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Space Opera - Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)

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Space Opera [BOX SET]

The Space Opera box set came in 3 distinct printings. The first has a blue lid. The next two had black lids, with different variations of the same cover art. The first is by by Gene Day. The later set has art redone by Robert Charrette. The most notable difference is the woman is drawn less sexually suggestive in the later version. An even earlier edition box set had completely different cover art with a blue background. The contents are the same.

Better pic over at our sales site blog.

"The most complete science fiction role playing game ever produced" boasts the box cover. And complete is the right word. Fantasy Games Unlimited (also known for Bushido) developed this game in 1980. Space Opera, and the other games that would follow, became legendary for intensely detailed rules sets. Though light on background, this game was ahead of its time in its technical aspects. A complete box should include: 2 game books (Vols. 1 & 2) and master record forms and charts.

"SPACE OPERA includes complete rules for character and planet generation, human and alien races, skills and professions, starships, individual and ship combat, etc. Also included are summary charts, tables, ship and planetary record sheets and character reference sheet. SPACE OPERA is the most complete science fiction role playing game ever produced.

SPACE OPERA is a science fiction role playing game. Players control characters who may be star pilots, scientists, soldiers, merchants, explorers, space marines, or any one of a number of other professions. These characters have adventures in a galaxy designed by the StarMaster who referees the game. SPACE OPERA adventures may be interwoven over several game sessions to play out the lives of the characters involved in this fascinating game of action and interaction.

VOLUME 1 covers the generation of characters, their attributes, skills, career possibilities, and the effects of their planets of origin. Variations for alien races are presented. Psionic talents are explained. Details for running, maintaining and repairing a starship are given. Five starships, complete with deckplans are provided. Volume 1 is 90 pages long.

VOLUME 2 presents a wide selection of equipment and weapons for a variety of technological levels. Combat, both on the ground and between starships is covered. Detailed sections on starship design, world creation, interstellar travel and commerce, and planetary cultures fill out the book. Volume 2 is 91 pages long.

An assortment of master record forms and a selection of useful charts are also included.

For you as a player, SPACE OPERA offers a selection of species for your character. From a basis of randomly determined characteristics (slanted to favor your character) you take him through his career up to the point when his adventures start. This development system results in a complete and rounded character with skills chosen in a nonrandom fashion to suit his or her needs.

For you as StarMaster, SPACE OPERA offers rules covering a wide variety of topics from which you may pick and choose those that will best suit the universe in which you wish to play. In this way you can simulate situations from virtually any part of science fiction literature. SPACE OPERA gives you a framework within which to set and develop the adventures that you conceive for the characters. The only limit is your imagination.

SPACE OPERA requires one person to act as StarMaster and is most enjoyable with 2 or more other players. The rules present a detailed, and in some areas intricate, simulation of a science fiction universe which is a blend of scientific fact, postulated future science and just plain imagination."

1980, 1982 ... FGU 7101

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Space Opera (Paperback)
The Space Opera box set was reprinted after 1982 as a combined perfect-bound volume. Content seems the same, no revision. Both volumes and the accessory sheets are included.

1982 ... 181 pages

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Ground and Air Equipment
"Most readers of SPACE OPERA have probably wondered about one of two things: what more can be added to the already extensive lists of equipment? Or what happened to Flamers, Scramblers and other heavy weapons? The answer to both of these questions is in GROUND AND AIR EQUIPMENT. When SPACE OPERA was completed, it was decided that the heavy military equipment was only of interest to those players with characters in military or mercenary service. For most PCs the heavy equipment under consideration would be outside the realm of their needs or abilities.

But, for those of you with the requirements for use of military equipment, this is it. Tanks and other armored vehicles, combat aircraft and air combat rules, Star Fighters, and heavy weaponry with all the additional rules needed to use these additional weapons and weapons systems."

1981 ... Edward E. Simbalist & A. Mark Ratner ... 38 pages ... FGU 7102

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Martigan Belt - An Adventure in the Asteroids
"'- - - - - - UNDER- - - - ACK- - - -ENS - - AIL - - - -THINK - WE - - - - - - P - -CRY - - -LS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SABO - - GE - - - - - - - - - - - - -'

This is the content of the static-garbled message received by the Janus Mining Company from one of their mining vessels in the Asteroid Belt. Your team of specialists has been assembled by all companies on Martigan III to determine what happened to the vessel and whether 'sabotage' was involved as the message seems to imply.

Included in this scenario are the full stats on the Martigan System with greatest detail on the planet Martigan III. The system map shows the location of the lost mining ship and of the IPA bases in the Asteroid Belt. Provisions exist for adventures on Martigan III, exploring other planets of the system, determining what went on with the lost ship, and mining the asteroids. Additional suggestions for other scenarios are included for use within the Martigan System.

