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Space Master, 3rd edition - ICE


SpaceMaster Accessories & Modules | SpaceMaster, 3rd edition (Privateers)


Spacemaster: Privateers
"Spacemaster: Privateers is the perfect way to start your adventures with the ultimate science fiction role playing system. In the dynamic Privateers setting, you and your players play a part in the last, desperate gamble to win a war against an evil driven by insanity.
Everything you need to play -- combat, character creation, a complete setting, starships, and even psychic powers -- can be found in the pages of this one book! Once you're up and running, other Spacemaster support books add even more flavor, detail, and action to, your game.
The wonders of the future can be yours today!"

2000 ... Robert J. Defendi ... 272 pages ... ICE 4500 ... ISBN 1558065628

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Robotics Manual
"Inside you will find every personal enhancement a privateer could desire — cybernetics, exoskeletons, biotech, implants, neuralware, and more. Treat yourself to a dermal weave, biohydralic joints, razor nails, or even an adrenal boost.
Tired of retreading the same old flesh and blood characters? Try out your own state of the art android or robot. Customize yourself with complete character generation guidelines with a myriad of templates, options, and flaws.
Also included are 8 attack tables, complete repair & malfunction rules, and 13 critical tables focusing on androids and robots.
Steel yourself for action! Long live technology! Power to the androids!"

2000 ... 128 pages ... ICE 4511 ... ISBN 1558065636

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Equipment Manual
"This Equipment Manual provides everything an enterprising privateer can carry — and more! Picture yourself in kinetic armor with a needler in one hand, a monosword in the other hand, and a sniping plasma-carbine with holo-sights on your back. How about adding on a thruster pack, a medscanner, a sneak suit, and a velocity shield? Going camping? Try anti-glare lenses, a vapor canteen, and an environment tent. With the right connections, you might even be able to load up with professional and military-grade gear.
Also included are 5 critical tables, 16 attack tables, complete tech level benchmarks, and guidelines for construction & design, malfunction & repair, and breakage.
Outfit yourself for adventure! Dress for the kill! Equip to the max!"

2000 ... 128 pages ... ICE 4512 ... ISBN 1558065644

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Vehicle Manual
"Inside you will find every type of vehicle a privateer could desire —- marine ships, aircraft, ground conveyances, small spacecraft, and even decommissioned gunboats. Take a test drive in a Death Howl II Heavy Fighter, or perhaps in a "Light Horse" Class FAV, or even in a suit of APE Orbital Drop Armor.
Bored with the standard, assembly line models? Try customizing your own state of the art vehicle using complete construction & design guidelines with comprehensive sets of features, quirks, and flaws.
Also included are complete combat rules, 10 attack tables, and 6 critical tables focusing on vehicles, ordnance, and infantry units."

2002 ... 142 pages ... ICE 4513 ... ISBN 1558065652

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Blaster Law
"Revel in MORE POWER! Blaster Law is the complete guide to energy weapons and their use in combat. Spacemaster: Privateers has a ton of combat and power, but Blaster Law takes this to the max, expanding directed energy weapons. It uses a tech level system and gives complete weapon creation rules, for use with anything from primitive spacefaring worlds to power weapons invented by worlds on the cutting edge. Blaster Law includes:
• 13 Laser Attack tables
• 13 Blaster Attack tables
• 10 Plasma Weapon Attack tables
• 5 Sonic Stunner Attack tables
• 20 Critical and Fumble tables"

2002 ... 128 pages ... ICE 4514 ... ISBN 1558065679

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Future Law
"Add the power of expanded character development to your game with Future Law. Future Law is the ultimate Player’s Guide to Spacemaster, giving new character professions and hundreds of new character options. Get the most out of your characters and feel the power of the Spacemaster system with this exciting core support book.

Future Law Includes:
• New Professions
• New Training Packages
• New Skills
• New Talents
• Everything You Need to Customize Your Character With Style"

2003 ... 112 pages ... ICE 4515 ... ISBN 1558065695

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Game Master Law
"How do you create a sci-fi universe from scratch or a believable alien race? Simple —just pick up Spacemaster Gamemaster Law for the answers. This guide to universe creation contains everything you need to know, including a handy scientific primer that covers such topics as cybernetics, artificial intelligence, dark matter, relativity, and more. You need to create a star system and planets—no problem it's in there. Use the guidelines for creating alien and futuristic races and cultures to populate the worlds you create. A section on creating sci-fi encounters rounds out the book."

[Unavailable; never published?]

Privateers: Races & Cultures
"A must for any Spacemaster game, this book details the races of the Privateers universe. Find out what the races are really like in detail; from culture to physiology to role playing, everything you wanted to know about the: Falanar, the Kagoth, the Oort, the Tulgar, the Valiesans, the Xatosians and of course humans. What will our own species be like in the future?"

2002 ... 128 pages ... ICE 4600 ... ISBN 1558065660

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Space Master is a trademark of Iron Crown Enterprises

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