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Lawnmower Man: Virtual Reality Role Playing Game
RPG based on the movie from Leading Edge Games. Lots of quotes and B&W photos.

In the nearfuture, the computer-generated environments called Virtual Reality are revolutionizing education, research, and cybernetics. When scientists applied this new technology to Jobe Smith, a simple-minded gardener that everyone called The Lawnmower Man. they gave him everything he had lacked; intelligence, knowledge, physical strength, and even psychic powers. In the process of giving Jobe an array of superhuman abilities, they destroyed his sanity. Deranged and dangerous, he transformed himself into CyberJobe™, an immensely powerful cybernetic creature living inside the DataNet, the world's computer network. His transformation started the War for Virtual Reality.
The Virtual Reality War is spreading through the DataNet and around the globe. Governments, corporations and individuals are waging secret battles against each other and against CyberJobe for control of the latest Virtual Reality technologies. It is the dawn of the Cybernetic Age, and espionage, conventional weapons, and the full range of Virtual Reality abilities are the tools that will determine the outcome of the War.
Now you can join in the fight for the control of the future. You will use Virtual Reality to learn and to acquire new abilities, to travel the DataNet, to wield psychic forces, and more. But you will find opponents with powers just as remarkable as your own, and will face the special dangers of Virtual Reality; living opponents and intelligent computers, the constant strains on your sanity, and CyberJobe himself. The risks are immense; so are the rewards.
Based on the hit film from New Line Cinema, The Lawnmower Man Virtual Reality Role-Playing Game is fully compatible with the other film-based games from Leading Edge and includes complete rules for Virtual Reality, Psychic Powers, modern Combat, and everything else you need for the most compelling Virtual Reality game there is."

1992 ... Barry Nakazono & David McKenzie ... 118 pgs + many charts ... LEG 40100 ... ISBN 0945571968

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Army of Darkness Boardgame

* 22" x 17" Full Color Mounted Map
* 12 Full Color Character Cards
* 36 Full Color Stand-Up Counters
* 32 Full Color Equipment Cards
* Rulebook

"In An Age of Darkness At a Time of Evil When the World Needed a Hero What It Got Was... Him.

Ash was just a normal guy until he found The Book of the Dead. His battle with Demons summoned bv the Book cost him everything and threw him hundreds of years into the past. Now all Ash wants to do is go home.

But the Army of Darkness is on the loose, and if Ash ever wants to see the 20th Century again he has to keep them from capturing the Book of the Dead.

All Right, You Primitive Screwheads, Listen Up.

A Magic Book. A Shotgun. A Chainsaw. An Oldsmobile with a giant propellor. And everything else you need to defend a Castle against countless Undead Warriors, Flving Demons, Monsters from the Pit, and your Possessed Ex-Girlfriend.

Join Ash and his allies in their battle against the Army of Darkness, in this fast-paced board game based on the film.

Trapped in Time. Surrounded By Evil. Low on Gas."

1992 ... Leading Edge Games 60100 ... ISBN 0945571623 / UPC 718906601000

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Sword's Path - Glory / Spectrum Small Arms

Sword's Path Glory, Book 1: Medieval Melee System
Very crunchy rules, to be sure. Combat is run in Impulses, which are one-twelfth seconds long (1/12 !).


"At last, a realistic hand-to-hand combat system. First in a series of role-playing aids stressing accuracy, the Sword's Path — Glory combat system includes these features:
• Simultaneous movement and combat, without turns or written orders.
• The effects of agility, speed, and strength on combat performance.
• The effects of weapon weights and designs, stabbing, slashing, or impact.
• The first accurate representation of armor protection, based on actual penetration tests.
• And, above all, over 67 anatomical hit-location tables which do away with "Hit Points" and other such arbitrary measures of how many times you have to hit the ogre to kill him. Stab him in the heart and he'll die the first time!
This system is fast, simple, and yet because of the quality of data provided, a highly realistic simulation of weapons, armor, and physical damage. This realism, combined with the simultaneous movement and combat system, provides a unique and efficient blend of realism and playability. It has been designed for the experienced player, and is recommended for the age group 16 and over. The system provides the conscientious game-master and/or war gamer the opportunity to inject the ultimate realism into any hand-to-hand combat."

1982 ... Barry Nakazono ... spiral-bound ... Leading Edge Games

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Sword's Path Glory, Book 2: Role Playing
"This book, the second of a series, is a complete and realistic look at the capabilities of a character in the game world. This system is modular, the rules and ideas may be used with other magic or combat systems. The Sword's Path — Glory role playing system includes these features:
• A Karma System with which characters have an incentive to be either "Good" or "Evil."
• The Player Character: his strengths and weaknesses.
• Over 55 Skills and Abilities in such diverse areas as combat, hunting, or
• Skill Training and Physical Conditioning
• Skill Tradeoffs, Economics, and Morale
• Recovery from Wounds and Medical Aid and Skills
• Physical Endurance and Fatigue

This system contains concepts never before seen in a role playing game. The more experienced player will be able to use this system to add new depth to their role playing."

1983 ... Leading Edge Games

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Spectrum Small Arms
The immediate predecessor to the Phoenix Command system.

"Realistic Man To Man Combat 1491 A.D. to 2060 A.D...
This book is a complete and realistic look at small arms conflict from early matchlocks to futuristic blasters. This system is modular and may be used with any role-playing system or game. It is intended for the player who wishes to accurately simulate a small arms conflict but does not wish to sacrifice playability. Computer-generated tables allow you tremendous realism with little effort. The system is easy to learn and includes the following key features:
• Simultaneous movement and fire without written orders or turns.
• Realistic representation of weapon accuracy, penetration, and damage.
• Data for over 190 weapons from early matchlocks to futuristic blasters.
• Accurate rules for automatic weapons, shotguns, and hand grenades.
• Protection afforded by cover and body armor.
• And above all, 59 anatomical hit location tables, which do away with "Hit Points" and other such arbitrary measures of how many times you have to shoot your opponent to drop him. This system shows the real results of a bullet wound, whether a graze or direct hit, and its effects on short-term performance and long-term chances of survival.
These rules blend realism with playability to create a system that is fast moving, easy to learn, with accuracy beyond that of any previous game. Moreover, it is suitable for use with ALL small arms oriented role-playing games, or as a stand-alone combat system."

1983 ... Leading Edge Games

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