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Justifiers - Humanoid RPG

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Justifiers RPG
"You're a "Beta",
a Beta Class Humanoid Lifeform.

Part human and part animal. The property of the Corporation that spawned you.
Your job: Justification and Pacification of new worlds. Find exploitable resources and eliminate dangerous indigenous lifeforms.
Your goal: SURVIVE! Stay alive until you can buy your way to freedom. Till then your one of the... Justifiers."

1988 ... 128 pages ... StarChilde 001 ... ISBN 1878711008

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Cold as Ice
This book and Poseidon both have "Stock #002" on the cover.

"THE GHOST MESSAGE: The message is cut again, this time when the Beta returns he looks and sounds panicked. "Power cut again. We've gotten out of range, but we can't restart thrusters... Port sensors read a shuttle sized mass about to broadside us... Weapons are malfunctioning! We'regoingtodie!
"There is an armed and hostile entity on Thyrm... Repeat: There is an armed and hos...""

1989 ... 84 pages ... SCP 002

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"'Water, Water Everywhere...'
The oceans of Poseidon hold many dark secrets. Only through courage and cunning will these secrets be revealed.
Those who succeed will find great power within their grasp.
Those who fail...
...will find a watery grave within the crushing jaws of the perfect killing machine!"

1990 ... 64 pages ... StarChilde 002 ... ISBN 1878711040

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Corporate Sourcebook
"They're the most powerful organizations
in the galaxy...
... and they own you!
Learn more about the Corps, more background, more detail, complete listings of all colony worlds. In addition there are new Corp Military, Corp Law Enforcement, and Corp Espionage Career Classes. As well as New equipment and vehicles reserved for the Corporate Military."

1989 ... 94 pages ... StarChilde 004

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The Tower
"More than a Mile Tall...

Babylon's single continent is a wind-swept plain. Here dwell dragons and mammoth spiders... and a dozen other creatures to devour and destroy... and if you survive Babylon, there's still...

The Tower."

1989 ... 70 pages ... StarChilde 009

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The Insidious Campaign
"DX-1191... 'Hell' to the unfortunates who call it home.

The temperature on the surface can boil your blood in 30 seconds... if the pressure or poisonous atmosphere doesn't kill you first.

It's the planet no one wanted...

It's the planet Legion rules!"

1990 ... 56 pages ... StarChilde 011 ... ISBN 1878711067

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The CyberMedTech SourceBook
"2316 : A New “Big Nine” Corporation bursts on the scene.

Within a year they have revolutionized cybernetics and bionics, and created a whole new industry... Medical Mercenary. Offering their field medical services to the highest bidders...
But this corp has a secret... a devastating secret... and if it gets out it could mean the end of CyberMedTech and all they have built!

This SourceBook for the Justifiers RPG includes a complete catalogue of new cyberware, rules for advanced cybernetics, rules on operating your own Corp, and background on one of the strangest and most enigmatic Corps ever!"

1990 ... 70 pages ... SCP ??

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Aborigine Sourcebook
"We live amongst them ... but how little do we know them.

They are the aboriginal inhabitants of the Corp colony worlds, the original inhabitants.
Some have assimilated to Corp society, in other cases they wage unending war with it.
Some say they have special powers... some call it magic.

This SourceBook introduces new and daring concepts to the Justifiers RPG gamer. It gives players their first opportunity to play alien races and includes a complete and innovative magic system."

1991 ... 86 pages ... DTE 013 ... ISBN 1878711164

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Hybrid Sourcebook
"They are impossible creatures... Their very existence violates the law of nature... Yet they do exist and they walk amongst us.
Neos, Gammas, and, strangest of all, the Mutts. They are the offspring of unlikely matings between different species of Beta. They combine aspects of their parentage, with elements of humanity.
The Hybrid SourceBook includes new rules for, creating and playing Beta cross-breeds, as well as background on Beta culture and the leaders of Beta society and alien animal Betas."

1991 ... 72 pages ... DTE 019 ... ISBN 1878711156

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The Silent Corp SourceBook
"They have all the power (financial and military) of any other Corp, yet they have no single homeworld, no single director, and the general populace knows nothing of their existance. They are the Silent Corp... a collection of "families" who control virtually all interstellar crime."

1991 ... 68 pages ... DTE 021 ... ISBN 1878711148

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Justifiers RPG [BOX SET]
"It’s a cold, harsh universe out there...
Wearing one of its many faces, death often seems your only companion as you explore the desolate landscapes of some strange, new world. Without warning, some unspeakable alien terror swoops down on you. You only have time to think, "This isn't how I want to die!"
What you do next will determine success or failure, life or death. Will you become just another name stricken from the corporations duty roster? Or will you beat the odds and make it back alive... just in time for your next mission?

In the JUSTIFIERS RPG, a universe of adventure awaits you. Play a BETA-HUMANOID, ABORIGINAL, or HYBRID character, working for one of the interstellar Mega-Corps, or as an independent contractor. Using hi-tech weaponry, powered armor and mechanized armored vehicles, explore new worlds and make them ready for colonization and exploitation as a JUSTIFIER. You could be blessed with special psionic or mutant abilities or possess an understanding of the most powerful force of all... MAGIC!

- POSEIDON Adventure
- Bonus Adventure
- JUSTIFIERS RPG Color Poster"

1992 ... Dark Tower Enterprises (DTE) 1001

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"The Earth Invaded... Mankind Enslaved... The World in Darkness.
Domination: Role Playing in a shattered world!"

1989 ... Blaine Pardoe ... 100 pages ... StarChilde 006

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Domination: Sabot & Laser
"In 1961 mankind struck out into space... In 1992 space struck back!

Discover... or Re-discover... Table-top Wargaming. Play out the critical campaigns of mankind's most desperate war. On the one side the superior technology of the Kalotian Empire...on the other, men and women who know too well that the fate of the Earth rests with them... and only them.
With a complete role playing interface for Domination."

1989 ... Blaine Pardoe ... 72 pages ... Starchilde #007

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Guardians: The Game of Heroic High Adventure [BOX SET]
"GUARDIANS RPG is quite unlike any superhero role playing game currently on the market. Using the same basic rules as JUSTIFIERS RPG, it is an easy-to-play percentile based gaming system. Both player and gamemaster are given plenty of opportunity to tailor characters they will enjoy gaming. Getting back to its comic book roots, Guardians has an established continuity, or history, which is presented throughout the game as comic art sequence. You can set your campaigns anywhere (or at any time) in the Guardians timeline, and the mechanics are such that they can be used for almost any genre of role playing. Comic art sequences are also used in adventure scenarios to give the GM an additional tool; instead of describing a scene, the GM can now show it.
1 - GUARDIANS RPG main game book
1 - FREEDOM UNION Adventure Companion
1 - Pad of Guardians Character Sheets (50)"

1992 ... DTE 1003

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