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Runequest - 3rd Edition - Avalon Hill

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Issaries: Hero Wars / HeroQuest (post-Runequest Glorantha)

Games Workshop hardcovers


Avalon Hill

What Is the Avalon Hill Deal?

The Avalon Hill Game Company prints and distributes RuneQuest. We do all the writing, editing, and production work. We do what we do best, then plug into AH's facilities and immense distribution network. Thus a better RuneQuest appears in many more stores than before and is available to thousands more players.

When our authors complete a manuscript, our production people edit and mark it with typesetter notes. Then it is sent to AH. There it is typeset, and the galleys are mailed back to us. We at Chaosium assign the interior art, the cover art, and do all the pasteup work. We read the galleys again, marking final corrections on them, and mail those corrections back to AH. They typeset the 'corrections, and return them to us. We send the camera-ready material to AH. They photograph it, and then send us proof copies. We review the proofs, indicate the final, final corrections, then rush the proofs back to AH. They make the printing plates, print, collate, box, and shrink-wrap the product. At last it is sent to the distributors who sell to the stores.
- from
Different Worlds magazine, issue 37 (Nov/Dec 1984)

RuneQuest Deluxe Edition (3rd) [BOX SET]

* PLAYERS BOOK (red cover) — this book contains the core of the RuneQuest rules and, on the last page, a blank adventurer sheet. Photocopy this master to make more adventurer sheets. The chapters Creating an Adventurer and Skills are the most important for players. The Game System chapter discusses general procedures, and the Combat chapter applies these guides to specific combat situations; read the Game System chapter first. The World chapter explains how to deal with natural forces and events.
* MAGIC BOOK (red cover) — the introductory chapter discusses the basics of RuneQuest magic. Carefully read the Three Perspectives section describing the relationship between shamans, priests and sorcerers. The next chapters detail three approaches to magic. The Ritual Magic chapter concerns common magical procedures.
* GAMEMASTER BOOK (gray cover) — the initial chapter examines gamemaster duties, activities, and responsibilities. Following chapters provide encounter tables, treasure suggestions, standards of living, price lists, ship and sailing rules, and other scenario construction aids. The final chapter is The Money Tree, a complete and ready-to-play scenario.
* CREATURES BOOK (gray cover) — the introduction contains important notes on creature limitations. The bulk of the book presents alphabetized creature entries, including habitat, appearance and combat information.
* GLORANTHA BOOK (gray cover) — an example of a 'closed' adventuring world. Use Glorantha as the world for your RuneQuest games, or use fantasy Europe as described in the rules examples and the color map, or create an original world of your own.
* PLAYERS NOTES (no cover) — you are reading the front cover of the Players Notes. Three ready-to-use adventurer sheets appear. Separate these eight pages which have page letters from the eight which have page numbers.
Retain all the numbered pages as an independent booklet. It contains hints for characterizing your adventurer, advice about adventurer teamwork, and summarizes the creation of adventurers. For players of 2nd-edition RuneQuest, we've included instructions for converting old characters into 3rd-edition RuneQuest adventurers. There is also an example showing how an actual game proceeds.
* GAME AIDS (no cover) — excerpts the most useful tables and rules. You must be familiar with the RuneQuest rules to make the best use of this item. The gamemaster master forms stapled in the center are intended to be photocopied.
* FANTASY EUROPE MAP (full-color) — It is easiest to present scenarios when you have a lot of background material, and there is no more plentiful source than actual history. With Fantasy Europe the gamemaster can choose those historical moments of greatest interest to him and mold them into an original story. Use this map during Fantasy Europe-based adventures."

1985 ... AH 857

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Runequest: Player's Box [BOX SET]

CONTENTS: Player's Book; Magic Book; Player's Notes.

1984 ... AH 8571

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Runequest: Gamemaster's Box [BOX SET]
CONTENTS: * Creatures Book * Gamemasters Book * Introduction to Glorantha * Pullouts * Character & Adventure Sheets * Map of Fantasy Europe.

1984 ... AH 8572

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Runequest (3rd/Standard Edition) [BOX SET]
Set includes 56-pg Rules Book; 16-pg Spells Book; Character Sheets.

1986 ... AH 8579 ... ISBN 0911605258

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Runequest (3rd) Deluxe Edition (paperback)
This paperback reprint of the original Deluxe Edition box set contains the 5 booklets and Game Aids. The Fantasy Europe map is not present.

RuneQuest Deluxe Third Edition is a sophisticated/ flexible fantasy roleplaying system of unparalleled realism and detail.

Glorantha is the most elegant, original, and imaginative fantasy roleplaying campaign setting ever designed. Glorantha's detailed cultures, histories, and myths are shaped by gods, heroes, and magic, yet plausible and logically self-consistent.

RuneQuest Deluxe contains the necessary game systems (combat, skills, and magic), comprehensive descriptions of major creatures and races, extensive gamemaster design and staging notes, a scenario, and an introduction to the world of Glorantha."

1993 ... 280 pages ... AH 8570 ... ISBN 1560380829

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Monster Coliseum [BOX SET]

Arena Combat & Chariot Racing for RuneQuest

"Chariot rules include occupational experience tables for charioteers, chariot design procedures, and sample historical chariots —add the thrill of chariot racing to campaigns and recreate classic matches from history or fiction. Players lacking fellow gamers can use the Solo Adventuring instructions to pit adventurers against any of the 180 fully-prepared opponents in the Monster Book or in any other RuneQuest scenario.

Monster Coliseum includes:
• Monster Book — human soldiers & gladiators, non-human & master gladiators, natural animals, supernatural monsters, encounters on-the-road.
• Coliseum Book — coliseum description, arena diagram, net-use rules, charioteer occupations, chariot design, race rules, sample historical chariots, solo adventuring
• Play Aids — coliseum floorplan, rangestick, racetrack sections, chariot and team markers, gamemaster aids, player aids."

