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Timemaster - Pacesetter Games

Historical-themed Fiction: Casca: The Eternal Mercenary | Harold Lamb's Fictionalized Biographies

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TimeMaster Roleplaying Game [BOX SET]

"Adventures in the 4th Dimension"

Contains: 64-page Travelers' Manual, 32-page Guide to the Continuum, 16-page adventure Red Ace High, 140 counters, large full-color map.

"Lurching into action, your battered chronoscooter crosses the void of time and space. Another lurch, and the vertigo fades. The countryside comes into view. Knights in armor battle, clanging sword against shield, and then someone blasts at your neck with a laser beam. Once again, all of Time is a mess, and as an agent of the Time Corps, you must set this world straight or die trying! Adventure to any place, any time, in this universe and beyond! The TimeMaster Roleplaying Game makes you master of the "Fourth Dimension", guiding you to the ultimate adventure in history, legend, and science fiction. fight cunning aliens and savage renegades who twist Time to their own purposes. Only skill and wit stand between the world you know and absolute chaos!"

1984 ... Gali Sanchez & Garry Spiegle & Mark D. Acres ... Pacesetter 3001

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Crossed Swords (With the Three Musketeers)
"The buzz of musket balls still rings in your ears, a constant reminder that the
Cardinal's Guard is never far behind. But it's the heat that will kill you. The air is thick and murky as a marsh, and the sun hot as a smith's forge. A hundred and twenty miles of mud-choked road lie ahead, and already the horse stumbles every third step. The trip from Paris to London is never easy; when it must be done in three sleepless days, with the Cardinal's Guard in close pursuit it's impossible.
And when the future of Parallel M-l is at stake, the Time Corps demands the impossible. Your prospects are grim, for the master of intrigue and trickery. Cardinal Richelieu, is allied with a Demorean even more clever than he. They will do anything to stop you. Around every corner lurks treachery and suspense; in every inn looms a swashbuckling brawl! With the help of the Three Musketeers, you must reach London in time to redeem the Queen's honor -- and prevent King Louis XIII from declaring war on England!
"Crossed Swords" is an exciting 32-page adventure for use with the TIMEMASTER™ game system.
Inside, you'll find all the maps, historical background, characters, and plot encounters you'll need for hours of intrigue and adventure with the Three Musketeers. Be sure to look for other fine products from Pacesetter. Ltd."

1984 ... Carl Smith ... 32 pages ... Pace 3002 ... ISBN 0917609034

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The Cleopatra Gambit
"The barbarian gladiator steps toward your prone body, muscles tensed in anticipation of the coming deathstroke. He thrusts at your throat as you roll left, his blade slashing at you.
In the arena seats above, a bored aristocrat fingers a Time Corps communicator -- your communicator, a technology not-of-this-time, which he must not keep.
This mission felt wrong from the start; you should have known it was a trap. The Demorean attack on the Egyptian village was too obvious. The ambush on Cleopatra's procession was too faint-hearted. And now, when you've finally discovered the Demorean secret, this gladiatorial "game" is too convenient.
The gladiator lunges and the crowd roars for blood. Time war is a deadly game, and this time the enemy is winning—thanks to the Cleopatra Gambit!
"The Cleopatra Gambit" is an exciting 32-page adventure for use with the TIMEMASTER™ game system. Inside, you'll find all the maps, historical background, characters, and encounters you'll need for hours of intrigue and adventure in the ancient Roman Empire."

1984 ... Ethan Sharp & Garry Spiegle ... 32 pages ... PACE 3003 ... ISBN 0917609077

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Timemaster RPG Screen (Featuring "Missing: PT 109")

"PT-109 creeps through Pacific waters on a single engine, its murmur dissolving in the breeze. Lt. John F. Kennedy stands at the helm. A crewman cries out "Ship ahead at 2 o'clock!", but the night blankets its true identity as it bears down on the plywood hull of the little PT. Seventeen years later, in 1960, Richard Nixon is elected president and the Time Corps wants to know what really happened to JFK in '43. Self-standing screen features vital charts and tables for the TimeMaster game in one attractive, convenient place."

