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The Castle
• 1 17"x21" map
• 1 rulebook
• 108 counters

"Welcome, adventurers, to The Castle, where a beautiful princess is being held captive. Enter The Castle and fight creatures of every type, witches, vampires, behemoths, gargoyles, goblins, shadows, trolls, and many others. The rewards can be great, gold, enchanted weapons, captive princes and of course the princess herself.
The Castle is an infinitely changeable game which can be played repeatedly, with a different outcome every time. The Castle is very suitable for solitaire play and for up to six players."

1981 ... Mayfair Games

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The Forever War
Squad level combat in the third millenium based on Joe Haldeman's Hugo winning novel. -W

"They moved fast across the mine field, striding in unison like bowlegged, top-heavy robots, not even breaking stride when one of them was blown to bits by a mine, which happened eleven times.
At first, Brill's troops had the overwhelming advantage; fighting from ditches, they could only be harmed by an occasional lucky shot or an extremely well-aimed grenade (which Taurans threw by hand). Brill had lost four, but it looked as if the Tauran force was down to less than half its original size.
Eventually, the landscape had been torn up enough so that the bulk of the Tauran force was able to fight from holes in the ground. The fighting slowed down to individual laser duels, punctuated occasionally by heavier weapons. But it wasn't smart to use up a tachyon rocket against a single Tauran, not with another force of unknown size only a few minutes away.

(Featuring 'A Million Wars' a new article by JOE HALDEMAN Including the tactics and weapons of Forever War and his own Vietnam experiences.)

Ten Scenarios:
* Choice of Tech Levels * Campaign scenario * Semi-geomorphic mounted boards * Rules for designing your own scenarios

* 252 counters * 2 six sided Dice * Illustrated rules * Puzzle cut playing board."

1983 ... James Griffin ... MGI 505 ... ISBN 0425066223

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The Company War: The Boardgame of C.J. Cherryh's Downbelow Station
"Captain Signy of the Norway waited.
They were the remnant of a Fleet, against a widespread power which had inexhaustible lives, and supply, and worlds, and they did not.
"After so long a struggle ... the last of the Fleet, the last of Company's power. She had watched it go; had fought to hold the two together, Earth and Union, humanity's past —
and future.
"There had been a time when the dream of the old exploration ships had drawn her into this, a dream long revised to the realities the Company captain's emblem had come to mean.
"The fleet went it alone, without merchanter or stationer support, as they had gone it alone for years before this."

The Company War: The Boardgame of C.J. Cherryh's Downbelow Station

Strategic and Tactical combat options
Clear rules with examples
Playing Time 1 to 3 hours
Puzzle cut playing board
Illustrated rules including an astronomically accurate starmap
175 counters
2 six sided dice

includes an original article:
The Company Wars
The origin of stationers and merchanters.
A complete background with the history, technology, fleets, and tactics of man's first interstellar war by C.J. Cherryh.

1983 ... MGI 506 ... ISBN 0425066231

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Dragonriders of Pern: Boardgame [BOX SET]

* Rules Booklet (4 pages)
* Game guide (16 pages), including Prologue by Anne McCaffrey, and Threadfighting: Tactics and Organization by Todd Johnson
* Dragonriders of Pern cards (38)
* Threadfall cards (24)
* Event cards (50)
* Map pieces (6)
* 108 Counters (2 sheets)

1983 ... MGI 507 ... ISBN 042506624X

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Dragonriders of Pern: Boardgame [BOX SET]
Fly the skies of Pern and battle deadly Thread on dragonback in the DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN BOARDGAME. Based on the best-selling novels by Anne McCaffrey, the DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN BOARDGAME presents the excitement of this fantasy world in a beautifully-illustrated, award-winning game. For 1 to 7 players, ages 12 to adult.

