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GURPS Historical Sourcebooks - Time Travel


GURPS Time Travel - Alternate Earths


All GURPS books require the GURPS Core Rules to play. However, GURPS sourcebooks are rules-light and are easily adapted to any game system.

Age of Napoleon
"Very rarely, one man defines the time in which he lives. One such man was Napoleon Bonaparte, and his ambition shaped the face of a continent. From humble beginnings in Corsica to ignominious defeat in Russia and at Waterloo, Napoleon was the sun around which Europe revolved.

Now GURPS brings the age of Napoleon to life. The book focuses on 18th and 19th-century Europe, including the beginning of the end of colonialism. GURPS players will find a wealth of roleplaying information about commoners, soldiers, nobles, spies, privateers . . . and revolutionaries. Filled with the superb research which roleplayers expect from a GURPS historical supplement, Age of Napoleon breathes life into bloody battlefields . . . as well as the equally bloody political intrigue of Napoleon's Europe."

2003 ... Nicholas Caldwell ... 128 pages ... SJG 6539 ... ISBN 1556344511

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Arabian Nights: Magic and Mystery in the Land of the Djinn
"Flying carpets and magic lamps... flashing scimitars and scheming viziers... crusaders, Mongols, and Bedouin... sultans, poets, merchants, and the original Assassins -- all this and more can be found in GURPS Arabian Nights.

Confront a shapeshifting djinn, or cast spells that move mountains and tame fantastic beasts. Voyage with Sinbad or ride with Marco Polo in search of the riches of the Orient. Fight in the Crusades, when Western chivalry sought to free the Holy Land... and Islam held off the Frankish invasion.

This fascinating book describes both the real and the fictional world of the Arabian Nights, its tumultuous history, the religions that define its culture, beasts of fact and fantasy, outlandish magic, and unique campaign ideas."

1998 ... Phil Masters ... 128 pages ... SJG 6062 ... ISBN 1556342667

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Aztecs: Sacrifice and Glory in a Lost Civilization
"The empire of the Aztecs stretched from ocean to ocean. They worshipped hundreds of gods, kept elaborate calendars and built gigantic stone pyramids that still stand as testament to their might. Their relentless armies seemed unstoppable. Then, in 1519, a few hundred Spanish invaders toppled it all.

To the Spanish, the Aztecs were monstrous savages... pagans who tore the living hearts from thousands of innocent victims to feed a bloody idol. They never understood the culture they were destroying... or the philosophy behind the cruelty. The Aztec society was totally alien, stranger than any fantasy land. Now you can visit the world of the Aztecs from the inside."

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"They were the best knights in the world. They were advised by the most powerful wizard of all... Merlin himself! And their leader was King Arthur, bearer of Excalibur.

The story of Camelot is the story of chivalry itself. All the knightly traditions of fantasy... monster-slaying, maiden-rescuing, jousts, adventures in disguise... came from the tales of King Arthur, as told by a thousand years of bards. Now Camelot comes
alive for the roleplayer.

GURPS Camelot includes backgrounds for three versions of the legend:
The Traditional Arthur of folklore,
The modern Cinematic Arthur of swashbuckling adventures, and
The Historical Arthur, the ancient British ruler who fought against Saxon invaders.

1991 ... Robert M. Schroeck & Peggy Schroeck ... 128 pages ... SJG 6041 ... ISBN 1556341997

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Celtic Myth
"Isles of the Mighty

Standing stones. Headhunting and human sacrifice. Lusty kings and cattle-raiding queens. Naked warriors painted blue. Mysterious druids and crafty Sidhe. The Celtic world was full of strange enchantments and bloody battles.

Enter a world of feasting and fighting, where magic is everywhere and glory is everything. In this book you'll find:

* Tales of the ancient Irish and Welsh heroes.
* A wealth of Celtic character types, with plenty of new advantages and disadvantages including gesas, the mystic prophecies and taboos that ruled the life and death of every Celt.
* The Druids: their arcane teachings and enigmatic magic. A new Druidic tree-magic system including the standard GURPS spells, plus new Celtic ones, grouped according to ancient natural categories.
* The uncanny powers of the Sidhe, children and fathers of gods, and rules for creating characters with Faerie blood and powers of their own...
* Willful weapons, magical and powerful, with their own personalities and motives.

Return to a time when a battle or a wonder was around every corner, and the Otherworld was only a step away..."

