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Role Aids - Accessories for the AD&D RPG by Mayfair Games


FEZ I: Valley of Trees (Role Aids)
"The wizard, Fez, has staked his life that you can out-reason deadly puzzles and outwit (or outrun) exotic monsters. A Quest to truly test all your dungeoning skills.

Fez I: Valley of Trees is suitable for use with Dungeons & Dragons™ , Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™, Tunnels and Trolls™ , and other popular fantasy role play systems.


1982 ... Len Bland & James Robert ... 40 pages + cardstock promotional insert + cover folder ... MGI 703

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Question of Gravity
"The Cube stank of evil and the Demon you slew confirmed your fears. Venture into a place where you will never know -what will be up next. Assume nothing or face a fiery death in a true task of dungeoning skills and adaptability. This Adventure is for three to eight players of second to fifth levels of experience."

1982 ... Jerome Mooney & Janny Wurts ... 24 pages ... Mayfair Games 705

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Tower of Magicks
"Years before, a demon lead horde assaulted the lone Tower. Now you must enter the dread Tower where magic has gone wild to discover the secrets of a desperate Wizard. Can you meet the challenge of a dungeon where not only fantastic creatures and cunning goblins, but the very dungeon itself, may be your opponent? An adventure for those who can meet and conquer not only the unknown but also the unexpected. The second Adventure in the Flight of Orlow the Beastmaker is for four to eight players of third to sixth levels of experience. Tower of Magicks is suitable for use with Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Tunnels and Trolls, and other popular fantasy role play systems."

1983 ... Bill Fawcett ... 38 pages ... MGI 706 ... ISBN 0912771054

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Dragons of Weng T'sen
"The Emperor has forbidden his subjects to enter the valley. Now mysterious storms and fantastic monsters have begun threatening the nearby countryside. The Emperor's word is law, none of his subjects must enter the valley, but a few chosen heroes from the distant west would be free to enter and brave the dangers in the valley of the Orient's greatest wizard. Discover new and exciting challenges as your characters face the combined forces of nature and magic in 11th century China. Only then, after you've overcome all other obstacle, can you meet the true lords of the elements. DRAGONS OF WENG T'SEN is a fantasy roleplaying module for three to six players from sixth to ninth level. Suitable for use with all popular roleplaying systems including Advanced Dungeons and Dragons."

1983 ... 32 pages ... MGI 709 ... ISBN 0912771089

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Fez II: The Contract
"The wizard Fez has faith in the abilities of adventurers. But Mephistopheles isn't as confident. So a pact was made between the wizard and the demon. As each bargained madly to outdo the other's bet, Fez was trapped in a magical sleep. More than just a wizard's pact is at stake as you strive to accomplish the seven "impossible" tasks.
FEZ II is an module which will challenge your ability to overcome dangers, solve problems, and adjust quickly to the unexpected. It was the wizard Fez that made the deal with the demon, but it is you who must make good on ...

FEZ II: THE CONTRACT, is a fantasy roleplaying module for four to eight players from third to eighth skill level Suitable for use with all popular roleplaying systems including Advanced Dungeons and Dragons."

1983 ... James Robert & Len Bland & Paul Karczag ... 40 pages ... MGI 710 ... ISBN 0912771097

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"GOLD! First it drew men over the mountains to the desolate coast. For a handful of nuggets, they crushed goblins. For a bag of coins, men were doomed to a watery grave. And now to find its source, brave men enter the endless caverns. SHIPWRECKER... Gold and Glory, this was the promise when you were hired. Now as you gaze into the dank mouth of the tunnel does the gold glitter a little less? Does it matter that beyond this portal lie uncharted caverns, the remnants of the goblin hordes, mysterious monsters, and finally, a pirate stronghold? SHIPWRECKER is a fantasy roleplaying module for three to six players from fourth to seventh level. Suitable for use with all popular roleplaying systems including Advanced Dungeons and Dragons"

1983 ... Sue Stone ... 32 pages ... MGI 712 ... ISBN 0912771119

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Evil Ruins
"THE CASTLE was old when it harbored Celtish Kings. To the Saxons it is only a few walls in the forest. But both knew terror stalked among its... EVIL RUINS
This is an adventure for those willing to face the challenge of surviving deadly foes and solving a centuries old mystery. The information you gain may be more valuable than the treasure you gather, for it may let you live to enjoy the treasure.

