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MegaTraveller - Roleplaying in the Shattered Imperium

The Zhodani Conspiracy
MegaTraveller Accesories by Digest Group Publications ~ Travellers' Digest ~ MegaTraveller Journal

Seeker Gaming Systems


MegaTraveller (1986 - 1992)

"The thousand-year empire has fallen in an instant. An assassin has cut down the emperor and his heirs in one bold stroke and thrown the largest, most stable interstellar empire in history into chaos. There are many candidates for the empty throne, and without agreement on their qualifications, the worlds of the Imperium are divided in their allegiances. By a curious twist of fate, the assassin himself controls three rebellious sectors. The emperor's nephew, considered by many to be a murderer himself, has assumed the throne over the objections of the Imperial Assembly. Other pretenders have stepped forward. Star fleets battle throughout the disputed territories. Sectors are stripped of their fleets to fight in the rebellion, and imperial territory is invaded by alien forces sensing weakness and plunder. Sector after sector secedes from the Imperium to manage its own defense. Sector after sector falls to external forces" ...from the Referee's Manual

Sometimes, when game companies would release a new rules version of a long-time RPG, they'd introduce great changes and disruptions into the campaign world. (An example of this was "The Avatar War" in the Forgotten Realms, just as AD&D was being nudged from 1st to 2nd edition.) In the case of MegaTraveller, GDW inflicted the Rebellion on Traveller's venerable Imperium at the same time as it introduced a fairly revolutionary task system [developed by Digest Group Publications (DGP)]. The Rebellion snowballed out-of-control for many years, culminating in the release of the apocalyptic Virus (upon the release of Traveller: The New Era)

GDW at times seemed to rush out games, thinly edited. MegaTraveller was no exception. Errata was published in Challenge Magazine, and there is an 8-page booklet of errata dated Sept 1, 1990.

The introduction of the Rebellion was fantastic in my opinion, but wasn't universally applauded to be sure. Writers didn't flinch away from the ramifications of a civil war involving billions of citizens. As the strife continued over a period of years, the Imperium circled the drain. An easy parallel could be drawn to the setting of fellow GDW entry Twilight: 2000 -- the dissolution of a great civilization.


MegaTraveller [BOX SET]
Includes Players' Manual, Referee's Manual, Imperial Encyclopedia, and map of the Spinward Marches Sector.

"The Imperium survived for more than a thousand years. In less than a minute, it has shattered. An assassin has cut down the emperor and his heirs in one bold stroke, throwing the largest interstellar empire in history into chaos. There are many candidates for the empty throne, and the worlds of the Imperium are divided in their allegiances. By a curious twist of fate, the assassin himself now controls three rebellious sectors. The emperor's nephew, considered by many to be a murderer himself, has assumed the throne over the objections of the imperial Assembly. Star fleet battles rage throughout the disputed territories. As sectors are stripped of their fleets to fight in the rebellion, imperial territory is invaded by alien forces sensing weakness and plunder. Sector after sector secedes from the Imperium to manage its own defense. Sector after sector falls to external forces.
And on this stage of rebellion and interstellar chaos, Traveller sets an ongoing drama of role-playing adventure... Players travel from star system to star system, taking sides in the rebellion, fighting for their cause while fighting to stay alive. The dangers of the interstellar environment combine with the dangers of a shattered Imperium to challenge players and referees, and provide never-ending excitement in the far future.

Traveller is a role-playing game. MegaTraveller is the name of this Traveller rules system set against the background of star-spanning rebellion on the Imperium. Individual players assume the roles of adventurers in the universe of the far future. A referee (responsible for administering the game for the players) plots out the adventures that the players will face, constructs background situations, and finally conducts the players through those adventures in exciting game sessions. Each session is a gripping adventure where the players make their own decisions about their fate and fortune. And an infinite number of adventures are possible."