1995 ... Ken and Jo Walton ... 128 pages ... SJG 6074 ... ISBN 1556341954

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"With 5,000 years of history and a quarter of the world's population, China is the perfect adventure setting. . . whether your campaign is magical or purely historical.
With GURPS China, adventurers can:

Escape from the work gangs building the Great Wall, to rebel against the tyrant Shih-Huang-Ti.
Foil a sorcerous plot against the Emperor Wu.
Fight beside the legendary Three Heroes to restore the Empire.
Rescue their comrades from the savage punishments of the Legalist philosophers like sawing in half, boiling alive or the Death of One Thousand and One Cuts.
Join Marco Polo on his epic journey east.
Experience the intrigue and adventure of the Boxer Rebellion and the Opium Wars.
Even stand up for democracy at Tiananmen Square.
No fictional roleplaying setting can equal the scope and grandeur of China!
GURPS China also includes complete rules for translating the GUBPS magic system into a mythically accurate Chinese campaign. The Bestiary chapter describes the traditional ghosts, spirits and monsters of Chinese legend, including Oriental dragons!
And there are rules for amazing, real Chinese inventions like the "Mr. Facing Both Ways Gun," the "Vast as Heaven Enemy Exterminating Yin Yang Shovel," rockets, flamethrowers and manned kites.
Finally, GURPS China includes over a dozen detailed maps and tables for your journey through the Empire of the Dragon!"

1991 ... Thomas M. Kane ... 128 pages ... SJG 6037 ... ISBN 1556341806

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Egypt: Tombs, Temples, Trouble
"When Greek historians first declared the Pyramids to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, they had already been ancient for almost 3,000 years. The nameless Pharaoh confronted by Moses before the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt was only one out of an unbroken string of 200 "living gods" in that country. Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, Rameses, mummies, evil priests of Set: the names have resonated in the Western world for five millennia."

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Greece: The Age of Gods and Heroes
"The land we call Greece was the home of one of the greatest cultures the world has ever known. With GURPS Greece, you can experience the challenges of the heroes of myth: Contend with the love and the wrath of the gods as you set out on epic quests. Fight for loot and honor, or earn a bitter death on the plain before the gates of fabled Troy. Win prestige as a statesman in the city Assembly - or lose everything as the people turn against you and send you into exile.

GURPS Greece includes detailed timelines and maps describing the world as the Greeks knew it, information on their religion, rules for the magic of the Hellenic myths, and a Bestiary describing the monsters and animal foes faced by Greek heroes."

1995 ... Jon F. Zeigler ... 128 pages ... SJG 6075 ... ISBN 1556340966

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Imperial Rome
"GURPS Imperial Rome takes you to a world of adventure and intrigue, gladiators and glory. The sprawling Roman Empire is full of
campaign options, from orgies in the decadent Roman villas to battles with pirates off the coast of Sicily. As an adventurer in the Imperial Age of Rome, you can...
Journey through the narrow streets of the greatest city in the world. Haggle with shop owners, debate with senators on the floor of the Forum, or run through the dark alleys with the infamous Roman gangs.
Fight gruesome battles as a slave gladiator in the Colosseum - clashing with other warriors or dangerous beasts. Or race your chariot around the Circus Maximus, cheating death and vying for Imperial favor.
March to war with the Roman legions, defending the borders against Carthagian invaders or the savage Huns of Asia.

1st Edition:
1991 ... C.J. Carella ... 128 pages ... SJG 6048 ... ISBN 1556342241
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2nd Edition:
2000 ... ISBN 1556344465
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"Experience the rigid etiquette of the Emperor's court, the delicate beauty of the tea ceremony and the savage pleasure of viewing the severed heads of your enemies. In this book, you'll find:
Character templates for samurai, ninja, warrior priests, geisha, elemental sorcerers and more. Each template also features a sample character ready for adventure!
Racial packages for fox spirits, artifact spirits, long-necks and the vampiric gaki.
Rules for Japanese magic, with new spells, new elemental colleges and notes on Asian alchemy.
New martial arts styles from weapon arts like Miyamoto Musashi's Nito Ryu (School of Two Swords) to bajutsu (horsemanship) and suieijutsu (fighting in water) to the truly esoteric kiaijutsu (spirit harmony techniques).
Detailed background information on two historic eras, the Warring States Period (1467-1600) and the Late Tokugawa Era (1680-1868); the important people, places and events are all here!
You can stand on either side as the explorers from the West meet the ancient Empire of the Rising Sun."

Note that this book is written by Lee Gold, author of Land of the Rising Sun (1980), forerunner to Bushido.