MARTIGAN BELT is intended for use with SPACE OPERA. Note that this is not a game, but a Star Master's Aid for use with the SPACE OPERA game system."

1981 ... Stephen Kingsley ... 21 pages ... FGU 7111 ... ISBN n/a

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Probe NCG 8436: A Survey & Contact Mission
"The Interstellar Survey Cruiser Outreach is exploring an area beyond the frontier of the Procyon StarSector. It is in the system of a K1 star designated NCG 8436.

The mission is to map out and explore the system. Determine habitability of all planets within the stellar ecosphere. All new races encountered must be determined to be sentient or non-sentient. If sentient races are encountered, it must also be determined whether contact by a starfaring culture will bring about social upheaval. All such decisions are made by the Contact Service.

NCG 8436 is an adventure/scenario for use with the SPACE OPERA game system. This is not a game but a Star Master's aid for use with SPACE OPERA."

1981 ... Stephen Kingsley ... 21 pages ... FGU 7112 ... ISBN n/a

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Vault of the Ni'er Queyon: A Sector Spanning Quest
"An adventure which leads to the vaults of the ForeRunner Ni'er Queyon. Players are lead on a quest for the vault or to rescue the daughter of a rich merchant who is on a similar quest for treasure. This adventure spans StarSectors and includes several planets, two StarShips, and everything needed for a full adventure quest.
VAULT OF THE NI'ER QUEYON is an adventure scenario for use with the SPACE OPERA game system. It is not a complete game as SPACE OPERA is required for use of this adventure pack."

1982 ... Stefan Jones ... 24 pages ... FGU 7113

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Fasolt in Peril - An Anti-Terrorist Adventure
"A two part adventure which leads off with having to deal with the terrorist/hijackers of a Fasolt Class passenger liner who have successfully captured an important scientist under the protection of the player characters.

Successful recapture of the vessel and their charge does not end the problems as the ship is lost in space and the communicator is wrecked beyond repair.

Part two is the exploration of an unknown planet which contains previously unknown MekPurr installations. The Player Characters must fully explore this secret research base of the MekPurrs to locate a communicator and signal their need for rescue. In doing so, they must deal with the results of MekPurr experimentation into the field of sentient androids."

1982 ... Steven J. Richardson ... 16 pages ... FGU 7114

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Agents of Rebellion - C.S.A. Espionage Missions
"As the Underground Alliance readies itself for rebellion against the repressive Korellian rulers of the CSA Sector, the Player Characters find themselves recruited as agents by the Underground. AGENTS OF REBELLION is actually a connected series of independent adventures in the service of the rebel cause.

Missions lead the adventurers to rescue an important scientist from the Colonial Police, raid a Korellian Star Base in search of secret codes, escape from a planet-wide search for them, deliver their captured information safely off-planet and deal with Imperium ambush.

AGENTS OF REBELLION is an adventure pack for use with the SPACE OPERA game system. STAR SECTOR ATLAS 11 (The Confederate Systems Alliance) is a helpful, but not necessary, playing aid for these adventures. This is not a complete game as SPACE OPERA is required for use of this adventure pack."

1983 ... Phil McGregor ... 28 pages ... FGU 7115

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Alien Base: A First Contact Adventure
"The DSX Timothy has been missing for 8 days and has apparently disappeared in the neighborhood of an F2 main sequence star.

Mission: Learn what happened to the DSX Timothy. Learn the intentions of any new cultures contacted. Rescue any surviving crewmembers or passengers from the DSX Timothy.

ALIEN BASE is a complete adventure/scenario for use with the SPACE OPERA game system. It is also the lead scenario of a five adventure series, each of which is fully self contained."

1981 ... Larry Smith & Jeff Dee (cover) ... 28 pages ... FGU 7121

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Incedus III - An Espionage Mission
"The planet Abrice has a secret. Your government is interested in establishing formal agreements with Abrice and discovering the reason for technological anomalies evident on Incedus III (Abrice).

Mission: Infiltrate the planet to learn what is going on. Previous attempts have failed at the cost of several teams of operatives. There may still be some operatives alive and in a position to offer assistance."

1982 ... Kenneth C. Campbell ... 23 pages ... FGU 7125

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Rowison II - A Merchant Service Adventure
"When the Libertus lands at Rogan StarPort on Rowsion II on a routine trading call, events soon make it clear that the captain is involved in a profitable smuggling operation. This is further complicated by events on the planet.

Cataclysmic changes take place on Rowsion II and player characters on the planet's surface must survive until help arrives.

Rowsion II also includes a smaller military adventure as HCE forces seize the opportunity provided by nature to install their own choice as the new head of government on the planet."

