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Lankhmar - Roleplaying in Fritz Leiber's Nehwon

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The Fiction: Fafhrd & The Gray Mouser Series



Fritz Leiber's Nehwon setting is richly detailed in this series of accessories. The city of Lankhmar especially benefits from this treatment. Maps, buildings, famous personages (more than Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser), and all new stories to tell. Fans -- even non-gamers -- will find these books fascinating.

The New Adventures of Fafhrd and Gray Mouser
* Player's Guide (32 pages - 1144xxx1501)
* DM's Guide (color cover, 96 pages)
* Nehwon Nights adventure (64 pages - 1144xxx1503)
* Double-sided Nehwon/Lankhmar color map (1144xxx0701)
* Cardstock 2-panel charts (1144xxx1401)


"LANKHMAR - city of thieves, city of adventure. Home to FAFHRD and the GRAY MOUSER, the greatest adventurers in the world of Newhon.

"Fritz Leiber's classic characters and world spring to life in this stand-alone role-playing game. Featuring a streamlined set of rules that were designed expressly for LANKHMAR adventures, yet are fully compatible with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game, this boxed set lets two or more players invent their own tales of high adventure in the winding, shadowy streets of Lankhmar..."

1996 ... Shane Lacy Hensley ... TSR 1144 ... ISBN 0786904178

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Lankhmar: City of Adventure (1st edition)
"LANKHMAR...city of thieves, city of the night, city of adventure. Home of Fritz Leiber's famous heroes, FAFHRD™ and the GRAY MOUSER™; greatest adventurers in the world of Nehwon. The city of Lankhmar springs to life as an exciting Setting for the AD&D® game.
Visit the fabled Rainbow Palace, stroll the surly streets of the old town, haggle at the market place or risk the winding maze of the Tenderloin, From the wharves and shipyards to the dark sewers of this mighty metropolis,. LANKHMAR takes you on a full tour.
Also included are many encounters in LANKHMAR and adaptations of the adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Its unique approach makes LANKHMAR a living, changing city.
Leave the dungeons and wilderness and step into a new world of intrigue and adventure. Enter the city of LANKHMAR; if you're lucky, you'll get out alive."

1985 ... Bruce Nesmith + Douglas Niles + Ken Rolston + Jeff Easley (art) ... 96 pages + map booklet + color fold-out map ... TSR 9162 ... ISBN 0880382473

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Lankhmar: City of Adventure (2nd edition)
Update for 2nd edition AD&D. -W

"LANKHMAR… city of thieves, city of the night, city of adventure. Home of Fritz Leiber's famous heroes, FAFHRD and the GRAY MOUSER, the greatest adventurers in the world of Nehwon. The city of Lankhmar springs to life as an exciting setting for the AD&D 2nd Edition game.
Visit the fabled Rainbow Palace, stroll the surly streets of the old town, haggle at the marketplace, or risk the winding maze of the Tenderloin. From the wharves and shipyards to the dark sewers of this mighty metropolis, LANKHMAR: CITY OF ADVENTURE takes you on a full tour.
This sourcebook goes beyond NPCs and locations to include details on the cults and deities of Nehwon, its monsters and unusual races, even its unique wizards and magic. All are explained in clear, AD&D 2nd Edition formats.
Step into a new world of intrigue and adventure. Enter the city of Lankhmar, where the lucky and the nimble prosper."

1993 ... 160 pages + fold-out map ... ISBN 1560766581

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Swords of the Undercity (CA1)
"The adventure is divided into three scenarios, The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi by Carl Smith, The Web of Mog by Bruce Nesmith, and Claws of the Shree-kah by Douglas Niles. Each is playable separately within one evening session of gaming, or as a whole, in one single adventure.

During the first scenario, The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi, the party acquires a treasure map and eventually sets out on an expedition to recover the forgotten treasure. This scenario includes the journey through the Sinking Lands to the Treasure House of Urgaan of Angarngi, and the destruction of Urgaan's Mad Tower.

Upon beginning the second scenario, The Web of Mog, the characters return from the Sinking Lands to their favorite location, the Silver Eel, where their drink is drugged and their treasure stolen. The party must recover it once again, and be confronted by hostile factions also interested in the treasure.

Then Claws of the Shree-kah, the third scenario of this adventure, unveils the horrors lurking in the sewers below Lankhmar, and the secret of the Leviathans."