1999 ... Lee Gold & Hunter Johnson ... 128 pages ... SJG 6006 ... ISBN 1556343884

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"From the dawn of civilization to the Middle Ages... or in any fantasy game... GURPS Low-Tech is a universal resource for any campaign set before the age of gunpowder and the printing press. It's 128 pages of detailed research and game ideas:
Weapons: Cleave an enemy's skull with a stone axe, stab him with a bronze sword, or impale him on your obsidian-tipped spear.
Armor: Whether it's the crudest leather or the finest iron chain, any armor is better than none. Plus new rules for piecemeal armor!
Vehicles: Steer a dogsled across the Arctic, sail a trireme across the Mediterranean, or ride your chariot over the battlefields of Asia.
Equipment: Yokes and plows, adzes and hammers, sundials and locks; everything it takes to build a town or a nation.
Plus shelter, science, and civilizations... from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages."

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Middle Ages 1
"Welcome to the age of chivalry, fealty and piety. GURPS Middle Ages 1 takes you to the rich, dark world of medieval England, where knights fight for King and God, nobles trade favors and treachery, and peasants work the land. Three major periods are covered: the Saxon Kingdoms, Norman England, and the High Middle Ages. Medieval combat is described at length, from simple jousts to the deadly Crusades, with details on melee weapons, siege weapons, armor, and castle defenses. Also included are magic, religion, and beasts both real and mythical... plus maps of castles, an abbey, and medieval England and France."

1st Edition:
1991 ... Graeme Davis & Michael Hurst ... 128 pages ... SJG 6050 ... ISBN 1556342276
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2nd Edition:
1997 ... ISBN 1556346557
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Old West
"The American frontier was a legend, even as it was happening. Gunfighters, Indians. cowboys, miners and mountain men... the "rust-eaters" who pushed the rails west... the Pony Express... the Texas Rangers and the outlaws they fought... the settlers battling fire, floods, stampedes and sickness... their adventures made the nation what it is today!

GURPS Old West includes:
All the classic character types: the Cowhand, the Dude, the Gunslinger, the Doc, the Gambler, the Outlaw and the Lawman... even the town drunk.
Descriptions of authentic Western weaponry.
Maps showing the Westward expansion, trails, rail lines, and more -- and a detailed timeline of significant events.
Descriptions of Indian tribes... and rules and spells for Indian magic!
Legends of the Old West... to come alive in your campaign.
The battles that shook the West, from the Indian uprisings to the Civil War."

1st Edition:
1991 ... Ann Dupuis & Liz Tornabene & Lynda Manning-Schwartz & Rob Smith ... 128 pages ... SJG 6044 ... ISBN 1556341881
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2nd Edition:
1997 ... ISBN 1556344392
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Places of Mystery
"GURPS Places of Mystery is designed for use with a very wide range of games. This is a book of places and locations, chosen because they all have at least a hint of the unusual about them. Some are widely believed to be centres of great magic; others "merely" have an interesting history, or unique features. Others again are simply amazing tourist spots, for one reason or another. The sites chosen for this book are nearly all buildings, cities, or other human constructions. We've slipped in a few natural places of mystery, such as Ayer's Rock (which is just as much a sacred site as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre) and Loch Ness (which we just couldn't leave out), but they are exceptions to prove our rule. The rule was instituted mostly because of the space we had available, and the need for a consistent "style." No doubt, someone could also write GURPS Geography and Geology, and in fact it would have almost as much gaming potential. (And we'd quite like to see it.) But this supplement is about the creations of humanity -- in humanity's slightly stranger moments."

1996 ... Phil Masters & Alison Brooks ... 128 pages ... SJG 6520 ... ISBN 1556341393

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Robin Hood: Adventures in Sherwood Forest...and Beyond
"Enter a world of gallantry and adventure -- a world where tyrants exploit the helpless, and an outlaw hero fights for the oppressed. This is the world of Robin Hood. The legend comes to life... in six different settings throughout time and space."

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"GURPS Russia presents the Russian world from its beginnings in the 10th century to its new beginnings in the early 18th. In this book, the GM will find complete details on the history, folklore, and daily life not of the Soviet Union or of the Imperial Age, but of medieval Russia -- a culture that seems all but forgotten in the twentieth century, overborne and overshadowed by the U.S.S.R. To most Westerners, the word "Russia" is synonymous with communism, nuclear war, competing space programs, and WWI-level farm equipment serving in the fields of The People.

This book puts characters into the Russia of the Middle Ages, from the 10th century to the 18th. It also opens up the world of Russian folklore and fairytales, where all sorts of interesting -- and sometimes frightening -- creatures dwell."