1984 ... 16 pages ... Pace 3004 ... ISBN 0917609115

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Partisans from the Shadows
"In Occupied France, you trust no one. And no one trusts you. Your mission seemed simple enough back at Time Corps HQ. Go to Poitiers, France, 1941 and investigate an intercepted code-phrase "Project Demorean-Companys". Bust since your arrival, you've been assaulted by the Gestapo, betrayed by "trustworthy" Partisans, and interrogated by the Underground. Nobody's talking, and your only lead is a prisoner in a Nazi internment camp."

1985 ... Gali Sanchez ... 32 pages ... Pace 3005 ... ISBN 0917609123

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Clash of Kings! A Tale of Arthur and Merlin
"Savor the glorious battles of round table knights, the dark treachery of Morgan Le Fay, and the romantic treason of Queen Guinevere. But beware! The aliens have invaded Camelot. Like an insidious disease, they threaten to destroy all of Arthur's England... an England that must become legendary if Earth shall endure! Time Corps agents travel back and forth through a fantastic Arthurian history, unraveling an alien plan so devious that even Merlin himself is bewitched and bewildered. Includes outstanding artwork by Aubrey Beardsley, rendered for Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur in 1893."

1984 ... Mark Acres ... 32 pages ... Pace 3006 ... ISBN 0917609131

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Sea Dogs of England
"Are the Sea Dogs pirates or patriots? A plot against Queen Elizabeth and Sir Francis Drake causes Time Corps agents to investigate. The Sea Dogs are as able seamen as there are, but even they are not prepared for metal sea serpents which fire explosive missiles. And what do the strange CCCP markings mean on its side?"

1984 ... Gali Sanchez ... 32 pages ... Pace 3007 ... ISBN 091760914X

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Temples of Blood
"'According to the Sentinel, renegades have penetrated Cuba sometime in 1519. As near as we can guess, the band of time-hoppers joined the Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes, who is on his way to conquer Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire. You probably know the place better by its later name, Mexico City. Now these renegades are probably after the legendary treasure of Moctezuma, the Aztec king. Of course, we can't be absolutely sure there's no other plan afoot.' So goes another mission briefing by John Watkins, Commander of the Earth Specialty Division. Somehow, you're sure this won't be as simple as it sounds."

1985 ... Mark Acres ... 32 pages ... PACE 3008 ... ISBN 0917609212

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Whom the Gods Destroy (The Adventures of Odysseus)
"Your career as an agent for the Time Corps is not limited to correcting the problems of Parallel T-0, Earth as you know it. Time parallels can interact and that means that you have to keep the near-Earth parallels on track, too. This time it is Parallel M-6, where you have to travel with the Greek hero Odysseus on his greatest voyage."

1985 ... Michael Williams ... 32 pages ... PACE 3009 ... ISBN 0917609263

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The Assassin Queen
"Time Guard Raymond Fraiser mysteriously disappeared from assignment in 3157 A.D. The only clue to his whereabouts leads here -- to India's Sakhara Valley, October, 1856. So begins your mission -- a routine lost and found search. By why did Fraiser abandon his assignment to come here? Who are the strange characters that keep appearing in the valley? And who is reviving the outlawed worship of Kali?"

1985 ... Curtis Smith & Geoff Valley ... 32 pages ... PACE 3010 ... ISBN 091760928X

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Terrible Swift Ford
"Dallas/Ft. Worth, 2085: Shacks fashioned of rusty sheet metal and soiled canvas squat among the ruins of this once-mighty metropolis, like hermit crabs hiding in the sand. The naked, steel-girder skeletons of majestic skyscrapers rise out of the rubbish, their twisted, scorched fingers towering over this ash-covered graveyard like so many weather-beaten crosses.
It's been over three decades since the Nuclear War ushered in the Second Dark Age. For thirty years, the survivors have struggled to restore some measure of law and order to North America. The Southwest now stands ready to start the tedious process of recivilization, but the Second Civil War threatens to uproot this fledgling society before it can spread its branches.
Like the First Civil War, the Second Civil War pits American against American. But this time, the soldiers will fight their skirmishes on the long-neglected highways of the Southwest The cavalry will ride to battle not on exhausted, half-starved horses, but in super-charged Fords and Chevrolets armed with rocket launchers and twin machine guns.
In the conflicts of this war, terrain and tactical advantage count for little—the general with the most gasoline will emerge victorious. And presently, the Northern Barbarians have all the gasoline. Unless the Southwestern Colonies can penetrate the enemy lines and destroy the Barbarian's gasoline supply, they will certainly lose the war.
But they don't have even enough fuel to mount a counterattack and punch through the lines. If they are to Southwestern Colonies must rely on one super-fast, super-armored vehicle—the Terrible Swift Ford!

