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Gamma World - 4th & later editions

Editions: 4th ~ 5th (Alternity) ~ 6th (D20 System)


4th Edition (1992-1993)

Gamma World, 4th edition
A rainbow of flickering colors dances across the night sky. Turning, you shamble off into the jumble of cloud towers amid the glow. With an effort of willpower you float over the gaping chasm of softrock and steel. Your large, webbed feet paddle the air slowly.

Suddenly, you detect a dim mind signal. Your antennae seek its direction. Knights of Genetic Purity! Quickly you unholster your weapons, all four arms moving in smooth harmony. Tracing the cryptic symbols of the ancients on its metal skin, you awaken the sun bolt gun. If the air currents stay strong, you might make it across the chasm before the Knights arrive.

In 1992, TSR warmed up their dormant Gamma World line with the 4th edition. The rules were returned back to the
D&D style of play. Cover depicts a hardy adventurer of Gamma Terra taking aim at an Obb. These rules are just prior to the Alternity edition & the D20 version. In other words, this is the last edition of the classic game. Refined rules, all the extras (Mutated Plants, Robots, etc.). New character classes: Enforcers, espers, examiners, & scouts. A personal favorite, for it is easy to teach new players.
The color map centers on the region around Lake Mitchgloom and Lake Ire, with the major political entities being Miacholin, Yrsahl, Bonparr, and Huush. The map is loaded with intruiging adventuring spots such as the migratory path of the Rambling Woods, the Burning River and ancient ruins like the Gruesome Afbayz.

1992 ... Bruce Nesmith & James M. Ward ... 192 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 7514 ... ISBN 1560764015

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Gamma Knights [BOX SET]

• Battle Book (16 pages)
• Knights of Gamma Terra (32 pages)
• 49 robot cut-outs
• 208 counters
• cardstock charts
• poster map

"Face the dangers of Gamma Terra in the most potent weapon system of the Ancients -- powered battle armor!

• Battle mutant monsters, rampaging robots, and the ultimate challenge of other Gamma Knights
• Choose a standard suit and start play instantly or custom design a suit for maximum power.
• Designed to be both a fast playing boardgame and a supplement to the popular GAMMA WORLD science-fantasy role playing game.
• Features colorful stand up playing pieces, counters, and full size color maps.
• No previous experience with the GAMMA WORLD is necessary to play."

1992 ... Slade Henson ... TSR 7515 ... ISBN 1560764023

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Treasures of the Ancients (GWA1)

"The Ancients are a race of mysterious humans that once revelled in the glories of technology. Suddenly, inexplicably, they were wiped out. Their tools, their vehicles, their weapons, and other devices of interest can be found in the ruins of their former cities, buried in radioactive slag, or submerged under rerouted rivers and lakes. Treasures of the Ancients, a supplement for the GAMMA WORLD® game, details a plethora of these complex and valuable items.

This accessory includes the following:
• Weapons, bombs, grenades, and other military systems, including the lethal Mark XII Blaster.
• Vehicles, civilian and military, occupational and recreational, including the fun but dangerous Pogo Platform.
• Medical products to aid characters in their adventures, including the rare and wonderful Life Chamber.
• Dozens of robots, including the Exterminator and the Devastator -- two robotic devices that will make the most powerful mutants cringe in fear.
• An additional suit of powered armor."

1993 ... Dale "Slade" Henson ... 96 pages + tear-out color poster of powered armor suits ... TSR 7517 ... ISBN 1560765771

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The Overlord of Bonparr (GWA2)
"Within Bonparr, the Ranks of the Fit rule supreme. Outside Bonparr, the Ranks will soon rule!

