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ROBOTECH - Role Playing Game by Palladium

Macross II


For a time, Palladium held license to produce a Robotech role playing game.


Robotech: The Role Playing Game
"Welcome to the world of ROBOTECH. In the proceeding pages you will find the television series accurately and loyally recreated. Long time fans of the Japanese version of the series, Macross, will find that we have retained much of the wonderful, original data from the ROBOTECH/Macross saga. Long hours spent accurately translating such classic, Japanese books as Memory Perfect, the Macross Guide Books and others, have provided us with a wealth of information never before published in the English Language. Carl Macek's valuable insight and direction has enabled us to produce not only an exciting game, but what we believe to be "the" definitive, English language, ROBOTECH source book."

1986 ... 110 pages ... Palladium 550 ... ISBN 0916211215

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Robotech II: The Sentinels

1987 ... 160 pages ... PALL 557 ... ISBN 0916211339

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REF Field Guide (Robotech II, Sentinels)

1989 ... Kevin Siembieda ... 144 pages ... Palladium 558 ... ISBN 0916211363

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The RDF Manual (Book 2)
"Within the proceeding pages you will find a wealth of data, maps, charts and diagrams about the people, places and machines of the post-holocaust world of Macross/ROBOTECH™. In addition to defining the world, I've also provided a handful of clarifications, modifications and optional rules to spice up your games. In the near future we will release books about the Zentraedi, Mecha of the Southern Cross and adventure scenarios."

1987 ... Kevin Siembieda ... 48 pages ... Palladium 551 ... ISBN 0916211231

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Zentraedi (Book 3)
"Welcome to the Zentraedi, the third book in the ROBOTECH RPG series. The Zentraedi are one of those great villains of all time,the ultimate antagonist. They are a race of 60 foot giants, consumed with conquest and violence. Merciless warriors, they are relentless in combat and would rather die than acknowledge defeat. We can hate them because they are cold, cruel, and ruthless instruments of destruction. We can fear them because they are an enigma from another world possessing superior strength and numbers. We can loathe them for their cruelty, brutality and maniacal fervor to conquer . . . to destroy. We can sympathize for them because they are mere puppets, twisted and made ugly by an insane puppeteer. For they are victims of yet another race's mad design; artificially created, cloned, grown and indoctrinated into a short, bleak life of constant war and death. Toss in the mystery of the SDF-l space fortress, protoculture, and the insane Robotech Masters, and there you have it. A truly compeling antagonist.

This book is about these tragic villains. We take a closer look at their lives, tactics, weapons, mecha and space cruisers. They are pre- sented as villainous, non-player characters, and developed for use as player characters (good or evil). All of it is provided for your gaming enjoyment."

1987 ... Kevin Siembieda ... 48 pages ... Pall 552 ... ISBN 0916211223

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Southern Cross (Book 4)
"Yet, like its predecessor, Southern Cross is directly adapted from the T.V. series and the notes of Carl Macek. Many Robotech fans will notice mecha, vehicles, weapons and equipment they may not remember from the television series. Is this imaginary stuff made up for the RPG? The answer is mostly NO! All the human mecha and other items are based on real material that is seen in the series. The running joke at Palladium was that "everything appeared in one episode or another for 10 seconds or less!" So if you blinked or went to the bathroom, you missed it. Seriously, its very true. We see all the Southern Cross battloids described in this book in a 5 second scene in episode 41 or 46. That's the extent of it. How many of you noticed the green bioroids? They're actually seen for a minute or two. Dana even captures one.

Only a tiny percentage of material is actually complete extrapolation, like the battloids of the E.B.S.I.S. And even this material is based on model sheets from the original animation. They are just ideas that died on the film editor's floor (or maybe I blinked at the wrong moment). Data on the Armies, world and Robotech Masters are adapted directly from the notes and ideas of Mr. Macek.

The Southern Cross animated series is unique in that it was an ambitious attempt by a Japanese studio to create a science fiction epic. This was to be the crowning feather in their cap. Unfortunately, in their fervor they introduced too much with too little play time. Consequently, I have tried to spotlight as many of these creations as possible for your gaining pleasure. Within the following pages you will find the world of Southern Cross. The next generation of Earth's defenders."

