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Marvel Super Heroes

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Cosmos Cubed (ME1)

"Some of the universe's most powerful super heroes have been selected and assembled by the WATCHER™. He sends them on a mission to a faraway planet, where they discover a secret that threatens the very universe!
Cosmos Cubed is the first of a three-part series of modules that pit your favorite super heroes against the greatest forces in the universe! Cosmos Cubed is designed for cosmically powered super heroes like SILVER SURFER™, NOVA™, FIRELORD™, THOR™, and DR. STRANGE™ — but any character can play.
Also included in Cosmos Cubed is a collector's source book about outer space in the Marvel Universe, along with complete statistics for the ELDERS OF THE UNIVERSE™."

1988 ... Troy Denning ... 32 + 16 pages + poster map ... TSR 6879 ... ISBN 0880385472

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Ragnarok and Roll (ME2)

"Ragnarok. The end of the world. The climactic battle of legend where Asgard falls and the heroes and gods of Norse mythology meet their end. And now it is upon us.
You are one of the universe's most powerful super heroes, selected by the WATCHER to investigate the happenings in the Nine Worlds. But there is more to the problem than just the end of the world — the very universe is at stake!
Ragnarok and Roll is the second of a three-part series of modules that pit your favorite super heroes against the most powerful cosmic forces in the universe! Ragnarok and Roll continues the adventure begun in ME1: Cosmos Cubed, though it isn't necessary to have played Cosmos Cubed to enjoy Ragnarok and Roll. This complete adventure is designed for cosmically-powered super heroes like SILVER SURFER, NOVA, FIRELORD, THOR, and DR. STRANGE — but any character can play."

1988 ... Troy Denning ... 32 pages (Adventure Book) + 16 pages (Resource Book) + fold-out map of Asgard ... TSR 6880 ... ISBN 0880385685

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Left Hand of Eternity (ME3)

"Some of the most powerful super heroes in the universe have a tall order ahead of them. They have to enter the realm of DEATH itself to rescue GALACTUS, who is a prisoner there.
That's right. And if the super heroes fail, the very universe may come to an end! The Left Hand of Eternity is designed for cosmically powered super heroes like SILVER SURFER, NOVA, FIRELORD, THOR, and DR. STRANGE — but any character can play."

1988 ... Ray Winninger ... 32 pages + 16 pages + poster map ... TSR 6882 ... ISBN 0880385839

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After Midnight (MLA1)
"In the best of times, the streets and structures of New York City are full of a mixture of people — some very good, some very bad, most somewhere in between.
These are not the best of times.
Gang activity is on the increase; it looks like some kind of war is going on. If that was all that was happening, the super-powered heroes In the Big Apple would have no problem restoring law and order. But when villains such as the Werewolf and the Brothers Grimm — to name only three out of a dastardly couple of dozen — start appearing out of nowhere, the heroes' problem becomes much more complicated than just relieving some punks of their switchblades and baseball bats.
To solve the mystery and defeat their foes in After Midnight, the player characters will have to use their minds as well as their muscles. They'll be tested by forces unlike anything they have ever encountered before. But hey -- that's what being a hero is all about, right?


1990 ... Anthony Herring ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 6892 ... ISBN 0880388323

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Night Moves (MLA2)
"The theft of an obscure diary from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A series of unsolved disappearances in Chinatown. A ghostly apparition in a Chinese restaurant. Are these unrelated incidents, or are they segments of a greater whole?

Attacks by the Silver Samurai and Si Fan assassins provide some clues to the heroes, who are drawn into the maelstrom of gang activity spreading through Chinatown in New York City. The exotic backdrop of Chinese culture sets the stage for a whirlwind introduction to the underground populated by tongs and ganglords. A search for the Celestial One becomes a matter of life and death for the heroes, who well may not live to see the Imperial Dawn..."

1990 ... Anthony Herring ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 6895 ... ISBN 0880388749

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Night Life (MLA3)
"You've been through more in the last few weeks than most normal folks go through in a lifetime. From stolen artifacts to synthetic chemicals, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Chinatown, from firelights to fireworks: you've seen it all.
Well... you thought you had.
A boy-genius has been reported missing, and clues are few. On top of this, the gang wars are still blazing, and the Imperial Dawn is about to break. Bi|t, there are those UFO's in Central Park... and that problem in Coney Island to deal with.., and naturally, you're the only ones for the job!
NIGHT LIFE is playable as a stand-alone adventure, or as the final part of the GANG WARS trilogy. Alternate starting points are provided for characters who have not gone through the first two sections of this storyline."