1987 ... Marc W. Miller ... GDW 0210 ... ISBN 0943580498

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Players' Manual
Characters, Task System Introduction, Combat, and Psionics. -W

1987 ... 104 pages ... GDW 0211 ... ISBN 0943580382

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Referee's Manual
Domains of the Imperium, Factions of the Rebellion, Task System, Generating Star Systems and Worlds, Animals, Encounters, Trade and Commerce, Ship Design, Starship Combat, and History. -W

1987 ... 104 pages ... GDW 212 ... ISBN 0943580471

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Imperial Encyclopedia
Wars of the Imperium, Battlefields of the Rebellion, Chronology of Recorded History, Emperors' List, Nobles, Library Data, Equipment, Combat Equipment, Starships and Vehicles, Travelling, and The Spinward Marches. -W

1987 ... 96 pages ... GDW 0213 ... ISBN 094358048X

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Map of the Spinward Marches
"A Detailed Stellar Sector Located on the Fringes of the Imperium"
17"x22" single-sided. Folded.


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Rebellion Sourcebook
"The Imperium is being torn apart by the star-spanning Rebellion; rival leaders are fighting for the right to sit on the Iridium Throne of the Third Imperium and to rule the greatest interstellar empire that the galaxy has ever seen.
Now, the Rebellion Sourcebook provides the details of the Rebellion that allow MegaTraveller referees and players to incorporate the sweep and the chaos of the Rebellion into their own role-playing adventures. Maps show the Imperium and its battlegrounds. Diagrams show the organization of the Imperial military, naturally the source of the armed forces for every faction of the Rebellion. Drawings show typical Imperial military hardware — the Imperial standard design grav tanks, grav APCs, and typical ships of the Imperial fleets.
The rival factions of the Rebellion have their own distinct leadership, aims, and backgrounds; the Rebellion Sourcebook provides this material.
Lucan — the Emperor's nephew and a legitimate heir but also rumored to have murdered his own brother in order to win the throne.
Dulinor — he sparked the Rebellion by killing the Emperor, and now he claims to be Emperor by right of assassination.
Margaret — the compromise candidate proposed by moderate elements in Imperial society.
Strephon — is he the real Emperor or an impostor?
Brzk — the Archduke of Antares, convinced that the Imperium will never accept him, a non-human, as Emperor.
Morris — claiming allegiance to the Imperium but refusing to support any specific faction.
Vargr — raiders intent on looting the undefended border provinces of the Imperium.
Aslan — driven to colonize new worlds, even if they are inside the Imperial borders.
Vland — intent on reestablishing their own empire.
Solomani — champions of human supremacy, intent on imposing their way on all of humanity.
Also included in this Sourcebook is an adventure set against the chaotic sweep of the Rebellion: A starship crew must travel across parsecs of disputed and dangerous territory in a quest for vital starship repair parts. And completion of the trek to an Imperial naval depot is vital to the survival of the Spinward Marches.
MegaTraveller Rebellion Sourcebook. Intended for Traveller referees. Intermediate complexity. Suitable for some solitaire play. Requires the MegaTraveller role-playing game system."

1988 ... 96 pages ... GDW 0214 ... ISBN 0943580633

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Referee's Companion
"Expand the rebellious universe of MegaTraveller with more rules, background, information, and materials for the dedicated referee. Materials that simply would not fit into the grand, three-volume MegaTraveller rules set have been brought together into one volume as the MegaTraveller Referee's Companion. This compendium helps provide detail to science-fiction campaigns, adds scope to MegaTraveller projects, and sparks interest in any adventure. The MegaTraveller Referee's Companion includes:
• The Alien Races. Coverage of the major alien races that travellers are bound to meet: the fierce warrior Asian; the psionic Zhodani; the fragmented, canine Vargr; and the puzzling Droyne. Essays deal with the races' homeworlds, physical appearance and abilities, mental make-up, and interstellar territories. Coverage of their histories helps referees understand their backgrounds, making it easier to use alien individuals as non-player characters. Tables for word generation in alien languages make it possible for referees to add spice and mystery to everyday activities, and glossaries provide translations for known words in the alien languages.
• Large-Scale Combat. Rules for a simple system of converting characters into conglomerate units, resolving battles between those larger units, and reconverting the units back into individual characters. The system makes large-scale battles possible, without losing the detail of individual player characters.
• Timekeeping. A simple, direct system of tracking time for adventurers using the Imperial Calendar. Use it to make the proper date always available. Plus, details on alien timekeeping systems for when the adventure strays into foreign territory.
• Communications. Information on how starship communications systems work in the typical star system.
• In-System Operations. Details of what a starship is expected to do, and how it does it as the ship moves from jump point to a world and back again.
• Research. Coverage of the use of the Uncertain task to conduct important research into scientific, personal, or commercial ventures.
• Mapping. Map grids to help the referee design and generate any world, and present it with style as part of any adventure.
• Megacorporations. Names, ownerships, and commercial interests of the 13 star-spanning Imperial megacorporations.
• Technology. Details of the achievements of the standard tech levels inside the Imperium, plus information on the higher tech levels so rarely encountered.
• Robots. Information on robots, the work force for high tech Imperial worlds.
MegaTraveller Referee's Companion. Intended for MegaTraveller referees. Intermediate complexity. Requires use of the MegaTraveller Referee's Manual and the MegaTraveller Players' Manual."

