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Man, Myth & Magic ~ Timeship

Pirates and Plunder

Time War: A Game of Time Travel and Conflict [BOX SET]
CONTENTS: Rules Booklet * 21" x 27" mapboard * 2 chartsheets * log pad * 400 counters * counter tray * 36 Time Mission cards.

"Time War is an exciting new tactical level game that begins in the future. A future where governments, using their ability to send men and equipment into time, fight their wars and vie for power in the past. Highly evolved computers predict the "Jonbar Junctions" (Critical moments in history) and what actions can be taken by the time forces to create a favorable change in the power balance of their own time.
Time War allows each player to assume the role of the "Time Magistrate" and control the lime forces of a government. Operating from a floor plan of a Time Control Building players must allocate funds to various areas of research and development, improving equipment, the training of members of the time forces (Sentinels, Wardens, Agents and Action Teams), the hiring of technicians and the enormous energy cost of moving people and equipment in and out of the past. While the technical level of the Chrono-Computer and the Time Projector effect the accuracy of moving personnel and altering history, the training level of the individual force members often spells the difference between success and failure."

1979, 1980 ... YAQ 0114

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Battle: The Game of Generals [BOX SET]
"Components: The boxed game components include a 21-1/2" by 13-1/2" mapboard, screen, army value charts, rules booklet, extra-thick die cut terrain (8 counters) and military unit (48 counters) counters, and a sturdy compartmented plastic tray for storing and sorting the pieces. Your battle weapons are devious strategy and the ability to think ahead.

Battle: the game of Generals is many games in one. An excellent introductory wargame for novices, it also makes a fast and challenging contest for veteran games who lack the time for a full-size, full-length wargame, but still enjoy a grueling test of their wits and planning ability. Pre-publication playtesting revealed that this is a game that can be enjoyed by both wargamers and "general" gamers alike. BATTLE is one of the best balanced, most flexible, and most unforgiving games on the market. Moveable terrain allows for a virtually infinite number of "battlefield" setups, and "armies" can be organized for six different historical eras. The game depends entirely on player skill, with no dice required to resolve combats.
The game system revolves around the "military units" whose value varies depending on the terrain they occupy and the types of units they face. Deceptively short and simple, the rules cover terrain set ups, movement, combat, army organizations for Modern, American Civil War, Napoleonic, Pike & Shot, Medieval, and Ancient historical periods, hidden units and scouting, and play-by-mail or phone to provide a game of endless flexibility and fascination."

1979 ... YAQ 0307

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The BeastLord: A Game of Wizardry & Warfare [BOX SET]
CONTENTS: Rules Booklet * Two 21" x 27" mapboards * 2 chartsheets * 640 counters (172 yellow; 160 blue; 147 green; 129 red; 32 white) * counter tray * 4 Counter Set-up Sheets.

"The BeastLord is a game of near hidden movement through the use of dummy counters burying players in the fog of war and raising the art of bullying, bluffing and threatening to new heights. Combat is savage, lethal and quick though players who are reluctant to fight, or who stare disaster in the face may attempt to withdraw to fight another day. Threat of ambush slows the cautious in a game where speed and decision in movement are all important. But it also severely punishes the rash. Assassins lurk in the shadows. Spys gather information and plot their dastardly deeds. And around and through it all magicians strive to protect and guide their own, to confuse and destroy their enemies."

1979 ... YAQ 0618

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Pickett's Charge: A Game of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863 [BOX SET]
" Detailed tactical interaction formations, positions, and unit types.
Command Control rules.
Detailed morale rules.
Three sizes of unit counters.
Numerous scenarios.

Components: The boxed game components include a 21 1/2" by 27 1/2" mapboard of thick card stock, a complete rulebook with scenarios, over 400 die cut unit counters, strength and morale sheet pad, game table cards, entry and set up cards, two dice, and a sturdy compartmented plastic unit storage tray."