Terrible Swift Ford is an action- packed, fast-paced 32 page adventure scenario for use with the TIMEMASTER™ role-playing game. Inside, you'll find all the maps, historical background, characters, and plot encounters you'll need for hours of high-speed adventure! Be sure to look for other fine products from Pacesetter, Ltd."

1985 ... Gali Sanchez ... 32 pages ... Pace 3011 ... ISBN 0917609301

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TimeTricks: A survivor's Guide to Time Travel
"There's more to being a Time Corps agent than you think. Rookies have it easy; popping back into history and shooting a few Demoreans. But in this survival course, you learn what time travel is all about: beating a Significance Wave into the future before it prevents your own birth; forgetting what you're doing after you destroy the clue you find two days from now; dealing with five copies of yourself, all loop-trapped together and arguing about what to do next. TimeTricks introduces time-hopping through and between infinite worlds at will, along with new information, skills, Paranormal Talents, and equipment to deal with the paradoxes of time travel."

1985 ... Mark Acres ... 96 pages ... Pace 3012 ... ISBN 0917609336

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"IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED — the phenomenon most dreaded and feared by all Time Corps agents and sane beings everywhere!
A Time Storm ravages the Continuum, mixing a temporal stew of Chicago gangsters, Union soldiers, cartoon maniacs, great Caesars, talking dinosaurs, displaced wizards, and horrors too startling to print! When these amazing forces collide — when creatures worlds apart crash through the wall of time together — only the hardiest agents survive.
Timestorm is a campaign of six incredible adventures, based on the advanced rules in the Timetricks game supplement. These adventures are so tumultuous, so wild, and so deadly that we recommend you don't use regular Time Corps agents. Instead, Timestorm features eight ready-to-play heroes from the Corps' infamous Last Resort Division: Hercules, Sergeant Striker, Cleopatra, Agatha Marple, Merlin, Robin Hood, Amelia Earhart, and Boudicca, a Celtic warrior queen. (Of course, if you think your own characters are up to the challenge, we dare you to try! The best can survive.)"

1986 ... Mark Acres ... 96 pages ... PACE 3013 ... ISBN 0917609344

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Miss Him, Miss Him, Miss Him

"Alarms flash and klaxons sound as every available Time Corps agent rushes to the field. Somehow a full-scale nuclear war has broken out in 1970 and the disruptive Time Wave spawned by that fiery destruction will wipe out the Time Corps in a matter of days unless the cause behind the change in History is found and fixed. Even new recruits like yourself are being rushed through training and being sent to a Time almost 20 years after the bombs stopped falling to find out what happened from the survivors. So you go back, masking your uncertainty as to what to do, to try to find the key. But a lot has changed. . . from geography, politics, and economics to music, shopping, and computers. What is cause and what is effect. Miss Him, Miss Him, Miss Him is a training module which lets you teach TimeMaster to new players while they play the adventure."

1986 ... 40 pages ... Pace 3015 ... ISBN 1200003136

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Darkest Before the Dawn

"You sleep in the middle of the day. The twin towers of the World Trade Center in 20th Century Manhattan, once the world's tallest buildings, top out at 35 stories each. No one has ever heard of the Mason-Dixon line. Cigarettes seem never to have existed. So much is different in so many subtle ways that you feel your Paranormal Memory will be overwhelmed completely, yet you know that somehow, somewhere, it was all caused by a solitary change in the fabric of Time. Can you find thecommon element that determines whether billions of lives will be plunged into darkness and death?"

?? ... 40 pages ... Pace 3016 ... ISBN ??

Casca: The Eternal Mercenary

Some inspiration for your time travel adventures by Barry Sadler...