1988 ... Marc W. Miller ... 96 pages ... GDW 0215 ... ISBN 0943580714

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COACC: Close Orbit and Airspace Control Command
"A detailed treatment of aircraft and the characters that fly them in Mega Traveller. This sourcebook includes:

• Character generation for flyers in MegaTraveller.
• Detailed analysis and description of the organization and operation of COACC, the definition of COACC responsibilities (anything that uses wings is ours), the missions that COACC undertakes, who controls COACC, and mercenary COACC units.
• Aircraft design rules for producing and rating fixed-wing propeller and jet-propelled aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft (helicopters) and airships.
• Air combat rules for resolution of military encounters between airplanes. Both a hasty and a detailed system are included. Chapters address the types of ordinance and bombs that aircraft carry for attacks against other aircraft and for ground strikes.
• Tech level tables showing the evolution of, and types of, aircraft throughout the Imperium.
• Examples of aircraft (including their design ratings and illustrations) are scattered throughout the text.
• The Eddum Campaign. A complete COACC campaign incorporating aircraft design and combat in a unique battle to win the hearts and minds of the people of Eddum to specific factions within the Rebellion."

1989 ... Terry McInnes ... 96 pages ... GDW 0216 ... ISBN 0943580722

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Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium
"The Imperial Navy never planned for the worst of all possible contingencies: a far-flung Rebellion that would shatter the empire into squabbling factions. And with each faction went a portion of the navy's fighting strength.
Now, Imperial ship fights Imperial ship as the Rebellion drives the entire Imperium into chaos.
Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium is a compendium of immense battleships and cruisers that served with the Imperial fleet and now serve with the fleets of the many factions of the Rebellion. Included in this book are standard statistical descriptions of 58 ships, with illustrations for 16 of the most interesting.
• Battleships and dreadnoughts from tech level 11 to 15. Examples include battle tender/rider systems for tech levels 14 and 15.
• Cruisers, including the standard cruisers from tech level 11 to 15, plus strike cruisers, missile cruisers, and the jump-6 rift cruiser.
• Carriers, from the standard fleet carriers to the newest light carrier and pocket carrier.
• Escorts, from the ED-series escort destroyers to the escort fleet and escort missile ships that maneuver with the fleet.
• Auxiliaries, from the standard fleet tankers to the dromedary combination tanker and resupply ship, plus the rift tanker for operations in the Rifts.
Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium — a compendium of 58 starships for MegaTraveller. Intended for MegaTraveller referees and players. Intermediate complexity. Suitable for some solitaire use. Requires the MegaTraveller role-playing game system."

1990 ... Marc W. Miller ... 96 pages ... GDW 0218 ... ISBN 1558780505

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"The Lost Legacy of the Long Night...

Caught up in the battles of the Rebellion itself, innocent traders are captured as prisoners of war, then escape to become fugitives fleeing the forces of the Rebellion. Clues they gather during their flight hint at a fabulous pre-Imperium lost city of high-tech wonders. Can this city's treasures give one side the advantage that will win the Rebellion?