1985 ... Carl Smith & Bruce Nesmith & Doug Niles ... 32 pages ... TSR 9150 ... ISBN 088038235X

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Swords of Deceit (CA2)
"In the dead of the night, a ghastly fog shrouds the deserted streets. Doors are locked, windows shuttered, as a deathly silence haunts the shadows. Almost all of Lankhmar's citizens cower in their homes. Tonight the streets and alleys of Lankhmar belong to the ancient gods - this is the Night of Fear.
Whose life will be lost this night - a lonely wench abandoned in the street? Perhaps a young noblewoman betrayed by her family?
You can find out, as you venture into the dark and winding streets of Lankhmar. But beware, eyes are already watching you."

1986 ... Stephen Bourne & Michael Dobson & Steve Mecca & Ken Rolston ... 40 pages + poster map of Lankhmar's sewer network ... TSR 9170 ... ISBN 0880382767

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Wonders of Lankhmar (LNR1)
"...Within these pages are dozens of short adventures perfect for an afternoon's or evening's enjoyment. Your characters may be hired to protect the Overlord from assassination. They might choose to take positions as caravan guards on a dangerous passage through a crocodile-infested swamp. Or, perhaps they'd prefer a quiet night on the town. (They might well prefer it; the question is, can they find it?)..."

1990 ... Dale "Slade" Henson ... 96 pages ... TSR 9295 ... ISBN 0880388706

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Tales of Lankhmar (LNR2)
"Come to the streets of adventure in the fabled City of Lankhmar! From the alerooms of the Silver Eel (premiered in striking detail), to sewers of Lankhmar Below (the rats revisited); no one knows what will happen next in this celebrated capital of fantasy adventuring.

Hire on, in 'A Cask of Trouble,' to guard a wine-tasting from the vengeful Vintner's Guild. Dare, if you will, 'The Red God's Curse,' in which little is as it seems. Aid the wizards Sheelba of the Eyeless Face and Ningauble of the Seven Eyes at an era's end, 'When Walks the Wyrm.' Undertake an expedition of inquiry for the Lankhmar Society of Sages to 'The Land of the Pale Ones.' Learn if the Thieves' Guild really has a hand in 'The House of Mazes.'

Beware strange priests and darkest alleys, lest you meet 'A New God.' Finally, no anthology of Lankhmar would be complete without a trip to its maze-like sewers, wherein rages 'War in Lankhmar Below' (a follow-up to the adventure 'Return of the Rats,' from CA2, Swords of Deceit).

The latest 64-page LANKHMAR anthology contains seven original adventures for a party of four to eight characters, levels 3 to 10."

1991 ... Anthony Pryor ... 64 pages ... TSR 9329 ... ISBN 1560761350

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Thieves of Lankhmar (LNA1)
The title page has a misprint, the Forgotten Realms logo on a Lankhmar product.


"Thieves of Lakhmar is a companion volume to the AD&D game accessory, Lankhmar, City of Adventure and further enhances the exciting, dark, and dangerous setting of that Nehwonian city. Thieves of Lakhmar is the definitive sourcebook for any and all who are interested in the Thieves' Guild, perhaps the most powerful single guild or organization in Lankhmar. Existing knowledge on every aspect of the Thieves' Guild (its operations, principal officers, members, history, hidden agendas, the famed Thieves' House) as well as pertinent information on the guild's principal nemeses in Lankhmar is contained in these pages. Additional data on Lankhmart government and justice and settings for further adventures in the City of the Black Toga are here also. Indeed, this tome is a wealth of information for any who earn their livings in Lankhmar by "procuring" others' wealth - and for those who may cross or fight them."

1990 ... Nigel Findley ... 96 pages ... TSR 9276 ... ISBN 0880388250

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Nehwon (LNA2)
"It is the year of the Zodac-no-Kara, the year of the wizards' champions. Once every 140 years, the search for grand and glorious magical items is called, and adventurers from far and wide convene to participate in the hunt. This year, though...this year is even more exciting than the last.
Newhon's already-sparse magic is being leached from the land itself. Powerful magical items are being misused, and Aarth has called for the bravest and most daring adventurers to collect these items and return them to him for safe-keeping. Those who accept this quest will travel from one end of Newhon to the other, and even beyond, into the realm of Shadowland. They will be tested by cold, heat, water, and ice. Their rewards will be great - should they survive to collect."

