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Sovereign Stone - The campaign world envisioned by Larry Elmore

Snarf Quest


Sovereign Stone

Larry Elmore and TSR alumni envisioned this fascinating fantasy world. All the traditional AD&D themes are turned on their head. Sovereign Stone exists in two editions, largely identical, save that the 2nd is converted to the d20 system, requiring the D&D, 3rd edition books to play.

Sovereign Stone Game System
"The Sovereign Stone Game System is an exciting new role-playing game created by some of the top designers in the RPG industry. The game is skill-based, using various die types for Skill and Attribute rolls. The world in which the game takes place is a medieval fantasy world created by fantasy artist Larry Elmore in conjuction with NY Times best-selling authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Sovereign Stone novels by Weis and Hickman will be coming out in the year 2000 from Harper/Prism. Elves, orks, humans and dwarves are PCs, with some interesting new twists to these standard fantasy races. Elves follow a Samurai-like code of honor. Dwarves are pony-riding hordes bent on world conquest. Orks are technologists and superstitious sailors. Humans are the most varied, with several distinct kingdoms, giving a range of characters from powerful knights to barbarians. Magic is available to all races and walks of life. Magic is rare, difficult to wield, but extremely powerful. The heroes are Dominion Lords, powerful and magical paladins dedicated to good. The villains are anti-paladins, undead knights dedicated to the Void who must kill to maintain their unholy existence. The world is in turmoil, as forces loyal to the Lord of the Void, the demigod Dagnarus, seek to conquer Loerem. Join those who seek to stop them--or to at least take advantage of the dire situation!"

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Game Master's Screen
"This three-fold Game Master's Screen is a beautiful add-on product for your Sovereign Stone game. It provides a view of all the necessary tables and charts to play the game, along with a host of pre-made characters that can be used by the Game Master whenever needed. The outside is a full-color map of the continent. Included is an adventure to get the players going in your new campaign of Sovereign Stone. A 32-page adventure booklet is also included."

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Codex Mysterium
"The Codex Mysterium provides a good system for replacing the basic D20 system. I've never liked AD&D's memorizing spells, and have often come up with home-grown systems or use other third party systems. The problem is, memorized spells just don't match the way most fiction portrays magic. You never get to the point where you can just do simple spells with a thought, like you can with the GURPS system.

The Codex's system provides the ability to get to that point, and does it without sacrificing game balance. It balances the ability to cast unlimited spells per day with the chance of failure and a potential cost in hit points for overdoing it." ...from Amazon user "gawaine"

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Bestiary of Loerem
"More than 120 creatures are detailed in this sourcebook for Sovereign Stone and the d20 System. Insects, marine life, and desert-dwellers are all detailed within by Dark Sun co-creator Timothy Brown and envisioned by the extraordinary illustrator, Andy Hopp. Also included are details on the two most fearsome creatures in all of Loerem, the elemental dragons and the mighty bahk!"

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The Taan
"Adventurers on Loerem have been astonished and dismayed to encounter a new race of creatures never before seen on this continent. Subjects of the evil demigod, Dagnarus, the Taan are a race of warriors whose main goal in life is to die in battle and to take as many of their enemies with them as they can. Worshippers of the destructive Void magic, the Taan are powerful humanoids who intend to conquer and enslave the weaker races on Loerem.
In the pages of this sourcebook, the Game Master will find all he needs to add the Taan to his campaign, including a history of the Taan, their religious beliefs, stories and legends, the unique ways they use Void magic, magic spells, weapons, descriptions of important Taan leaders and Taan Vrykyl, as well as their relationship to Dagnarus, the man they consider a god. Rules are included to play the Taan as Game Master or Player Characters. The Taan will provide excitement and challenges to players and Game Masters alike."

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Old Vinnengael: City of Sorrows
"The city of Old Vinnengael was destroyed two hundred years ago in a magical blast that killed many thousands and forever changed the lives of everyone living on Loerem. Players in the Sovereign Stone campaign can travel back in time to explore that legendary city just days before its downfall. They can meet its people, shop in its fabulous markets, discover its treasure, encounter its dangers.
This sourcebook contains all the information a Game Master needs to use the city of Old Vinnengael as a campaign setting. Included are a large detailed map of the entire city and numerous smaller district maps for every portion of the city. The history of Old Vinnengael is provided, as well as descriptions of temples, inns, shops, palaces and other important buildings, along with descriptions of the influential people who live and work there. Also included are descriptions of the various members of the royal family, who have brought about the rise of Old Vinnengael and who will be responsible for its destruction."

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Marauders of the Wolf: The Dwarves
"Marauders of the Wolf: The Dwarves of explores the unique dwarven culture of the Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting for the d20 System. From the nomadic Clan Dwarves, who ride their mounts into battle, to the Unhorsed Dwarves, outcast from the tribes and forbidden to ride the horses the dwarves hold sacred, this sourcebook fully explores the intricacies of dwarven society, beliefs, and practices."

2003 ... James M. Ward & Michael Lichucki ... 144 pages ... SVP 3008 ... ISBN 1931567085

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Kingdoms of the Sword & Stars: Dunkarga & Karnu
"Find adventure in the Arabian-flavored kingdoms of Dunkarga & Karnu. The former is an ancient, decadent kingdom filled with secrets and lost knowledge, while the latter is a young, military nation bent on the conquest of Loerem. This volume details the lands, people, and culture of the kingdoms--including new classes, prestige classes, spells, and magic items! Find adventure among the sandy wastes!"

2003 ... Seth Johnson ... 128 pages ... SVP 3009 ... ISBN 1931567093

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Escape Into Darkness

2002 ... 48 pages ... SVP 3301 ... ISBN 1931567042

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"The border town of Tethyst often sees visitors, being a regular stop along the river trade routes and situated near the borders of the elven kingdoms and the Caliphate of Karnu. But when a runaway prince takes refuge in Tethyst, the hunt begins as bounty-hunters and reward-seekers descend upon the trading community. Will the young heir become a victim of his enemies, or will the mysterious Trevenici barbarians of the moor offer him sanctuary?

Sanctuary is a d20 System adventure for four to six 3rd level characters and can be modified for use with beginning heroes or more seasoned adventurers. This adventure features settings and characters of the Sovereign Stone trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, though the novels are not required to play.

This adventure contains new creatures, new spells, and new magical items in the exciting world of Sovereign Stone! Visit www.sovstone.com for exciting new content to enhance your adventures."

2002 ... 48 pages ... SVP 3302 ... ISBN 1931567069

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Snarf Quest

SnarfQuest: The Book
"A comic quest for wealth, power, and all that other good stuff, conceived, written, and illustrated by Larry Elmore. SnarfQuest: The Book collects the complete adventure of the Quest for the Crown from Dragon magazine. Includes a new, full-color, never-before-published story."

1987 ... Larry Elmore ... 142 pages ... TSR 8118 ... ISBN 088038462X

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SnarfQuest (Snarf Quest) Graphic Novel
"For almost a decade, SnarfQuest delighted and entertained the-readers of Dragon magazine. If you have never heard of Snarf, get ready to discover why Larry Elmore's SnarfQuest is one of the most popular fantasy comic series of all time. If you already know who Snarf is, reacquaint yourself with the misadventures of your favorite zeetvah.
This 224-page compilation includes every SnarfQuest episode that appeared in Dragon magazine.
All hail the return of Snarf!"

2002 ... Larry Elmore ... EPI-8411 ... ISBN 0972246800

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