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A Campaign and Adventure Guidebook for Middle Earth: Including the Wild Lands-East, South, and North

1982, 1983 ... 16 pages + map (1st edition), 25 pages + map (2nd edition) ... ICE 2200 ... ISBN 0915795051

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Middle-Earth Adventure Guidebook II
Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook II includes:

An Elvish Dictionary
Pronunciation guidelines
Grammar guidelines
Translations to and from Englsh and the Elven tongues
A Glossary of Terms
A handy reference to Middle-earth characters, cultures, places, and things
A new full-color poster map of Middle-earth
A 2' X 3' detailed map of northwest Middle-earth, the focus of Tolkien's THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS
This guide is a useful supplement to ICE's Middle-earth Role Playing (MERP) adventure modules, and has statistical information based on the MERP and Rolemaster fantasy systems. This information is readily adaptable to most FRP systems. Guidebook II contains new and different material from that of the first Middle-earth Guidebook.

1989 ... 64 pages ... ICE 2210 ... ISBN 1558060782

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Lords of Middle-Earth Vol 1: The Immortals: Elves, Maiar, & Valar
Some more photos of the LOME books over at our game blog

This volume describes the first beings to enter Tolkien's world: the Elves, Valar, and Maiar. Each race has a general history and a Character Glossary that alphabetically lists the major individuals. These immortals are described in terms of appearance, motivation, characteristics, and background. Game statistics for the MERP and Rolemaster game systems are included. These stats can be easily converted to most major FRP systems.

Inside you'll find:

ELVES, the proud and gifted immortals - Legolas, of the Fellowship, Elrond of Rivendell, Glorfindel, bane of the Nazgûl, Galadriel of Lorien
VALAR, the guardians of Middle-earth - Manwe, Lord of the Powers, Elbereth, Queen of the Stars, Tulkas, the mighty champion
MAIAR, mighty servants of the Valar - Gandalf, the Grey, Saruman, Tom Bombadil, of the Old Forest, The Balrog of Moria
THE GREAT ENEMIES who brought evil to Middle-earth - Morgoth, the Black Enemy, Ungoliant, Spirit of the Void, Sauron, Lord of the Rings

1986 ... Peter C. Fenlon & Terry K. Amthor & R. Mark Colborn & Angus McBride (cover) ... 112 pages ... ICE 8002 ... ISBN 0915795264

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Lords of Middle-Earth Vol 2: The Mannish Races
This volume describes the Secondborn, the second race to enter Tolkien's world, the Men. Mortal, they dominate the later history of Middle-earth, and their influence increasingly colors the nature of life in Endor. Each is described in appearance, motivation, characteristics, and background. Game statistics for the MERP and Rolemaster game systems are included. These stats can be easily converted to most major FRP systems.

Inside you'll find:

NINE NAZGÛL, the Witch-king of Angmar and the other Kings who accepted Sauron's Rings of power and became evil Ringwraiths
DÚNEDAIN, the High Men of Gondor and Arnor, including Denethor, Boromir, Faramir, and Aragorn II (Strider)
NÚMENÓRIANS, Lords like Elros and Ar-Pharazon, powerful ancestors of Endor's Dúnedain, the great sea-farers, colonizers, and conquerors
GREAT FIGURES FROM THE WEST, including Theóden, Eomer, Eowyn, and Wormtongue from Rohan, Bard from Lake-town, and the enemies like Wulf and The Mouth of Sauron

1987 ... Peter C. Fenlon jr ... 108 pages ... ICE 8003 ... ISBN 0915795329

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Lords of Middle-Earth Vol 3: Hobbits, Dwarves, Ents, Orcs, & Trolls
This volume describes Hobbits, the Little People often ignored in the histories; Dwarves, the Children of Aulë; Ents, the Guardians of the Forests; and Orcs and Trolls, creatures perverted by Morgoth to serve his evil ends. Each is described by appearance, motivation, characteristics, and background. Game statistics for the MERP and Rolemaster game systems are included. These stats can be easily converted to most major FRP systems.