"Casca Longinus. Cursed by Christ on Golgotha. Condemned to outlive the ages and wander the globe a constant soldier. Forever fighting, surviving, waiting for Him to return."

Casca: The Eternal Mercenary
"When they flew Casey into the hospital at Nha Trang, the medics were sure he'd die. That he didn't was only the first surprise.
The second, bigger one, was that Casey had been fighting for two thousand years, ever since that day on Golgotha when he put his lance into the side of the Man on the Cross.
"Soldier, you are content with what you are. Then that you shall remain until we meet again."
So does Casca's journey begin, a man who cannot die, does not age, and knows no skills but those of battle. He becomes... The Eternal Mercenary."

1979 ... Barry Sadler ... 246 pages ... Ace Books ... ISBN 0441217710

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Casca: The Barbarian (#5)
Chronologically, the events in this book come immediately after book 1. Then comes #2.

"The plains of Parthia were littered with the bodies of the dead and dying, as Casca moved away from the battle. Rome did not take desertion lightly, and while they couldn't kill The Eternal Mercenary, they could make life very uncomfortable.
His only escape is into the Northlands beyond Germany, to lands lovely with fjords and horrible with bloodlust."

1981 ... 184 pages ... ISBN 0441092179

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Casca the Legionnaire (#11)
"Dien Bien Phu. It was to be France's most glorious victory in the Indo-China War. Eleven thousand courageous Legionnaires were flown into the valley, totally unaware that fifty thousand Viet Minh with heavy cannons were waiting in the hills above them. But though Intelligence Officer Nguyen Thich knew he would lead his Communist forces to victory, only the death of Casca (alias Carl Langers) could put his soul to rest... permanently."

1984 ... 169 pages ... ISBN 0441093280

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Casca: African Mercenary (#12)
"Emerging in our modern world, Casca (alias Casey Romain) gathers together the best-trained mercenaries to topple the regime of Matthew Dzhombe, the crazed dictator of Kimshaka. But killing Dzhombe, who claims to be an immortal god, is only part of the problem. The toughest part is dealing with the treacheries of tribal politics and international intrigue, while the West, the Chinese, and the Russians all seek a lion's share of Casca's conquests."

1984 ... 217 pages ... ISBN 0441092608

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Casca the Assassin (#13)
"Captured by fanatical Hashishi, Casca (alias Kasim the Spear) is forced to commit murder after murder until the earth is soaked with the blood of the enemies of Hassan al Sabah. The Eternal Mercenary must endure the horror of a thousand deaths, until with awesome skill at arms he can claim a life of his own!"

1985 ... 183 pages ... ISBN 0441093272

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Casca the Phoenix (#14)
"Viet Cong Commander Ho van Tuyen has a hit list... and Casca is on it. Using his invincible Ke sat nhan assassins to spread death and terror among American ranks, Ho is certain he can take out any man any time. But Casca, alias Casey Romain, has powerful friends of his own, including a fierce tribe of Kamserai warriors and some unusual allies."

1985 ... 188 pages ... ISBN 0441093299

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Casca the Pirate (#15)
"Jolted from a Caribbean paradise, Casca joins ranks with the infamous Bluebeard. His objective: rescue the beautiful, mysterious Michelle LeBeau from a man who wants to use her to build a Pirate Empire. Leading a pack of marooned cutthroats and aided by the tough-talking, hard-loving Katie Parnell, Casca just may have a chance. But first the Eternal Mercenary must survive the sadistic tortures of the mutinous pirate crew!"

1985 ... 167 pages ... ISBN 0441093310

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Harold Lamb's Fictionalized Biographies

Omar Khayyam
He was called the greatest thinker of his time. Astrologer, philosopher, mathematician, poet, he moved heaven and earth in his relentless search for truth.
Warrior... He fought at his Sultan's side. His flashing scimitar guarded the imperial life. His clever strategy led the Moslem hordes to Conquest.
Adventurer... He traveled the caravan routes of half the world. Alone he ventured into the forbidden kingdom of the Assassins and learned the delights of their Paradise.
Lover... He possessed many women — Zoe, the Christian, he tore from the brutal Turks... Yasmi, his child bride, stolen from an Amir's harem... and Ayesha, the Arab slave girl trained in all the arts of love, who served him with wisdom as ancient as the ages."

