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Darklords (RR1)
"Within this volume are 16 dark lords and ladies, each a prisoner of Ravenloft. Some are new to the setting, yet all may seem hauntingly familiar, for they have been lurking at the edge of your nightmares, waiting for the chance to emerge in your campaigns.

The Headless Horseman, the Phantom Lover, the Vampire Panther - these and other malignant forces await. You'll read ghastly tales of their past, and grim accounts of their present. You'll visit their dark domains and tour the horrid sites portrayed in 10 full-page maps.

The shadows are lengthening; the air is growing chill. The Darklords are calling. Their voices are carried by the Mists of Ravenloft, and you have little choice but to answer."

1991 ... Andria Hayday ... 96 pages ... TSR 9331 ... ISBN 1560761377

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Book of Crypts (RR2)
"Enter the world of the unknown - the land of dark mysteries, the realm of inexplicable terror. Adventure in a land where nothing is as it seems, where the innocent are evil in disguise. And watch your back - no one can be trusted in Ravenloft!

Book of Crypts is 96 pages of the finest in twisted horror. Nine short adventures await you, promising new, hideous villains and spine-chilling stories of dark minds and lost souls. Be warned - these tales are not for the weak of heart!"

1991 ... Dale "Slade" Henson & J. Robert King ... 96 pages ... TSR 9336 ... ISBN 1560761423

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Van Richten's Guide to Vampires (RR3)
"At last some means of combatting the ultimate undead, vampires, have found their way into print. Within these pages, Dr. Rudolph Van Richten shares his vast background as one of Ravenloft's most formidable lore masters and vampire hunters. Decades of research and experience have been compiled into discussions which define the very nature of those "kings of the undead," and help put them at a disadvantage to mortals, whom they consider to be "mere cattle."
Dr. Van Richten has detailed vampiric powers, weaknesses, feeding and sleeping habits, even their varied relationships with others of their own kind. Old myths are dispelled, new facts are uncovered, and the experiences of both vampires and those you hunt them are recorded for your safety and enlightenment.
Quickly! Soon the sun sets and the dead will rise! The vampires of Ravenloft know no mercy, and you must be prepared before the darkness engulfs you."

1991 ... Nigel D. Findley ... 96 pages ... TSR 9345 ... ISBN 1560761512

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Islands of Terror (RR4)
"Welcome to the realm of dread. It is a land of dark terror, treachery, and intrigue. The breathtaking splendor of the days pales against the horrors of the nights, when dead things rise and your darkest fears come true. And this is only the beginning.

And now Ravenloft becomes much, much darker. These new islands are destined to terrify even the bravest hero, and they are...dying to claim you. Visit nine lands where time is measured in pounding heartbeats, where foul lords perpetuate their evil crimes amid the putrid odor of decay. From I'Cath and Saragoss to Timor and Pharazia, read accounts of the islands and dare to view their images on a full-color, poster map.

Beware the Mists of Ravenloft. Fear them, but respect them, too, for they are the only barrier between you and the wickedness that slumbers in your deepest nightmares."

1992 ... Colin McComb & Scott Bennie ... 96 pages + map ... TSR 9348 ... ISBN 1560763493

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Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts (RR5)
"Beware the darkness, for it is alive with the dead! Now, the nights of Ravenloft are more horrifying than ever. You'll find out why in the pages within.
Follow Dr. Rudolph Van Richten, Ravenloft's leading authority on the supernatural, as he reveals how to hunt the ghosts that lurk in the blackest shadows of midnight. For countless years, Van Richten has traveled the misty roads of Ravenloft on a mission to destroy the undead wherever they might be. Now, your characters can join him on his courageous quest.
Dr. Van Richten tells all that he has discovered about the incorporeal undead. He explains their origins, the passions that draw them back from beyond the grave, and the horrible powers bestowed upon them in unlife. In addition, he offers his wise counsel on the ways in which these fiends can be stalked, confronted, and destroyed.
Be careful, for these ghosts are not simple, moaning spirits of darkest night. These are the ghosts of Ravenloft."