Inside you'll find:

HOBBITS, the furry-footed Halflings with surprising inner strength, like Bilbo, Frodo, Samwise, Merry, and Pippin.
DWARVES, the ancient and secretive folk created from stone, including Gimli, Torin Oakenshield, and Durin the Deathless
ENTS, the slow-speaking herders of trees, including Treebeard, Quickbeam, and the Ent-wife Fimbrethil
ORCS, hideous thralls to Dark Lord, like Azog, slayer of Thrór; Bolg, and Golfimbul, foe to Bullroarer Took
TROLLS, foul monsters created by Morgoth, including Gothmog, Warlord of the Host of Gorgoroth, and Bert, Tom, and William, who argued over the proper way to cook Dwarves

1989 ... 110 pages ... ICE 8004 ... ISBN 1558060529

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Angus McBride's Characters of Middle Earth

This sourcebook is a winner. Two dozen MERP covers are rendered as color plates.

This volume describes individuals, both prominent and obscure, who roam Tolkien's world. Portrayed by Angus McBride for use by Gamemasters as NPCs or by Players as PCs, each color plate is accompanied by a page of relevant text. A brief fantasy description of the action, a note on the setting, a description, of the characters depicted, and full game statistics for the MERP and Rolemaster systems are included. These stats can be easily converted to most major FRP systems.

When Gandalf, the Witch-king, or Galadriel arrives on the scene, Gamemasters will now have an illustration to display. And each player can possess a full-color rendering of his or her character. As Marhic, flee Low Nose the Asdriag through the streets of seedy Strayhold. Combat a camel-mounted Silent One as Mairan of Greater Harad. Or hold your breath as Ehlissa when a dread Wraith looks your way.

Inside you'll find:

FANGORN offering nourishment to Pippin and Merry
GALADRIEL responding to a plea from a wounded Silvan messenger
SARUMAN snared by Sauron through the Orthanc Palantír
É owyn and Merry confronting the Lord of the Nazgûl
CELEMBRIMBOR at the forge
ORRIT KELARIN reliving his encounter with the heinous Birdman of the Suza Sumar
MANARI AKAJI sorely pressed by a Desert Screamer
ARAMATH, a Cardolani squire, supporting his lord against the mysterious Woses of the Black Wood
and many more

1990 ... 64 pages ... ICE 8005 ... ISBN 1558061347

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Creatures of Middle-Earth: A Bestiary of Animals & Monsters
In a fantasy role playing game, you become a main character in an adventure you create. With Creatures of Middle-earth you can add the creatures from J.R.R. Tolkien's THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS to your fantasy game. Here are Endor's most powerful creatures, the famous and infamous beasts and monsters who affect the history of Middle-earth. Summon them to add drama and danger to your game.

How would you like to duel Smaug the Dragon or hunt a Kraken in the rough Southern Seas? Could you outrace a Fell Beast or vanquish an undead Barrow-wight? Have you ever tried to tame a wild Kine or elude a hungry pack of Wargs?

This volume describes the animals and monsters in Tolkien's world. Each species has a general history and a character glossary that alphabetically lists major individuals. These beings are described in terms of appearance, motivation, characteristics, and background. Game statistics for the MERP and Rolemaster game systems are also included. These stats can be easily converted to most major FRP systems.

Inside you'll find:

Animals - everything from Great Eagles and Mearas of Rohan to the lowly Neekerbreekers
Flying Beasts
Crawling Beasts
Swimming Beasts
Monsters - ranging from fiery Dragons to pitiless Wargs

Animate Plants
Flying Monsters
Giant Races
Water Monsters

1988 ... 64 pages ... ICE 8005 ... ISBN 1558060197

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Treasures of Middle-Earth: A Compendium of Magic Items
"Here are Endor's most potent artifacts, the famous and infamous treasures that have shaped the history of Middle-earth. Scatter these enchanted items amidst the treasure hoards of monsters and the riches of Kings to add challenge and excitement to your campaign. Could you gaze into the depths of a Palantír from Númenor and survive the visions sent to haunt you? Have you ever desired to possess the treasure heaped beneath a Dragon's scaled belly? All these and more await you!