1998 ... S. John Ross ... 128 pages ... SJG 6082 ... ISBN 1556342586

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Scarlet Pimpernel
"Who is this Scarlet Pimpernel? Why does he risk life and honor in a land not his own? And who is brave enough to forsake the Prince Regent's glittering court to join the Pimpernel under the very shadow of Madame la Guillotine?

Scarlet Pimpernel is set in France during the darkest days of the Reign of Terror. Join the Pimpernel and his gallant crew as they outwit the Committee of Public Safety and its agent Chauvelin again and again. Aristocrats, clergy, shopgirls, even the Dauphin himself - no one is beyond the Pimpernel's aid.

This book contains a complete chronology of the French Revolution, game statistics for the Pimpernel and his major lieutenants, maps of Paris and France in the 1790s, and four complete adventures, plus sidebars on everything from fashion to politics... everything you need for a swashbuckling campaign in the days when France turned upside-down."

1991 ... Lisa Evans & Robert Traynor ... 96 pages ... SJG 6045 ... ISBN 1556342128

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"Come to the age of the Swashbuckler, when the world was wide and fortunes could be made in an afternoon of smoking cannons and bloody cutlasses! Swing from a chandelier into the fray, rapier in hand, dagger in teeth, and show the Cardinal's guards they can't insult the queen! Or wait on the quiet back roads of England on a moonless night, pistols and reins in your hands, and hope the Squire's coach isn't too well guarded... Pirates, Musketeers and Highwaymen all come alive in this GURPS worldbook of romantic adventure from Elizabeth I to Napoleon. Rules and background given include: ship combat, black powder weapons, expanded fencing rules, cutlasses, chandeliers, codes of honor, duelling, compulsive gambling and all the other classic elements of a good swashbuckling time!"

1999 ... Steffan O'Sullivan ... 128 pages ... SJG 6019 ... ISBN 1556343949

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Timeline: From the Big Bang to the Bombing of Baghdad
"GURPS Timeline is the ultimate resource for the Time Travel GM. It presents all of human history -- from the Big Bang to Operation Desert Storm -- in a convenient, easy-to-use chronology. History is big, but GURPS Timeline makes it easy for the GM to find his way around. GURPS Timeline also presents the GM with more than 50 historical "adventure seeds" describing particularly important, exciting or bizarre eras and settings for Time Travel adventures -- with the spotlight on the stuff you don't get in history class. With GURPS Timeline, time travelers can ride with El Cid, battle the merciless armies of Assyria, hunt for the treasure of the Lost Dutchmen Mine, visit the mystical lost continent of Lemuria or unravel the secret of the Mary Celeste. Time thieves can loot history for the spoils of Alexander's conquests, plunder Rome during a barbarian raid, or steal gold from the Aztecs with Cortez and the Spanish conquerors. Also included are detailed descriptions of exotic ancient cultures like the Sumerians, the Olmecs, the Minoans, the Hohokam and the Persians."

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"To the victims of a Viking raid, the Norsemen were bearded giants with bloody axes. But the Viking was much more -- a skilled navigator, a brave explorer, a hard-working trader. A dreamer whose songs and stories live even today. And a Viking was a free man -- a man to whom honor and reputation were more important than life itself. Vikings is a complete guide to the Norse world, including maps, historical background, and details on society and religion. You can game any sort of Viking campaign, from fully realistic to magical and cinematic. Create a historical campaign, with sea battles, duels and bloody raids -- or become a legendary berserker for mythic adventures with Thor and Odin!"

1st Edition:
1991 ... Graeme Davis ... 128 pages ... SJG 6042 ... ISBN 1556342012
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2nd Edition:
2002 ... ISBN 1556345127
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Who's Who 1: 52 Of History's Most Intriguing Characters
"History is full of people who were stranger than fiction. People you'd want to meet. People you'd pray to avoid. People who changed the world.

This book gives complete descriptions and character stats for 52 of the most interesting people in history, ready to serve as patrons, allies, enemies or role-models. From the man who united China to the REAL Dread Pirate Roberts; from the voice of an empire to a roistering aristocratic astronomer with a silver nose; from a doctor so brilliant that his foes ran him out of town, to a king with 1,200 wives but not a single heir!"

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Who's Who 2
"The second volume of 52 real-life characters for historical and time-travel games introduces an even more varied collection of personalities. Through brilliance or luck, charisma or courage or sheer lunacy, these are the people who stamped their very different images on history. When your players face them, in battlefield, court, or laboratory, they can change the world - or at least, come away with quite a story."