1992 ... William W. Connors ... 96 pages ... TSR 9355 ... ISBN 1560763515

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Van Richten's Guide to Werebeasts (RR7)
"Werebeasts: men and women who assume the shape of animals. In this volume, Dr. Rudolph Van Richten - Ravenloft's eminent expert on the horrific - exposes the truth about their ravenous kind. For years, Van Richten has doggedly pursued these creatures. More than once, the hunter became the hunted, yet lived to tell the tale. Now Van Richten reveals the secrets of his survival.

Discover the werebeasts' many forms, from the common to the bizarre. Read how they live, lust, and multiply, spreading their affliction among the innocent. Learn to see through their human facade, and how to follow their beastly spoor. Finally, discover what it really takes to cure lycanthropy in Ravenloft. For upon the demiplane of dread, few adventurers can avoid the werebeast's fang forever..."

1993 ... Nigel Findley ... 96 pages ... TSR 9416 ... ISBN 1560766336

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Van Richten's Guide to the Lich (RS1)
"There is a black terror that amasses great authority in the farthest reaches of Ravenloft, quietly insinuating its sway upon the land like a creeping poison: Its name is lich.
Until now, vampires have been the undisputed masters of darkness, but the sheer genius of the lich (coupled with its immortal quest for ever more powerful magic) has proven to be a malevolent threat to the cause of Goodness. Liches were once all-powerful wizards in life, yet they have sacrificed everything to leap beyond the bounds of humanity and acquire unspeakable necromantic mastery.
In the face of such might and malice, there appears to be but one hope:
Dr. Rudolph Van Richten, scholar and bane to all creatures of the night, has once again picked up quill and parchment - this time to expose this dreaded monster's darkest secrets! Within these pages the reader will learn of the lich's origins, its powers, its lair, and even its very psychological makeup as well as the keys to a successful hunt and termination. Deadly new minions and unique lich magicks are also brough to the fore.
Take back the night, all ye of courageous heart and keen blade! With each chime of the clock, the lich seeks to complete another of its diabolical schemes. Unchecked, the monster will obliterate the light of day, and Ravenloft is already much too dark..."

1993 ... Eric W. Haddock ... 96 pages ... TSR 9412 ... ISBN 1560765720

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Van Richten's Guide to the Created
"Armed with satchel and saw, the creator slips into the night. He seeks the freshly dug grave and the unguarded morgue, selecting each body part with care. In the twilight before dawn, he tailors a perfect form, seeing no fault in the livid flesh or the crude black stitching. Creating a new life is his sole obsession - yet the thing he creates brings only misery and death.
The golems of Ravenloft boast powers unseen in other realms, for they are shaped by the demiplane's mysterious forces. Join Dr. Van Richten as he exposes the evil that is the Created. Learn his theories on construction and animation, and discover his hard-won notes on the golem's phenomenal strength. Heed well his sage advice, for whether their parts are human or otherwise, the Created are cunning and relentless foes, rising again and again from apparent death. Only with the knowledge herein can a hunter utterly destroy such a monster, until nothing but ashes and nightmares remain."

1994 ... Teeuwynn Woodruff ... 96 pages ... TSR 9417 ... ISBN 1560768193

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Van Richten's Guide to the Ancient Dead
"In the caverns, crypts, and chasms of Ravenloft lie mummies and other horrors for whom sleep is a natural state. These are the ancient dead. Dreams of love, glory, and wealth subdue them through the ages, and time grows meaningless - until the greedy or foolish disturb their rest. When the ancient dead rise and walk again, evil spreads before them and destruction lies in their wake.
In the land of mists, the ancient dead are unique monstrosities of astonishing power, capable of rising again and again despite the efforts of the mightiest heroes. Only Rudolph van Richten, Ravenloft's greatest foe of darkness, has accrued the knowledge necessary to stop them. Within this treatise the doctor classifies these complex creatures, defines their common characteristics, and speculates upon their salient abilities. It may be impossible to destroy the ancient dead, but with persistence, good fortune, and Van Richten's wise counsel, one might send them back to their dreams..."

