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Dragonlance, 5th Age (SAGA system)

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Dragonlance, 5th Age

TSR / Wizards of the Coast used the re-launch of its Dragonlance line as an opportunity to promote the SAGA system (see also similar Marvel Super Heroes SAGA System). A lighter, "diceless" rules set (through the clever use of cards), SAGA made for streamlined gaming sessions. It met with mixed reviews, and soon disappeared in the D20 System avalanche.

SAGA still has a significant following today. And, no, it wasn't responsible for the demise of TSR. SAGA was TSR trying to adapt to the massive changes in the RPG world in the mid-90s.


Dragonlance Fifth Age: SAGA System [BOX SET]

"A generation ago, the War with Chaos heralded a new age for the world of Krynn -- the Age of Mortals. Just as the shattered land of Ansalon had begun to recover, a new threat from across the sea descended upon the populace: the Great Dragons. Larger and more fierce than any wyrms ever to battle in the wars of past ages, these beasts have brought terrible oppression to the land they now claim. Humans and elves, dwarves and centaurs, minotaurs and kender all suffer under their shadow.

But the FIFTH AGE is not without its heroes. Born of myriad races, these valiant souls found inspiration in legends of the heroes of yore. They now take up sword and lance, master an almost forgotten primordial magic, and harness the untold energies of the human heart to defend their people from the dragon lords of Ansalon.

DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE is an all new role-playing game that builds on the foundation of the best-selling novel Dragons of Summer Flame, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The game features the unique SAGA dramatic adventure rules, designed to reproduce the sweeping romance and fantastic epics of the DRAGONLANCE tradition. The FIFTH AGE game contains:
• Book of the FIFTH AGE, 128 pages detailing the SAGA rules, a new narrative game system that emphasizes roles over rules and gives players more game control.
• Dusk or Dawn, 96 pages introducing the Ansalon of the FIFTH AGE.
• Heroes of a New Age, a 48-page introductory dramatic adventure.
• The Fate Deck, 82 colorful cards that govern all aspects of game play.
• A full-color poster map of Ansalon at the dawn of the FIFTH AGE.
• 18 character cards featuring the greatest heroes and villains of the FIFTH AGE, plus a pre-generated party of heroes."
• Also a two-panel quick reference card , with a conversion guide from AD&D on the reverse side. -W

1996 ... William W. Connors & Sue Weinlein Cook ... TSR 1148 ... ISBN 0786905352

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The Last Tower: The Legacy of Raistlin [BOX SET]

Poster Map is printed on both sides.

"Millennia ago, the Wizards of High Sorcery created five magical Towers to serve as centers of arcane knowledge and to protect their fellowship of sorcerers from those who would see magic destroyed. Throughout the centuries, however, mages across the land of Ansalon were persecuted until today, in the Fifth Age, only one of these remarkable bastions of magic still stands -- the Tower at Wayreth.

Now you can explore the mysteries of this enigmatic Tower of High Sorcery, where the archmage Raistlin once faced his arcane Test. Details of this, The Last Tower, are revealed for the first time ever in the sourcebook Secrets of the Tower. Sections include:
• A history of the Towers of High Sorcery, and Wayreth in particular.
• A travelogue of the traps and treasures surrounding Wayerth Forest.
• Rules for using magic inside the Tower's unique protective field, which can make up seem like down or cause the Tower to appear out of nowhere.
• A catalogue of magical items, from tiny trinkets to powerful artifacts.
• A description of the Tower's most important locations, as well as its mysterious and secretive Master.

The Last Tower includes Adventures in Magic, a book containing scenarios for modern-day Tests of High Sorcery, trips through Wayreth's dreamlike dungeon, and an adventure that pits the heroes against Dark Knights, gully dwarves, and a clever copper dragon in a quest for an artifact that almost destroyed the Tower. A full-color poster map illustrates Wayreth Forest in beautiful detail and offers floor plans of the Tower's layout, for heroes who dare to explore."

1996 ... Skip Williams ... TSR 1149 ... ISBN 0786905387

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Heroes of Steel [BOX SET]

"Inside this box, the warrior's handbook Night and Day presents information for the fighting men and woman of Ansalon, including:
Roles for warriors, such as mercenary, the rogue knight, and more!

* Histories and descriptions of the Knights of Solamnia and the Knights of Takhisis, plus an introduction to the new Legion of Steel.
* Expanded rules for conducting battles, as well as plenty of new weapons.

