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Star Ace: Adventures In Space - Pacesetter Games

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Star Ace: Adventures In Space [BOX SET]

Box contains three books (64, 32, and 16 pages), a cardstock sheet of counters, and a poster map.

"WANTED: for Smuggling, Disturbing the Emperor's Peace, General Scorn of Imperial Law, High Treason against His Majesty Frederick Constantine II.
These raiders & bandits, masquerading under the name of "freedom fighters," have claimed responsibility for the disappearance and/or destruction of over 20 Imperial Starcraft in the last year alone.
They have disrupted trade and commercial routes throughout the Wilderness Region.
In their scorn for just and proper government, they have kidnapped members of the Imperial nobility, demanding outrageous ransoms.
Most criminal of all, they refuse to submit to the kindly rule of His Most Imperial Majesty, whose sole concern is that of suitable order in the sovereign planets and systems.
His Imperial Majesty offers 500 Gold Imperial Crowns for the delivery, dead or alive, of any Star Team bandit to Imperial Command Enforcement Headquarters, Asfalia Outpost.
Members of the lower classes who deliver said renegades are released from one month's duty at their designated Relocation Post."

1984 ... Pacesetter 4001 ... ISBN 0917609042

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Goodbye, Kankee
"A lizard beast slithers up the side of your hijacked walker and starts to plant an explosive device. Clyde, your bearish partner, cracks a smile, bellows, and pushes his fuyy mitt through the glass. The lizard tumbles head over claws with a squeal, cut off by the device exploding in his hand. 'How'd we get into this mess?' you yell, beaming a few shots below. 'Next time, I say we don't even touch a ship if it's got anything to do with a Kankee,' replies your partner. You nod furiously: 'Next time, if there is a next time, it's Goodbye Kankee.'"

1984 ... A.L. Hayday ... 32 pages ... Pace 4002 ... ISBN 0917609166

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Lightspeed Raid
"Why would a group of Star Team members get up a cut-and-run raid on a Ruokan Xantium mine? That is, if they were Star Team members at all? And what about those Imperial hoodlums who are trying to snuggle up to the Crystal Folk, promising 'protection from Star Team aggression'? for sure, a cool reception is waiting for you at this Crystal Clone hotspot; problem is, there's no telling what else is brewing, all because somebody cooked up a heavy-duty Lightspeed Raid."

1984 ... Mark Acres ... 32 pages ... Pace 4003 ... ISBN 0917609174

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Campaign Master's Screen

"All the charts and stats you need to run Star Ace at lightspeed. Plus, an 8 page mini-adventure, 'Ace in the Hole' and four blank character sheets."

1984 ... 8 pages ... Pace 4004 ... ISBN 0917609182

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First Strike on Paradise
"The sounds of the big guns still ring in your ears as you walk slowly through the fort, filled only minutes ago with Imperial troops, Gorlons, all of them, eager for a shot at you. Now it's too quiet. Suddenly you see an Imperial soldier jump up and draw a bead on you, but what you see is so incredible, you fail to fire. Next to you, weapon trained on the now surrendering Gorlon, is Clint Eastwood. And John Wayne. Over by the wall is Jimmy Cagney. What the devil is going on here?"

1985 ... John Brunelle ... 32 pages ... Pace 4005 ... ISBN 0917609220

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Gemini Conspiracy
* 7 New Spacecraft Designs
* 140 Spacecraft Counters for your assembly [just a page in the adventure; you must copy, glue to a cardstock sheet, and cut 'em out. -W]

"The Dort team rumbles down the field of the Colliseum as fur and fists fly. The ball floats upward on a mindwave and the bearish players turn in fierce pursuit. But the ball is lost; in its place looms an enormous, unmarked spacecraft, blocking the sun. The vessel descends slowly onto the field and armored thugs pour from its belly. Laser beams flash, batons strike. In moments, the ship is gone and so are 150 spectators. Terrorists? Only the Empire knows for sure."

1985 ... Mark Acres ... 32 pages ... Pace 4006 ... ISBN 0917609239

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Star Ace: Aliens

"Aliens is a collection of stories and descriptions of fascinating alien worlds and the creatures who inhabit them. Join Balik the Kleibor (think fun-loving, sentient polar bear in a Hawaiian shirt) and Guba the Trakan (buy the book and find out what a Trakan is) as they explore far-away planets and bizarre societies and cultures, including the primitive Targa, the weird Nautiloids, and the mysterious Hawkmen."

1985 ... Gali Sanchez & Michael Williams ... 96 pages ... Pace 4007 ... ISBN 091760931X

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