1990 ... Blake Mobley ... 96 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9305 ... ISBN 0880388900

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Prince of Lankhmar (LNA3)
"Your party is sent on a relatively easy mission: Escort the Prince of Lankhmar home from his school in Ilthmar. Naturally, the simplicity of the mission does not last for long. The prince is kidnapped and held for ransom! What began as a bread and butter request quickly turns into life and death for the prince - and the party! Who is the mysterious kidnapper, and what motive does he have other than material gains? Beware this Darkwolf, for he might be more than he seems. Do not be fooled, adventurers, into thinking you can easily keep your promise to return the Prince of Lankhmar!"

1991 ... Dale "Slade" Henson ... 64 pages + 3-panel cover + fold-out map ("Castle Darkwolf") ... TSR 9318 ... ISBN 1560760729

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Slayers of Lankhmar (LNQ1)
"The Merchant Consortium's guild master has been murdered. The Slayers' Brotherhood, the constabulary, sanctioned private ventures, and the Lankhmart Army mobilize to find the killer, but they soon realize he is no average person. Intelligent, cunning, sly, and brutal, he may be the most diabolical murderer in Lankhmar's criminal history.
This adventure features new weapons, new proficiencies, a detailed map of a portion of the Hlal Forest, and 64 pages of unforgettable mayhem guaranteed to keep player characters on their toes."

1992 ... 60 pages ... TSR 9371 ... ISBN 1560763736

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Rogues in Lankhmar
"Looking to match steel and strength with the Black Knight, a forbidding armored figure new to Lankhmar? He's in here. Need to find out about the Vermin Catchers or the crafty Beggars' Guild? Look inside for all the information you'll need to catch them. Are you looking for new thrills for your City of Lankhmar campaign? If so, this is the book for you.

"Rogues in Lankhmar is the first of a series of supplements that expand the information on the city of Lankhmar. This initial product covers the Plaza and Tenderloin Districts, a favorite place for FAFHRD and the GREY MOUSER in the city and an area notorious for tavern brawls, back street thievery, and all sorts of excitement and danger. Rogues in Lankhmar provides Dungeon Masters with new places detailed and ready for adventure, new guilds and groups vying for power in Lankhmar's shadowed streets, and many new nonplayer characters for allies and enemies galore."

1994 ... Wes Nicholson ... 64 pages + poster map ("Plaza and Tenderloin Districts") ... TSR 9461 ... ISBN 1560769076

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Cutthroats of Lankhmar
Comes with huge single side map of Cash, Festival, Mercantile, Park, and River Districts.

"Not all the rogues in tht city of Lankhmar are found in the Thieves Quarter. Some of the nastiest scoundrels are bankers, merchants and craftsment. Discover the true cutthroats of free enterprise and the backstabbing business practices in the City of Adventure.

Cutthroats of Lankhmar is the second in a series of three gazetteers focusing on different sections of that most famous City of Thieves: LANKHMAR. Set in Fritz Leiber's NEHWON, the ofttimes home of FAFHRD and the GREY MOUSER and the site of their many heralded exploits, Cutthroats describes in vibrant detail the Mercantile, Festival, Park, Cash and southern River Districts of the City of the Black Toga.

This gazetteer not only provides information about the denizens of Nehwon's most important city, it also features dozens of springboards for adventures that span every level of Lankhmart society from the nobility to the dregs.

Learn all about the gangs, guilds, fences, ships, merchants, and bars in the southwestern portion of Lankhmar. You may never look at the city of Lankhmar the same way again."

1995 ... "Uncle" Wes Nicholson ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9470 ... ISBN 0786901039

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Avengers in Lankhmar
This module comes with a nifty single-side poster map, half a Player's Map of the city, and half a DM's map of the city. Buildings are color-coded to indicate building height, something not often seen on RPG maps.


WHEREAS G. Gildeket, Guildmaster of the Merchants’ Consortium, was murdered in her home on the 13th day of June, 695, by one Elad Edals, said Edals being described as six feet in height, 31 years of age, with light complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, and a violent disposition; and
WHEREAS said Edals, having fled the scene of his crime, eluded a manhunt in the Hlal Forest, causing more wrongful deaths the process, and now remains a fugitive at large; and
WHEREAS said Edals has aggressively stated his intent to return to Lankhmar and murder M. Kollinar, who now holds the seat of Guildmaster of the Merchants’ Consortium;
THEREFORE, know ye, that I, Orion Kistomerces, Overlord of the City of Lankhmar, in pursuance of law, do hereby offer a reward of FIFTEEN THOUSAND GOLD RILKS for the arrest and conviction of said ELAD EDALS, for crimes above named.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name, and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the City.
Done at the Citadel of the Overlord, this day of the TURTLE in the month of the LION in the year of the BEHEMOTH.
-Orion Kistomerces"