This volume describes the treasures forged by the inhabitants of Tolkien's world. Each item has a short description followed by a complete listing of its magical powers. Game statistics for the MERP and Rolemaster systems are included. These stats can be easily converted to most major FRP systems.

Inside you'll find:

Treasures - everything from Aragorn's sword and the Palantíri of Númenor to Sauron's One Ring
* Arms
* Armor
* Apparel & Gear
* Jewelry, Gems & Art
* Musical Instruments
* Rings
* Tools & Trappings
Creators - the forging techniques favored by each race, including the works of the Ainur as well as those of the lowly Orcs.
Materials - the properties of the gems, stone, wood, and metals used to create enchanted items.

1989 ... Wolfgang Baur ... 144 pages ... ICE 8006 ... ISBN 1558060480

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Northwestern Middle-earth Map Set
The Northwestern Middle-earth Map Set presents a colorful and intricately rendered picture of Tolkien's beloved settings. Drawn and inked in beautiful "view style" and faithfully labeled using "local names," these maps depict every road, bridge, ford, manor, village, citadel, and city - all pinpointed amidst the plains, hills, swamps, and mountains of northwestern Endor.

Inside you'll find 15 full-color maps (scaled at 1" = 46.5 miles) that you can cut apart and fit together to form a complete cartographic view of northwest Endor.

The maps include:

Angmar & the Northern Misty Mountains · Wold · Southern Gondor & Tolfalas · Ithilien & Gorgoroth · Minhiriath & the Eriador Coast · Southern Mirkwood · The Southern Blue Mountains · Northern Mirkwood · Rohan & the Southern Misty Mountains · Lindon · Lórien & the Central Misty Mountains · Andrast · The Blue Mountains & Numeriador · Oiolad · Arthedain, Cardolan & Rhudaur

You'll also find 5 larger-scale color maps (scaled at 1" = 20 miles) for use with the area maps found in ICE's other supplements. These maps cover regions not yet documented in ICE's Middle-earth series:

Andrast (the wild, southwestern reaches of Gondor)
Anfalas (the "long shore" of western Gondor)
Lindon (the Elven lands west of the Blue Mountains)
Oiolad (a strip of windswept plain west of Angmar)
Wold (a wild section of eastern Rohan)

1994 ... 32 pages ... ICE 4001 ... ISBN 1558061703

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Northwestern Middle Earth Gazetteer
"In the prefix to the gazetteer, our author writes: "With the exception of the Red Book of Westmarch, written and preserved by the Hobbits and translated by Professor Tolkien, The Vagabond's Guide is perhaps the best surviving source we have concerning the Third Age of Middle-earth. While the Red Book predominantly contains narrative accounts of the deeds of Hobbits, the Pelrandir Permellon is a much older work from Gondor and is a unique guide to virtually every corner of Northwestern Endor. As its name implies, the text of The Vagabond's Guide addresses the various problems faced by travellers in the years immediately following the Great Plague."

If your adventurers are travelling in Middle-earth, let The Vagabond's Guide show them every corner of Tolkien's magnificent creation.

The Gazetteer Features:

22" x 34" COLOR MAP OF NORTHWESTERN MIDDLE-EARTH with a grid for easy location of features described in the gazetteer and assigned map coordinates.
160 PAGES which provide GMs and players with critical facts for role playing campaigns from any site in northwestern Endor.
REALM descriptions include specifics such as rulers, population, products, and a concise history for all the nations between Angmar and Umbar.
SITE entries detail origin, purpose, and population for the cities and citadels from the Agarond to Woodmen-town.
FEATURES include elevation, area, or length for the rivers, mountains, and plateaus of Endor - from the Adorn to the Withywindle.
TRADE ROUTES are covered exhaustively - with mileages and degree of danger specified for each leg of the journey, along with a short summary describing each major road.
THEME MAPS pinpoint deposits of valuable minerals, the locations of major cities, and the average temperatures for the many regions of NW Endor.
INDEX gives map coordinates for every entry in the gazetteer."