1985 ... RQ1 / AH 8573 ... ISBN 1560380802

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Adventurer Sheets: Human [BOX SET]
"This box contains three types of adventurer sheets. The first is intended for use in creating male human adventurers. The second is intended for use in creating Female human adventurers. These forms include a sketch of either a male or a female figure. Players can complete and personalize this sketch to illustrate their adventurer.
There is also a Generic sheet suitable for use in creating either male or female adventurers. This generic sheet can also be used in creating characters of any species that use human-style hit locations.
There are two different adventurer sheet boxes available from The Avalon Hill Game Company for use with the RuneQuest roleplaying game: the Human Adventurer Sheet box and the Nonhuman Adventurer Sheet box."

1985 ... RQ2 / AH 8574 ... ISBN 156038204X

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Adventurer Sheets: Nonhuman [Box Set]

1985 ... RQ3 / AH 8575 ... ISBN ??

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Vikings [BOX SET]

"Vikings includes:
• Players Book — character generation notes, occupations, new skills, viking ships, personal virtues, the family and clan, kinsmen, the thing, social structure, living conditions, customs, norse religion and magic, gods without godar, norse runes.
• Gamemasters Book — viking world view, an adventuring history, Scandinavian creatures, mistaken identities.
• Scenarios Book
• Vikings Digest — collected statistics for typical viking warriors, berserks, and various creatures.
• Play Aids — ship plans, stead diagram, fjord map.
• Adventurer Sheets

The year is 780 A.D...
The homeland was quiet. No strangers or deadly monsters troubled the stead. When Thorgrim Greatmouth asked for volunteers to raid the southlands, many brave warriors responded.
Thorgrim's dragon-prowed longship now sails the stormy seas, his crew plundering many petty kingdoms from mystical Thule to the great Middle Sea. They are all Odin's men, red-handed reavers ranging far and wide across the world, spreading terror and gaining glory, plunder, and fame.

Vikings is a RuneQuest supplement set on Earth. The gamemaster can choose to introduce only historical elements into his Vikings campaign, or he can add the gods, giants and monsters from viking legend to create a fascinating blend of history and myth."

1985 ... RQ 4 / AH 8576

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Gods of Glorantha: 60 Religions for Runequest [BOX SET]

"GODS OF GLORANTHA describes 60 major Gloranthan religions for humans and non-humans, for good guys and bad, for men and women, all from an array of different cultures.
A new short-description format was developed specifically for this supplement. It provides the necessary game information for both the gamemaster and the players to accurately portray worshipers of these religions. The deities included are:
Aldrya ~ Ancestor gods ~ Argan Argar ~ Asrelia ~ Babeester Gor ~ Bagog ~ Chalana Arroy ~ City gods ~ Dendara ~ Donandar ~ Dormal ~ East Isles gods ~ Eiritha ~ Ernalda ~ Etyries ~ Flamal ~ Godunya ~ Gorgorma ~ Grain goddesses ~ Horned Man ~ Humakt ~ Hunter ~ Hykim ~ Path of Immanent Mastery ~ Invisible God ~ Issaries ~ Krarsht ~ Kyger Litor ~ Lhankor Mhy ~ Lodril ~ Lokarnos ~ Magasta ~ Malia ~ Maran Gor ~ Mastakos ~ Mostal ~ Orlanth ~ Pamalt ~ Pocharngo ~ Primal Chaos ~ Red Goddess ~ River gods ~ Seven Mothers ~ Storm Bull ~ Subere ~ Thed ~ Thief gods ~ Trickster ~ Triolina ~ Tsankth ~ Ty Kora Tek ~ Uleria ~ Valind ~ Voria ~ Wachaza ~ Waha ~ Xiola Umbar ~ Yelm ~ Yelmalio ~ Zorak Zoran.

PROSOPAEDIA: in this book hundreds of deities, heroes and heroines are listed, without cult details, to flesh out the pantheons. These notes provide their accomplishments and comment on their inter-relationships.
WHAT THE PRIESTS SAY: this booklet is intended for players. Priests of nine pantheons answer the seven fundamental questions which every initiate asks. Given are views for Dwarf, Eastern, Elf, Lunar, Malkioni, Orlanthi, Pamaltelan, Praxian, and Troll pantheons.
CULTS BOOK: this book contains 60 cult descriptions, including an explanation of the deity, initiate requirements, priest requirements, other offices (if present), and spells. It further provides: • 13 new skills • 11 new spirit spells • 17 new sorcery spells • 193 new divine spells • 13 major pantheons from which the 60 cults are drawn, including worship-distribution maps • Rune lord information • iron and rune-metal notes • acolytes • associate cult status • mythical history of the world, from Pre-Creation to the Hero Wars
GLORANTHAN CALENDAR: a 12-page calendar showing the five Gloranthan seasons and Sacred Time, each with an accompanying illustration. High Holy Days for the 60 religions are noted on the proper days."

1985 ... RQ 5 / AH 8577

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Griffin Island: A Wilderness Campaign for Runequest [BOX SET]

Soldier Port is the first stop at Griffin Island. The town teems with rumors and offers of employment, honest or not. Maugre, a tyrannical foreigner, runs the port with deadly precision, heavily taxing the merchants to secure his personal fortune. From Soldier Port you can explore Griffin Island. With an area equivalent to the whole of England, there's plenty of room to roam. Adventures abound. Journey to the great citadels of Nidik and Surlt, where the odor of civilization mingles with breezy tribal traditions to create an adventure-laden atmosphere. Seek the lost Windsword, a fabled weapon forged to battle chaos. Help free the citadel of Ockless from grim domination by its orc overlords.

Griffin island provides everything you need to run entertaining roleplaying adventures, its wealth of information frees you from hours of creating, describing, and quantifying, and lets you join in the fun of playing. This box contains dozens of detailed scenarios, scenario ideas, plot hooks, incidental encounters, and a variety of detailed characters.
Griffin Island is a complete RuneQuest wilderness campaign, ready-to-play. As a RuneQuest Gateway supplement, use it in your fantasy world wherever you need a remote, unexplored island rarely visited by outsiders and left untouched by the cosmic events of your universe.

Griffin Island is based on Griffin Mountain, published several years ago by Chaosium Inc. for second-edition RuneQuest. Some material has been retained from that previous edition. All background and political material is significantly altered.