• Bonparr is one of the mightiest empires in the heartland. It is ruled by the powerful cryptic alliance, the Ranks of the Fit, a paramilitary organization of mutated animals.
• Tied together by a network of ancient roads and held by force of arms, Bonparr is a well-regulated state in a sea of turmoil. It is presently at peace, bu threatens to boil over on the death of its aging overlord.
• Features deatiled descriptions of steaming Magmatap, the robot-prowled remains of Gruesome Afbayz, and the blasted, irradiated crater of Napless.
• This folder package contains a 64 page book describing the land of Bonparr, a 32 page book describing the unaligned territory on Bonparr's borders, and a full size full color map of the region from the Ascension to the Soto River."

1993 ... Jack A. Barker ... 64+32 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 7518 ... ISBN 1560765992

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Mutant Master (GWQ1)
"Secreted away in his hideout, the Mutant Master makes his plans. 'Fellow New Men!' he cries out to the crowd before him. A roar of approval rises before he can continue. 'We have bided our time, waiting for the opportunity to move forward into a new and glorious day. We have tolerated the scorn and derision of lesser races, knowing that one day, we would reign supreme!' Another roar engulfs the Mutant Master. He raises his arms for silence, his blue skin glistening in the sun. 'Today, we begin the conquest of the world!' The cheer is deafening as the New Men surge forward, ready to show their loyalty for the Mutant Master, eager to do his bidding. The world doesn’t know how much trouble it is in...

• Characters encounter altered ones and living metal while searching the hostile wilderness for hidden secrets of the ancients!
• They try to penetrate the blue man’s renegade Iron Society enclave to uncover the mystery of the Yorkum Turkel!
• This adventure for the new 4th Edition GAMMA WORLD game is designed for three to six characters of 1st to 3rd level.
• Mutant Master is an excellent tool for beginning a new GAMMA WORLD campaign, either based in Ascension in Gamma Terra, or adapted into a GM’S personally designed world.
• It is recommended that the character group have at least one Altered Human."

1992 ... Bruce Nesmith ... 64 pages ... TSR 7516 ... ISBN 1560764112

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All Animals Are Equal (GWQ2)
"Three hundred years after the end of civilization, the creatures are running the zoo. Home to a bewildering array of talking, intelligent creatures, the zoo has turned into a melting pot of political intrigue, assassination, and homicide. The factions bicker and battle over territory, food, water, and power.

Here in the zoo, humans are the outsiders. But when player characters enter the scene, they are welcomed as the means of upsetting the balance of power. The Pride, the Troop, and every other faction seems to have a past wound or old humiliation to settle. See what a zoo politics can really be with All Animals Are Equal."

1993 ... Dale "Slade" Henson ... 64 pages ... TSR 7519 ... ISBN 1560766387

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Home Before the Sky Falls (GWQ3)
"The fate of Bonparr hangs in the balance… and the key to the past is within reach!

• Characters are drafted into the army of Bonparr for a special mission to investigate the stories of a terrifying war machine that is devastating the lands to the west.
• Not only must this formidable machine be defeated, but the PCs must discover its origin and the reason behind its rampage. In fact, that may be the only way to stop it;
• The adventure can easily be positioned in any GAMMA WORLD campaign;
• This 64-page adventure includes data on the awesome Excelsior Class RMV battlesuit and previously unknown information about the fate of Grissom Air Force Base;
• The adventure is usable by characters of low to mid levels."

1993 ... Tim Beach & Paul Riegel & Drew Bittner & Kim Eastland ... 64 pages ... TSR 7520 ... ISBN 1560766743

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5th Edition: Alternity (2000)

Gamma World, 5th edition
"Eight hundred years ago, everything went to hell.

Cities vanished, forests burned, and an entire civilization died in nuclear fire, gengineered plagues, and mutagenic poisons.

Gamma Terra is what's left,
a world blighted by radioactive deserts, deadly ruins, and thousands of new and dangerous species armed and armored with bizarre mutations and the wreckage of technology.
Humanity is no longer the master of the world.

Strap on your sword and ready your blaster - it's time to brave the wild frontiers!