EVIL RUINS is a fantasy roleplaying module for three to six players from one to fourth level. Suitable for use with all popular roleplaying systems including Advanced Dungeons and Dragons."

1983 ... Stephen Bourne ... 32 pages ... MGI 713 ... ISBN 0912771127

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The Keep
"Long before the pyramids in Egypt were built, two demi-gods were locked in a struggle to decide the fate of mankind. Throughout the centuries, the necromancer Molasar made unholy war against the people of Earth. To sate his evil needs, he was responsible for hundreds of disasters and wars including the Black Death!
Then in 1476, the forces of light imprisoned him in THE KEEP, a magically protected fortress. But 500 years later, in April of 1941, a small band of German Wehrmacht soldiers occupied THE KEEP and unsuspectingly disturbed the Evil One's forced slumber. The battle begins again and you are invited to join the struggle at... THE KEEP.
THE KEEP is a faithful and detailed fantasy roleplaying adventure based on the major Paramount Picture's film release of the same name.
Not only will it pit you against the forces of death and evil, but also against the might of the German S.S. THE KEEP features a new set of rules and charts that lets you include modern weaponry and tactics in fantasy adventures. It is designed for three to six characters from ninth to twelfth level and is suitable for use with all popular roleplaying systems including Advanced Dungeons and Dragons."

1983 ... Daniel Greenberg & Samuel Shirley & Gregory Maples & Anne Jaffe ... 32 pages ... MGI 714 ... ISBN 0912771135

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"The Wizard Morlean hired you to transport a minor relic across the Chatar mountains. Amidst the windswept glaciers you find an evil cult, an ancient myth, treasure filled caverns, and great danger. You will need every ounce of all your adventuring skills, sound judgement, and luck to survive among the glittering walls of ice."

1984 ... Sam Shirley & Daniel Greenberg & Boris Vallejo (cover) ... 40 pages ... MGI 715 ... ISBN 0912771143

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Deadly Power
"Enaj needs the seeds to maintain her hold on the city. Yelad craves them to avenge his murdered father. Both offer you wealth and fame to retrieve the seeds, but, neither can guarantee your safety. Within the lines of an ancient riddle is the key to it all."

1984 ... Laurel Nicholson & John Keefe & Donald Nicholson ... 40 pages ... MGI 716 ... ISBN 0912771178

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FEZ III: Angry Wizard
"At the beck of Fez, a time traveling Wizard, you begin an adventure unlike any other. No matter how courageous are your characters, they will view the dread challenge ahead through different eyes. Claw your way through opponents and hazards on a mission for... ANGRY WIZARD

He has guaranteed each hero or conjurer the time of their lives, soon you realize that it may be the time of your death instead. Ah, but the wealth and magic beckon you forward."

1984 ... James Robert & Len Bland ... 32 pages ... MGI 720 ... ISBN 0912771216

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"LIKE TINY DAGGERS, particles of ice cut into your face and hands as you dive through the clouds. You feel the muscles along the back of the massive ruby dragon tighten and bunch as it strains to turn for an attack.

A scream of defiance echoes upward from the rapidly growing form of the riderless black dragon below. In moments, the once distant beast looms to fill the sky. Still breathless from the battering sharp turn, you loose two barbed javelins into the dark leather wing, to little effect. Muttering a prayer to an elder god, you couch your bulky lance, as the two great dragons plunge directly toward each other ...
THIS REFERENCE WORK contains the lives, histories and cultures of the dragon races and introduces a new character class: the DRAGONLORDS. Included are three independent, but related adventures for characters to assist the Dragonlords In a war of epic proportions. The adventures are for six to eight characters from sixth to ninth skill level."