1980 ... S. Craig Taylor ... Yaquinto 1613

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Beachhead: A Game of Island Invasions in the South Pacific, 1942-1944
"Beachhead is a fast and furious tactical level simulation of combat on a South Pacific island in WWII. The varied unit types and, weapons include infantry, machine gun, mortar, howitzer, tank, flame-throwing-tank, rangers, flame-thrower armed assault engineers, heavy bunkers armed with 3" and 6" naval guns, machine gun emplacements, entrenchments, landing craft, 6", 8" and 14" naval bombardment, and aircraft armed with bombs, rockets, or napalm. The game includes rules that cover inverted Japanese set up that precludes knowledge of Japanese unit location or the effects of bombardment until the landing craft are committed, fields of fire, machine gun fire-lanes, Japanese "rain of death" mortar fire, smoke, pinned units, infantry close assault, defense values based on moving and non-moving status varying with terrain, line of sight and ranging fire, Banzai charges, shell scatter, and much more. Players must learn close support small unit tactics to win because for the loser there are only two options . . . Death or the Sea."

1980 ... Michael S. Matheny ... YAQ 2005

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United Nations: A Game of World Domination in Our Time [Album Game]
"COMPONENTS: The game includes a colorful playing board mounted on the inside of the cover, 240 die cut playing pieces, a sheet of game money, complete rules of play including a Basic and an Advanced version, resealable plastic storage bags, and a liner box for component storage.

A game for all ages... UNITED NATIONS catapults YOU into the tense world of negotiations, diplomacy, and treaties as you send arms and economic aid to Third World nations. The clouds of guerrilla or conventional war constantly threaten to upset your web of influence in the developing nations. In the end, though, it's prestige, not naked force, that wins the game. Easily learned, UNITED NATIONS nevertheless allows for subtle, complex strategies as three or four players try to build the world prestige. Players convene Security Council or General Assembly meetings to debate, then vote on sanctions against evil aggressors in the group."

1982 ... J. Michael Hemphill & J. Stephen (Steve) Peek ... YAQ 2606

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Hero: A Game of Adventure in the Catacombs (Album Game Series)
CONTENTS: Rules Booklet * 1 chartsheet (Hero Set-up Sheets) * 182 counters (including 52 "dots") * mapboard (inside album cover).

"Hero is a wild, no holds barred man-to-man (or beast) game on two levels. Players control their own Hero in their portion of the maze as well as monsters in their opponents portion. Each Hero is composed of several categories: Intelligence, Physical Appearance, Class, Strength, Luck, Hits, and Weapons Proficiency. Each of these must be determined by the player from a fixed number of points. To make a Hero super-strong will mean that some other category must suffer (super-strong and a lackwit?). Monsters include such loathesome creatures as trolls, ogres, zombies, goblins, lycanthropes, men, and the horribly alluring succubus. Each has an offensive potential as well as a defensive capability based on the type of creature vs. the Hero's weapon and how mightily he wields it. Your Hero must avoid traps, slaughter monsters, gather gold, and make it to the end of the labyrinth to win the hand of the stunning, voluptuous daughter of the most powerful wizard in the land. If the Hero does not there are always other challenges, unless he has become a Dead Hero."

1980 ... YAQ 2305

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Demon's Run: A Game of the Starcup Challenge Racing Series [BOX SET]
"Components: The game components include a 12"x24" mapboard mounted on the inside of the album jacket, one ship set up sheet showing the operation functions of the four ships used In the game, a sheet of die-cut playing pieces, and two resealable plastic bags for sorting and storing the playing pieces.

DEMON'S RUN is a simulation of the most demanding and deadly race in the Starcup Challenge Racing Series. A course constructed in a savage area of turbulent space studded with rotating black holes, fluctuating intense radiation zones, space-time disruption fields, and randomly moving hunter-killer mines will test your piloting sklill and courage to the fullest. Set within this field are a series of Buoys that must be recovered to score victory points. Some of the Buoys are in fixed positions, others move randomly. The most valuable of all are the Astarath, Bellar, and Lucifer Buoys which are locked in a tight orbit through the intense radiation zones surrounding the monsterous Hell2 and Hell3 black holes. Players must design their ships maximum function levels in each category of ship operation and must pilot the ship through the treacherous course in the quest of Buoys, Players must always be aware of the course obstacles, the positions, of the other racers, and the remaining fuel supply of their ship. DEMON'S RUN is a game that is played in a delicate balance between success and disaster. It is not some simple couple of hundred laps around an oval track. DEMON'S RUN is a wide eyed, full power leap into the mouth of hell."

