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Cyborg Commando - by Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer, & Kim Mohan

Fantasy Master

Cyborg Commando: The Battle For Earth [BOX SET]

CYBORG COMMANDO: Gary Gygax’s first game after TSR (1987)

"In the year 2035, Earth is attacked by aliens — hostile Xenoborgs who selected our planet as the next addition to their galactic empire. In mere days, man's conventional forces are destroyed, and the earth is overrun by alien troops.
Now, Earth's only hope lies with the CYBORG COMMANDO Force (CCF) — a cadre of super-soldiers who are part human and part machine. With their state-of-the-art defenses and built-in weaponry, the CCs may yet be a match for the invaders. But time is running short!
With this game, you can be a member of the CYBORG COMMANDO Force and drive off the aliens. This set includes everything you need to start the defense of Earth:
* A 48-page CCF Manual for players — with character skills, combat rules, and a technical section complete with diagrams of CC construction,
* A 64-page Campaign Book for the Game Master — including full details on the aliens and their invasion, the world political situation in the early 21st century, and an index of CC bases worldwide,
* A 16-page adventure booklet packed with beginning scenarios."

1987 ... New Infinities Productions 10-1001 ... ISBN 0941993183

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San Francisco Knights (Gary Gygax's Cyborg Commando, adventure #1)
"This module contains three separate adventures, all leading to the common goal of establishing a new CC base near Big Sur, California. In Adventure #1, you ride shotgun up the Pacific Coast Highway, escorting a shipment of critical supplies to the new location. Adventure #2 takes you to San Francisco to recover a lost comrade from amidst the ruins, the survivors, and the enemy. Finally, in Adventure #3 you must obtain a supply of the rare earth minerals needed to create a Cyborg Commando character from a remote location in the Mojave Desert. But the mine and processing plant are now threatened by an unexpected infestation of alien Xenoborgs!

This booklet includes six ready-to-play characers, aps of post-invasion California (south and central regions), and a detailed map of post-invasion San Francisco. Alo featured are new Cyborg Commando game rules for CC field repairs and psychogenic links."

1987 ... Penny Petticord … NIP 10-2001 ... ISBN 0941993213

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Film at Eleven (Cyborg Commando RPG, Adventure #2)
"'Attention all units! A huge Xenoborg strike force is in space above your area. All resistance forces must evacuate immediately. CC operatives must stop this force from landing!'

In this adventure, the characters are assigned to contact Major MacDonald, leader of a group of resistance fighters in southern Indiana, and secure his cooperation with the CCF. They must also deliver a new microwave device for cleaning up Xenoborg remains. But once they arrive, the situation heats up - the Xenoborgs have brought in reinforcements! With the help of a human traitor, they have captured several civilians, and plan to execute them on the six o'clock new unless the resistance fighters surrender. Once the execution has been stopped, the characters must locate the Xenoborg camp where the remaining hostages are being held. And there they find an even bigger threat - an Aerial Teleborg and its Xenoborg Captain!

This booklet includes six ready-to-play characters (with both Basic and Advanced stats), maps of post invasion Indiana and Illinois, and a detail map of a Xenoborg camp.

This is the second adventure for Cyborg Commando Game by Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer, and Kim Mohan. You will need the game to use this accessory. This hard-science game is set fifty years in the future. In the year 2035, alien invaders conquer the Earth in a matter of days. Man's only hope is the Cyborg Commando Force - a cadre of super-soldiers who are part man and part machine. Pick up a copy today and join the Cyborg Commando Force!"

1988 ... Guy W. McLimore, Jr. & Greg Poehlein & David F. Tepool ... NIP 10-2002 ... ISBN 0941993221

The adventure authors are better known for their work on FASA RPGs. -W

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Operation Bifrost (Cyborg Commando RPG, Adventure #3)
"In 2024, at a small research base in Virginia, Project Eggshell (the work of Richard Sawtell and Dr. Nkruma Kotusu) produced the first Cyborg Commando unit. After the CC Force was founded, Sawtell left to further his own work. Kotusu pursued his dream of using the hybrid of mechanical body and brain as super-armour for normal soldiers. When the Virginia centre was truned over to him, it was secretly redesigned and named Asgard - the abode of the gods in Scandinavian myth.

During the alien invasion, Asgard was apparently destroyed, and Kotusu lost. But now, six months later, an ultimatum has suddenly been broadcast from the ruins, warning the Xenoborgs to leave the planet - or else. Kotusu is alive, and either he has developed the most powerful weapon ever devised, or he's gone crazy. And the Cyborg Commano characters mhst break into the depths of their own top-secret complex to find out which...