1982 ... Kenneth C. Campbell & Jeff Dee (illustrations) ... 23 pages ... FGU 7126

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Operation Peregrine: The Quanchiovt Conspiracy

A religious leader is kidnapped and the trail leads the adventurers through a variety of worlds on the track of a syndicate. Criminal masterminds running illegal drugs and operating production facilities on many worlds are involved. These types of people have money and a ruthless nature in covering up their activities.

The player characters will find that their foes will stop at nothing, even disrupting the annual Sky Cruiser Race on Grutzom. It all makes for an exciting, multi-part adventure of danger and intrigue.

Also included in OPERATION PEREGRINE is a complete quadrant of a star sector. Maps and commercial starship routes accompany the descriptions of the planets in this quadrant.

Note that OPERATION PEREGRINE is not a game, but an adventure for use with the SPACE OPERA game system. SPACE OPERA is required for proper use of this adventure pack."

1983 ... Stefan Jones ... 36 pages ... FGU 7128

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Casino Galactica
"A complete adventure setting outlining an entire luxury resort complex with hotel, casino, entertainment facilities, shops, and sports related facilities on the grounds. Descriptions of non-player characters fill out the Casino Galactica complex as these account for the notable members of the resort staff and even notable guests currently at the resort.
Several scenario outlines are provided to assist the StarMaster in generating adventures within this setting. These adventures arc appropriate for players of virtually all professions and races in the Space Opera universe.
CASINO GALACTICA is not a game but a playing aid for use with the SPACE OPERA game system. SPACE OPERA is necessary for proper use of this adventure setting product."

1983 ... Steven B. Todd ... 20 pages ... FGU 7130

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Seldon's Compendium of Star Craft 1 - Ship's Boats, Traders, Liners and Patrol Vessels
"SELDON'S COMPENDIUM OF STARCRAFT presents a wide range of Star Ships. These vessels have been selected from among the most popular ships in common use in the space lanes at each tonnage they represent. A large number of shipyards are also represented by this selection. Naturally, with the wide range of ships shown, and with the size variations required to give the reader a clear picture of the types of craft employed by merchant shippers, no constant scale can be employed with all deck plans. For this reason, each deck plan is accompanied by a five-meter scale bar for accurate scale with that particular deck plan."

1981 ... Edward E. Simbalist & Robert N. Charrette ... 48 pages ... FGU 7171 ... ISBN n/a

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Seldon's Compendium of Star Craft 2 - Starships of War Azuriach, GPR, Mercantile League and Terran
"Seldon's STARSHIPS OF WAR is the recognized authority on the battlecraft in the Star Fleets of the major interstellar powers. Volume 2 in the Seldon's series represents the warships in general service in the human interstellar nations.

Because of the wide range of ships presented, the plans are not all shown to the same scale. Each set of plans is accompanied by a five-meter scale bar for comparison purposes. Larger ships are presented in external view only, as interior detail often differs significantly between classes and the sheer size of the warships renders detailed deck plans difficult to present. Also, such vessels are characteristically subject to the strictest security measures and plans are not generally available for dissemination."

1984 ... Edward E. Simbalist & Robert N. Charrette ... 48 pages ... FGU 7172 ... ISBN n/a

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Seldon's Compendium of Star Craft 3 - Starships of War Blarad, Mekpurr, Ranan and Hissss'ist
"The third volume in the Seldon's series, SELDON'S COMPENDIUM OF STARCRAFT 3 introduces the military starships of the United Ranan Worlds, the Hissss'ist, the Mekpurr and the Blarad Star Kingdoms to players of SPACE OPERA. It follows the format established in the second volume of the series in containing stats and illustrations of all ships from the smallest starfighters through the largest battlestarships. Ships of relatively small size, like Destroyers or Corvettes, are diagrammed completely with deck plans.

SELDON'S COMPENDIUM OF STARCRAFT 3 also includes a new class of ships, StarFighter Carriers, for the four StarNations listed, as well as for those covered in Seldon's Compendium of Starcraft 2 (the United Federation of Planets, Azuriach Imperium, Mercantile League, and the Galactic People's Republic).

SELDON'S COMPENDIUM OF STARCRAFT 3 includes 34 different ship types and classes (most of which with several variations) from eight different StarNations. It is an invaluable resource for players of SPACE OPERA (or for any other science fiction role playing game)."

1988 ... Edward E. Simbalist & Steven S. Crompton ... 48 pages ... FGU 7173 ... ISBN n/a

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Star Sector Atlas 1 - The Terran Sector
"Star Sector Atlas 1 comes with a 17" by 22" foldup abstract paper map of the Space Opera game universe. This map contains the locations referenced by all of the Star Sector Atlases and the Outworlds supplement. A 20 by 26 square grid is used to reference the locations on the map. The map is printed on one side."