1986 ... Cory Glaberson ... 96 pages ... Mayfair 721 (Grenadier) ... ISBN 0912771224

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Final Challenge
"SWORN TO SERVE POWERS TOO EVIL to name. Only you may have a chance to stop the foul creature our friend has become, before he spreads the cloak of his Evil Magic over all our land."

The Cleric's voice becomes heavy with regret. "You will have to meet creatures as cunning as they are deadly. Other have gone before... NONE HAS SURVIVED

I cannot join you. For I have ventured also, failed, and paid with my life. And now from the land of the restless dead, I wish you luck, because,

You must now face... FINAL CHALLENGE ALONE."

1984 ... Matthew J. Costello ... 32 pages ... MGI 722 ... ISBN 0912771232

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Throne of Evil
"The kindly old King has died without leaving a pure blood heir. Immediately, throughout the realm, dark riders proclaim the coronation of a new King. It is well known, however, that the Earl of March is really the man behind the throne. Ruthlessly, the opposition throughout the country is crushed. CIVIL WAR IS IMMINENT! One evening a messenger delivers a rolled parchment. You recognize the royal signet of the old King, Henry I, stamped in the sealing wax. You open the scroll. It contains an urgent plea to perform a dangerous task that, if successful, will save your country. You reread the parchment carefully and burn it, as instructed. You've accepted the charge against the... THRONE OF EVIL... An adventure fraught with political intrigue, suspense, and magic in the violent world of the 12th century. This adventure is for 4 to 6 characters of skill levels 4 to 6."

1984 ... Stephen Bourne ... 32 pages ... MGI 723 ... ISBN 0912771240

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Lich Lords
Cover: "New Rules For: Wishes, High Level Magic, and Liches"

"After countless millenia, A DARK POWER AWAKENS.

You have been summoned to appear before your king, who was once a great man, but is now held fast in the icy grip of fear. Trembling, he tells of mighty earthquakes to the north that destroyed villages and unearthed the... FORGOTTEN CITY OF THE LICH LORDS

Enter the catacombs of this buried city and find the way to destroy the evil before it brings the onslaught of eternal night. The fate of the living world is in your hands. Defeat the lords of darkness and great reward is yours. Fail and see a world... CRUSHED BY SKELETAL HANDS.

LICH LORDS is a high level quest for 6 to 8 adventurers of Skill Level 12 to 16. Brave every danger in the quest to rid the world of the most awesome of undead."

1985 ... Lynn Sellers & Frank Frazetta (cover) ... 32 pages + centerfold cardstock map ... MGI 726 ... ISBN 091277133X

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Clockwork Mage
"COMBAT OF A DIFFERENT SORT! Many years ago, two mages became engaged in a struggle of power. Humbert, a wizened wizard and architect of the interdimensional villa, vied against Kasin, a lovely enchantress and commander of a powerful dragon. THE WAR OF JESTS WAS ON! Attempting to prove their superiority, the mages began playing practical jokes on each other until one day, one of them went too far. HUMBERT DISAPPEARED! Now your small band of adventurers, led by a Bard, must search for the mage. With little to go on, you begin the adventure exploring the villa shaped by Humbert's strange and mysterious sense of humor. Looking over your shoulder for the shadow of a dragon, you avoid many tricks and traps while searching for the... Clockwok Mage."

1985 ... S. Stone & M.E. Allen ... 32 pages + centerfold cardstock map ... MGI 728 ... ISBN 0912771356

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Crystal Barrier
"For the first time . .

Dragon fights Dragon and the outcome is uncertain. The Dragons' brutal civil war has been costly for both sides and the Blue Dragons will stop at nothing to win.

Their Ultimate Weapon, a paralyzing drug called phandroot, has been decimating the opposing forces. Now an ominous hooded figure appears to a group of adventurers and summons them into the fray. Their actions will change the destiny of the Dragonlands."

1987 ... Cory Glaberson ... MGI 741 ... ISBN 0912771674

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