• Ancient Map: this is the players' primary source of knowledge. It contains the notes of Aigonus Windsword, an early explorer who circumnavigated the island a hundred years before the adventurers arrived.
• Player Handouts: data to be given to the players at the proper time. The pages of information presented in this manner save the gamemaster hours of preparation time, and quickens the pace of the game session.
• Gamemaster Book: contains both common and secret information necessary for the gamemaster to run the Griffin Island campaign.
• Scenarios Book: contains ten full-length scenarios, innumerable scenario suggestions, and a variety of random encounters which allow the gamemaster and the players to spend hours enjoyably investigating Griffin Island's darkest secrets."

1986 ... Rudy Kraft & Paul Jaquays & Greg Stafford & Sandy Petersen ... RQ 6 / AH 8578

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Land of Ninja [BOX SET]

"The year is 1100 AD...

You are brave samurai — skilled warriors in the employ of Lord Uesigi Toshimichi, You escort his nephew, Tametaka, on a diplomatic mission into unfriendly Suruga province, Controlled by the powerful ShikI clan, Lord Uesigi's foes have long disputed his control of Totomi province.
After several days, while awaiting the return of Tamataka from a meeting with the Shiki lord, you awaken to a soft crash issuing from nearby bushes. A quick search reveals the body of a comrade, one of the Uesigi samurai dead of terrible wounds, fn his outstretched hand, scrawled in his own blood, are blurred characters on a strip of paper: "Treachery. . . Tametaka slain . , . troops . . . Shiki. . ."
You have failed to protect Lord Uesigi's nephew. This is a terrible disgrace and a stain upon your honor. You must decide upon a course of action to clear your name.
• Will you attempt to avenge him? Anyone making such an attempt should be wished better karma in the next life, because a dozen men storming a castle is suicide.
• Do you commit seppuku to atone for the failure? This course expiates your breach of loyalty, but of itself is another breach of loyalty to Lord Uesigi.
• Do you choose the wisest course — warning Lord Uesigi of the Shiki treachery? You must escape the hostile territory and travel back to Uesigi's castle. Even if you succeed, you may still have to commit seppuku to atone for the death of the nephew.
Land of Ninja is a RuneQuest supplement set on Earth. The gamemaster can choose to introduce only historical elements into his Ninja campaign or he can add the gods, spirits, and monsters from Japanese legend to create a fascinating blend of history and myth.

Land of Ninja Includes:
• Players Book — character generation notes, pronunciations, names, occupations, new skills, Japanese ships, notes on Nihon, Samurai society, Ninja, personal virtues, elements of Bushido, Honor, the obligations of Giri, social structure, Irving conditions/ customs, Japanese religion and magic, glossary.
• Gamemasters Book — the Nihonese world, an adventuring history, Ki skills, notes on civilization, creatures, comprehensive reference list.
• Scenarios Book — planning a campaign, suggested campaign, The Hatamoto's Illness.
• Play Aids — map of Nihon, master Nihon character sheet"

1986 ... Bob Charrette & Sandy Petersen ... RQ7 / AH 8584 ... ISBN 0911605339

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Glorantha: Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars [BOX SET]

"ALL ACROSS THE VAST CONTINENT OF GENERTELA, prophets, priests and madmen speak of imminent war, of a new and cataclysmic conflict that will inflame all the lands and threaten all established powers. The leaders in this coming series of wars will be heroes and even demigods, bearing awesome and terrifying magic from beyond the earthly plane. Already the first events of the Hero Wars have come to pass in such lands as Maniria, where the once proud Holy Country has been defeated in battle, its lands and cities isolated or conquered, and its leader, the Pharaoh, lost to the knowledge of men.
In villages, forts and cities of every land in Genertela, brave men and women are preparing themselves for war, and questing for magic to aid in their survival should the prophesied conflicts ensue. This supplement provides a complete background for campaigns set in the first phase of the Hero Wars of Glorantha. All the lands of Genertela are examined, and current events and personalities of importance to the Hero Wars are outlined.

• Glorantha Book: An overview of the most important aspects of the world of Glorantha. The Editor's Introduction takes a look at such points as daily life in Glorantha, and the adventurer's role in this world. The Six Worlds of Glorantha discusses the God Plane and Hero Plane of Glorantha as well as the Inner World where adventures normally occur. The History of Glorantha chapter is the centerpiece of the book, giving a complete history of the world since time began. Also given is an overview of the ways different Gloranthan cultures measure time, and a comprehensive listing of Gloranthan languages.
• Genertela Book: A survey of the ten most important areas of the continent of Genertela. Topics covered for each of these areas include Culture, Language, Military Power, Government. History, People of Importance, Places of Interest, Regional Events, Population Size and Distribution, and Hero Wars-related Prophecies, Events and Personalities. Numerous boxed sections focus on subjects of special interest in the region.
• Players' Book for Genertela: This book is in two parts. The first part presents extensive information on the lives and societies of the four most popular player character cultures. This section gives one of the most detailed and comprehensive looks at the cultures of player characters that has ever been published for a roleplaying game. The second part of the book offers character generation for each region of the continent of Genertela, including nearby islands.
• Map of Genertela: This large, three-color continental map is suitable for use both by players and gamemasters, and shows all points of major importance, including major cities, important kingdoms or regions, topography (shown in detail), and many other features."

1988 ... RQ 8 / AH 8585 ... ISBN 0911605762

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Trollpak: Troll Facts, Secrets and Adventures [BOX SET]

"YOU ARE WARRIOR TROLLS of Dagori Inkarth — huge, fearless, bellowing a mighty battle-cry as you charge the trembling ranks of your enemies with mace in hand. As your foes flee, your thoughts stray to the victory feast planned for midnight. You lick your massive chops at the thought of the tender morsels of elf that will be served. Your two trollkin (the puny, weak-willed creatures that serve you) stop to strip the valuables from fallen opponents as you continue your inexorable advance!
Trollpak is a comprehensive analysis of the Uz, known to humans as trolls. The Uz are one of the major non-human species of the world of Glorantha. The cover of this book shows the imposing size of these fearsome beings of darkness. Almost every aspect of the Uz is examined, from their crude military practices to their redoubtable digestive systems. Trollpak offers a unique opportunity to imaginative gamemasters and players who wish to run believable non-human characters. The trolls of Glorantha are complex beings, not simple monsters. Their ways of life and thought processes are as remarkable as their massive bodies.

