, and New Lorebooks Recently discovered and Our Readers Most Frequently Asked Sorcerical Queries.
• How to hold a Proper Dinner, Ball, or Weekend at Your Country Estate, including Notes on Boar Hunting, Parlor Games and the Casual Liaison Between Consenting Adults.
• Where the Fast Set is during the Season, plus all the Most Irnportant News and Gossip from 1869-1880, and a Timeline of Personages of the Age, so that You will Know When and Where to be Seen and with Whom.
• Alternate Rules & Clarifications of the Great Game, including a Freeform Alternative Gaming system, A Hard-Numbers Alternative Gaming System, and Guidelines for Live-action Steam Age Role-playing.
• Complete Victorian costuming on a budget for those of Modest Means, both Historical and Monetary.
• Plus: Nine New Skills & Abilities, Three New Roles, and Maps of the Most Important Places to be in 1870s New Europa.

Comme Il Faut -- Consider it to be a quality publication as useful and as timely as your DeBrett's Peerage."

1995 ... 128 pages ... RTG CF6011 ... ISBN 0937279552

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Steam Age: Amazing Wonders Through The Power of Steam
"Steam! The mighty force that drives the gears of the Falkenstein World; a force so powerful the Age was named after it! Now at long last,the secrets of Steam are revealed to one and all in this stunning reprint of Popular Invention, the official Journal of Steam Age Technology and Invention. Marvel, Dear Reader, as we unveil before your Wondering Eyes: * The Nautilus: Nemo's revolutionary Submersible - revealed! And a Visit to the Mysterious Island! * Martian War Machines in Sussex: Truth or Hoax? * The Albatross: Astounding Airship - vehicle of Robur, The Master of the World! * Challengers of the Air: The Prussian Steam Zeppelin Forces! * Battlefield Titans: The LandFortresses of the Iron Chancellor and a Look at the Secret LandFortress Werks! * The Very Latest in Steam Automotives for your Perusal! * Direct From The"Stinktier Werks" of Bayern: Inside a Bavarian Aeroship! * Gigantic Steam Automatons! ~~ Plus interviews with the Inventors and Masterminds Selected by Yon, the Readers, as Those Most Interesting, including: Captain Nemo * Jules Verne * Lord Tomino * Lady Ada, The Enchantress of Numbers * Robur the Conqueror * Ferdinand von Zeppelin and more!"

1995 ... 104 pages ... RTG CF6021 ... ISBN 0937279560

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Six-Guns & Sorcery
"America, 1876. Tom Olam has finally returned to the land of his birth, and finds it very...Falkensteinian. The United States is run from behind the scenes by the Freemasons; Voudon haunts the Orleans Free State; Sam Houston is on his seventh term as President of the Republic of Texas; the Great Plains is home to the Indian Twenty Nations Confederation; and the Bear Flag Empire of California is ruled over by the highly eccentric Emperor Norton I.

From there, things get weird.

This is the comprehensive sourcebook for North America in the world of Castle Falkenstein Complete histories and social details are provided for the nations of America, along with new Dramatic Personas, new Abilities, new magick, new steamtech, and a Gunslinging Dueling system. Plus, a uniquely American Sorcerous Order — the Spellslingers! Lavishly Illustrated, this is one Castle Falkenstein saga you can't do without!"

1995 ... 176 pages ... RTG CF6031 ... ISBN 0937279595

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Book of Sigils
"The Banned Book... The infamous Book of Sigils, penned by rogue sorcerer Anthony Savile, reveals the secrets of the world's Magickal Orders to you, the reader. Anthony Savile paid the ultimate price for writing this book. What price are you willing to pay to read it?

The following Secrets are contained within:
* Thirty new Sorcerous Orders.
* Thirty-six new Sorcerous Lorebooks.
* Rules for creating new Sorcerous Orders.
* Rules for creating new Sorcerous Lore.
* Details on the Rules of Orders and Chapterhouses.
* Rules for blood magick, magickal foci, and sympathetic magick.
* Rules covering the Animated Dead, Ghosts, and Spirits."