1990 ... Anthony Herring ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 6897 ... ISBN 0880388935

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Mutating Mutants (MLBA1)
""Being a mutant is tough. Being a New Mutant is even tougher. I think I'll pay those kids a friendly visit. Y'know, I may be Wolverine, but I don't have many friends who aren't out to use me. These kids haven't gotten hardbitten and cynical like this old warrior. Yep, time for a drop-in ..."
Later ...
"Somebody is after these kids. Trying to hurt them, and hurt 'em bad. Somebody just made a big mistake, and I intend to see that they find out just HOW big. Somebody's gonna pay for what they've done to the kids ..."
Wolverine watches as the New Mutants slither, crawl, and hop toward their goal. He knows they'll never be the same again. What's worse, he also knows HE'll never be the same again..."

1990 ... Bruce Nesmith ... 32 pages ... TSR 6893 ... ISBN 0880388412

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X-Terminate (MSL1)
"Dominus. Mister Sinister. Apocalypse. In the old days, these villains operated under the name "Factor Three." But those old days are gone, right?
Wrong! They're back, and they're every bit as formidable as before. Chaos is their middle name. This time, they're using the technology of the day against you: X-Factor. Can you defeat these three emissaries of evil, or will they X-Terminate you in the process?"

1991 ... Dale "Slade" Henson ... 32 pages ... TSR 6899 ... ISBN 1560760664

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Warlord of Baluur (MSL2)
"The ultimate toy: The Cosmic Control Rod. It's in the hands of a nameless fiend who is understandably reluctant to give it back.

If that isn't enough, consider this: A portal has been opened into the Negative Zone, the anti-matter universe that borders our own. Blastaar wants the Cosmic Control Rod for his very own, and has a massive armada poised to invade Earth from the Zone. Only one thing, a S.H.I.E.L.D. nuclear warhead, can close the gateway..."

1991 ... Anthony Herring ... TSR 6901 ... ISBN 1560761008

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Spore of Arthros (MSL3)
"The Cosmic Control Rod Trilogy continues as the Fantastic Four ventures into the Negative Zone to face off against Annihilus, the Rod's creator. Agents of SHIELD are lost in the anti-matter universe of the Negative Zone, and it's up to you heroes to save them. Once inside the Zone, you must face the wrathful return of the evil artificial intelligence of Quasimodo. The final conflict on Annihilus' planet shows that, even weakened, the despotic Spore of Arthros and Terror of the Negative Zone is still one of the most dangerous and powerful villains ever seen. The adventure contains a surprise ally who makes even Annihilus quake as he approaches."

1991 ... Rick Swan ... 32 pages ... TSR 6902 ... ISBN 1560761016

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Stygian Knight (MSL4)
"The master villain stands revealed -- Stygorr, the Master of Sub-Space seeks to use the power of the stolen Cosmic Control Rod to bring the Earth's inhabitants to their knees! Since his encounter with Blastarr, he has bided his time, marshalling and enhancing his mighty powers with the Cosmic device, and he has power enough to humble Annihilus, the scourge of the Negative Zone.

Stygorr can shatter mountains with one anti-matter blast, but he now has the power to warp time ans space itself. With unbelievable ease, he has turned Ryker's Island Prison into a technologically advanced base, complete with his own cyborg army of inmates! Will your player characters be able to stop this legion of mechanized criminals? Can they put an end to Stygorr's insane plans before both the positive matter universe and the Negative Zone are totally destroyed? Prepare your heroes for unparalleled excitement and adventure as they battle the Stygian Knight.

1991 ... Anthony Herring ... 32 pages ... TSR 6904 ... ISBN 1560761032

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All This and World War II (MT1)
The third panel of the cover/screen is a counter sheet intended to be cut out for play.

"It starts out as a simple enough assignment: Help old friend Nick Fury test out a new military weapon in the New Mexico desert. Then the Nazis attack.


After that, it gets weird. Do the Nazis have a diabolical plan to change the outcome of World War II by changing history? There's only one way to find out -- go back in time, team up with Captain America, Union Jack, and the rest of the Invaders, and strike a blow for the Allies!

All This and World War II is the first of the three-part Time Warp series of modules for the Marvel Super Heroes roleplaying game. The adventure is designed for the West Coast Avengers -- Vision, Tigra, Scarlet Witch, and the rest -- but any character can play."