This booklet contains background notes on the events leading up to the adventure, and full details for the GM on the large underground complex called Asgard. Kotusu's latest innovation (the Type-3 CC) is described, and a new, very alien creature is introduced. Also included are official new game rules on field repairs, fixed attacks, character death, and ultraspeed.

This is the third adventure for the Cyborg Commando Game, created by Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer, and Kim Mohan. You must have the game to use this accessory. The CC Game is set less than fifty years in the future, in the year 2035. Alien invaders conquer the Earth in mere days, and man's only hope is the Cyborg Commando Force - a cadre of super-soldiers part man and part machine."

1987 ... Frank Mentzer ... NIP 10-2003 ... ISBN 0941993248

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Planet in Peril (Cyborg Commando Book 1)

1987 ... Pamela O'Neill & Kim Mohan ... ISBN 0441668836

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Chase into Space (Cyborg Commando Book 2)

1988 ... Pamela O'Neill & Kim Mohan ... ISBN 0441102948

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The Ultimate Prize (Cyborg Commando Book 3)

1988 ... Pamela O'Neill & Kim Mohan ... ISBN 0441843255

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Fantasy Master

The Convert
"Here's my PERSONAL PROMISE: I have selected this adventure for you because it is creative, versatile, exciting, and challenging It properly combines the elements of role-playing and strategy, both vital parts of a good game. And you can customize it for your own characters in just a few minutes. Enjoy!" ...Gary Gygax

What turned the Prince into... THE CONVERT?
Capital City is happy, prosperous, and secure — until the king's son returns home after a long adventure. His new beliefs become new laws, and the trouble that results might destroy the kingdom. The characters, fleeing for their lives, must find out what really caused the Prince's conversion, and restore his sanity before the kingdom falls.
The Convert features both wilderness and dungeon adventuring, with details on two non-human societies. It was originally used in 1985 as a major tournament at the world's largest gaming convention. And now this fully revised and updated edition is available for you to use at home.

FANTASY MASTER game accessories
Do you usually avoid "off the shelf" adventures?
Do you make a lot of changes in the modules you do purchase?
Then FANTASY MASTER game accessories are for you.
You can use FANTASY MASTER game accessories for any fantasy role-playing game, with either "by-the-book" rules or your own version. In less than 30 minutes, you can customize the adventure for your own use. You can even set the mission difficulty to match the number and rank of characters involved!'
In every FANTASY MASTER game accessory, your needs come first. Looking for the best? Look to New Infinities."

1987 ... 48 pages ... NIP 60-2001 ... ISBN 0941993086

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The Abduction of Good King Despot
"Of the many fantasy role-playing scenarios produced each year, most are barely adequate, some are exciting, and a few prove to be innovative and challenging. The Abduction of Good King Despot is, I believe, one of those rare classics — the exception to the mass of dull material offered in bright packages to module-weary game enthusiasts each year.
I first had the happy experience of playing this adventure at a game convention many years ago. Afterwards, I obtained a copy of the scenario and carried it with me whenever I thought there might be an opportunity to GM for a new group.
The Abduction of Good King Despot has been polished, augmented, expanded, and made compatible with all fantasy role-playing game systems. Nothing has been taken from the original creativity of the scenario, and the additions have made the whole more challenging (and deadly) than before. I can say that without fear, because I had a bit of a hand in the re-editing. This is an addition to your gaming that you must not miss, and I say that without reservation. Buy this scenario!"
...Gary Gygax

"The good king has been abducted! The kingdom has lost its benign, honest, and charitable ruler (at least that's what he said he was, and the dubious, tax-crippled citizens found it prudent to agree). Despot's good queen cannot be consoled, though she tries very hard to find comfort. At last, the truth emerges: the good king is being held in the magical prison of the arch-fiend Ignax. And a party of brave adventurers will, of course, get the unenviable task of digging him out — perhaps even literally.
Those bold souls who undertake this rescue mission will quickly discover that Ignax's warped mind has created the zaniest dungeon setting they have ever experienced. The characters will encounter weird (though dangerous) monsters, strange traps and devices, brutally cryptic clues, and utterly mystifying situations. Only a group with imagination, intelligence, bravery, and an indomitable sense of humor will be able to restore the king to the arms of his loving wife.
The Abduction of Good King Despot includes a 32-page text booklet, a 16-page booklet of black-and-white illustrations, and a color map of Ignax's wacky dungeon."

1987 ... 32 + 14 pages ... NIP 60-2002 ... ISBN 0941993701

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