Components: * Folding Casewrap Game Board * 112 Laminated Playing Cards * 108 Plastic Chips for Money and Tokens with Adhesive Stickers * 3 Six-Sided Dice * Plastic Sorting Tray * 2 Rulebooks for Solitaire, Basic, and Advanced Play

1989 ... MGI 455

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Hammer's Slammers: The Boardgame Based on David Drake's novel of Armored Warfare in the Third Millenium [BOX SET]
• 328 counters
• 6 piece geomorphic (puzzle) map
• Rule book
• Scenario book

"The Hovertank is amazingly silent for its fusion powered bulk. Even the hiss of the main laser turret would seem quiet to an ancient tank commander. There is a change of pitch as the platoon of multi-ton vehicles settle and fire skyward. Suddenly the air is filled with the thud of incoming artillery fire, the computerized lasers literally shoot the shells out of the sky. With calm precision the rows of infantry board their one man skimmers and begin hovering. Soon the enemy will know that Colonel Alois Hammer's Slammers have landed."

1983 ... H.N. Voss ... MGI 509 ... ISBN 0425066266

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The Worlds of Boris Vallejo
Contains 30 World tiles, 112 cards, 72 plastic pieces (66 markers and 6 pawns), and a rules sheet.

* Gameboard features 30 paintings by Boris

1984 ... Todd Johnson & Boris Vallejo ... MGI 511 ... ISBN 0425066312

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Lone Wolf and Cub Game [BOX SET]
"The serenity and beauty of Japanese culture combines with the violent struggle of life and honor in the Lone Wolf & Cub boardgame based on the comics and graphic novels published by First Publishing. 1 or 2 Players take the roles of Itto Ogami (Lone Wolf) and his son Daigoro (Cub) and go in search of vengeance, honor, and Mu, the highly desired trait of enlightenment. This beautifully
illustrated game features a full-color game board depicting the eastern area of Honshu, Japan, and a striking cover by Matt Wagner. Lone Wolf and Cub is an exciting, challenging game for both game enthusiasts and collectors alike.

* Game board * 79 Laminated playing cards * Rule Book * A Thousand Paths Book * Two pawns * Two 10-sided dice * Six pegs * Twelve Counters * Sorting Tray

1989 ... MGI 456 ... ISBN 0923763058

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Myth Fortunes: The boardgame based on Robert Asprin's hilarious tales of Aahz and Skeeve [BOX SET]
• Rule Book (16 pages) including an introduction by Robert Asprin.
• Game board
• 2 four-sided dice
• 2 six-sided dice
• 2 eight-sided dice
• 6 pawns
• 144 cards
• 96 plastic chips

"Make a deal at the bazaar on Deva! • Eat lunch at the Yellow Crescent Inn! • Hire M.Y.T.H. Inc.™ for a perilous quest! • Play in the Big Game on Jahk! • Gamble on a game of Dragon Poker against the Sen Sen Ante Kid! • Wrestle with a Troll or a Trollop! • Cross wits with a Pervert...I mean, Pervect! • Collaborate with the Woof Writers! • Get rich quick! • Gain fame and renown!

All you need is Myth Fortunes™, the action-packed board game inspired by the Myth Adventures™ of Aahz, Skeeve, Gleep, Tananda, Chumley, Vic, Maaasha and the entire M.Y.T.H. Inc. gang! Based on the books by Robert Lynn Asprin, Myth Fortunes is a game for two to six Players, ages twelve to adult."

1990 ... MGI 453 ... ISBN 0912771992

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Xanth: The Boardgame [BOX SET]
Components include:
* 162 Playing cards
* 15 Dice
* 6 Pawns
* 12 Chits
* Gameboard
* Rulebook
* Sorting tray

Anyone who doesn't believe in magic must reckon with the rainbow, which shows up only at a distance and retreats if anyone walks toward it. If one person stands still and another walks, the rainbow remains in place for the one and retreats for the other — simultaneously. It is one-sided, like a one-way path, invisible from the other side. That is obviously magic.
-Piers Anthony

"Xanth, the magical, pun-filled world of Piers Anthony’s fantasy novels, comes to life in this hilarious game. As one of many colorful characters, players must travel across land and sea in order to fulfill their wild and wacky quests. For 1 to 6 players, ages 12 to adult."