Trollpak includes:
* Thunderbreath Gobbleguts Menu — a remarkable Uz artifact, obtained at great cost to life and limb: a menu from one of the notorious, revolting Thunderbreath restaurants. Do you dare look inside to see what foods trolls consider to be delicacies?
* Uz Lore — a compendium of troll secrets from across the ages, filled with maps of great troll campaigns and history, comparisons of troll types, troll biology, and other mysterious lore from the archives of Lhankor Mhy.
* The Book of Uz — a complete book of information for player character trolls and trollkin. Includes troll character generation; troll monsters; a player troll's primer of troll society; an exhaustive analysis of the great troll cult of Kyger Litor; data on the giant centipedes, spiders, and other huge arthropods used by trolls, or fought by them; and a comprehensive encounters and statistics section for troll lands, usable both by troll characters and their enemies.
* The Munchrooms — a full-scale troll combat scenario, equally suitable for new troll player characters or for experienced human characters. The scenario is presented from two different points of view, first from the point of view of the trolls, next from that of rebel trollkin who have courageously defied a troll tribe. The Munchrooms offer a first-hand look at the pathos of the troll/trollkin relationship. The scenario is specifically designed to give new troll or trollkin characters plenty of combat experience, while revealing some of the darker concerns of these fascinating Gloranthan beings.
* Map of Dagori Inkarth — a large, four-color map of one of the most important troll regions of Glorantha, suitable setting for a multitude of adventures or a complete campaign.
* Olag Stonecrusher's Map."

1988 ... RQ9 / AH 8586 ... ISBN 0911605797

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Troll Gods: The Deities of Darkness [BOX SET]

"The Year is 1622 S.T. ...
THE FIRST RUMBLES OF THE HERO WARS can be heard, and a time of change is upon the world of Glorantha. The Uzko, known to humans as trolls, the masters of the night, lords over the wastelands of Glorantha, have remained passive and hidden for centuries. Now they are beginning to stir.

In their wrath, the most daring Uz have begun to call upon all the strange and powerful gods of the darkness. Even the most sinister gods, such as Annilla, feared goddess of the Blue Moon, are rumored to be gaining converts (though no one has yet survived to substantiate such a disturbing rumor).
The trolls will have their revenge on the foolish humans that have so ruthlessly mistreated them since the world changed. The cover of this box shows one form such a revenge will take. A high priestess of Aranea, Mother of Spiders, has visited her pleasure on an unlucky group of human adventurers, who are now wholely or partially transformed into that most favored of creatures, the arachnid. Strangely, some of the adventurers seem less than thrilled with their metamorphosis.

Troll Gods is a Gloranthan supplement for RuneQuest. A companion piece to Trollpak, Troll Gods is the definitive work on the subject of troll deities. Specific contents are:
1. The Troll Cults Book contains comprehensive information on each of the fifteen most widely worshiped Troll Gods. The book contains 79 new spells for RuneQuest, as well as new skills and new monsters, and is profusely illustrated. Several cults appear for the first time in this supplement.
2. Minaryth Purple's Troll Facts #3: the Gods and Magic of the Uzko is a facsimile of a rare original document from the archives of the famous cult of Lhankor Mhy, God of Knowledge. This dangerous document was commissioned at great cost by a member of the Sartar nobility, and reveals many jealously-guarded troll secrets. The noble is reputed to have disappeared soon after receiving the original document, but the facsimiles are available for those who dare to read them. All aspects of the original document have been painstakingly maintained, including the three different styles of penmanship used, and certain other peculiarities as well, of which it is not safe to talk.
3. Glorantha: Primary Troll Regions is a map of the entire world of Glorantha, showing the twelve most populous and influential troll regions. The areas correspond to the character generation areas in Trollpak. so the map is a handy reference for troll character generation."

1988 ... Greg Stafford & Sandy Petersen & William dunn ... RQ10 / AH 8587 ... ISBN 1560380055

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Elder Secrets of Glorantha [BOX SET]

"The year is 1623 S.T...

SINCE THE CREATION OF GLORANTHA, many ancient mysteries have lurked in the heart of the world, hidden from all but the most daring. For more than 16 centuries the bravest adventurer-sages have sought these elder secrets, Now you hold the sum of their knowledge in your hands. Such knowledge is dangerous! Elder Secrets of Glorantha is a compendium of Gloranthan lore covering all the most requested information on this magical world, especially concerning the Elder Races.
The SECRETS BOOK includes: Monsters and Terrors (such as the Crimson Bat), including complete statistics; Unique Mysteries of Glorantha (such as the Egg of Erangalos Karastomabor); Secrets of Dragonkind; full rules and coverage of Magical Crystals and Metals; Inaccessible Lands (such-as Wongarissi, land of the feared slarges); Sky of Glorantha (all important heavenly bodies); Secrets of Gloranthan Weather; Hero Questing.
The ELDER RACES BOOK covers the important Elder Races, including Aldryami ('elves' to the uninitiated), Mostali (dwarfs), Uz (trolls), Broos, Ogres, Jelmre, Tusk Riders, and many more, as well as complete character generation and Previous Experience New RuneQuest religions, such as Cacodemon and the Cult of the Bloody Tusk, are described. Importantly, this book includes 25+ scenario outlines, one or more for each Elder Race. Finally, a detailed MULTI-COLORED MAP shows exact locations for major Elder Races."

1989 ... RQ 11 / AH 8588 ... ISBN 1560380063

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Eldarad: The Lost City

"ELDARAD contains:
• A 54 page book detailing the city and its dwellers,
• A 62 page book on the lands around the city, and several fully detailed adventures.
• A 32 page book of maps for Gamemaster use, and as player handouts.
• An 11x16 game aids card, full of important charts and tables from the text.
• An 11x16 full-color, painted map of the lands around Eldarad.
• A 17x22 full color, painted map of Eldarad.
• Two 8 1/2x11 full-color maps of the Artisan's quarter and the Lost quarter (double-sided).