1994 ... 96 pages ... TSR 9451 ... ISBN 1560768738

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Van Richten's Guide to Fiends
"Fiends have come forth from the Abyss and into Ravenloft! Masters of deception and manipulation, these ancient evil beings stalk the Lands, roaming freely in pursuit of their foul ends, and warping the very Land around them to suit their needs.

Dr. Rudolph Van Richten has set himself on their trail and presents here his preliminary findings and theories on these beings from places of unimaginable horror.

Dr. Van Richten exposes the nature, origin, stengths and weaknesses of the Fiend, and how it reaches the Land of the Mists. He explores the character of these beings, and their connections to the people and the Land itself. In the ultimate irony, these awesome creatures are as trapped by the Land as any mortal, seduced by prospects of power and glory!

Beware the Fiend! For those caught in the web of a Fiendish plot, nothing is as it seems. To defeat a Fiend, a quick wit and a strong heart are more important than a strong arm or flashing blade!"

1995 ... Teeuwynn Woodruff ... 96 pages ... TSR 9477 ... ISBN 0786901225

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Van Richten's Guide to the Vistani
"Over three decades ago, the only child of Dr. Rudolph van Richten was stolen by Vistani thieves and sold to a vampire. The doctor's efforts to rescue his son and then avenge himself upon that vampire led to a dark new career fighting the terrifying monsters in the Deminplane of Dread. Now, the sage of Ravenloft turns his attention to the very people who made him what he is today.

In spite of his deepest fears and hatred, Van Richten has passed among the Vistani - the nomads of the Mists - and he has learned much. Within this book he describes Vistani legends, their everyday life, abilities common to all of them, and some of the fell powers possessed - fortunately - by only a few. Van Richten also identifies each of the Vistani tribes, their strange and special powers, and their habits and beliefs.

In addition, an appendix is provided for the generation of Vistani player-characters."

1995 ... 96 pages ... TSR 9496 ... ISBN 0786901551

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The Gothic Earth Gazetteer
"The Gothic Earth Gazetteer is a complete guide to the people and events that shaped the 1890's. An indispensable reference for any Masque of the Red Death campaign, it contains a wealth of information including:

Qabals: A look at nine of Gothic Earth's mysterious qabals, including Van Helsing's Die Wächtern and the mysterious Order of the Crimson Dawn.
Headline News: A year-by-year account of the major events that made headlines around the world. For the creative Dungeon Master, each one is a potential adventure.
Who's Who: From A (German optics expert Ernst Abbe) to Z (France's controversial author Emile Zola), this collection of biographies brings the people of the 1890's to life.
1890's Calendar: A full-color, poster-sized calendar detailing all ten years of the most horrific decade in the history of Gothic Earth.
Forbidden Lore: Revelations that unveil the macabre truth behind the people and events of the decade.
Major Forces: Brief essays on the growth of spiritualism in the U.S. and Europe, the Native American Ghost Dancers, and other important elements of life on Gothic Earth.
World Leaders: An at-a-glance reference table outlining who wields power."

1995 ... William W. Connors ... 64 pages + poster (calendar) ... TSR 9498 ... ISBN 0786901934

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A Guide to Transylvania
"A Guide to Transylvania is an indispensable accessory for any MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH campaign, or for a campaign for any game system set in the 1890's. This 96-page book contains everything needed to explore the exotic, fear-filled country that is home to Dracula.

Highlights of this volume include a survey of Transylvania's history and geography; an overview of the beliefs, practices, crafts, and language of the people of Transylvania, from the Romanians to the mysterious Gypsies, including a section on folklore and superstitions; the history of Vlad Dracula, the historical personality whose name has become synonymous with "vampire"; and maps showing Transylvania and the surrounding regions.