Also in Heroes of Steel is the Rising Storm, an adventure that sets in motion an epic struggle for the dominance of Krynn: Dragons of a New Age. The heroes's journey to uncover the new threat facing Ansalon can link with events in the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE novel The Dawning of a New Age, by Jean Rabe. A beautifully illustrated full-color poster map details western Ansalon, which the heroes explore in their quest.

Whether Knight or mercenary, war-sorcerers or yeoman, Krynn needs the strength of its warriors to conquer the Evil abroad in the Fifth Age.

Heroes of Steel uses the SAGA dramatic adventure rules introduced in the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE boxed set."

1996 ... Skip Williams ... TSR 1150 ... ISBN 0786905395

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Heroes of Defiance [BOX SET]

Poster Map is printed on one side.

"No on knows their names. There are no Sturm Brightblades or Half-Elvens among them. Yet for as long as Good has struggled against Evil, they have fought alongside the heroes famed of song and story.

They are the rogues, spies, diplomats, and scouts of Ansalon, the heroes whose coming goes unheralded and whose passing goes unnoticed. Although the generations will never rally around their legends, these secret freedom fighters remain vital to the struggle. All too often, heroes whose names we know would have failed without the efforts of men and women whose names are lost.

Heroes of Defiance offers background on these heroes and guidelines for playing them in the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE setting. The handbook in this box, titled Cloak and Dagger, includes:

* Roles for playing bards, guild thieves, kender handlers, rebel elves, and more!

* Guidelines for creating adventures full of intrigue and mystery, as well as an introduction to some of the kingpins of 'underground' Ansalon.

* Optional rules for playing gully dwarf heroes and for creating the mysterious personalities and hidden agendas that rogue heroes thrive upon.

* Geographic and historical details on Northern Ergoth, the birthplace of such roguish traditions as bard colleges and thief guilds. Now emerging as the hub of civilization in the Age of Mortals, this unique island is also beautifully presented on a full-color illustrated poster map.

This boxed set also features Storm Over Krynn, a quest to uncover the truth behind the origin of the terrifying dragonspawn and learn the secrets of the Blue Dragon's latest scheme. Groups can play the adventure as Part Two of the Dragons of a New Age cycle or as a stand-alone scenario. This adventure links with events in the second FIFTH AGE novel, The Day of the Tempest by Jean Rabe."

1997 ... Steve Miller ... TSR 9517 ... ISBN 0786906561

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Heroes of Sorcery [BOX SET]

"Sorcerers across Krynn struggle day and night to master the ancient forces that power modern sorcery. Heroes of Sorcery reveals for the first time the advances that have been made in spellcasting since the founding of the Academy of Sorcery. Uncover the secrets to permanent-duration spells, cooperative spellcasting, and combining schools of sorcery. Included in this boxed set are:

One Moon, Not Three. The Fifth Age sorcerer's sourcebook contains roles for heroes, in-depth examination of all the schools of sorcery, rules for the latest spellcasting techniques, and descriptions of the most influential sorcerers active in Ansalon today.

A Killing Frost. In this full-length adventure, the heroes must recover a powerful artifact from the legendary Tomb of Huma before it falls into the clutches of Khellendros the Blue. A Killing Frost can be played on its own or as the third chapter of the Dragons of a New Age campaign.

A full-color, lavishly illustrated poster map detailing the island of Southern Ergoth and the mysterious Foghaven Vale, including Huma's Tomb and Dragon Mountain."

1997 ... Steven Brown ... TSR 9543 ... ISBN 0786906804

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Heroes of Hope [BOX SET]
"The free peoples of Ansalon are pushed ever back by the might of the Great Dragons and their fell minions. A hero's best weapon in this ongoing struggle is the energy of life itself, the strength of the spirit -- the magic of mysticism.

Shapechangers, healers, necromancers, mentalists: Mystic heroes come in a broad array of character types and wield a wide spectrum of powers. A detailed sourcebook in Heroes of Hope offers background on these heroes and guidelines for using their powers in the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE setting. Chapters cover:

* Roles for playing Rose Knights, centaur shapechangers, Knights of the Skull, dwarven earth mystics, mystics of the Citadel of Light, shamans, and more.

* Background on the most important mystic orders in Ansalon today.

* Overviews of some of Ansalon's mystic lands, including Dimernesti, the magical realm of the sea elves.

* Optional rules for casting spells that blend the magics of socery and mysticism.

Heroes of Hope also features The Crown and the Serpent, an epic journey over land and sea to seek the Crown of Tides in a realm of aquatic elves. But in order to claim the crown, the heroes must first face Brine, the sea dragon lord of Dimernesti. A full-color illustrated poster map chronicles this quest, which parallels that of the heroes of the third FIFTH AGE novel, The Eve of the Maelstrom by Jean Rabe. This scenario is Part Four of the Dragons of a New Age cycle, but also is playable on its own."