Now, all that remains of the city builders is a vast, chaos infested ruin, surrounded by rich tombs. Multitudes have come here seeking hidden wealth. Some have succeeded, but most, the failures, settled within the ruin. Over time, these people began a rebuilding in Eldarad. It is now a working ruin, devoid of law and order, where the minions of chaos walk freely in the night, preying on the dregs of society-Yet, still they come, the greedy and the innocent, seeking the tombs of the ancient builders, tombs rich in gold, and the magics of a race, long dead. For all the risks, one good find can make the searcher rich beyond dreams of avarice. The ship leaves tonight for Eldarad. Will you be on it to seek your fortune, or to delve into secrets, old beyond imagination? Decide with care, for the dangers are legion, and the rewards, incredible. GOOD LUCK, AND FAREWELL."

1990 ... 3 booklets + quad-panel cover + 2 11x16 sheets ... AH 8589 ... ISBN 1560380209

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River of Cradles

"River of Cradles is the complete and essential player and gamemaster reference for RuneQuest adventures and campaigns in civilized Prax. Revising and updating essential materials from the classic, out-of-print Gloranthan supplements Cults of Prax, Borderlands, Pavis, and Big Rubble, River of Cradles contains:

Extensive historical and geographical notes on the Zola Pel River Valley of western Prax, including:
• the seaport of Corflu
• the Grantlands and Lunar frontier settlements
• the city of New Pavis
• the Big Rubble

Troubled Waters, an epic adventure sequence for new and low level characters, beginning in the Zola Pel delta and ending beneath the Devil's Playground in the Big Rubble.

Seven expanded cult descriptions for popular player character cults, including:
Orlanth * Lhankor Mhy * Daka Fal * Storm Bull Issaries * Chalana Arroy * Zola Fel"

1992 ... 176 pages + 3 fold-out maps (River of Cradles & New Pavis & Big Rubble) ... AH 8591 ... ISBN 1560380616

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Dorastor: Land of Doom

"DORASTOR: Land of Doom, a Gloranthan campaign supplement for the RuneQuest roleplaying game, features a 128-page booklet, a 16-page insert of references and handouts, and a full-color pullout map. DORASTOR includes historical and geographical notes on Dorastor, a land laid waste ages ago by Arkat the Destoyer. Now, in this fertile, chaos-tainted wilderness, any organism is possible, so long as it is tough and ferocious enough to survive. The Riskland campaign setting provides for a full game year of adventure on the borders of this dangerous land. Details of the Telmori Wolf People and the Spider Folk cultures are also included, along with complete write-ups of the Dorasta and Telmor cults."

1993 ... Sandy Petersen & Ken Rolston & Greg Stafford ... 128 + 16 pages ("Talastar Papers") + map ... AH 8592 ... ISBN 1560380748

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Shadows on the Borderland

"In Chaos and Darkness the seed of corruption germinates, and propels its shoots into the light. In the fertile River of Cradles valley, cradle of civilized Prax, golden fields of barley glow in the sun. But on the Borderland, the frontier between civilization and the arid wastes, the servants of the dark cults hide their works from sight, and hatch the plots that burst forth like worms from the hearts of earth and men. Shadows on the Borderland, a Gloranthan campaign supplement for the RuneQuest roleplaying game, features an 80-page booklet, a 24-page GM Reference Pullout with major NPCs and player handouts, and two full-color pullout maps. In addition to a complete cult description for Thanatar, the Severed God, Shadows on the Borderland contains three scenarios ready for play: • Gaumata's Vision • Dyskund Caverns • A Tale to Tell"

1993 ... Michael Dawson & Ken Rolston & Jon Quaife & Paul Jaquays & Sandy Petersen & Greg Stafford & Martin Crim & Roger Raupp (cover) ... 80 + 24 pages + map ("High Holes Caves") + map ("Dyskund Caverns") + map ("Black Rock Village") ... AH 8594 ... ISBN 1560380624

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Lords of Terror: The Cults of Dorastor
"LORDS OF TERROR is a RuneQuest Gloranthan campaign supplement. Complete cult descriptions of seven chaotic cults (Primal Chaos, Malia, Bagog, Thed, Krjalk, Pocharngo and Krarsht) are illustrated through passages from "The Reminisences of Faulis Longvale," an epic saga of treachery, horror, and heroism in the great war between the Orlanthi and the chaotic minions of Ralzakark, enigmatic sovereign of Dorastor, the Land of Doom. This companion volume to DORASTOR: LAND OF DOOM is an essential reference for all Gloranthan campaigns. Each cult description is accompanied by a major NPC - elaborate, fully-detailed examples of the fertile excesses of chaos worshipers - and several scenario schemes for adapting these grotesque antagonists to your campaign. Savor the unappetizing new rules for disease, tainted spirits, and chaotic features. Now the Servants of Chaos are more noisome and repulsive than ever before! Learn the lurid mysteries of the chaos cults exposed in numerous delicious tracts and testaments - each revealing Secrets That Man Was Not Meant to Know."

1994 ... Greg Stafford & Sandy Petyersen & Stephen Martin ... 96 pages ... AH 8595 ... ISBN 1560380845

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Gloranthan Bestiary: Creatures From Around the World
"THE GLORANTHAN BESTIARY contains more than 60 entries, excerpted from the ancient Compendium of Species. It includes descriptions, game statistics, and innumerable notes for each creature. Additionally, many entries are accompanied by a detailed illustration, and every two-page spread contains a world map showing population distributions of the accompanying entries.
The GLORANTHAN BESTIARY is written for Standard Edition RuneQuest. All materials used from Deluxe Edition are reproduced in this book. Of course, the GLORANTHAN BESTIARY can be used with Deluxe Edition RuneQuest."