1992 ... Mark Rabuck ... 160 pages + fold-out map of NW Middle Earth ... ICE 4002 ... ISBN 1558061711

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Treasures of Middle-Earth
Treasures of Middle-earth details the most potent artifacts of Tolkien's world, including Aragorn's sword Andúril, the palantíri saved from drowned Númenor, and Sauron's One Ring. This compendium is a revised version of the sourcebook released in 1989. the new Treasures features twice as many illustrations as the old and includes complete stats for the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game in addition to MERP and Rolemaster stats. If, like Bilbo, you've ever felt "the love of beautiful things, made by hands and by cunning and by magic," then Treasures of Middle-earth belongs on your bookshelves and in your fantasy role playing campaign. Let something "Tookish" awake in your heart: pick up your copy of Treasures and "go and see the great mountains [of Endor], and hear the pine-trees and the waterfalls, and explore the caves, and wear a sword instead of a walking-stick."

Treasures of Middle-earth includes:

TREASURES - everything from the Shards of Narsil to the Three Elven Rings of Power to Sting, Bilbo's storied sword. Arms, armor, apparel & gear; jewelry & art, musical instruments, rings, and tools & trappings are all present. Each item has a short description followed by a complete listing of its magical powers, including statistics for MERP, Rolemaster, and Lord of the Rings Adventure Game.
CREATORS - the forging techniques favored by each race, touching on the works of the exalted Ainur, such as the Great Lamps Illuin and Ormal, as well as those of lowly Orcs.
MATERIALS - the properties of the jewels, stone, wood, and metals used to create enchanted and mundane items. Gems forged by the Eldar, herbs cultivated by the Dúnedain, the rare alloy ithildin used to demarcate the West-gate of Moria, and the golden mellyrn of Lórien are all described.

1994 ... 208 pages ... ICE 2010 ... ISBN 1558062114

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Creatures of Middle-Earth
How would you fare against Smaug the Golden? Could your marksmanship find the dragon's weak spot? Would your courage withstand the worm's fire? Test your powers against Morgoth's legacy: the Watcher in the Water outside Durin's Doors, the huorns of Fangorn Forest, the wargs of haunted Hollin, and the Balrog of Moria. All these beasts and more appear in the pages of Creatures of Middle-earth.

Creatures details the significant beasts and monsters of Tolkien's world - the kelvar, living things that move, born of the Great Song, such as ravens, ulmodili (dolphins), mearas (descendants of Oromeë's steed), oliphaunts, great eagles, crebain, the Kirinkir of fallen Númenor, and black swans; as well as the twisted things "of horn and ivory" that "dye the earth with blood" at Morgoth's behest.

Creatures of Middle-earth includes:

BEASTS - everything from the Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains to the Ravens of Erebor to the noisy Neekerbreekers that so annoyed Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Frodo in the Midgewater Marshes. Each animal has a short description preceded by specifics on its size, preferred climate, and favored environment.
MONSTERS - ranging from the mighty shapechanging Vampires of Morgoth, such as Thuringwethil, to the Wights guarding the tombs in the Barrow-downs, to the sly Crebain that served as Sauron's spies.
MAPS - 21 b&w maps depicting where in Endor each creature dwells.
This compendium is a revised version of the sourcebook released in 1988. It includes expanded material on the dragons of Middle-earth, many more illustrations, and stats for MERP, Rolemaster, and the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game.