1991 ... Mayfair Games 459 ... ISBN 0923763333

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Streets Tell Stories (Underground RPG: LA Campaign Sourcepack) [BOX SET]
* A 64-page setting guide describing the Los Angeles of 2021.
* 64-page plot guide containing a series of campaign threads.
* 16 folio sheets that add the most important people, places and things in Los Angeles to the Underground notebook.
* 16 pages of full-color props and handouts -from police ID cards to graft checks endorsed by crooked politicians.
* A full-color poster map of South-Central and the East Side.
* And a complete issue of USA ALIVE containing important information for the players."

1993 ... MGI 352 ... ISBN 0923763899

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Invincible Overlord


City State of the Invincible Overlord [BOX SET]

Mayfair's redo of the classic City State Campaign by Judges Guild includes an introduction by Gary Gygax. Intended for use with AD&D.

For a little history, read a judgment of TSR's suit against Mayfair over this set Here.

• Introduction (4 pages) with a preface written by Gary Gygax
• Map & Population Book: reference at-a-glance with over 30 city neighborhoods in expanded sections — detailed descriptions of people and properties
• Background & Encounter Book: the history of the worn as its inhabitants know it, plus random encounters for use in the city
• Adventure Book: a 16-page adventure module ("To Catch a Thief") to familiarize Players with the City-State
• Character Race Booklets: Centaurs, Lizardmen, Nagas and Pixies, each new Player Character race detailed in its own parchment paper booklet
• City Guides: parchment paper tour-books for newcomers to Briarwood, available to the various Character Classes: - Clerics, Druids, Monks and Paladins - Fighters, Rangers, Paladins - Spell-Users - Thieves
• GM's Maps: a full color, full size map of Briarwood backed with the full color Calandian Continent Map
• Player's Map: a full size parchment paper map for Players to complete as they adventure

"REALITY HAS CHANGED in Calandia. The very fabric of the cosmos has torn, and horrors more monstrous than the City-State has ever before suffered threaten the heart of the continent. As the City-State of the Invincible Overlord prepares for apocalypse, you must discover:
A complete city in which to set campaigns, the city of Briarwood is based on the original City-State designs by the Judges Guild. City-State of the Invincible Overlord is the basis for the Overlord Campaign Series of sourcebooks and adventure modules."

1987 ... Mayfair 101 ... ISBN 0425108775

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The Raiders of Ironrock: Includes the White Peaks Guidebook [BOX SET]

Set contents: The White Peaks District Guidebook, the Raiders of Ironrock adventure, a players map and a full-color poster sized map.

1988 ... Mayfair 102 ... ISBN 0912771860

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The Wraith of Derric's Deep (Second Supplement in the Invincible Overlord Series, Includes the High Fens Guidebook) (2)

"High Fens™ Guidebook is a reference book detailing the High Fens District, the largest coal-producing district in Calandia™. The area's mines are crucial for coal production for the Overlord's army. Here, in the Plateau Province™, the Amber Swamp™ grows larger daily; dasslar, lizardmen, ore-men, swampies, and hillmen compete for land, food, and swamp resources. High Fens Guidebook gives you the flexibility to run your game — describing the district broadly and without unnecessary specifics. All important aspects of this district are covered:
• Provincial & District Boundaries
• Religion and Deities
• Clans, Kinship, and Government
• Minerals
• Terrain
• Climate
• Local Flora & Fauna
• Exotic Creatures
• History and Legends
• Towns and Cities
• Trade Patterns
• New Player Character Class: Keitar
• Local Military Units
• Important Persons
The second Guidebook describing districts ruled from the City-Stale of the Invincible Overlord, High Fens Guidebook continues the popular formal used in the master set's Map and Population booklet and the other supplements. This is the second pan of a coordinated fantasy role-playing reference work describing the Invincible Overlord's empire.
This boxed set contains: the High Fens Guidebook, the adventure The Wraith of Derricks Deep™, a color poster-sized map of the High Fens District and surrounding areas, and a comparable Players' map."

1988 ... Terry Randall ... MGI 103 ... ISBN 0912771879

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The Haunt

Box has moderate wear. Contents complete, crisp. Book 2 has a spot on back cover. ~ CONTENTS: The Haunt Guidebook, the adventure, and a full color, three gate-fold GM's Screen containing pertinent tables, charts and the Manor's layout.