1988 ... Sandy Petersen & Greg Stafford ... 48 pages ... AH 85711 ... ISBN 0911605606

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Apple Lane: Save the Hamlet from Scurrilous Scoundrels

APPLE LANE, SARTAR — In a particularly vicious pre-dawn attack, the notorious bandit Whiteye and his trollkin gang raided several farms in the Apple Lane region — without warning or apparent cause.
Whiteye has long been a nuisance to merchants, farmers, and travelers-at-large. Despite previous attempts at his capture, the wily bandit always has eluded Sheriff Dronlan's men, retreating to his secret hideout located among the numerous hills in the region.
The sheriff, vowing "This time, that loathsome troll has gone too far," is assembling a posse, and offers a sizable reward for Whiteye's capture, dead or alive!

APPLE LANE is a book of adventures for the RuneQuest roleplaying game. It contains two adventures (Gringle's Pawnshop and The Rainbow Mounds) written especially with the new RuneQuest gameplayer in mind, though sophisticated enough to enthrall even the most experienced gamer. APPLE LANE includes an 11x17" center-stapled, pull-out floorplan of Gringle's and a pull-out digest of all necessary character and creature game statistics.
APPLE LANE is written for Standard Edition RuneQuest. All materials used from Deluxe Edition are reproduced in this book. Of course, APPLE LANE can be used with Deluxe Edition RuneQuest."

1988 ... Greg Stafford ... 40 pages + stat booklet + fold-out map ... AH 85712 ... ISBN 0911605614

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Snake Pipe Hollow: Venture into the Heart of Chaos
TRADER'S VALLEY, NEAR GLASSWALL — In an incident which bodes ill for Sartar trade and the towns of the Alda-Chur region, a voracious gang of broos apparently attacked a merchant caravan camped beside The River. Sartar patrols report that the wreckage has been located and quarantined, to prevent the spread of the virulent diseases carried by chaos-worshiping broos.
Long-known as a center of chaos activity, Snake Pipe Hollow in recent years has remained relatively quiet — with none of the mass migrations of chaos horrors which earned the Hollow its gruesome reputation.
That peace has ended.

SNAKE PIPE HOLLOW contains one massive adventure designed for experienced RuneQuest players; running tough adventurers (good skills in weapons, and at least one priest in the party). This book includes an 11x17" center-stapled pull-out plan of the Caverns of Snake Pipe Hollow, and a pull-out digest of all necessary character and creature game statistics.

SNAKE PIPE HOLLOW is written for Standard Edition RuneQuest. All materials used from Deluxe Edition are reproduced in this book. Of course, SNAKE PIPE HOLLOW can be used with Deluxe Edition RuneQuest."

1988 ... Greg Stafford & Rudy Kraft ... 56 pages + Snake Pipe Hollow Digest booklet ... AH 85713 ... ISBN 0911605622

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RuneQuest Cities
See Also: Midkemia Press.

"RUNEQUEST CITIES: the natural arenas for fantasy roleplaying adventures, city events are the most interesting, city dungeons the deepest, city biways the darkest, city dangers the most invidious, city activities the most tempting, and city rewards the most fabulous.
A unique guide to urban possibility, RQ CITIES includes clear instructions, more than 60 tables, additional dozens of sub-tables, and many illustrations and silhouettes.
RUNEQUEST CITIES: Entertaining, systematic, indispensible.
• Challenging Encounters
• City Populating Procedures
• Character Catch-Up System
RUNEQUEST CITIES is a book of support tables and utilities for the RuneQuest roleplaying game, • it contains hundreds of random encounters, from tipsy fools to dangerous sorcerers, as adventurers wander through town or city: turn random meetings into the seeds of new, exciting adventures. • A city-populating procedure establishes logical and interesting functions for every building in your town or city. • A character-catchup system accounts for what player-characters do when they are not in play for longish periods; learn what they're up to when you're not around! Adapt it to your campaign situation. • RQ CITIES is tuned to a general urban fantasy background; it can be applied to any-game world."

1988 ... 64 pages ... AH 85714 ... ISBN 0911605681

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Into the Troll Realms
"The Hungry Ones, The Stone-Eaters...
TROLL REALMS: beyond the pale of mankind, other species pursue different destinies. Not the least in power, dignity, and glory are the troll races, whose ways are at once familiar and shocking, and whose very existence tells of a world humans prefer not to know.

A unique introduction to the stern, humor-filled dark trolls, TROLL REALMS includes adventures, encounters, full troll statistics, maps, instructions, special player information, and many new illustrations and silhouettes,

TROLL REALMS: entertaining and provocative.
• Terrorist Trollkin
• Sly Dark Troll Gamblers and Traders
• Trollball Berserkers
• Bizarre Insect Technology

INTO THE TROLL REALMS is a book of adventures for the RuneQuest roleplaying game.
• It contains three longer adventures each playable for one or more evenings, three extended encounters which may be woven into the other adventures, and two teams and the rules for troltball, the ultimate sport for macho champions.
• "Skyfall Lake" features systematic encounters with troll drink (not for the average guy) and presents a tour of and adventures in an important troll outpost.
• "Grubfarm" brings the adventurers to the source of much troll power, a place where giant insects of many kinds are raised and trained.
• "Flying Trollkin" kidnapers subject all the player-characters to a strange and torturous fight."

1988 ... Greg Stafford & Sandy Petersen ... 48 pages ... AH 85715 ... ISBN 0911605789

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Haunted Ruins: A Complete Troll Tribe for Runequest
"THE HAUNTED RUINS is a sourcebook for the RuneQuest fantasy roleplaying game. • It contains a guide to the Sazdorf clan of trolls, complete with descriptions of troll personalities, and extensive guide to their underground palace, and information on the history of the tribe. • This book also includes a guide to Battle Valley, an area of strategic importance in Dragon Pass, detailing the areas where adventures are likely to occur in the valley, as well as a guide to the inhabitants of the valley.
* Statistics and unique personalities for fourteen of the major trolls.
* Extensive maps of the lair
* Complete history
* Family tree
* A multi-color map of Battle Valley"

1989 ... 64 pages + cardstock map ... AH 85716 ... ISBN 1560380144

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Daughters of Darkness: and the Chronicles of Santon
Scenarios and background material based in and around the Autocracy of Menetia. Includes poster map of the Penninsula of Menetia and the city of Santon.

