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DragonQuest - SPI

Adventures by Judges Guild



DragonQuest, in its first two editions was developed by SPI, a wargaming company. It was minor competition for TSR's D&D/AD&D, and arguably a better system. In the mid- to late-80s, TSR bought SPI and absorbed much of its game line. (You can tell by the Dragon magazines of the era, incorporating SPI's Ares science fiction gaming magazine in the back. These sections disappeared after a score of issues or so.)

DragonQuest was developed into a little-changed third edition by TSR. However, they never gave it much support or advertising, so it disappeared, like the rest of SPI's game line.

It's a shame because DragonQuest was a crisply written, percentile-based fantasy game that could have contributed much to the genre. You can se its wargaming roots in the section numbering (48.4, 48.5, 48.6, etc.).
...from my review of DQ3 on Amazon.

DragonQuest - 1st Edition [BOX SET]

"A comprehensive and innovative fantasy role-playing system,

* 32-page illustrated book of CHARACTER GENERATION, COMBAT
General Course of Events Requirements for Play Character Generation Description of Characteristics Combat Terminology Preparation for Combat Basic Tactical Procedure Maneuver Actions Martial Actions Inflicting Damage Weapons Mounted Combat Multi-Hex Monsters

* 56-page illustrated book of MAGIC
How Magic Works How to Cast Spells Incorporating Magic into Combat The Colleges of Magic Ensorcelments and Enchantments; Sorceries of the Mind; Illusions; Naming Incantations; Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Celestial Magics; Black Magics; Necromantic Conjurations; Greater Summonings

* 64-page illustrated book of SKILLS, MONSTERS, ADVENTURE
Special Skills: Spoken and Written Languages Alchemist Beast Master Spy and Thief Encountering Monsters and Non-Player Characters Giants, Fairies and Earth Dwellers Fantastical Monsters Creatures of Night and Shadow Dragons Preparing for Adventure Organizing a Party

DragonQuest includes three rules books, one 17" x 22" double-sided tactical display, 100 die-cut cardboard playing pieces, and various playing aids."

1980 ... SPI 2820

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Arena of Death [BOX SET]
"Heroic Combat in the Fantasy World of DragonQuest"

Set contains: Rule booklet, mapsheet, sheet of counters, randomizer chits.

1980 ... SPI 3080

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DragonQuest - Second Edition Master Set [BOX SET]Click picture to ZOOM
* 160 page softcover 2nd edition rules book (ISBN 0553014323).
* Adventure Two: Blade of Allectus
* GM Screen

1981 ... Eric Goldberg & Gerard C. Klug & Edward J. Woods & David James Ritchie ... SPI 3860

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DragonQuest - 2nd Edition rulebook

1981 ... 156 pages ... SPI 3900 ... ISBN 0553014323

2nd edition paperback rulebook

2nd edition hardcover rulebook

DragonQuest Gamemaster's Screen
4-page cardstock screen. Referee's charts on one side, Player charts on the reverse.

1980 ... SPI 331P11 (3310)

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The Palace of Ontoncle (Adventure One)
"A fantastic Role-Playing Adventure for 4 to 6 Players and a Gamesmaster
* Complete floor plans
* Hundreds of room descriptions
* Briefings for Players and the Gamesmaster"

1980 ... Peter Herzig & Nick Karp ... 27 pages ... SPI 316P11

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Blade of Allectus (Adventure Two)
"A philosopher king and his beautiful daughter inhabit a lonely island stalked by a fearsome curse and rich in hidden treasures. You and your party sail to a dangerous challenge in this great adventure from the world of DragonQuest."

1980 ... Nick Karp & Redmond A. Simonsen ... 26 pages ... SPI 317P11

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Frontiers of Alusia
* Cover folder (with map instructions)
* 22"x34" Full Color Adventure Map.
* Four-page Travel Guide


The Frontiers of Alusia is the first in a series of adventure maps designed for use with SPI's DragonQuest. The enclosed map was developed to fulfill the functions outlined in 77.3 of the DragonQuest rules, and the enclosed folder describing the features on the map is keyed to those rules. The Frontiers of Alusia is fully compatible (with some alteration) with all currently available Fantasy Role-Playing games, but it is not a stand alone product. You must have DragonQuest or some other FRP game to use the map.

The area portrayed in The Frontiers of Alusia is a semi-explored border area between the Confederated Baronies to the north and the ancient and decadent kingdoms of the south. To the east lies the great Sea of Grass, a vast steppe inhabited by savage nomads, and to the west is the limitless Alusian Ocean. Subsequent maps in this series will portray these areas and will connect directly with the map showing the frontiers. Eventually, SPI hopes to portray an entire continent in this manner and to include in future booklets information on the history, religions, economies, political systems, and social structures prevalent on that continent.

The complete Frontiers of Alusia package contains these rules printed on the coversheet, a Travel Guide comprising descriptions of the areas portrayed on the map, and the map of Alusia itself."