The danger, intrigue, and clues escalate in this knock-out adventure, leading the characters on a thrilling quest across the Imperium in search of a solution to a cryptic puzzle.
But that solution is impressive: a fabulous pre-lmperial city of undetermined (but very high) tech level. Somehow, long ago, it fell into obscurity, and now only a trail of clues lead to its lost wonders.
Eight scenarios, plus assorted random nuggets, make this a tense, exciting MegaTraveller adventure!
Knightfall's cinematic nugget system clearly defines the incidents player characters pass through in the course of their explorations. Each nugget includes a scene and an action, which make the adventure come alive for the players and referee.
Knightfall is specifically designed to provide hours of enjoyment as the players fight their way to the treasures at the end of their journey."

1990 ... Joe D. Fugate, Sr. ... 96 pages ... GDW 0219 ... ISBN 1558780629

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Hard Times
"Inevitably, aftermaths are longer than the wars that cause them. And the War of the Rebellion is no exception.

Hard Times provides both referees and players with a detailed look at the post-Rebellion Imperium and the new challenges that they can expect to face in it. However, Hard Times is more than a sourcebook. It integrates adventures with resource materials in order to provide complete support for roleplaying in the postwar Imperium.

• Practical and easy-to-use guidelines for creating new adventures within the environments of the post-Rebellion Imperium.
• 10 well-detailed sample adventures for use in these new environments, plus several brief adventure outlines -- all of which serve as examples of these new environments and how to create them.
• A flexible adventure interface design which allows you to use each of the adventures as part of a complete campaign or by itself.
• Additions to the UCP design sequence, special postwar industries, a unique collection of implements and opponents, and more."

David Nilsen, by email, 6/9/2012:
When I arrived for my first day of work at GDW on Monday, September 30, 1991, the project awaiting on my desk was "Hard Times." This consisted of the raw, unread MS, final interior art from the art department (who had read it enough to get some art), including the three or four maps of the disintegrating Imperium, and a copy of the completed cover back from the printers, 5000 of which were sitting in the warehouse. My job was to develop and edit the manuscript for publication. It was due to the printers the next day, which left me wondering a little bit what I had gotten myself into. Later I would observe that our product names were eerily predictive of the experience working on them: "Hard Times, Troubled Waters, Dangerous Journeys, Challenge," and that we ought to change them to something more upbeat.

1991 ... Charles E. Gannon ... 96 pages ... GDW 0221 ... ISBN 1558780858

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Assignment: Vigilante
"IN THE WAKE of the Rebellion, chaos rules over the once proud Imperium. Bands of corsairs stalk the spaceways, crippling the trade that had linked over 11,000 worlds. Without some force to permit the safe passage of trade, interstellar society cannot help but collapse.

Even in these dark times, people can still be found to shoulder the burdens of civilization. Among these are the crew of the starship Vigilante. A fighter-carrying mercenary ship, its dedicated crew of starmercs specializes in the eradication of pirate forces whereever they may be found... Live the excitement of life aboard the Vigilante, battling pirates around the threatened worlds of the Diaspora Sector, infiltrating the ranks of the deadly raiders, or fighting to the death inside a massive gas giant.

Two tense scenarios pull the players into the struggle for the spacelanes of Promise Subsector. First, a search-and-retrieval job turns deadly, then the future of a small world requires an inside job to thwart an elaborate pirate plot.

Included in the Assignment: Vigilante Campaign Folio are:
• Full-color two-page deck plans of the starship Vigilante.
• Detailed color diagram of Starmerc trooper equipment.
• Full-color starship recognition chart.
• 16-page campaign booklet containing background information to join the adventures into a full campaign set in the Promise Subsector of Diaspora. Feature seven new MegaTraveller ship designs and up-to-date UWP information for Promise Subsector."

1992 ... Charles E. Gannon ... 16 pages + three-panel screen ... GDW 0223 ... ISBN 1558781277

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Astrogator's Guide to the Diaspora Sector
"'Welcome to Diaspora' is a phrase you haven't heard for quite some time. 'Beware of Diaspora,' on the other hand, does ring a bell. This once-proud subsector was the crossroads of contact between the Imperial Core and the Solomani Rim, but then it became the battleground for fleets of four governments: Lucan's Imperium, Margaret's Faction, Daibei, and the vengeful Solomani Confederation. Property values went down.