"You may find yourself at odds with the evil Cruella Vulten, the most evil woman in Santon and a "Daughter of Darkness" in her own right. She is prominent in several of the nine adventures presented in this adventure module for RuneQuest. But beware of her influence because many of her known adversaries have vanished into thin air amid whispers of "men in black."
Cruella is just one of many of the fascinating characters awaiting you in Santon. Some will be good, and some will be evil. Some may want you to work for them, and others will try to have you killed. Daughters of Darkness has it all; dangerous expeditions and deadly intrigues, a city of crime and corruption, and the evil denizens of chaos. All this has been prepared to be ready for you to be a part of the action and adventure!
Your saga begins in the city of Santon, with these adventures, in the poorest district on the Menetian peninsula...
* "The Affair of the Ancestral Ring" is the quest to help a woman of a powerful family. The ancestral signet ring of her family has been stolen by Cruella Vullen, who plans to wear it to publicly disgrace the family honor.
* "The Adventure of the Gyvreck Sodality Cult" is begun by an offer of employment. The mission, to uncover the terrible secret hidden in the temple of Gyvreck, the almost forgotten river god. Unfortunately, this task may be more than anyone bargained for.
* "The Adventure of Ilwraith's Cache" is the attempt of a grateful prisoner, freed from the Gyvreck Sodality Temple, to repay his saviors. Ilwraith has a cache hidden in the wilderness, where he had to leave it due to the threatening Shen Barbarians. All he asks is three-fifths of the treasure for himself, and he will make his rescuers extremely wealthy; or will he?
* "The Revenge of Cruella Vullen" is the culmination of the saga as
Cruella proves that "Hell hath no fury..." Hunt sea monsters with Captain Ahab. Meet the cunning and beautiful Rella, the ruler of Reamrha Isle, and mistress of Castle Droma. Battle against great chaos monstrosities. All this as you fly a collision course toward Cruella's terrible vengeance."

1990 ... Tony Hickie & Robert Innes & James Holloway (cover) ... 96 pages + double-sided map ... AH 85717 ... ISBN 1560380268

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Sun County: Runequest Adventures in the Lands of the Sun
"Sun County (Prax) is a small enclave of staunchly independent farmers. Their stubborn ways have resisted nomads, famine and drought for centuries. Strangers are not welcome in the Lands of the Sun, but many are drawn there by the promise of gold, fame, and adventure. Do you dare enter the Sun Dome lands? Sun County is a Gloranthan campaign supplement for the RuneQuest roleplaying game. Sun County contains: • Four scenarios ready for play. • Extensive historical notes on Sun County and its culture. • Profiles of important persons and peoples of the region. • New full description of Yelmalio cult. • Extensive detailed encounter tables. • Personal notes and observations of Jaxarte Whyded, Commissioner of the Imperial Census, on his travels through the land. • Sundry useful and ornamental details of interest to the Gloranthan scholar."

1992 ... 128 pages ... AH 85906 ... ISBN 1560380500

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Strangers in Prax
"A collection of potent non-player characters for use with the RuneQuest Role Playing game. Each including a full adventure and many other adventure ideas. The Lunar Coders: Five honored and feared agents of the Empire, speak with the authority of the Emperor. Even the local governor fears the scutiny of these incorruptible warriors and wizards. The Ancient Mariner: Cursed by the Father of Monster, the Monster Killer is both bane and salvation to the port town's imperiled citizens. The Man of the West: A godless wizard, meldek and soul-eater, Arlaten the Maguz is a civilized sorcerer in a barbarian land, is dreaded and scorned by the superstitious natives as an athestic, soul-eating fiend."

1994 ... 96 pages ... AH 8593061 ... ISBN 1560380829

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Special RuneQuest Package
"Ancient gods grant their mortal followers arcane powers. Chaos cults plot against civilization. Horrific beasts terrorize the land. Prepare for adventure in the worlds of RuneQuestฎ! For a limited time, you can purchase a piece of roleplaying history. Seven great RuneQuestฎ products provide you with endless excitement in worlds of danger and glory!
• RuneQuestฎ Standard Edition — The boxed rules of classic RuneQuestฎ 3rd Edition. Everything you need to start your adventures in the worlds of RuneQuestฎ.
• Shadows on the Borderland — Along the Borderlands there is no peace. Fight dark cults and raiders in this Gloranthan campaign supplement.
• Sun County — For centuries the fierce warriors of this small enclave have resisted all invaders. Can you succeed where others have failed and plunder the riches of Sun County?
• Strangers in Prax —- Three separate campaigns focus on mysterious visitors to the lands of Prax. Are these enigmatic-travelers allies or enemies? Only time will tell.
• Lords of Terror — Take a walk on the dark side with seven new chaotic cults. Complete cult descriptions and scenario themes will satisfy your darkest desires.
• Apple Lane — Whiteye the troll is on the rampage, and only your band of inexperienced adventurers can stop him! Two complete adventures await new RuneQuesters in this introductory book.
• Adventurer Sheets — Three sets of record sheets ready-made for your characters.

This package is crammed with scenarios, evil villains, epic adventures and legendary treasures; all manner of incredible discoveries await you within. But don't hesitate, this limited supply won't last long!

Includes Gamemaster reference pullouts, player handouts, maps, cults, and tons of background material.

A $105.00 value — all for only $24.95"

1995(?) ... AH 8601 ... ISBN 1560382104

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Games Workshop

Runequest (3rd Edition Hardcover)

Note: There are paperback & hardcover versions of this edition. -W

"...RuneQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure - one of the world's most acclaimed roleplaying games. Based on Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying system, Games Workshop presents an up-to-date version of this realistic, detailed and sophisticated game.
This is the game which brought percentage-based skills systems to the forefront, allowing characters to develop unique patterns of skills and expertise. Each Runequest adventurer belongs to a definite culture, and learns the crafts, trades and skills of his forefathers. Each goes on to develop greater talents - including the riches of magic - as they explore an ancient world of dark adventure."