1994 ... 144 pages ... ICE 2012 ... ISBN 1558062165

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Arnor: The People
Arnor: The People recounts the noble yet tragic saga of the Dunedain of the North - colonists and refugees from the lost isle of Numenor - who forged a realm in the wide lands of Eriador. The Numenoreans were not the only people to call Eriador home. Elves, Dwarves, and Men alike had wandered the ways of this region from time immemorial, and beings far more ancient than they still haunted its dark and forgotten corners. Yet Arnor was founded nonetheless and for centuries its kings secured peace and harmony for their many subjects.

Arnor: The People describes the history, inhabitants, politics, society, warcraft, figures of note, and items of power that comprise Elendil's legacy. These penetrating windows onto the life of middle-Third Age Eriador combine to form an unmatched setting for adventure in the embattled North-kingdom of the Dunedain and its successor states of Arthedain, Cardolan, and Rhudaur.

Arnor: The People is a reprint of the first half of ICE's highly acclaimed Arnor Realm module, first published in 1994. This volume includes a thorough updating of all Elvish terms together with some revision deriving from Arnor's place in Middle-earth as a whole. Complete game statistics are presented for MERP, Rolemaster, and the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game.

Arnor: The People features:

MIGRATIONS - Trace the millennial wanderings of Eriador's peoples as they struggle to preserve their ancestral life-ways in the face of Numenorean imperialism and the invading hordes of the Dark Lord Sauron.
HILLMEN OF THE TROLLSHAWS - Keep a sharp blade about you as you walk the haunted paths of the Trollshaws, where Hillmen, Orcs, Easterlings, and spies of all nations deal in treachery and murder.
LOSSOTH - Join the Lossoth as they hunt the fringes of the great Northern Waste, ever watchful for the foul servants of the Witch-king, and ever fearful of the cold, deadly spirits of the northern winds.
INTRIGUE AND DIPLOMACY - Fathom the ever-changing political alignments of Cardolan's vying warlords. Uncover seeds of insurrection among the proud nobility of Arthedain. Tread the perilous streets of Tharbad, where rival emissaries from Gondor and Umbar compete for influence in Eriador.
MYSTICAL AND RELIGIOUS ORDERS - Gaze into the palantiri, the fabled "seeing-stones" of Arthedain, and scry the ominous portents they reveal. Find healing and compassion in the care of the Sisters of Nienna. Explore the mysteries of the Secret Fire with the Nolehildi, allies of Gandalf the Wizard.
MERCENARIES - Face battle side-by-side with the grim mercenary companies of war-torn Cardolan.
ELVEN LORDS AND LADIES - Adventure with the sons of Elrond in their valiant errantries against the forces of Darkness that threaten the Free Peoples.
RANGERS OF THE NORTH - Join the Order and Fellowship of the Rangers of the North, the remnant of the Dunedain in the "Age of Abandonment," as they wage their centuries-long struggle to preserve the freedom of Eriador and its inhabitants from the ever-present threat of Sauron's minions.

1996 ... Wesley J. Frank ... 232 pages ... ICE 2022 ... ISBN 1558062874

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Elves presents the Firstborn, the Quendi, the "Speakers". They awoke under the stars before the ascension of the Moon and the Sun and loved ever the twilight when Varda's lamps shone forth. The stories of their most illustrious figures - Fëanor, creator of the Silmarils, Eärendil, voyager of the skies, Galadriel, Queen of Lórien, Celebrimbor, forger of the Rings of Power - are recounted here.

