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Powers & Perils - Avalon Hill


Powers & Perils [BOX SET]

Many photos of a P&P box set over at my game blog

"Powers & Perils is a Fantasy Role Playing game in the finest sense. With the simple systems provided, in partnership with the imagination, the game allows you to create worlds both unique and challenging. It is the ultimate test for the tested FRP gamer, while its systems are simple enough for the total novice to understand and enjoy.
With Powers & Perils you will create highly detailed Characters that are dynamic in every way. As you succeed, and survive, your Character will increase in ability until, at the highest levels of development, he is truly a power in himself.
Going beyond the finely detailed Character Book, you will discover a game system that simply and logically details all facets of combat, encounter and magic without bearing you down in waves of picayune detail. The general systems are further aided by simple generation tables that allow you to expand on this system as you desire, creating spells and creatures unique to your campaign. With this system, you are never limited to a campaign waged with assembly line artifacts against one-dimensional enemies.
Powers & Perils provides finely detailed creatures, magical artifacts of all descriptions and magics, both natural and learned, beyond the standard parameters of a fantasy game.
As sure as the Sun rises, Powers & Perils will provide you with unique, challenging and constantly dynamic adventure. In partnership with your Referee, Powers & Perils will lead you on a journey into the infinite and allow you to grasp the intense variability possible in a truly fantastic world.
CONTENTS: This game contains Four Rule Books (Character Book; Combat and Magic Book; Creature Book; Human Encounters and Treasure); an exciting scenario County Mordara; a tablet of Character Record Sheets"

1983 ... Richard Snider ... AH 852

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Book of Tables [BOX SET]
Photos of the contents can be found at our Game Gallery.

"Whether you are opposing the march of Chaos, or standing strong against hordes of deadly adversaries, the Powers & Perils Book of Tables will ease your path to victory.
This supplement to the Powers & Perils fantasy role-playing system is designed to streamline your campaign and increase your ability to manage the infinite subtleties inherent in Powers & Perils.
It contains a 48-page book, 3 Reference Screens and a pad of Adventure Record Sheets. The book presents the major tables from Powers & Perils, errata that pertains to these books and new tables that will help you in play. It is designed to ease the task of any Referee.
The screens contained within highlight the Combat, Magic and Encounter tables. One screen is dedicated to each of these important areas.
The Adventure Record Sheets are used as a supplement to the Powers & Perils Character Record Sheet. Wizards, warriors and other characters can easily use them to keep track of their character during play and avoid much of the necessity to make calculations while the game is in progress.
All told, the Book of Tables is a powerful supplement that brings order to the Powers & Perils system.
It is a must buy for serious fantasy gamers who have chosen Powers & Perils as their route to infinite adventure."

1984 ... AH 8520

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Tower of the Dead [BOX SET]

"Set in the dark shadows of ruined Alzira, in mountains that strike fear to the core of the bravest heart, is a tower. Within this tower, shielded by forces of darkest Chaos and mortals who have been subverted into his service, through greed or power-lust, is a force. The force hungers. It yearns for power. It thirsts for vengeance. It aches for total domination over all living men, and complete control over the dead. The force is Nilgeranthrib.
Not lightly is this name spoken. In the civilized and barbarian lands of Zarun and Thaliba, it is synonymous with unholy terror, the totality of evil and the power of Chaos. He is the Great Lich, the single adversary who has threatened existence in these lands for centuries. In their wisdom, all live in absolute terror of his might. Because of their piety and love of life, the brave men of these lands strive to contain his evil and end it.
Your valiant party enters this perpetual struggle at a time of ultimate crisis. Old Thaliba seeks isolation from common man. Zarun stands defeated in the dark forests of evil, the secret minions of the Lich are near to gaining control in Zarun and the city of Porta, The lord of the tower, a festering and cancerous boil in the heart of mortal existence, must be lanced before his putrescent evil can spill forth and inundate all that is good in the world. You are the surgeons who can, through wisdom, valor and cunning, accomplish this deed. On you rests the fate of the innocent souls of many lands, all forfeit if the Lich is suffered to live.
Tower of the Dead challenges a party of experienced adventurers to travel the deadly streets of Porta, through the evil infested forests and mountains, to the ultimate peril that waits within as walk It dares you to face the might of Nilgeranthrib in an effort to destroy him and abort his plans of vengeance and domination before they can bear fruit.
This supplement is designed for use by a Referee and four to six players who are experienced with the Powers and Perils fantasy role-playing system. It contains a book and a Referee Control Screen. The book details the Black Ring, the city of Porta and encounter situations and areas that must be crossed, or that can arise, in the course of this adventure. The Referee Control Screen is designed to aid the Referee in using this supplement. It contains important tables from the book that he will use as the adventure progresses.
Tower of the Dead Is a multi-level challenge that takes the party from simple street brawling to combat against the ultimate magical power of the Powers and Perils world. It is not for the faint at heart. It is a devastating challenge for any role-playing gamer."

1984 ... AH 8521

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Perilous Lands [BOX SET]

"Perilous Lands is a monumental work that details an entire fantasy continent. It is intended to be used as the setting for your Powers and Perils campaign.
The books in Perilous Lands are its Map Book, a Culture Book and a Site Book. The pages of the Map Book detail the physical environment, political boundaries and population centers for the continent and its associated islands. Each of its twenty-six, four-color maps connects to those that surround it to provide a strategic maneuver area that can be easily handled in play, while still allowing journeys of epic proportions.
The Culture Book details the past history, population, armed strength, economy, personality, legal system, allies, enemies and common languages for each of more than one hundred cultures. A millennia of the land's recorded history is woven into a comprehensive, epic tapestry that brings it to life.
The Site Book completes the package. Its pages detail more than fifteen areas, with precise details and general information, that the Referee can develop into complete adventures for his world. In addition, it contains special addenda and aids that will help the Referee to use these books in play.
All told, Perilous Lands provides you with a rock-solid hub for any Powers and Perils campaign. With this living world as a foundation, your campaign can easily soar into unparalleled heights of dynamic and compelling adventure."

1984 ... AH 8522

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