1987 ... 96 pages (hardcover) ... Games Workshop 004616 ... ISBN 1869893050
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1987 ... 96 pages (paperback) ... Games Workshop 004642 ... ISBN 1869893654
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Advanced Runequest

2nd Volume

"With this, the second volume in Games Workshop's series of hardback volumes based on Avalon Hill's Third Edition RuneQuest, players of this original, realistic, detailed and sophisticated game system can take their gaming to new highs. Featured within are additional rules for character backgrounds, special combat situations, spellcasting careers, new spells, creating and running adventures, and sea-borne gaming. And, for starter GMs, a complete and ready-to-play adventure. The Money Tree.
RuneQuest is the game which brought percentage-based skills systems to the forefront, allowing characters to develop unique patterns of expertise. Lastingly popular over more than ten years, RuneQuest represents one of the pinnacles of gaming achievement."

1987 ... 160 pages (hardcover) ... GW 004628 ... ISBN 1869893093

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RuneQuest Monsters

3rd Volume

"95 creatures lie in wait in RuneQuest Monsters, the third in the series of Games Workshop's enormously popular edition of the RuneQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure game. You will find friends and foes; humans, non-humans and not-even-close-to-humans; creatures of lore and myth, and horrific creatures that could only exist in the world of RuneQuest.

Featuring over 120 illustrations, with almost every creature shown - many in full colour - RuneQuest Monsters also has one other important innovation. Many of the creatures are presented not only as a set of rules for the generation of a specific monster, but with an example of the creature ready for play! There are 16 pages of human NPCs alone! Never before has a monster volume been so useful!

* Featuring monsters from the Gloranthan mythos: the Jack 'o' Bear, the Walktapus and the malevolent Broo
* Creatures from Earth's oldest legends: the Vampire, the Werewolf and the Mummy
* Creatures from the deepest oceans: the Whale, the Octopus and the shark
* Creatures that rule the land: the Elephant, the Tiger and the Python
* Creatures from a time before time: the Brontosaurus, the Plesiosaur, and the Behemoth!"

1987 ... 112 pages ... Games Workshop 004667 ... ISBN 1869893123

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Land of Ninja

4th Volume

"In this book you will find all you need to begin your adventures in the mystical Orient. On 144 pages, including many evocative illustrations - many in full colour - you will find information which will allow you to convert RuneQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure into a game of Japanese adventure. You will find information about the adventuring background, and the necessary changes to the rules covering magic, combat (introducing rules for Japanese weapons and armour) and skills.
Two brand new ideas add flavour that makes Land of Ninja a unique setting. The 'Honour'
system restricts the actions of the characters, so that they perform in true samurai spirit. The GM awards positive or negative HON points, and the score is used as a base for interaction with NPCs. Being recognised in a new town, asking for a favour from a lord, getting training from a renowned master - all these are subject to a successful HON roll.
With the Ki magic system, characters tap the inner power of the individual. It focuses on the belief that the most effective action is one performed in a single surge of force after much preparation. As characters start becoming exceptional with certain ordinary skills (getting them above the 90% mark), they develop parallel Ki skills. Characters can expend a magic point or a point of POW, perhaps perform a Ceremony, and then carry out amazing actions, such as throwing a string of shuriken or climbing sheer walls. These super skills allow a character to behave more like a movie version of a Japanese warrior than the ordinary game, so watch out!
The adventure shows exactly what roleplaying in Nihon is supposed to be about, with plenty of chances for ritual suicide when things go amiss.
Wear the two swords! Be at one with the universe!! Act honourably in all things! Adventure in the Land of Ninja"

1987 ... 144 pages (hardcover) ... GW 004667 ... ISBN 1869893255

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Griffin Island

5th Volume

"Griffin Island is a complete adventure package for the RuneQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure game. Inside this volume you will find:
* a large, full-colour players' map
* 32 pages of players' hand-outs
* ten mid-length scenarios and innumerable scenario suggestions, ideas, encounters and characters to provide hours of gaming as the players explore the island and uncover its darker secrets."

1987 ... Rudy Kraft & Paul Jaquays & Greg Stafford & Sandy Petersen ... 144 pages (hardcover) + color fold-out map ... GW 004630 ... ISBN 1869893328

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Dragon Pass: Avalon Hill

Dragon Pass: Game of Gloranthan Warfare [BOX SET]
See Also:
Dragon Pass: Chaosium

• rules booklet (36 pages)
• mounted, folding game map
• player aid card
• 2 sheets of counters (338 including blanks)

"Driven shamefully from his home, and his rightful throne, the valiant Prince Argrath lived long among the Nomad Tribes. After years of lonely exile, fate has called him forth to reclaim the lands of Sartar and wreak terrible vengeance on the people of the Red Moon.
In the Temples of the Reaching Moon, focus of the might of this Scarlet Imperium, the forces of empire stand ready to withstand any aggressor. For the glory of the Living Goddess, you are dedicated to withstand all aggression and expand the holdings of the Red Emperor, the Immortal Son of the Goddess and ruler of her holy empire.
In the deadly hills and quiet valleys of the pass, a plethora of diverse peoples care for their own affairs. Here they stand, they will not be moved. Their forces stand ever-ready to secure their realms from the threat that most endangers their existence. They are independents, powerful and deadly.
Dragon Pass is the most highly acclaimed Fantasy board game ever to be produced. Through its magic, the Players are transported into the Wars of Argrath's Return on the majestic world of Glorantha.

Valiant players are challenged to take up the sword of Sartar and reclaim its lands, to don the helm of the Red Empire and destroy the upstart who demeans the Red Moon or to wield the forces of the independents in a desperate struggle for survival.
In a multitude of exciting scenarios, these challenges, and more, are put to you. This outstanding game includes a beautifully written rule book, a detailed map and three hundred counters that depict the forces of these realms.
It presents novel, innovative rules in an easily understandable and enjoyable format. In all of its precisely detailed and challenging scenarios, Dragon Pass demands that you face and master challenges in mortal and arcane combat beyond any that can be experienced elsewhere. Dragon Pass is truly a triumph in Fantasy Gaming that must be revelled in to be believed.
Dragon Pass was first produced as White Bear/ Red Moon, an Introduction to the world of Glorantha. The Avalon Hill Game Company is proud to present this revised version of a truly Fantastic Masterpiece."

1984 ... Robert Corbett & Greg Stafford ... AH 849 ... ISBN 0911605185

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