Elves includes:

HISTORY - The tale of the Firstborn, from their awakening in Cuiviénen, through their long march westward to the Undying Lands, to the rebellion of the Noldor and their return to Middle-earth.
CALAQUENDI - The "Light Elves" who dwelt in Aman for a time and witnessed there the light of the Two Trees:
Fingolfin, who challenged Morgoth to single combat and wounded the Valar seven times.
Galadriel, daughter of Finarfin, she departed Aman not to retieve the stolen Silmarils, but to visit wide and unknown lands, to rule there a realm of her own.
Ingwë, High King and the greatest in wisdom of all the Elves, he dwelt in Aman for all the ages of Middle-earth.
Ú MANYAR - "Those not of Aman", the Elves who heeded the summons of the Valar, but turned back before reaching the Undying Lands:
Elwë, King of the Teleri, he turned away from the Undying Lands for love of Melian, the Maia who dwelt in Endor.
Eöl, deviser of metal hard as stell, yet malleable.
Amroth, Son of Amdír and King of Lórien.
AVARI - "The Unwilling," the Elves who refused to follow Oromë into the West (and their descendants):
Haldir, one of the three Guardians of Lórien who encountered the Fellowship of the Ring as the eight survivors fled from Moria.
Nimrodel, beloved of Amroth, she regretted the return of the Elves of the West, claiming they brought war and betrayal with them.
This compendium is a revised version of material released in Lords of Middle-earth, Vol. I the Immortals in 1986. Elves features many more illustrations and includes stats for MERP, Rolemaster, and the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game. Perhaps like Sam Gamgee, when caught eavesdropping by Gandalf, you might have exclaimed: "Elves, sir! I would dearly love to see them. Couldn't you take me to see Elves, sir, when you go?" Unlike Sam, you won't need to travel to Mordor and back to meet Elrond, Glorfindel, or Arwen - just open the covers of Elves!

1994 ... 176 pages ... ICE 2013 ... ISBN 1558062181

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Hands of the Healer
The healing path is one of the most revered callings that a person may aspire to in Middle-earth; it is also one of the most valued professions among adventurers - men and women who face danger and the prospect of injury every day of their lives.

Hands of the Healer fleshes out one of those professions most often chosen by fantasy gamers, whether as characters to be played or NPCs to be sought for their indispensable services. Equally useful to both players and gamemasters, this tome provides virtually everything one could possibly want to know about Middle-earth's healers and their craft.

Hand of the Healer features:

56 CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT PACKAGES - Guidelines for creating MERP healers (including conversions for the Rolemaster Standard System) from over 40 distinct cultures. Now you can take on the role of a Northman shaman, a Black Númenórean necromantic priest, an Easterling Night-warder, or a Southron court physician - each with unique skills and healing magic!
NEW MEDICAL SKILLS - With the 4 new MERP/RMSS skills of Physic, Surgery, Apothecary and Midwifery, you'll be ready to confront any form of injury or illness in your adventure campaign.
STATIC MANEUVER TABLE - Several of the new skills and healing powers described in this book are accompanied by tables for MERP and RMSS, so that you can instantly determine maneuver results regardless of which game system you are using.
296 HERBS, CURATIVES AND POISONS - The largest compendium of medicinals and poisons ever assembled for a fantasy role playing game, this exhaustive encyclopedia is the ultimate reference tool for herbs and other curative substances, such as athelas, miruvor or lembas. The compendium references every healing herb or poison that has ever appeared in the Middle-earth series to date, including 67 entirely new entries. All are indexed according to environment (mountains, forests, deserts, etc.), healing category (life preservation, physical enhancement, surface repair, etc.) and alternate names (Westron, Elvish, etc.).
MECCG SCENARIOS - Try your healing hand with "The Houses of Healing" and "Ioreth's Escort," two new scenarios for use with ICE's Middle-earth Collectible Card Game. Includes a dozen new MECCG sites for casual play.

1997 ... Mark R. Feil ... 159 pages ... ICE 2026 ... ISBN 1558063161

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The Kin-strife
"The Kin-strife presents the people, politics, and armies of Gondor under the repressive rule of Castamir the Usurper. The six largest cities of the South-kingdom - Pelargir, Umbar, Lond Ernil, Osgiliath, Minas Anor, and Minas Ithil - are described along with their administrative structures, military organization, and legal systems. Adventures tied to each metropolis bring the civil war to life. The Côr Aran, the Usurper's deadly ring of informers, detain any who work to restore the rightful King to his throne. Common criminals, Southron spies, and servants of the Dark Lord are all embroiled in the conflict. Strange conspiracies and webs of deceit await the bold and the loyal! Can our heroes survive amidst the snares of the Usurper's reign?