Additionally, A Guide to Transylvania presents sixteen personalities who will enrich any Transylvania-based campaign, and five new qabals, shadowy secret societies who either struggle with the heroes against the unnatural, or stive to strengthen it."

1996 ... Nicky Rea ... 96 pages ... TSR 9529 ... ISBN 0786904240

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Forged of Darkness
"Absolute Power.

In the bewitched domain of Tepest, under the pale amber light of a full moon, a wandering band of adventurers comes across the severed hand of a hanged man. Far beneath Darkon's dread Castle Avernus, a mysterious Black Vault is sealed, locking away an assortment of magical arms and armor until such time as the cause of evil demands their service. Across the dread domains of Ravenloft, sinister craftsmen created magical items of unequaled power - and absolute evil.

Absolute Corruption.

Forged of Darkness presents players and Dungeon Masters with a collection of magical items, each of which carries the distinctive taint of the Demiplane of Dread. This 64-page omnibus of diabolic devices is certain to add an element of the macabre to any RAVENLOFT campaign."

1996 ... William W. Connors ... 64 pages ... TSR 9510 ... ISBN 0786903694

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Children of the Night: Vampires
"Vampires introduces 13 unique and terrifying villains of horrific proportions. Each one challenges vampire hunters to rethink common perceptions of these foes - for these are no ordinary undead. Each creature presented in this book is a unique individual with its own history, personality, and powers.

The lords of the night that adventurers will meet include:
Jander Sunstar, one of the oldest vampires in the Land of Mists.
Myxitzajal, a seagoing monster with a taste for fishermen.
Lady Adeline, an elf vampire who seeks out light rather than hiding from it.
Lyssa von Zarovich, who covets the power of her great-uncle Strahd.
And many more!

These are the Children of the Night

Children of the Night: Vampires is the first book in a new series that brings to unlife the creature types treated in the best-selling Van Richten's Guides. Each volume offers biographies of distinct and monstrous villains easily added to any game; short adventures featuring each nemesis, which can stand alone or form a mini-campaign; unique ways to fight each foe; and adventure hooks for using them as recurring villains."

1996 ... Paul Culotta & Steve Miller ... 96 pages ... TSR 9513 ... ISBN 0786903783

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Children of the Night: Ghosts
"Just ahead, a pale, undefined figure beckons. A clammy chill hangs heavily in the air. Unseen fingers tangle in the hair of a whimpering victim as a low moan pulses all around and stretches into a waiting silence.

Children of the Night: Ghosts details thirteen horrifying and tragic beings that test the fear threshold of even the staunchest ghost hunter. The restless spirits depicted herein will force heroes to solve conundrums or look at ghosts in a new light. Every creature presented in this book has its own history, personality, and powers.

Some of the haunts that adventurers will confront include the following:

* Vlana Waldershen, a half-Vistani ghost whose rage knows no bounds.

* Susasnnah Joson, a lonely geist who endlessly searches for her true love.

* The Ghost Cat, a monstrous being that draws tainted victims further onto the path of evil.

* Nikolai Melentha, a child ghost who becomes what he hates most while protecting the defenseless.

These are the Children of the Night.

Children of the Night: Ghosts is the second book in a series that brings to unlife the creature types detailed in the best-selling Van Richten's Guides. Each volume offers biographies of distinct and monstrous personalities easily added to any game; short adventures featuring each nemesis, which can stand alone or form a mini-campaign; unique ways to fight each foe; and adventure hooks for using them in future scenarios."