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GURPS Time Travel - Alternate Earths

GURPS Time Travel: Adventures Across Time and Dimension
"GURPS Time Travel is the complete guide to dimension-hopping adventure. Now GURPS players can tie all their campaigns together... adventuring across time, or in parallel universes, to visit every GURPS worldbook ever published.

Winner of the 1991 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement, this book is a collaboration between two previous winners -- Steve Jackson (Illuminati, Car Wars, GURPS) and John M. Ford (Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues).

GURPS Time Travel includes:
A survey of time and dimension travel as presented in fiction -- and current scientific thought. Travel by time machine, by dimension gate, even by powers of the mind!
Six complete campaign backgrounds (and several mini-backgrounds) for travel through time or parallel worlds, or both! Each has its own rules for characters, travel, and paradoxes.
A detailed discussion of the paradoxes you should consider in creating your own time-travel campaign. Is meddling with history easy? Impossible? Or just a Very Bad Idea?
Parallel worlds... "what if" dimensions where something or everything, is different.
A timeline of interesting dates in our own world's history... as places for time travelers to visit, or as "branch points" for parallel-world campaign."

1991 ... 128 pages ... SJG 6020 ... ISBN 1556341156

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GURPS Alternate Earths
"GURPS Alternate Earths may be made to order for a dimension hopping campaign such as GURPS Time Travel, but I believe it also gives gamers an opportunity to see how our own world "might have been" if just one event in history was changed. And it provides opportunities to set whole adventures, and even whole campaigns in those worlds.
The six different "Earths" in this book are almost textbook examples of the now popular "What If" line of SF stories. The first world, "Dixie", gives us a good idea as to what might have happened if the South had won the American Civil War. It covers the time from secession to the time when the Confederate States of America became a superpower. The second world, "Reich 5" give us a chilling look at the world under Nazi rule and the resistance effort still under way years later. The third world "Rome Aeterna", assumes the Roman empire never fell. The fourth world, "Shikaku-Mon", assumes the ancient Japanese Empire conquered the world. The fifth world, "Ezcalli", has details for a strange Earth where the might of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans is unsurpassed. The sixth and final world is the strangest of all. "Gernsback" starts with a simple postulation: what if Nikolai Tesla's inventions worked and were used by someone with the financial genius of Morgan? Flying cars and broadcast power are common.

There are ideas for adventures, characters, and even whole campaigns for each of the worlds, including several paragraphs about even stranger worlds that diverged from these six. These "reality seeds" give creative GM's even more alternate worlds to explore.

People wishing to use books like Harry Turtledove's wonderful alternate earths books need look no further for ideas of how to recreate his books for a strange parallel world campaign. Highly recommended for GURPS GM's and recommended even to SF fans wanting to explore the ramifications of what might happen if..." ...Amazon review by Bruce Gray

1999 ... 128 pages ... SJG 6521 ... ISBN 1556343183

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GURPS Alternate Earths 2
"GURPS Alternate Earths 2 may be made to order for a dimension hopping campaign such as GURPS Time Travel, but I believe it also gives gamers another opportunity to see how our own world "might have been" if just one event in history was changed. And it provides more opportunities to set whole adventures, and even whole campaigns in those worlds.
The six different "Earths" in this book are more examples of the now popular "What If" line of SF stories. The first world, "Cornwallis", give us a good idea as to what might have happened if the British had won the American War for Independence. The second world, "Ming 3" gives us a look at a world under the Chinese Dynasty. The third world, "Midgard", assumes the Viking fury caught fire and captured most of the known world. The fourth world, "Caliph", assumes the Muslim faith converted the world. The fifth world, "Aeolus", has details for a strange Earth where the might of the English and French monarchs is unsurpassed.

The final world is the "opposite" of the one in GURPS Time Travel. Fans of that game have wanted to see "Centrum" for a long time, and this supplement does not disappoint. The overwhelming thought on Centrum is "The Ends Justify The Means" and all the possible terror that this political theory causes. Although the book also gives an opportunity to make Centrum a nicer place, GM's for GURPS Time Travel will welcome the chance to design NPC's that will be a thorn in the players sides for adventure after adventure.

There are even more ideas for adventures, characters, and even whole campaigns for each of the worlds, including several paragraphs about more strange worlds that diverged from these six again. These "reality seeds" give creative GM's even more alternate worlds to explore.

People wishing to use books like Mike Resnick's wonderful alternate series need look no further for ideas of how to recreate those books for a parallel worlds campaign. Highly recommended for GURPS GM's and recommended even to SF fans wanting to explore the ramifications of what might happen if..." ...Amazon review by Bruce Gray

1999 ... 128 pages ... SJG 6530 ... ISBN 155634399X

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