1997 ... Duane Maxwell ... TSR 9546 ... ISBN 078690707X

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Wings of Fury [BOX SET]

"Within the long shadow of the dragon overlord's domains, villainous schemes approach fruition. Only a handful of courageous heroes dare to challenge these ruthless wyrms -- and their success or failure will determine the future of Krynn.

Wings of Fury provides a wealth of detail about the mightiest creatures of Krynn. The handbook within this box, Dragonlore, presents details on all aspects of dragonkind, including the following:

* The history of Krynn, told for the first time by its truly epic participants -- the dragons.

* Extensive descriptions of the Dragon Realms ruled by the overlords, including the schemes, resources, and weaknesses of each.

* The lore of the ten clans of ancient dragons, including revered elders of each, current strongholds, and traditional enemies and allies.

Wings of Fury also features Wings Over Ansalon, an adventure that pits the heroes and powerful good dragons against the might of the great red dragon Malys herself! The adventure is playable by itself but also serves as the epic climax to the Dragons of a New Age adventure cycle. A full-color poster map details the Dragon Isles, the idyllic realm that has been clanhome to the good dragons for the last fourteen centuries.

Now is the time for heroes of Krynn to arise and take their stand against evil and destruction - for if the forces of Malys advance unchecked, the end of the world cannot lag far behind."

Setting aside the controversy of the re-release of Dragonlance as a profoundly changed world described in a SAGA system rules set, and taking Wings of Fury on its own merits... I'm impressed.

It's chic to note TSR's decline in the late Nineties while describing a RPG item of the time. The idea is that TSR could do nothing right, had no talent left, only looking for the buck, etc. Admittedly, quality control took a slide, but it wasn't universal.

Wings of Fury does a wonderful job of expanding the centerpiece of Dragonlance: The Dragons. Doug Niles -- while not the first name you'd think of in RPG writing -- can be relied on to deliver competent work. Artwork throughout is above average. Numerous sidebars in the books add color or highlight rules.

Inside are two books and a map:

Book One is Dragonlore: A Treatise on Ansalon's Dragons.

Book Two is Wings Over Ansalon: Dragons of a New Age, Part Five.

Poster map is of the Dragon Isles, a semi-mythical archipelago dominated by dragons, but also the home of numerous other thriving cultures. A whole campaign could be set here by an inventive referee. The concept is very similar to the Council of Wyrms box set (1994; ISBN 1560768576).

1998 ... TSR 9551 ... ISBN 0786907223

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Citadel of Light [BOX SET]

"In a time when the shadows of the Great Dragons darken Ansalon's horizons, a single beacon shines brightly -- the Citadel of Light!

Built by dwarves, protected by Solamnic Knights, and sacred to pilgrims of virtually every race on Krynn, the crystal domes of the Citadel of Light are the Fifth Age's first and greatest center of new magic. Guided by Goldmoon, venerable Hero of the Lance, Citadel mystics beat back the darkness by cultivating the last gift of the gods: the power of the heart! Citadel of Light explores the wonders of these powers in two 96-page books and a poster map. Features include:

* Detail on the Citadel and its home, the island of Schallsea, from the point of view of Iryl Songbrook, an elf who fought in the War of the Lance and witnessed the rist of mystic magic.

* Descriptions of key characters associated with the Citadel of Light.

* New hero roles and rules for campaigns based around the Citadel.

* A full-color illustrated poster map that depicts the Citadel and environs on one side and the isle of Schallsea on the other.

* A full adventure that Narrators can use to weave an entire campaign around the Citadel of Light. With ties to the earlier Dragons of a New Age adventures, this booklet gives you the flexibility to forge your own new legends!"

1998 ... TSR 9554 ... ISBN 0786907487

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The Bestiary
"The Bestiary provides readers with an ultimate guide to the animals and creatures of the DRAGONLANCE Saga - beasts from the classic tales set during the War of the Lance, as well as newer monsters from the Fifth Age of Krynn. This beautifully illustrated reference, penned from the viewpoint of Caramon Majere, a Hero of the Lance, details the habits, diets, lairs, and legends of these fantastic creatures.

Caramon's narrative will inform and enchant all fans of the DRAGONLANCE setting. In addition, players of the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE game can use the creature descriptions, creature catalog, habitat guide, and dozens of story suggestions within this tome to expand their current campaigns."