1997 ... The Kargat ... 96 pages ... TSR 9555 ... ISBN 0786907525

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Champions of the Mists
"Designed for use by Dungeon Masters and players alike, Champions of the Mists greatly expands upon the role of heroes on the Demiplane of Dread. Inside are many exciting new options:

* More than a dozen new character kits (such as guardians, Knights of the Shadows, and psychics) designed to give new and existing Ravenloft heroes a flavor all their own.
* Complete game statistics for many characters from the RAVENLOFT novels, including Larissa Snowman (Dance of the Dead), Ivan Dragonov (Mordheim), and Brother Dominic (Tapestry of Dark Souls).
* Roleplaying guidelines and tips to make Ravenloft characters different from their counterparts in other ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaign settings.
* Long-awaited game statistics and biographical information about some of the land's greatest heroes, including Alanik Ray, George Weathermay, and the land's greatest Avenger, Gondegal of the Circle.
* Rules for using firearms in the Land of the Mists."

1998 ... William W. Connors ... 64 pages ... TSR 9559 ... ISBN 0786907657

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Children of the Night: Werebeasts
"Children of the Night: Werebeasts is the third book in a series that brings to unlife the creature types detailed in the best-selling Van Richten's Guides. Each of the creatures depicted herein carries its own history, its own special curse, and its own mini-adventures that will test the mettle and wits of novice and experienced adventurers alike.

Some of the monsters that heroes will confront include the following:

Meeka, a cat that became almost, but not quite, human.
Professor Arcanus, a collector of rather strange curiosities and artifacts.
Mother Fury, a woman who loves what she is and wants to share her "gift."
Henri Milton, an artist who isn't sure if art imitates life or vice versa.
Dr. Horstman, a scientist with a unique perception of "progress."

These are the Children of the Night."

1998 ... William W. Connors ... 96 pages ... TSR 9583 ... ISBN 0786912022

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Children of the Night: The Created
"The Kargat

Within these pages lie the stories of 13 madmen and their singular creations. Some are flesh and blood, others glass or wax, even metal or mist. Whatever their makeup, each has the will to live - and sometimes that means needing to kill. They are more than just golems. They are the Created. And they are ready to make your acquaintance.

Among those lurking inside:

* The Chaperone, a bestial companion with grave defects.
* Automatic Man, a corroded "butler" entombed in rubble, eager to serve up terror anew.
* Angelique, a perfect beauty with an imperfect past, terrified by the "killer within."
* Dr. Bollenbach, a surgeon who know the many faces of death - and who would like you to meet them.

Children of the Night: The Created is the fourth volume in a series that celebrates the horrors detailed in the best-selling Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendiums. Each of the creatures in this book is introduced through a complete story describing its origin, powers, and personality, as well as a short adventure."

1999 ... 96 pages ... TSR 11360 ... ISBN 0786913606

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"Carnival offers a glimpse of abnormal and unnatural things most genteel folk never talk about, much less see. This carnival is not a simple sideshow, though, and its performers are far more than freaks on display. Carnival is a wandering haven for those who have no place else to go - including adventurers who made enemies of the wrong people. Under the protection of the mysterious mistress Isolde, it offers refuge to those rejected by the world. Outcasts and lost souls of all kinds can find solace here, and sometimes even a second chance at life...but nothing at Carnival comes without a price.

This accessory draws back the curtain on dark secrets that will enrich any AD&D campaign with a touch of the bizarre and horrific. Included are over a dozen richly detailed nonplayer characters, details on "the price" that Carnival exacts from those who travel with it, and story seeds to lure unsuspecting heroes into a web of mystery and trickery."

1999 ... John W. Mangrum & Steve Miller ... 64 pages ... TSR 11382 ... ISBN 0786913827

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Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix (MC10)
MONSTERS: Bastellus; Bat, Ravenloft; Bowlyn; Broken Ones; Bussengeist; Darkling; Doom Guard; Doppleganger Plant; Elemental, Ravenloft (Pyre; Blood; Mist; Grave); Ermordenung; Ghoul Lord; Goblyn; Golem, Ravenloft (Bone; Doll; Gargoyle; Glass; Mechanical; Zombie); Grim Reaper; Imp, Assassin; Impersonator; Lycanthrope, Werebat; Lycanthrope, Wereraven; Men (Abber Nomads); Men (Lost Ones & Madmen); Mist Horror; Mummy, Greater; Quevari; Quickwood; Ravenkin; Reavers; Scarecrow, Ravenloft; Shadow Fiend; Skeleton, Giant; Strahd's Skeletal Steeds; Treant, Evil; Treant, Undead; Valpurgeist; Vampire, Dwarf; Vampire, Elf; Vampire, Gnome; Vampire, Halfling; Vampire, Kender; Vampyre; Widow, Red; Wolfwere, GreaterZombie Lord.