1978 ... Harold Lamb ... 372 pages ... Pinnacle Books ... ISBN 0523402732

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Alexander of Macedon

This was the legacy of the young man born of a barbarian and a witch to fulfill the strange omens of splendor and greatness.
In a breathless tale of the extraordinary Alexander the Great, a master storyteller recreates the high drama which was this infamous demi-god's life. Here is the handsome young prince who chose books over the beautiful young women and men sent to tempt him; the youthful conqueror who ordered bloody massacres but grew sick with self-loathing afterward; the brilliant general who battled his way into the unknown to learn the mysteries of life; the ascetic who brought his people richness and luxury beyond their wildest dreams; the despot who, in a dozen years, altered the entire thrust of history; the heir to a kingdom no mortal had ever before dared to claim."

1976 ... Harold Lamb ... 403 pages ... Pinnacle Books ... ISBN 0523008775

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Suleiman the Magnificent

His name was Suleiman; enemies as well as friends called him The Magnificent. Unlike others of his people, his eyes were gray. Perhaps that made him different from the start.

Suleiman was twenty-five when he was recalled to Constantinople at the death of his father, the Sultan. Accepting his responsibility with some misgivings, he ruled Turkey with a firm but fair hand. But to sixteenth century Europe, he was a pitiless and unrelenting conqueror, as bloodthirsty and ruthless as the age that bred him.

At the peak of his manhood, Suleiman's cup was full. He rode unchallenged over half the world, and in his house hold waited gentle Gulbehar, his First Kadir, the favorite of his harem.

Suleiman paid little attention to the others in the harem — until he heard the strange, spirited singing of Khurrem, the newly-bought, Russian slave girl. Stubborn, brazen, impudent, the slight, fair-haired slave who never wept when she was beaten would have told anyone who asked that she would one day be First Kadir; that, further, she would yet be the legal wife to the Sultan.
And so Suleiman, scourge of the world, listened to the singing of a slave, hated her even while he loved her, and was powerless to stay the sweep of her influence. Suleiman The Magnificent, the ruthless, the barbarous, had met his match..."

1978 ... Harold Lamb ... 368 pages ... Pinnacle Books ... ISBN 0523402279

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Theodora and the Emperor
Peter Sabbatius, the scholarly son of a Macedonian peasant who became Justinian the Great, emperor of Byzantium. Shy, lonely, he dreamed of uniting the whole world under one church over which he alone would rule.

Theodora, the haunting beauty whose name stands in history beside Helen of Troy and Cleopatra. The footloose daughter of a circus performer, her fierce ambition drove her from man to man until she met, and married, Justinian.

They forged the mighty empire of Byzantium from the ruins of barbarian-ravaged Rome. Side by side, the shepherd boy and the circus girl transformed a dying world into a dazzling universe of Byzantine splendor."

1977 ... Harold Lamb ... 377 pages ... Pinnacle Books ... ISBN 0523402007

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Eventually the Romans destroyed the fabled city of Carthage. What could never be erased, however, was the brilliant legacy of the man who has been called the world's finest soldier.
Magnificent is the word for everything Hannibal did — he moved huge armies against impossible odds, he won great battles, and he survived tremendous defeats.
He was famed for his military genius, but his incredible overland campaign against Rome with foot soldiers, cavalry, baggage train, and elephants astonished the ancient world and has amazed historians ever since. Later he proved, by masterful reorganization of the defeated Carthaginian government, that he was an astute statesman as well as a warrior."

1976 ... Harold Lamb ... 294 pages ... Pinnacle Books ... ISBN 0523009011

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Cyrus the Great
King of Persia, Cyrus the Great lived in the sixth century before Christ. He emerged from obscurity and left behind him the first ordered world state. He was the first ruler ever to respond to his subjects. All this without any prior principles of government to model his empire on.
A realist, in a world of superstition and myth, he conquered the "kingdoms of the earth": Medes, Lydia, and Babylonia. He threatened Egypt and then turned his attention further into "the eastern limbo of the world"
This reveals the ancient world of pre-history and portrays the man who shaped its borders."

1976 ... Harold Lamb ... 366 pages ... Pinnacle Books ... ISBN 0523009089

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