1995 ... slade ... 56 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9481 ... ISBN 0786901608

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The Fiction: Fafhrd & The Gray Mouser Series

Swords And Deviltry
the two greatest heroes in the annals of fantasy meet for the first time.
Here is the beginning of the legendary epic that has become a classic of fantasy adventure. At first, they seemed an unlikely pair: Fafhrd, the white-robed princeling of the barbaric cold waste; the Gray Mouser, a wizardling suspended between magic white and black.
Little did they realize, as they suspiciously eyed each other that night in murky Lankhmar, that they were two long-sundered, matching halves of a greater hero-that they would becomrades through a thousand quests and a hundred lifetimes of adventures, with their SWORDS AND DEVILTRY."

1981(?) ... Fritz Leiber ... Ace Books ... 254 pages ... ISBN 044179176X

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Swords Against Death
two formidable young heroes embark on a quest to forget their sorrows, and make the acquaintance of two equally formidable old wizards.
When Fafhrd the Barbarian and the Gray Mouser, the two greatest adventurers who ever lived, lose their first loves to all-conquering Death, their lives seem futile and empty -- until they set forth on a quest that leads them through unknown continents to fabulous treasure, deadly swordsmen and cunning wizards; a quest in which they must steal: a skull, a small house, the eye of a vengeful idol... and the mask of the greatest thief of all, Death himself, in SWORDS AGAINST DEATH."

1981(?) ... 251 pages ... ISBN 0441791565

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Swords in the Mist
the two greatest swordsmen in Lankhmar try out a new way of life, but give it up in favor of the lure of the sea and an Adept's Gambit.
The lives of adventurers and soldiers-of-fortune often take strange and hazardous turns, leading them into perilous sea voyages, contests with scheming sorcerers, and encounters with desirable enchantresses.
But no one could have predicted the path that was to fake Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser from the back alleys of Lankhmar to weird adventures along the coasts of Nehwon's Inner Sea (and under it); across harsh deserts and cold mountains, to a tomb with a dreadful secret and the most taxing sword fight in the Gray Mouser's duel-starred life, and the end of the quest for the Castle Called Mist, in the trial of their SWORDS IN THE MIST."

1981(?) ... 190 pages ... ISBN 0441791859

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Swords Against Wizardry
a city thief and an expatriate barbarian venture to climb an unclimbable mountain and penetrate an unfathomable kingdom.
In the for northern wastes of Nehwon stands the unscalable mountain peak called Stardock. It is said that one may find demons and gods at its heights- not to mention fabulous treasure. Despite the harrowing danger, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are interested-especially when the Snow King's daughters make an appearance...
But even star jewels don't last forever. Soon the heroes must take on a new adventure, this time in the terror-filled kingdom of Quarmall, where sorcery and intrigue mix only too well, and the adventurers learn that often the end of a quest lies not in treasure, but in treachery, particularly when pitting SWORDS AGAINST WIZARDRY."

1981(?) ... 188 pages ... ISBN 0441791654

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Swords of Lankhmar
the Mouser chases a worthy rat, and sundry monsters tame each other.
The overlord's chamberlain addressed them as: "Fafhrd the northern barbarian and brawler" and "That mongrel and long-suspected burglar, cut-purse, swindler and assassin, the Gray Mouser"-but they were still the best fighting-men in all Lankhmar, and they could command a handsome fee to guard a Lankhmar ship bearing gifts to a neighboring monarch.
For once, it looked like an easy job, with smooth sailing all the way; but just as the heroes were taking a well-deserved rest, danger struck -- in the form of some angry Mingol raiders, a two-headed sea serpent (and rider), and an army of tiny, implacable warriors. But that was only the beginning of the foes awaiting SWORDS OF LANKHMAR."

1981(?) ... 310 pages ... ISBN 0441792243

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Swords and Ice Magic
the gods, the sea, and Death himself conspire to lure our heroes into the Shadow Lands, but they follow their true mistress, Adventure.
They are the two greatest heroes the world has ever known: rogues and brawlers, to be sure, but also powerful swordsmen of inimitable daring and skill. In the twisted streets of Lankhmar it is said That there is no danger they haven't out-faced, no strange sight they haven't seen.
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser would agree -- until two mysterious ladies entice them on a journey to Rime Isle, a legendary land that proves to be all too real as they confront the treachery of gods and men, and an ancient evil that is nearly their undoing in this their most perilous adventure yet: SWORDS AND ICE MAGIC."

1981(?) ... 243 pages ... ISBN 0441791697

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