Now, thanks to the Rebellion, the Hard Times are in full swing. Mercenaries, free traders, and other travellers find the sector to be a confusing, dangerous, constantly changing environment. Raider bands prey on shipping, new local governments vie for influence, and long factional arms still reach out to create intrigue.

Astrogator's Guide to the Diaspora Sector is a MegaTraveller folio intended for use with the Hard Times sourcebook. Its features include:
• Color maps of all 16 subsectors and their current political and military situations.
• 1121 and 1129 UWP data dor all 476 worlds of the sector.
• Color insignia and symbols of leading governments and military organizations."

1992 ... Charles E. Gannon ... 16 pages + 3-panel cover ... GDW 0224 ... ISBN 1558781382

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Arrival Vengeance: The Final Odyssey
"'Tell Norris I'm sorry.' This is Emperor Strephon's last message, given to the crew of ISS Arrival Vengeance to take back with them to the Domain of Deneb. Strephon was the last stop on Arrival Vengeance's three-year mission to save civilization. It is 1126.

Three years earlier, 1123, Archduke Norris, ever faithful to the Imperial Ideal, ordered a top-secret mission. A hundred-year old cruiser was 'borrowed' from a mothball fleet and assigned a hand-picked crew. It was prepared for a three-year cruise.

The ship: ISS Arrival Vengeance, a 60,000 ton Azhanti High Lightning-class cruiser.
The course: Cross the Great Rift to Daibei, run trailward to Delphi, then coreward to Core and Gushemege. Contact Craig, Margaret, Lucan, and Strephon.
The mission: Penetrate the war-torn shattered Imperium in search of some hope of a reunified Imperium.

Join the crew of Arrival Vengeance, be a custodian of the future of the Domain of Deneb — perhaps that of the entire Imperium, The mission is ambitious, but surely it must succeed. The Imperium can't really be dead, can it? Can the dream really be over?
As a member of the hand-picked crew, you will negotiate with Aslan nobles, witness the slave trade in the depths of Massilia, meet with the Hand of Varian, and have a showdown with Lucan's forces. You will also meet with Duke Craig, Duchess Margaret, and learn the truth about Strephon. Tough times demand tough people. Accept the challenge of Arrival Vengeance."

David Nilsen, by email, 6/10/2012:
I set this up in TNS for several issues, and asked Greg Videll to write it within some broad guidelines, and he did a bang-up job. I punched up the Strephon section to add some poignancy and hooks into the future, like Avery. The name "Avery" came from Lester Smith, for reasons that I don't recall, as he was normally not that involved in Traveller stuff. It means "elf friend," and was his favorite name. If he had a son, he would have named him Avery, but he had all daughters. That's why the Avery art looks different from the rest, because it was added at the end, I think by Steve Bryant. I had to change some of the text around the dolphins, because the art came back in with either a common dolphin or white-sided dolphin, and we had previously established that the geneered dolphins were all bottle-noses. One of my fondest memories of this project was the late night sessions with Lamont Fullerton working on the patch, which was inspired by USS Abraham Lincoln, and the deck plans. We put in pool tables, potted plants, etc. We moved the pool balls around to set up shots. This is a perfect example of the sort of "chrome" that you really can't afford to make time for, but when you're in the midst of a project you love, you can't bear to not do it. I loved working with Lamont. He did a lot of good work on our Harpoon deckplans as well.

1992 ... Greg Videll ... 32 pages + 3-face cover... GDW 0225 ... ISBN 1558781498

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"Lying on the trailing edge of the Imperium and adjacent to the Old Expanses, the Hinterworlds sector has been an ever-changing backwater throughout its known history. Hundreds of unallied worlds and a fistful of pocket interstellar unities comprise the sector. This structure keeps the Hinterworlds' geopolitical character in constant flux, as petty wars rage, alliances shift, trade routes are created, destroyed, or simply altered, and cultures rise and fall.