The Kin-strife includes complete stats for MERP, the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game, and Rolemaster.

The Kin-strife includes:

ONCE AND FUTURE KING - a vivid account of Eldacar's initial defeat, his maneuvering while in exile to regain the throne, and his final triumphant victory over Castamir.
PELARGIR - heart of the Usurper's regime where the Royal Guard and the Côr Aran - both loyal to Castamir - oppose one another in rivalrous clash more often than they work in accord.
UMBAR - bastion of traditionalists favoring Gondorian involvement in the South, yet fraught with conflict nonetheless: Crow fights Crow over the venues of land versus sea.
LOND ERNIL - haven of the Prince of Belfalas who resists the Usurper's rule and therefore is Castamir's first target for covert assassination.
OSGILIATH - ruined by Castamir and transformed into a vast prison for his enemies; the disgruntled residents plot rebellion against the false King.
MINAS ANOR - initially neutral in the civil conflict, but siding with Castamir after the fall of Osgiliath; numerous loyalists to Eldacar make the strategic metropolis anything but a sinecure for the garrison commander.
MINAS ITHIL - ruled by the Usurper through force of arms alone, the City of the Moon would throw off Castamir's reins within hours without the threat of the garrison's swords.
THE PALE RIDERS - Easterlings scheme to murder the King in exile to gain a reward of horses and weapons from Castamir - can our heroes foil the plot?"

1995 ... Anders Blixt ... 239 pages ... ICE 2015 ... ISBN 1558062289

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Southern Gondor: The People
Southern Gondor: The People tells of Elendil's sons, Isuldur and Anárion, recounting their arrival on the shores of Endor and moving through the events of the great nation they founded there. Daen peoples first dwelt in the lands of Gondor before the kings, followed by the Pelargirean League who preceded the Faithful into the southern reaches of the realm. The Princes of Belfalas, the Haruze of Harandor, the Corsairs of Umbar made still later contributions to the complex politics governing Gondor's sovereign rule. The ebb and flow of war, prosperity, and ambition among these diverse inhabitants sets the stage for adventure.

Southern Gondor: The People reaches back to the First Age to reveal the realm at that time and follow it through the millennia to the Fourth Age and the reign of Aragorn II. Culture, peoples, politics, religion, and individuals of note receive complete coverage - from the chieftain of the Oathbreakers and the watch-stones of the Woses to the moon-calendar of the Uinendili and the sacred Karma of Aldarion.

Ten adventures bring it all to vibrant life.

Southern Gondor: The People includes complete game stats for MERP and Rolemaster.

Southern Gondor: The People features:

HEROES & KINGS - Isildur and Anárion loom larger than life, and the rulers who follow them are hardly less so. Telumehtar subjugates sun-darkened Umbar. Tarannon, the first of the Ship-kings, starts Gondor on the road to imperial glory. And Aragorn shepherds the realm through the War of the Ring.
DÚNEDAIN - The High Men of the West bring the lore and culture of their lost homeland to Gondor and blend these virtues with a love of truth and loyalty.
GONDORIANS - These sturdy peasant folk who tend field and croft revere Yavanna most of all the Valar, for her earth shapes the rhythm of their lives.
FESTIVALS - The ancient high days of Erukyermë, Erulaitalë, and Eruhantalë gain celebratory renewal in the South Kingdom.
WOSES - Drughu whose ancestors guarded the houses of the Folk of Haleth roam the lands of southern Gondor many ages before the Faithful arrived on Endor's shores.
HARUZE - Gondor's desert-dwelling neighbors give their friendship sometimes to the Dúnedain and at other times to hostile Umbar.
DAEN - These plaid-wearing charioteers follow the bizarre monuments of the Drughu into the meads between the mountains and the sea. There they dwell for centuries, herding their flocks and hammering bronze into mirrors, jewellery, and tools.
BOUGHS OF RETURN - Mystical artefacts bestowed by the Ainur and enchanted relics from the lost isle of Númenor await the Dúnedain in vault, library, and garden when peril threatens.
ADVENTURES - Crew a privateer and court peril on the waves and tides of Belfalas Bay! Hunt Haradan spies in the back alleys of Pelargir! Untangle the plots of an unusual Daen rebel! Stalk a stolen Mûmak through the taverns of Methir of the coast!