1988 ... Jeff R. Leason & Thomas R. Cook ... MGI 104 ... ISBN 0912771925

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Betrayal At Bogwater (4)

"This boxed set contains: the Lake Guidebook, the adventure Betrayal At Bogwater, a full-color poster-sized map of the Lake District and surrounding areas, and a comparable parchment Players' map.

Lake Guidebook is a reference book detailing the Lake District, best known for its bountiful farmlands and the great mineral resources of Thormar's Peak. In the Lake District, mountain dwarves mine gold for the Overlord, nagas engage in intellectual pursuits, and humans and shirelings till the soil.
Lake Guidebook gives you the flexibility to run your game — describing the district broadly and without unnecessary specifics. All important aspects of this district are covered:
• Provincial and District Boundaries
• Religion and Deities
• Clans, Kinship, and Government
• Minerals
• Terrain
• Climate
• Local Flora and Fauna
• Exotic Creatures
• History and Legends
• Towns and Cities
• Trade Patterns
• Local Institutions
• New Player Character Class: Avantar
• Local Military Units
• Important Persons
The third Guidebook describing districts ruled from the City-State of the Invincible Overlord, Lake Guidebook continues the popular format used in the master set's Map and Population booklet and the other supplements. This is the fourth part of a coordinated fantasy role-playing reference work describing the Invincible Overlord's empire."

1988 ... Terry Randall ... MFG 105 ... ISBN 0912771887

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Calandia Guidebook [BOX SET]
Contains 3 booklets: Calandia Guidebook; Religion in Calandia; Calandian Dictionary.

1989 ... Mayfair 106 ... ISBN 091277195X

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Deception at Dasa [BOX SET]

CONTENTS: The Wheatlands Guidebook, a reference book detailing this district of the City-State, and Deception at Dasa, an adventure set in the district. Also included are a Players' map and a full-color Game Master's map of the area.

1989 ... Mayfair 107 ... ISBN 092376304X

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Briarwood Castle Guidebook

"In the heart of the City-State of Briarwood, capital of Calandia, lie the confines of Briarwood Castle. Home to the Invincible Overlord, the Castle's interior has always been a mystery to outsiders. Now you can be privy to the closely-guarded secrets of Briarwood Castle in this two-volume set, which includes The Briarwood Castle Guidebook and The Dungeon Book, plus a separate parchment GM's map depicting the dungeon controlled by Ralf, a lich whose quest for power could have a profound impact on the City-State. This set provides exciting material for an endless variety of fantasy role-playing scenarios.
The Briarwood Castle Guidebook features detailed information on Briar-wood Castle. This 40-page volume includes:
* A history of Briarwood Castle
* Personalities:
- The Invincible Overlord Lucius II
- The Consort Cassandra
- Chancellor Dowons
* New Monsters
* New Spells
* New Magic Items
* Briarwood Castle:
- Guards and Defenses
- a floor-by-floor description of the Castle
* Maps of Briarwood Castle plus the Bathhouse Dungeon
The Dungeon Book includes additional material pertaining to Briarwood Castle. This 24-page volume includes:
* An adventure
* Special Dungeons:
- The Old Bathhouse Dungeon
- Ralf's Dungeon
In the adventure, you are convicted criminals of the City-State. The Overlord himself has offered to save you from the Death penalty if you can find the vulnerabilities in the Castle's defenses and enter the Castle from outside of its walls.
Someone close to Lucius II is betraying him, and that person rules over the depths of The Old Bathhouse Dungeon and Rail's Dungeon. These dungeons hold a legacy of evil, and death awaits those who venture here!
The adventure is for 4-6 Player Characters with Skill Levels of 20+. Six evil pregenerated Player Characters are provided for this adventure, or Players may generate their own. The Special Dungeons may be used either with the adventure in this set, or in an existing adventure or campaign."

1989 ... Jeff R. Leason & Thomas R. Cook ... MGI 108 ... ISBN 0923763090

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