This fresh new look at a classic campaign setting is designed for the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game. This book contains everything a Gamemaster and player needs to create and play adventures in GAMMA WORLD, including a condensed version of the ALTERNITY game rules, customized to the GAMMA WORLD setting.

* Play a pure strain human, mutant, or any of four other hero species.
* Looking for mutations? Choose from 120 different ones, including many old favorites updated for the new edition.
* Select one of four professions, and build your hero from an array of nearly 100 different skills.
* Pick from dozens of weapons for your hero, ranging from swords and crossbows to BattleKlaws and blaster rifles.
* Battle any of over two dozen mutated denizens of GAMMA WORLD, or test you strength against the dreaded Cryptic Alliances!
* Includes three adventures designed as a framework for a Gamemaster's GAMMA WORLD campaign.
The ALTERNITY Player's Handbook and Gamemaster Guide are not required for use of this product."

2000 ... Andy Collins & Jeff Grubb ... 192 pages ... TSR 11629 ... ISBN 078691629x

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6th Edition: D20 System (2003-2004)

Gamma World Player's Handbook (D20)
"First off. Ignore the cover title. This was originally meant to be a Campaign book, not a PHB, and this is why it doesnt feel like a PHB book.
Secondly dont grab this book thinking its going to allow you to play a GW game straight up. There just isnt enough presented to do it propperly without A WHOLE LOTTA work on your part. This book is meant to be part of a FIVE book set. The
d20 Modern core book(D20M), The Players Hand Book(PHB), The Monster Manual(MM), Arms & Equipment(A&E), and Dungeon Masters Guide(DMG).
The third thing to consider is that this IS NOT the old Gamma World setting in any way. Dont expect much to be really familliar, which is a big change from 5 preceeding editions where there was a definite familliarity from one to the next.

What does the book give you?
You get a post apocalyptic setting wherein mankind reached the heights of technological and biological manipulation... And then proceeded to tear it all down and differing factions all vied to make dominant some vision of 'how things should be.' This is a world where new life forms and sentient beings were grown on demand, where AIs became sentient minds, and were then placed in toasters and screwdrivers, where nanotech became so prevalent the stuff all but saturates some regions. The art is all black and white and is well presented. The writing has many typoes and goofs, but nothing truely reaches out and smacks you as broken.

The book proceeds from a overview of the setting to get down to character creation. Humans are divided into the Stock Human (stadard in all ways), and the Pure Strain Human (Familliar with technology still.) Next are Mutants. Divided into several sub groups, Altered Animals (beasts hiven human form and sentience), Altered Humans (Modified people that breed true), New Men (Mutated humans), and True Mutants (A catch-all for any mutant. They also tend to gain more mutations on levelling or when severely damaged.) The last race being Synthetics. These are free thinking (more or less) robots and androids that have survived after the wars. Synthetics can upgrade themselves with special equipment.
Next is the Class system. This is the d20M system that is based around attribute ideals such as Strong, Tough, Fast, etc. This allows a more custom class creation as you move along. For the d20GW there have been some slight changes and additions.
New skills and feats are presented and occupations available to work through. With time the players can move into Advanced Classes unique to the setting. Survivor, Nanosmith, War Chief, Prophet, Leader, and Cybercologist.
A selection of equipment and vehicles are given. This section has just enough to outfit a character. But is far from complete or extensive. That will be covered in the A&E book (Out of the Vaults). There is a section covering some Synthetic upgrades at the end.

The next section delves into powers and effects and starts with Mutations. Sadly this section is very weak and does not give enough to really satisfy most fans of previous editions. The mutations though follow into the Biotech Implant and Graft section where it is explained the rules for biological gear that mimics mutations.
This is followed by the Nanotech system. This is the focus of the new setting and nanites can be used to produce a vast array of efects limited only by the users imagination, skill, and access to local and personal nanites. You define scope, power, effect, and more, then try to get the nanites to do what you want.
Cybernetics are given their own section. Bionics and cyborg attatchments are detailed.
Psionics are seperated from mutations and now potentially accessible by non-mutants. The system is both very sparse, 4 psi powers with sub-systems, and has some application flaws that can lead to potential abuse.