1991 ... 32 pages + 4 dividers ... TSR 2122 ... ISBN 1560761083

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Monstrous Compendium II: Children of the Night (MC15)
"The moon is full. The mists have risen. The terror is upon you.

Step into these swirling clouds of fog, and you will come face to face with creatures more terrible than you can imagine. Be careful, for those who are embraced by the mists seldom live to tell the tale.

Children of the Night presents complete descriptions of 20 unique individuals for use in the RAVENLOFT® campaign setting. Ideal for use as important NPC or major villains, these creatures are certain to linger in the nightmares of player characters for years to come."

1993 ... 32 sheets + 4 dividers ... TSR 2139 ... ISBN 1560765860

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Monstrous Compendium Appendices I & II
"They are the foul and horrible creatures that dwell in Ravenloft, the Demiplane of Dread, and they are waiting for you. From the dream-stalking bastellus to the body-snatching doppleganger plant, this horrific tome contains a great assortment of creatures that will haunt the nightmares of player characters for years to come. In addition, this book presents over 20 unique creatures, including the living brain of Rudolph Von Aubrecker and the dreaded night hag Styrx, all of whom are perfect for use as master villains and NPCs.

TSR is proud to present this compilation of diabolical beings from the first two MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM appendices dedicated to the RAVENLOFT campaign setting. First released in 1991 and 1993, these collections have been unavailable for some time, but always in demand. Now they're back - at a price that's lower than the combined price of the two earlier products. No RAVENLOFT campaign is complete without this book."

1996 ... William W. Connors ... 128 pages ... TSR 2162 ... ISBN 0786903929

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Monstrous Compendium Appendix III: Creatures of Darkness
"Inside this book are dozens of sinister beings waiting to strike terror into the hearts of role-players everywhere. From the dreaded scarab beetles of Har'Akir to the archer skeletons of Darkon and the drow vampires of Arak, these Creatures of Darkness will provide hours of diabolical adventure. But be warned - if you buy this accessory, your AD&D game players may never forgive you."

1994 ... 128 pages ... TSR 2153 ... ISBN 1560769149

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Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume One
"Few creatures trike more terror into the hearts of AD&D game characters and their players than these vile beings. They grip one's heart in a fist of fear from which no escape is possible.

This compilation contains the complete texts of Van Richten's Guide to Vampires, Van Richten's Guide to Werebeasts, and Van Richten's Guide to the Created, updated and usable in any AD&D campaign."

1999 ... 288 pages ... TSR 11447 ... ISBN 0786914475

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Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume Two
"Once again, the undead arise to terrify AD&D game characters everywhere with the aid of this, the second in a series of works detailing the most dreadful and evil creatures imaginable.

This compilation contains the complete texts of Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts, Van Richten's Guide to the Lich, and Van Richten's Guide to the Ancient Dead, updated and usable in any AD&D campaign."

1999 ... 288 pages ... TSR 11507 ... ISBN 0786915072

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Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume Three
"Demons, devils, and murderous hags stretch their hideous claws toward AD&D game characters everywhere, while crafty Vistani and secretive witches hatch their plots in this tome, the third volume in Doctor Van Richten's guides for monster hunters.

This compilation contains the complete and updated texts of Van Richten's Guide to Fiends and Van Richten's Guide to the Vistani, with a surprise - the previously unpublished Van Richten's Guide to Witches, all for use in any AD&D campaign."

2000 ... 288 pages ... TSR 11613 ... ISBN 0786916133

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