1987 ... Kevin Siembieda ... 112 pages ... Pall 553 ... ISBN 0916211274

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Invid Invasion (Book 5)
"The Invid Invasion is adapted directly from the T.V. series. ALL the mecha, weapons, vehicles and equipment found in this book can be seen in the T.V. series. Aided by Japanese translations of the original Mospeada cartoon, conversations with Carl Macek, examination of model sheets and frame by frame viewing of film sequences have all played a part in revealing the complete story of the Invid Invasion chapter of the Robotech trilogy. Small and obscure details have been restored and put into proper perspective.

In some cases, the mecha or data may have only appeared in one episode. For example, we don't see the Alpha Shadow Fighters till the very last episode. We see the giant VF-I V Vindicator and the powerful Destabilizer gun in episodes 84 and 85 (the last), but only get an indication of its size, compared to a squad of cyclone riders, in a five second action scene in #84. Using frame by frame viewing, the size was obvious, but in regular viewing we had all missed it the first half dozen times. Another example is the appearance of the cyborg, Dusty Ayres, the product of the invid's bionic experimentation on humans. In that same episode, "Hired Gun" (#81), we also see the missile launcher sidecar for the first and last time. I have tried to capture all of these items and events to re-create the full adventure of the T.V. series. With a little skill, a lot of research and a bit of luck, I will have succeeded. The Invid Invasion, its mecha and antagonists, creates the most exciting characters and adventures since Macross. Kick off your shoes, roll those dice and have a ripsnorting time. The fate of the Earth rests in your hands."

1988 ... Kevin Siembieda ... 112 pages ... PALL 556 ... ISBN 0916211282

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The Return of the Masters (Book 6)
Palladium Books later put out a revised ("Expanded Second Edition") version of their ROBOTECH: Return Of The Masters book. This revised version had more material and art in it but the same ISBN and cover. For example, the Revised edition has prototype mechs, like the "Prototype Super Logan", an updated version of the Logan Veritech presented in the ROBOTECH: Southern Cross book. Also Assault Battleroid, Super Alpha, and the Zentraedi Striker Battloid. And plenty more.

The way to distinguish the two editions is in the page counts... the earlier, shorter edition literally trails off in mid-article on page 88. Also, the back cover has an ad for Palladium books on the back (the original has a map of Moon Base Copernicus).

1989 ... 88, 128 pages ... Jonathan Frater & Wayne Breaux Jr. ... PALL 559 ... ISBN 0916211371

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New World Order (Book 7)
• RDF mecha vs RDF mecha!
• A sourcebook for the Robotech RPG (Macross Saga).
• Two new Occupational Character Classes.
• Five complete adventures plus scores of adventure Ideas.
• Nearly a dozen random encounter tables.
• Highlights for the Africa Sector and RDF bases.
• The fledgling Armies of the Southern Cross.
• Maniacal villains and insidious conspiracies.
• New weapons and vehicles.
• Eight major kingdoms described. Each with its unique history, technology, and O.C.C.s.
• Over 110 pages!
A supplement for the Robotech RPG and Southern Cross™. Compatible with the entire Palladium Books Megaverse !

1995 ... Kevin Hassal ... 112 pages ... ISBN 0916211843

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Strike Force (Book 8)
• New RDF prototype Destroids, Veritechs and Battle Armor!
• New Zentraedi mecha and equipment!
• New optional Occupational Character Classes.
• A sourcebook for the Robotech RPG (Macross Saga).
• Adventures, ideas and encounters.
• More World information about the Zentraedi Control Zone, Manaus (a Zentraedi stronghold), and Indochina.
• Notes for use with the Southern Cross, Invid Invasion and REF.
• Maniacal villains and insidious conspiracies.
• By Wayne Breaux Jr. and Kevin Siembieda.
• Over 100 pages!

1995 ... 104 pages ... Palladium 563 ... ISBN 0916211851

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Ghost Ship
"Welcome to the latest in the series of ROBOTECH supplements from Palladium Books. Ghost Ship is designed to be used as an adventure module, or a long scenario, for the series. You must have the ROBOTECH Role-Playing Game to play this adventure. The basic rules for rolling up a character and initiating combat are to be found in that sourcebook, along with much more valuable information. Of course, the other Macross books in the ROBOTECH series of supplements will be helpful, but are not mandatory.

This particular adventure takes place before the time period developed in the Southern Cross. However, experimental versions of Southern Cross Mecha can be made available. For details and modifiers, see the Game Master Section in the back of the book. To simplify the general description, no characters or Mecha that were not outlined in the initial ROBOTECH RolePlaying Game book are used in this book. If someone would like to change this campaign to include other armor or O.C.C. classes, it should be noted that much of the mecha in later supplements are MUCH more powerful than that of Macross.