1981 ... Rudy Kraft ... SPI 3371

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Enchanted Wood (Adventure Three)
"The Enchanted Wood is a grouping of adventure scenarios designed for use in conjunction with SPI's fantasy role-playing game, DragonQuest. The Enchanted Wood is provided as an aid to the gamesmaster (GM) in designing and conducting a Dragon-Quest campaign.
This adventure booklet is composed of several chapters, including descriptions of the missions available to characters and particulars of the people and places involved in the adventure. Accounts include both physical descriptions and commentaries intended only for the gamesmaster.
The Enchanted Wood is not intended as a solitaire adventure. It is intended to be used by a gamesmaster, and much of the material presented herein should not be read by the players. The players should be given access only to those sections specifically designated for them.
This adventure is designed for a party of four to six characters. If more characters wish to participate, the gamesmaster should toughen the adventure by increasing the number and strength of non-player characters. If fewer than four players take part in the adventure, the reverse applies."

1981 ... Paul Jaquays & Redmond A. Simonsen & Timothy Truman (illustration) ... 48 pages ... SPI 3551 ... ISBN n/a

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DragonQuest Role Playing Game (3rd edition)
"The most powerful and comprehensive fantasy role-playing system is now even easier and more fun in the thoroughly revised third edition. New Colleges of Magic (including Shaping and Rune Magics) have replaced outdated material and the unique experience point system has been carefully enhanced to make your characters capable of dynamic growth. Now presented in this one volume, the DRAGONQUEST system is once more available to role-players everywhere. You actually need nothing more than this book and two decimal dice to play complete and enjoyable games."

1989 ... 156 pages ... TSR 01432-3 ??

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The Shattered Statue (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons/Dragonquest module DQ1)
Dual Games System Adventure for both AD&D and Dragonquest. Contains portions of Arcane Wisdom, a Dragonquest rules supplement.

Interesting story behind DQ1 over at The Acaeum.

"A mutual friend has praised your skills highly. If you seek rich reward and the oppurtunity to delve into mysteries ancient and lost, bring this bottle forthwith to my demesne in the village of Volkumburgh. Together we may seek to bring mankind the lost wonder of the awtawmatawn."

A mysterious note, a disappearing 5-foot-long religious artifact, and the ruins of two magical schools. What do these things have in common? How deeply are your party members involved in all of this?

"The Shattered Statue" is the first dual-game-system module of its kind. Players of both the AD&D game system and DRAGONQUEST game system can use this adventure. It is suitable for use with the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign setting."

1987 ... Paul Jaquays ... 48 pages ... TSR 9221 ... ISBN 0880384980

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Adventures by Judges Guild

Magebird Quest
"The main thread of this adventure is the journey to the Rookeries to obtain a live specimen of the Azure-tipped Sea Falcon and the return journey with the live Falcon. It may take more than one game session to play this entire adventure. The starting, ending, and major destination of the players are fixed but the precise route to be followed is up to the players and the Judge. The adventure is intended to serve as a starting place for a campaign based in SPI's Frontiers of Alusia. Play of this adventure will provide the characters with a familiarity with a portion of the campaign universe and establish contacts which can prove useful in further adventures."

1982 ... Dave Sering ... 64 pages ... JG 890

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Heroes & Villains
"The FRONTIERS OF ALUSIA come alive! Here are numerous non-player characters to interact with your player's characters. These characters will add life to any DRAGONQUEST campaign!
A must for all DRAGONQUEST Judges searching for more fantastic ADVENTURE for their players. Explore the FRONTIERS OF ALUSIA, where GREAT EAGLE, the Shape Changer soars over mountains lofty, SHAYANA HORNBLOOD seeks to quench her thirst with your life's blood, THE LONE HUNTRESS guards the Filgiso Forest from all outsiders, SLEEK SILVER seeks to gain power over all with whom she comes in contact, and FLETCH MILTON, the greatest bowman on the FRONTIER, will provide help when your characters need it the most. All this, and more awaits you within these action-packed pages!"

1982 ... Edward R.G. Mortimer ... 46 pages ... Judges Guild 900

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Starsilver Trek
"The basic situation for this adventure is a quest for the fabled Star Silver Lode, a deposit of magical metal with which to make weapons. This is important, for the characters Clan is presently involved in a feud with another tribe of Dwarves.
The party will start on board the Merchant Ship, Good Wind, as it- pulls out of the harbor at Seacroft. Gesgil will be speechless from having seen horses and Coel will be starting to get seasick. Encounters involve normal sea animals as well as Merfolk, Pirates, Wavepack, Sea Demons, or Flying Sharks. Upon landing, the party may find the rival party's campsite, complete with Ohmigad encounter. The journey to the Snake River involves possible encounters with the Beastmaster, Leprechauns, Dryad, Nymph, Satyr, a party of rescuers needing aid, a party of rescuees with guarding menace, as well as normal small animal menaces. Trying to take the shortcut Coel knows about, may involve encounters with the Goblins of Kestrel Ridge and their Dire Wolf master and will involve encountering the wierd Structure. Finally reaching the Snake River Valley, encounters both before and after finding the Star Silver Lode are available with Saurime, Fossergrim, various mutated animals as well as the Rival Party. Returning to the ship, the Dwarves must again avoid all of the above menaces as well as the fatiguing effect of the Star Silver and an ambush by a new group of Rogues."

1982 ... Diane Mortimer & Bill Pixley ... 48 pages ... JG 930

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