1996 ... Jason Beresford ... 208 pages ... ICE 2020 ... ISBN 1558062556

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Valar & Maiar
Imagine, after hearing all the awful legends, finally confronting a dreadful spirit borne out of the great Evil of the Elder Days, an immortal demon stirred from his premeval slumber. Imagine meeting a Balrog.

In Valar & Maiar you learn about Balrogs, as well as all the other greater spirits (good and evil) inhabiting J.R.R. Tolkien's marvelous world. These immortal being, the mighty Ainur, helped shape Middle-earth - the place Elves call Endor. Their story dominates much of the continent's troubled history. Fallen Ainur, Morgoth, Sauron, and the Balrogs, forever haunt the land, twisting Endor's peoples and perverting its politics. Faithful valar, like Oromë and Aulëe, serve as patrons of the Free Peoples. Wise Maiar, like Gandalf and Tom Bombadil, act as caretakers of the Balance of Things. Each has a place in Eru's scheme, and each has a story that colors the grand saga of Middle-earth.

Inside you'll find alphabetical listings covering the appearance, motivations, characteristics, and background of each of the Valar and prominent Maiar:

Overviews describing the general nature and history of all the "Holy Ones," the immortal Ainur, including the fallen spirits known as the Great Enemies.
Valar, or "powers," the high guardians of the world:
- Manwë, the "Breather," Maker of Winds, Lord of the Sky, and King of the Valar.
- Varda, Elbereth Gilthoniel, the exalted Queen of the Stars.
- Oromë, the "Huntsman," the world's greatest armsmaster.
- Tulkas, the "Mighty," strongest being in Arda.
Maiar, or "Hands," the immortal servants of the Valar:
- Tom Bombadil, master of the Old Forest and the oldest of the Ainur in Middle-earth.
- Eönwë, the mighty Herald of the Valar and greatest of the Maia warlords.
- Melian, the Maia who married an Elf-king and became Queen of Doriath.
- Goldberry, the beautiful Water-spirit whose music charms the ageless flow of the River Withywindle.
Wizards - Alatar, Gandalf, Pallando, Radagast, and Saruman - the five Maia emissaries sent to Middle-earth in the Third Age.
Fallen Ainur, like:
- Morgoth, the "Black Enemy," the exalted Vala who became the origin of all Evil.
- Sauron, the "Lord of the Rings," the great Maia who served as Morgoth's high servant.
- Gothmog, the "King of the Balrogs," the lost Fire-spirit that led the Host of Angband.
Ungoliant, the frightful "Demon of the Void," who poisoned the Two Trees that gave light to the World.
Complete character stats for ICE's Middle-earth Role Playing, Rolemaster, and Lord of the Rings Adventure Game systems, as well as provisions for adapting the characters to other adventure games.
Valar & Maiar is the first title in ICE's Peoples of Middle-earth adventure game series. Each work in this collection documents a specific race or group found in Tolkien's Middle-earth. Other volumes includes Dwarves, Hobbits, Orcs, Trolls, etc. Each is a comprehensive compendium describing all the notable characters from one of Endor's varied races.

1993 ... Peter C. Fenlon, jr ... 128 pages ... ICE 2006 ... ISBN 1558061967

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