1995 ... 128 pages ... RTG CF6041 ... ISBN 0937279617

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Memoirs of Auberon of Faerie
"Helpful Brownies, playful Pixies, sensuous Niaads, and even frightening Bogeys and Haunts. These are the Faerie — a beautiful, magical and occasionally terrifying part of the sorcerous near-earth of Castle Falkenstein. Now Auberon, High Lord of the Seelie Court, reveals the long-hidden origins and nature of the enigmatic Faerie, along the way illuminating many secrets both strange and surprising concerning the different Faerie breeds and their relationships with Humankind. His tale is one of wonder and horror a-mixed, certain to change your perceptions of the "Fair Folk" forever.
Because (as in all things Falkenstein) if you think you know the truth — you’re probably wrong.

The Memoirs of Auberon of Faerie includes the Following:
• The History and True Origins of Faeriekind, as well as the worlds they have visited in their travels.
• Greatly expanded rules for the use of Faerie Dramatic Characters in the Castle Falkenstein Game.
• A Field Guide to Faerie which describes the habits and nature of the various Faerie breeds and provides rules for their use in the Great Game.
• And more."

1997 ... 128 pages ... RTG CF6051 ... ISBN 0937279641

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Lost Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci
"People will kill for them. Wizards will sell their souls for them. Wars could be fought for them. Kingdoms could topple if they fall into the wrong hands.
What are they? They're the tomes everyone in New Europa wants to get their hands on. Based on the writings of Aristotle, written by Leonardo da Vinci, ordered destroyed by the Pope, this codex has been lost for centuries. Until now...
Brought to New Europa from Beyond the Faerie Veil, the Secrets contained inside this Volume will change the Face of the World!

• Words of wisdom, philosophy, and social critique from the Master himself: an invaluable view of 16th-century society in New Europa
• Full annotation and commentary from the greatest sorcerous minds of the 19th century.
• A compendium of sorcerous devices.
• Rules for the construction of Magickal Engines."

1995 ... 128 pages ... RTG CF6061 ... ISBN 0937279684

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From Prussia with Love
"In the magical alternate Victorian universe of New Europa, good King Ludwig rules a mad empire of Faerie lords and ladies, spies and scientists in a world where dragons, dwarfs and advanced steam technology are everyday reality. His stronghold is the mystical fortress born of his own fevered imagination and eldritch Faerie sorcery — Castle Falkenstein!
But when Ludwig's secret agents discover his archenemy. Chancellor Bismarck, is developing steam-powered intracontinental ballistic missiles, desperate measures are called for! Enter Tom Olam, 20th century computer game designer (and part-time secret agent), pulled by sorcery and subterfuge into New Europa to foil the Iron Chancellor's Plot. His mission: infiltrate and sabotage the Prussian missile program, while King Ludwig, an Italian fireworks master, and the greatest dwarf engineer of all time struggle to create their own countermissile to save the Kingdom! Can they make it in time? Or does this spell the end of Castle Falkenstein?"

1995 ... John DeChancie ... 261 pages ... ISBN 1559587725

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Masterminds of Falkenstein
"In the alternate Victorian world of New Europa, educated dragons, dwarf engineers, and evil steam lords scheme to enslave humanity. Tom Olam, ex-game designer turned ace secret agent after being spellnapped to this steampunk reality, finds his skills put to the ultimate test: A world convention of mad scientists turns Golden Age San Francisco topsy-turvy, and steam-powered superdevices clash with Indian sorcery and New Europan wizardry.
It's a plot only Olam and his companion, the gorgeous and deadly Countess Marianne, could hope to derail. But can they stop the shadowy mastermind known only as Adam, whose strange connection to computer genius Ada Lovelace threatens to destroy the Empire of California and subjugate the entire world?"

1996 ... John DeChancie ... 285 pages ... ISBN 0761504842

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