Next up is environ and society. First is a section detailing environment. Mountains, forest, etc.
Then the book devotes a large section to Community creation. Communities are given PC style stats, skills, feats and more and are meant to draw the players intoa more active role in the affairs of their home base as it were. This section may perplex or delight you, depending on your tastes.

The monster section covers both old edition mutants and machines, and some new ones too. Though many entries are lacking illustrations. The mutants in this section do NOT use the mutations system presented for players.

The book finishes with some conversion notes and the 4th Ed Gamma world classes converted to d20 D&D format for those wishing not to use the d20M class system.

If the changes and new system do not put you off, and you want a setting less grim than Darwins World. Then the new d20GW setting may be the thing for you and this is where you start." ...from Amazon reviewer John W.

2003 ... 246 pages (hardcover) ... WW 17250 ... ISBN 158846069X

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Game Masters Guide
"The World at Your Fingertips
It’s a big world, with many secrets waiting to be revealed: mysterious landscapes, the changes wrought by war and disaster, cryptic alliances pursuing sinister goals of their own. They’re all in here ready for you to use in your Gamma World campaign.

Making It All Work
This book gives you solid, practical advice. Learn how to modify the rules for the right balance of adventure and danger, how to convey your chosen genre in description and pacing and how to plan and run a campaign from exciting start to rousing finish.
You’ve got good ideas — put them to work!"

2004 ... 192 pages (hardcover) ... WW 17251 ... ISBN 1588460681

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Machines & Mutants
"Animal and Machine... New Predators of a Shattered World! For more than a century, people played with genes like toys and made computers think and dream. Now, new species of plants and animals fill the places humanity once ruled. Things that were once machines and tools now prey on the descendants of their makers. This creature compendium for the re-envisioned Gamma World contains full descriptions of many new monsters suitable for any d20 game. Machines & Mutants has a dozens of new species, including rules for playing non-human characters, and guidelines for building new mutations, revived extinct species and unique challenges. It also includes descriptions of electronic "species" as both monsters and characters, and expands the rules for solving technological mysteries. Requires the use of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game or Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook. V.3.5, published by Wizards of the Coast."

2003 ... 224 pages (hardcover) ... WW 17252 ... ISBN 1588460673

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Out of the Vaults
"Super Science Unleashed:

The warriors and scholars of the Final Wars hid many of their best tools and weapons. Centuries later, many of those secrets still wait for someone to dig them up and turn them loose... for good or evil.
What did the people fighting the Final Wars deem too terrible, or too unimportant, to let anyone know about? This book lays it all out, along with new rules for analyzing mysterious technology and improving the technological level of the heroes and their community.

Gamma World requires the use of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game or the Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook v.3.5 published by Wizards of the Coast."

2004 ... 128 pages ... WW 17253 ... ISBN 1588460223

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Cryptic Alliances & Unknown Enemies
"It's a dangerous world out there, and Gamma World characters rely on their community for rest and support. But the home front has its own opportunities and perils.

This book expands on Gamma World's innovative rules for communities, offers a rogue's gallery of ready-to-use leaders, rivals, and other important members of the characters' community, and presents rules and advice for characters who try to lead their own community or found a new one."

2004 ... 124 pages ... WW 17254 ... ISBN 1588469662

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Beyond the Horizon
"Since the Final Wars, travelers have become few and seldom seen in most of the Gamma World. Battered communities turned inward, focused on nothing more than survival. But there is a change in the air. Intrepid explorers leave their homes, seeking knowledge, fame, fortune, and conquest.

The harsh realities of traveling in the Gamma Age are described within these pages, along with new rules for managing an expedition. New mutations and advanced classes are provided to help the heroes make their way back out into the world - what will they do with what they find there?"

2004 ... 112 pages ... WW 17255 ... ISBN 1588469778

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