1981 ... Michael S. Matheny ... YAQ 3006

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The Roaring 20's: A Game of Gangsters [Album Game]

"Players seek victory by accumulating the most wealth. Each mobster player receives money from his speakeasy and attempts to pull big jobs, hijack other players' loot and send out "hit men" to even up old scores. As the police commissioner, players' have to stop crime as thrilling high speed chases find mobsters using second cars to run through police road blocks and "choppers" to knock police cars out of the chase. Or, the police commissioner can turn "crooked" and take bribes and make deals with the mobster players."

1981 YAQ 3208

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Adventurer: A Game of Man to Man Brawling in the Far Future (Album Game Series)
CONTENTS: Rules Booklet * 3 chartsheets * 101 counters * mapboard (inside album cover).

"ADVENTURER is a game of man-to-man (or man-to-alien, or alien-to-alien, or whatever) brawling and combat In the far future. A companion game to our earlier SWASHBUCKLER game, ADVENTURER has humans and exotic aliens enjoying a quiet evening at their favorite watering hole or firmly persuading an uncooperative crew to surrender their spaceship. Seven adventurous races with differing characteristics and abilities. Shoved tables, toppled shelves, thrown chairs and liquid containers. Flailing fists and tentacles. Deadly bolts of blaster fire. Deft dagger strokes or the deadly slashing of energy swords. ADVENTURER is all this and more, with an easy to learn and use fast-moving simultaneous game system that allows players to board spaceships and wreck bars, with victory going to the most skillful and devious player."

1981 ... YAQ 3807

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Pirates and Plunder

See also:
Skull and Crossbones

Pirates and Plunder: A Role Playing Game of the Golden Age of Piracy [BOX SET]
CONTENTS: "PIRATES & PLUNDER comes complete with two dice, and three booklets [Basic Game, 44 pages, YAQ 4401 * Advanced Game, 52 pages, YAQ 4402 * Adventures, 40 pages, YAQ 4403] containing all of the rules necessary to play the game, copious tips and helpers for Game Masters, and individual adventures so thoroughly written that a novice Game Master can tackle the most elaborate adventure with little or no difficulty."

DESCRIPTION: "PIRATES & PLUNDER is a totally new role playing; game from Yaquinto that introduces you to the awesome world of the Golden Age Of Piracy, an age of hard men and harsh conditions in which only the toughest or smartest would survive and only the cream of these could hope to prosper. This is an RPG that gives adventure and action by the double handful because it is about pirates, their times, and their lifestyles. You can't find a topic with more concentrated doses of pure
PIRATES & PLUNDER offers you the unique opportunity to be a staunch and loyal pirate for the Queen, a swashbuckling buccaneer seeking personal glory and fame, or a degenerate scoundrel out for a rowdy time. But more than anything, you are in it for the booty mountainous, glittering heaps of it. Bags of gold and silver dust, plates, bars, coins, silverware, table-settings, altar pieces . . . but all that glitters is not gold. Bags of emeralds, rubies, diamonds, pearls, magnificently wrought jewelry and many more exotic treasures arc yours for the taking. PIRATES & PLUNDER gives you the chance for a shot at the gold. You will undertake the dangers and deprivations of sea voyages and shipboard life, the taking of a fat galleon in a savage hand-to-hand melee, the sacking of a rich Spanish town and the taking of captives to be held for ransom ... or amusement. Trudge through dank and deadly jungles to ambush a mule train laden with riches and otherwise accumulate wealth and glory in a world where such things have real value.
After a long and prosperous cruise your shin heads for home, to Port Royal, called even in its own time the most depraved port in the world. The perfect place for pirate R&R. It might be a bit short on rest, but a great place for recreation what with rivers of flowing rum, friendly tavern-trashing brawls, duels, bouts of frenzied gambling, the revealing attractions of the slave market, besotted reveling and boisterous carousing with warm hearted wenches, and soul stirring events such as the Marriage Feast Of Jack The Peg (you have to be there to believe it)."

1982 ... Michael S. Matheny ... YAQ 4406

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