The adventure is moderately difficult, designed for a party of between three and six players. More players can participate, although the group may get a bit unwieldy or the game master may have to beef up the antagonists. If someone would like to enter the campaign after it has been started, the role of human hostage, waiting to be rescued, can be worked into the game at practically any point."

1988 ... Chester Jacques ... 48 pages ... Pall 554 ... ISBN 0916211290

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The RDF Accelerated Training Program
"A Super Sourcebook for the Macross Saga:
• Non-Player Character Generation Tables.
• 18 Random Encounter Tables, plus Location Tables.
• Ideas for dozens and dozens of adventures.
• Experimental Mecha.
• N.P.C. Character Sheet"

1988 ... Gary Reed ... 56 pages ... Pall 555 ... ISBN 0916211320

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Zentraedi Breakout
• At last the Zentraedi Control Zone!
• RDF & Southern Cross characters and mecha together in the same environment!
• An overview of the South American Sector.
• Details about the Argentine Quadrant, including RDF bases, outposts, cities and governments.
• New weapons, equipment and characters.
• Nearly a dozen adventures plus loads of adventure ideas!"

1994 ... Deborah Christian and Kevin Siembieda ... 64 pages ... Palladium 559 ... ISBN 0916211673

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Lancer's Rockers
"An Adventure in the Invid occupied Earth of 2045, Plus source book material, new mecha, Lancer and more! For use with Robotech RPG Book Five: Invid Invasion or Robotech II: The Sentinels."

1989 ... 48 pages ... Palladium 560 ... ISBN 0916211428

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Macross II

Macross II: The Role-Playing Game
"Macross II™: The Role-Playing Game
Compatible with Rifts® and the entire Palladium Books® Megaverse®!
• The villainous Marduk, their mecha and war machines.
• Transformable Valkyrie Fighters, weapons and war machines.
• New Occupational Character Classes.
• Major Characters described and available as player characters.
• Tons of great artwork!
• Epic adventure, adventure ideas and more!
• 112 pages."

1993 ... 112 pages ... Pall 590 ... ISBN 0916211622

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Macross II: Sourcebook One
"Palladium Books® Presents:
Macross II: Sourcebook One: The U.N. Spacy
• The Ground Troops & War Machines of the U.N. Spacy.
• The U.N. Spacy Zentran Fleet & Valkyrie.
• The Marduk Transformable Fighter.
• Tons of great artwork, more information and excitement!
• Compatible with Rifts® and the entire Palladium Books® Megaverse®!
• Bigger than Advertised!
• 64 pages!"

1993 ... Kevin Siembieda ... 64 pages ... Pall 591 ... ISBN 0916211630

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Macross II: Spacecraft Deck Plans, Volume One
"Macross II™: Deck Plans Volume One
• Ship to ship combat rules.
• The U.N. Spacy Macross Cannon and Escort Carrier.
• The U.N. Spacy Zentran Destroyer, Command and Scout Ship.
• The Marduk Flagship, Battleship, Shuttle and giant base.
• A brief scenario and adventure ideas.
• Tons of great artwork, more information and excitement!
• Compatible with the entire Palladium Books® Megaverse®!
• 64 pages."

1994 ... 64 pages ... Pall 592 ... ISBN 0916211665

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Macross II: Spacecraft Deck Plans, Volume Two
• Floor plans for the U.N. Spacy's Command Ship, Battleship and Corvette.
• Floor plans for the Zentran's Flagship and Carrier.
• Floor plans for the Marduk Dreadnought, Destroyer and Frigate.
• Size chart and combat data.
• A short adventure and adventure ideas.
• Tons of great artwork, more information and excitement!
• Compatible with the entire Palladium Books® Megaverse®!
• 64 pages."

1994 ... 64 pages ... Pall 593 ... ISBN 0916211746

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Macross II: Spacecraft Deck Plans, Volume Three
* Floor plans for the Macross Interdimensional Space Fortress.
* Floor plans for Moon Base and Armd Platform.
* Floor plans for the U.N. Spacy Headquarters.
* Floor plans & layout for Culture Park.
* Size chart and combat data.
* A short adventure and adventure ideas.
* Tons of great artwork, more information and excitement!
* Compatible with the entire Palladium Books® Megaverse®!

1994 ... 64 pages ... Palladium 594 ... ISBN 0916211754

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