1998 ... Steven "Stan!" Brown ... 240 pages ... TSR 9564 ... ISBN 0786907959

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Fate Deck
Each set also came with one of 4 mini-adventures: Haunted Amulet; Dwarven Crown; Death on the Deep; The Duntollik Run. It is a folded cardstock sheet of 8 cards, similar to the Dragon Wars Game rules.

"Now you can spin your own tales of fantasy and adventure! The Fate Deck is the heart of the SAGA roleplaying rules introduced in the award-winning DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE game.

Inside you'll find the basic rulebook, the deck of Fate Cards, and a DRAGONLANCE adventure to get you started on SAGA storytelling.

This box also contains all-new SAGA rules expansions written exclusively for this package, as well as instructions for the DRAGON WARS game, an easy new tabletop game for 2 to 10 players that uses the Fate Cards.

This box contains the same deck of Fate Cards featured in the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE dramatic adventure game. Although that game is not required to use the basic SAGA rules in this box, its expanded rules and background material provide added depth for roleplaying in the DRAGONLANCE world."

1998 ... TSR 9565 ... ISBN 078691145X

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A Saga Companion
"At the heart of the SAGA roleplaying rules is the art of telling great stories and bringing heroes to life. This book show Narrators and players how to get the most out of their DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE games, adding more drama to their campaigns and depth to their characters.

A Saga Companion, written by the creator of the SAGA game system, introduces a collection of alternate rules, game expansions, and roleplaying techniques designed to add whole new dimensions to campaigns in any fantasy setting. Here are just a few of the features you'll find inside:

* A complete system for generating hero backgrounds.

* A streamlined version of the SAGA spellcasting rules for faster play.

* Guidelines for creating new hero races, roles, and monsters.

* A variety of hero, spell, and monster design forms to simplify record keeping.

Everything in A Saga Companion meshes with the existing DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE dramatic adventure game, so you can start adding some or all of these options to your campaign right away!"

1998 ... William W. Connors ... 128 pages ... TSR 9566 ... ISBN 0786911972

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"For centuries people from all across Krynn have flocked to the only city to come unscathed through wars, dragon attacks, and world-shattering cataclysms. Now your DRAGONLANCE heroes can explore ancient and wondrous Palanthas, from her bustling waterfront to the cloistered mansions atop Nobles' Hill.

Make Palanthas the center of your campaign! Features like the city's never-before-revealed history, details on locations such as the Great Library of the Ages, beautifully rendered maps, new hero roles, and dozens of characters and story seeds will bring your DRAGONLANCE adventure to life.

Located deep within the realm of the blue dragon Skie, the city bearing Paladine's name suffers under the rule of the evil Knights of Takhisis. Her citizens need champions now more than ever."

1998 ... 96 pages ... TSR 9588 ... ISBN 0786911999

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Seeds of Chaos
"'When the Storms of Chaos rage, even gods seek safe harbor.'
-Augury readings in Palanthas, 383 AC (Anonymous)

Krynn swelters in the grip of unnatural heat - a summer so dry and scorching the very world seems ready to burst into flame. Across this baked landscape, Lord Ariakan's armies of Dark Knights sweep unchecked. Finally, the great city of Palanthas, the jewel in Ansalon's crown, awaits the onslaught of unstoppable legions.

In Seeds of Chaos, players have their choice of roles:

* The proud Knights of Takhisis, dark paladins who have sworn a blood oath to their lord. Adhering to strict codes of honor and discipline, they lead the attack against the pristine Palanthas; or

* Defenders drawn from the populace of that imperiled city, waging the battle with whatever tools and tactics come to hand.

In either case, the characters ultimately learn of their true enemy - a horde of chaos creatures lurking unseen beyond the northern horizon, poised to render every wordly conflict obsolete.

Seeds of Chaos uses the AD&D game rules and provides information suitable for running the adventure using the SAGA rules as well. It is the start of a new adventure series that details the epic battles of the Chaos War, described in the novel Dragons of Summer Flame by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. This series can serve as a stand-alone campaign or as a crossover to introduce classic DRAGONLANCE players to the current FIFTH AGE setting."

1998 ... Douglas Niles ... 64 pages ... TSR 9587 ... ISBN 0786911980

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The Sylvan Veil
"For centuries, the Silvanesti elves remained aloof from the rest of Krynn. Many times they retreated to their sacred forest, taking no part in world events until some outside force invaded their sanctum. Soon after Chaos ascended to power on Ansalon, the Silvanesti took extreme measures - magically shielding themselves from humans, dwarves, dragons, and even other elves.

As the years passed, those outside the Silvanesti Shield wondered what was going on behind it. Some even attempted to penetrate the barrier or bring it down. But the shield never yielded.