There are seven dominant, independent cultures lying within the sector's borders: Ral Ranta, a decaying remnant of the Long Night; the Aubian Trade Coalition, an aggressively trading human state; the Cytrialin Unity, a culture built by a human-alien symbiosis; the Gniivi, a domain populated by an alien race of great longevity; the Council of Leh Perash, a client state of the Hiva Federation; the Outcasts of the Whispering Sky, aliens whose cosmic outlook is tainted by suspicion; and a section of the Third Imperium (currently under the jurisdiction of Margaret). It is these states, awash in a sea of independent star systems, that determine the sector's texture and trends.

Situated between the Imperium and the societies of the Two Thousand Worlds and the Hive Federation, the Hinterworlds has become stitched with trade routes connecting these realms. The trade routes, in addition to providing a level of cultural enrichment, give the sector a fair portion of its income, as ships and their crews traversing the sector are often in need of support services—ranging from starship maintenance to food products to armed escort services. Independent star systems lying off these major trade routes are seldom visited, and are steeped with the mystery and legend of the sector's past."

1989 ... Rob Caswell & Karl Johnson ... 24 pages ... GDW

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The Zhodani Conspiracy
"These Travellers must prevent an interstellar war. And you control every move they make.

Create five characters to be your Travellers. Give them the abilities and skills you know they'll need: weapons training, computer aptitude, starship experience and more. Build a team greater than the sum of its individuals.
Command your Travellers as they try to stop a traitor from engineering a cosmic holocaust. Steer them through the Imperium's frontier worlds, where renegade forces sow the seeds of war. Help your characters bargain and brawl with aliens. Guide them through battles against ruthless enemies on planets and among the stars.
Your characters are trained for battle. Are they prepared for this?
That all depends on you.

Create five characters to be your Travellers. Give them the abilities and skills you know they'll need: weapons training, computer aptitude, starship experience and more. Build a team greater than the sum of its individuals.

Command your Travellers as they try to stop a traitor from engineering a cosmic holocaust. Steer them through the Imperium's frontier worlds, where renegade forces sow the seeds of war. Help your characters bargain and brawl with aliens. Guide them through battles against ruthless enemies on planets and among the stars.

Your characters are trained for battle. Are they prepared for this?
That all depends on you.

Paragon Software presents high-tech, futuristic fun in a universe filled with strange worlds and intriguing characters.

* The most sophisticated character generation system ever devised: 5 military classes, more than 70 talents and abilities, over 30 weapons skills.
* Travel throughout the frontier worlds of the Spinward Marches: 28 planets filled with adventure and intrigue.
* Control all characters separately in real-time combat sequences on the ground and in space!
* Flexible gaming system supports any playing strategy and allows multiple solutions to problems and obstacles.


[ad from the back of Challenge Magazine, issue 44]

What's amazing to me is that this PC game cost $54.95 in 1990 dollars, which would come out to over $90 in 2010 dollars.

MegaTraveller Journal

Digest Group Publications (DGP) reformatted their
Travellers Digest magazine to more closely align with the updated MegaTraveller rules.

MegaTraveller Journal, Issue 1
This issue is worth it for the map alone, pitch black background, with white stars makes a striking combination. The map is actually part of the page count; pages 27-30.

CONTENTS: The Wardn Enigma by J. Andrew Keith and Thom Gressman; A Concise History of the Rebellion by Clayton R. Bush; Beginners' Luck: Guide to the Domain of Deneb by Rob Caswell; Domain of Deneb Fold-out Map by Joe D. Fugate Sr.; Worldguide: Enaaka by William H. Keith, Jr.; Deneb Dossiers Special: The Morris Interview by Rob Caswell and Marc W. Miller; Dressed to Kill: An Intimate Look at Battle Dress by Thomas R. Peters.

1991 ... 56 pages + fold-out map (Domain of Deneb, Circa 1120) ... DGP 201(?)

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MegaTraveller Journal, Issue 2
Contents: Defying The Wolf by Rob Caswell; Deneb Dossiers: Arabella Von Ericsson by Rob Caswell; Starship in Detail: Fiery Class Gunned Escort by Rob Caswell, Mike Jackson, and Tom Peters; Centerspread: Fiery Class Deck Plans by Rob Caswell; Beginner's Luck: Starship Combat Example by Howard R. Leidner; Gaming Digest: Off the Beaten Path by P. Athans, J. Fugate Sr., and J. Kingston; Life Under the Vargr: Snapshots of the Occupation by James Holden; Random Nuggets by Matt Frisbee.