1989 ... Ray Winninger ... 48 pages + fold-out map + 3-panel screen ... TSR 6885 ... ISBN 0880387181

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Weird, Weird West (MT2)
"It was all supposed to be so easy. But after the heroes go through a tour of duty in WWII (not bad for heroes born in the 1950's!), things once again get complicated.
It seems that time travel is once again called for, but this time things are kind of strange. In fact, history itself has begun to disappear! All kinds of people are showing up where they shouldn't be - or not showing up where they should!
The key seems to fall somewhere in the 1870's, around Dodge City, Kansas. All you've got to do is go there and fix the problems.
But Dodge is a city under siege - a siege that only Superheroes can break. Ready to attack are the armies of Napoleon, Genghis Khan, and Alexander the Great!
The Weird, Weird West is the second in the three-part TIME WARP series of adventures. It is designed for the WEST COAST AVENGERS - but any character can play."

1989 ... Ray Winninger ... 64 pages + poster map ... TSR 6886 ... ISBN 0880387416

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Revenge of Kang (MT3)
"What if the Fantastic Four were never born? How many other heroes would be affected -- who would die? Who would not decide to become a hero? Who would switch sides, and become a villain?

This is what Kang wants to happen. He and his alternate-reality duplicates have targeted the early 1960's as the time-space to begin their (his?) domination of the planet Earth. The plan: To eliminate the heroes of the 20th century, to make life easier for Kang. Lots easier..."

1990 ... Ray Winninger ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 6891 ... ISBN 0880387777

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Nightmares of Futures Past (MX1)
"Picture, if you will, a world gone insane. A world where you cannot attend school, buy food or clothing, or even walk down the street without risking capture of imprisonment. Add to that picture, if you can, the specter of giant, killing robots programmed to hunt down and destroy you and everyone like you.

This is the world waiting for you in Nightmares of Futures Past. Mutants have been declared outlaws and enemies, stripped of their constitutional rights, and condemned to quick death in battle or slow death in concentration camps. The heroes of our time are gone, either killed fighting oppression, stripped of their powers and locked away, or hiding in shadows..."

1987 ... Steve Winter ... 32 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 6873 ... ISBN 0880384026

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X-Potential (MX2)
""One Hundred Thousand to Attend Mutant Execution," one headline screams. "Senator Hints at Link Between Mutant, Commie Plots!" shouts another. In the streets, white-shirted men wearing the distinctive armband of the Knights of Genetic Purity march in lockstep, treading underfoot any suspected of being soft on mutants. In the public schools, kindergarten children raise their little arms in the clenched fist salute of the National American Social Improvement Party and chant the party slogan, "One People, One Blood, One Nation!"
Is this but a super hero's nightmare? No. This is America, home town U.S.A., 25 to 50 years in the future. In this America, constitutional government is all but gone. Real power is held by the sentinels, a group of powerful robots programmed to seek out and capture or destroy all human mutants and all beings with any hint of super powers. Sharing power with the sentinels are a handful of political demagogues who keep the population whipped into a constant frenzy about the mutant menace. Any super heroes who survive in this hostile environment do so by constantly facing the full military, political, and technological might of a new totalitarian state in the making.
The X-Potential is the second in a series of MARVEL SUPER HEROES game adventures set in this nightmare world of the future. It can be played as a complete adventure in its own right, or as part of the ongoing MX series."

1987 ... Mark Acres ... 32 pages + fold-out "newspaper" ... TSR 6875 ... ISBN 0880384034

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Reap the Whirlwind (MX3)
"You've been hounded by jack-booted, white-shirted vigilantes. You've been hunted by killer robots.
You've lived like an animal.
You've had enough.
Now it's time for mutants to fight back, time for the hunted to become the hunters. You've learned to survive, to thrive, by striking from the shadows. A thrust here. A blow there.
Now word has begun to circulate of a mutant with power enough to frighten the sentinels ... of equipment which can give mutants a fighting chance against their oppressors ... of a man with a vision, a vision of a mutant army capable of overwhelming any foe.
You'll strike like a whirlwind and reap what you can. Your lives will never be the same.
The thought appeals to you.
REAP THE WHIRLWIND is the third chapter in the Future in Flames series designed for use with the MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ Advanced Set. It includes a 32-page book and a 33" x 22 1/2" full-color map."

1987 ... Caroline and Warren Spector ... 32 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 6877 ... ISBN 0880384816

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Flames of Doom (MX4)
"It's no longer a game. It's not a fight for survival. It's not even hitting back at those who may have hurt you. Now, it's all-out war. You have the chance to go from hunted mutant to leader of the revolution. Are you up to the challenge?

How does the future end? Here is your chance to shape the world in the image you want. This adventure presents the end of a nightmare future, the fourth in the MX series of giant robotic mutant hunters versus super-powered resistance fighters. Can you prevail over the forces of tyranny and evil? Can you face the Flames of Doom?"

1987 ... David "Zeb" Cook ... 32 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 6888 ... ISBN 0880384824

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