Let your heroes be the first to set foot into lands newly exposed by the mysteriously retracting shield and find out secrets of the Silvanesti Forest heretofore known only to the elves. Life has not been idyllic for those inside the sylvan veil. In fact, your heroes find themselves on a desperate quest to save an elven city from extinction.

More than just an adventure, this book also details Silvanesti culture and politics, geography and places of interest, important individuals, and elven magical items and artifacts. Players can use The Sylvan Veil to flesh out their Silvanesti heroes, while Narrators will find an abundance of ideas for further adventures in the forest and its environs.

Discover the Mysteries Behind the Veil!

Featuring a story concept by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

The Sylvan Veil is the first in the Battle Lines series of adventures and novels that tie in with the much anticipated War of Souls novel series. This adventure is playable both with the SAGA game rules introduced in the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE boxed set and with the AD&D game as well."

1999 ... 112 pages ... TSR 11329 ... ISBN 0786913290

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Chaos Spawn
"In the heat of an unnaturally warm summer, the Knights of Takhisis conquer nearly every inch of Ansalon, even the glorious city of Palanthas. Mere days later a messenger arrives in Palanthas bearing a dire missive: Something wiped out the Knights posted at the Tower of the High Clerist and now cuts a swath of destruction across the countryside!

Chaos Spawn pits your heroes against one of Chaos's strongest minions: the Daemonlord. They must race against time to save the city of Maelgoth and its citizens from a terrible fate at the hands of this spawn of Chaos. If it razes Maelgoth, the Lord of Daemons may grow too powerful for anyone to stop - your heroes are Ansalon's last best hope!

Chaos Spawn uses the AD&D game rules and provides information suitable for running the adventure using the SAGA rules as well. This adventure and its companion, Seeds of Chaos, detail the epic battles of the Chaos War, described in the novel Dragons of Summer Flame by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman."

1999 ... Douglas Niles ... 64 pages ... TSR 11372 ... ISBN 078691372X

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Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition
A cross-over adventure book with AD&D/SAGA stats for the original Dragonlance campaign.

"Based on the Chronicles trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and the classic AD&D Adventure Series DL1-15

Who dares to stand in the path of darkness?

Five years ago, a group of adventuring companions went in search of the gods who had left the world centuries before. Now these friends gather at the Inn of the Last Home for what they believe will be their final meeting....

But what they face is instead a beginning. For the world of Krynn stands at a historic crossroads: Armies of darkness are sweeping across the land, and legendary evils have returned for a new and terrible purpose.

Return to the War of the Lance...for the First Time!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the publication of the first DRAGONLANCE adventure, TSR proudly presents a retelling of the greatest fantasy roleplaying epic ever. Players can assume the roles of Raistlin, Tasselhoff, Tanis, and other Heroes of the Lance, or create original heroes.

The DRAGONLANCE Classics 15th Anniversary Edition features many all-new scenes, including meetings with Dalamar, Ariakan, and other more recent additions to the Saga. It is fully compatible with both the AD&D and SAGA game rules.

Playing this adventure requires either the core AD&D rulebooks, the DRAGONLANCE FIFTH AGE Dramatic Adventure Game, or the DRAGONLANCE Fate Deck. The Tales of the Lance boxed set or DRAGONLANCE Adventures is recommended but not required for AD&D campaigns."

1999 ... Steve Miller & Stan! ... 256 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 11350 ... ISBN 0786913509

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Rise of the Titans

During the Age of Dreams, ogres were beautiful creatures who built fantastic cities and ruled over the greatest civilization on all of Krynn. They eventually fell prey to their own decadence - their culture collapsed into barbarism while the ogres themselves degenerated into their current repulsive forms. Recently, however, a new form of ogre has emerged. These titans are gigantic, highly intelligent creatures who claim to hold the key to regaining the ogres' lost beauty and power. Already the titans have begun to reclaim their former position in Ansalon through conquest and slavery!

Rise of the Titans contains detailed accounts of ogre cultures, describes the countries of Blöde and Kern, provides new hero roles, and introduces rules for playing ogre heroes. It also presents an adventure that takes your heroes deep into the ogre realms to rescue kidnapped Silvanesti diplomats and prevent the titans from spreading their evil across the face of Ansalon.

Featuring a story concept by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Rise of the Titans is the second in the Battle Lines series of adventures that tie in with the War of Souls novel series. This adventure is playable with the SAGA game rules introduced in the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE boxed set and with the AD&D game as well."

2000 ... Richard Dakan ... 96 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 11396 ... ISBN 0786913967

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Wizards of the Coast owns (and holds trademark to) the AD&D game and Dragonlance in all forms.

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