1991 ... 56 pages ... DGP 202

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MegaTraveller Journal, Issue 3
CONTENTS: Adventure: Rapid Repo By Greg Videll; Worldguide: Vincennes By Charles P. Kalina; Megacorporations in the Rebellion Era By Greg Videll and Tom Peters; Races of the Domain: The Creduthaar By William H. Keith, Jr; Deneb Dossier: Jeramii Boden By Rob Caswell; Sydkai-class Cruiser By George MacLure and Rob Prior; Domain of Deneb System Data By Joe D. Fugate, Sr. and Rob Caswell; Keith Brothers Interview By Rob Caswell; Races of the Domain: The Jonkeereen By James Maliszewski.

1992 ... DGP 203

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MegaTraveller Journal, Issue 4
DGP Farewell Issue.

Articles: Lords of Thunder, by William H. Keith, Jr; "Imperial" Law, by Gary L. Thomas; Custom Ship Add-Ons, Useful Extras for Traveller Starships; Birth of a New Game, The Story Behind AI; Through the Years, A Potpourri of Memos.

1993 ... 104 pages ... DGP 204

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Seeker Gaming Systems

Corporation Building: Building Complex Series #1
Detailed building plans in 25mm scale.

"'This, Gentlemen, is your target.' The image of the Corporation Building appeared in the holodisplay. 'As you can see. the building is of standard construction, with key areas centrally located and security points positioned throughout.' The hologram of the structure rotated as the briefer gestured towards those critical areas. The Corporation has left some sensitive hardware behind. You and the Alert Team will be going to retrieve that equipment. 'There are seven levels, with main points of entry being here, here, and here.' The points light up accordingly. 'You shouldn't have any problems getting in, though. The opposition hasn't reached this area yet,' Which had to mean that they're there already. The question is, how many?"

1985, 1991 ... SGS 101 ... ISBN 1879487012

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Research Facility (Building Complex Series: 2)

1985, 1992 ... SGS 102 ... ISBN 1879487020

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Five Small Craft of the Imperium
Includes deck plans in 25mm of: Pinnace; Launch; Shuttle; Ship's Boat; Cutter.

1988 ... SKR 1012

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Gazelle Class Close Escort
"Starship Deck Plans in 25mm Scale"

1991 ... SGS 1015 ... ISBN 1879487063

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System Defense Boat and Jump Shuttle
"Complete Detailed Deck Plans in 25mm Scale"

1990 ... SGS 1016

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Empress Marava
"Starship Deck Plans in 25mm Scale"

1990 ... SGS 1017

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Subsidized Merchant: Starship Deck Plans in 25mm Scale
Seven 11"x17" blueprints (including a cut-out sheet of figures). Short essay on subsidized commerce, the ship, and the 20-ton launch that comes with it.

1989 ... SGS 1019

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Imperial Small Craft
Pinnace, Fast Shuttle, Launch, Ship's Boat, and Cutter in 25mm scale.

1992 ... SGS 1020 ... ISBN 187948711X

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Laboratory (Lab) Ship, 400 ton 15mm scale
The rare original lab deck plan set came in a printed white envelope and was done in 15mm scale.

1987 ... S.R. Greene (plans) & William H. Keith (cover) ... Seeker 1013

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Laboratory (Lab) Ship
MegaTraveller Laboratory Ship Starship Deck Plans in 25mm Scale by Seeker.

"The 400-ton Laboratory Ship orbits the uncharted world on a mission cloaked in secrecy. Your assignment to this project was a dream come true; research was proceeding at the rapid pace and several major discoveries had been made. Every goal had been met or exceeded...until some exotic specimens aboard the ship disappeared. Now your shipmates are disappearing one by one, victims of the elusive foe. The ship's drives are damaged and the life support systems are slowly failing. The dream has become a nightmare as you search for the key to your survival."

1989, 1991 ... SKR 1021 ... ISBN 1879487128

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The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises. Copyright 1977 - 1998 Far Future Enterprises. Traveller is a registered trademark of Far Future Enterprises.

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