1981 ... 52 pages + fold-out quadrant map ... FGU 7141 ... ISBN n/a

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Star Sector Atlas 2 - The Mercantile League

1982 ... Terry Cheesman & Edward E. Simbalist & Jeff Dee (illustrations) ... 64 pages ... FGU 7142

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Star Sector Atlas 3 - The Azuriach Imperium

1984 ... Edward E. Simbalist & Terry Cheesman & James Fletcher(illustrations) ... 56 pages ... FGU 7143

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Star Sector Atlas 5 - The United Ranan Worlds

Also including the Mit Galactic Soviet Socialist Republic!

1985 ... Ken Campbell & Edward E. Simbalist & Liz Danforth (art) ... 64 pages ... FGU 7145

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Star Sector Atlas 11 - The Confederate Systems Alliance

Readers will recall that the numbered series of StarSector Atlases used with SPACE OPERA are from the campaigns of the original designers. It should be noted that Atlas 11 is from the Australian based campaign of Phil McGregor which saw the Rebel Humans in a fight for freedom against their Korellian oppressors. The Atlases numbered 2-10 will continue the series dealing with the major races and nationalities from the basic SPACE OPERA rules. Atlas 12 will deal with the Korellian Empire in greater detail as this atlas (11) is designed to spell out the situation among the Terran colonists in the North American Nebula as they begin their great rebellion and the hard fight for freedom.

SPACE OPERA is designed to be a versatile game and the tone of this atlas differs from that of Atlas 1. This is due to the different nature of the Australian campaign. Enough information is provided so that readers can use this atlas as the setting for a similar fight against oppression or simply use this atlas to provide a new area for adventuring. The original Australian campaign assumed that the first renewed contact with the mainstream of galactic civilization would be made by trade expeditions from the Mercantile League.

The CSA Sector has obviously been out of touch with the rest of the human race and it has been placed in the North American Nebula, which is clearly marked on the Quadrant Map that comes with StarSector Atlas 1 (The Terran Sector). The next atlas planned covers the Mercantile League, which will prove useful in connection with Atlas 1 and with Atlas 11.

1982 ... Phil McGregor & Jeff Dee (art) ... 46 pages ... FGU 7151

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Star Sector Atlas 12 - The Korellian Empire

"Atlas 12 presents two complete sectors of the Korellian Imperium. These sectors immediately border the North American Nebula (CSA Sector) and are border provinces of this large empire. They can be located in areas 22S and 23S on the Quadrant Map that is included with StarSector Atlas 1 (The Terran Sector).

It should be pointed out that the names used for planetary systems in the listing accompanying the sector maps are those codenames applied to the planets by the CSA and the UA as the information presented herein comes from CSA sources, including the large body of intelligence material gathered on surrounding Korellian territory by the Alliance."

1983 ... Phil McGregor ... 46 pages ... FGU 7152

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The OutWorlds - A Starsector Atlas
"The Outworlds were settled by a varied mob of dissidents and adventurers early in the first century of the interstellar era. Isolated from the main run of developing galactic civilization, The Outworlds evolved an interstellar society quite similar to the Terran Federation and its neighboring powers.

Culture and civilization on the Outworlds themselves, however, took a variety of paths. 'Strange planets breed strange customs', said the famed explorer H. Zair Toadsticker, and the customs of the Outworlds are no exception. Midgard, the oldest of the Outworlds, has a bizarre multi-species society and even more bizarre cities. Dandalore, a vast swamp covering the only continent, is inhabited by a race of humans who consider the bog as a sort of god. Chavyry is a small dense world with a thin atmosphere; the population lives in surface domes and in the lowlands, where enough air has collected to make the atmosphere breathable without respirators. Agar is a watery globe, with only a few islands above sea level. The human settlers, all employees of a single food-processing company, make their living by skimming nutritious slime-algae off the ocean surface. These are only some of the worlds in the Outworlds.

Three alien races with space flight include themselves in the Outworlder confederation. The Chierol of Brandile are an upright quadrapedal species adapted to living in extremely cold conditions. The Geertok are a man-like race that is developing a scientifically based society after years of living under a harsh theocracy. Their homeworld is Standarozzle. The Greee of Zair's world are small, cuddly-looking octopods with an extremely long life span, but a low birthrate. Much of their work force consists of robots and genetically altered animals.

There are a few other, more primitive, races of non-humans on out-worlder planets, such as the Finned Ones of Agar and the cavern-dwelling Kobolds of Kessex. These aborigines are generally ignored by the humans on their worlds, as there is plenty of space for all on undeveloped, under populated planets."

1981 ... Stefan Jones ... 39 pages ... FGU 7160

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Other Suns

Other Suns [BOX SET]
A fascinating game released in 1983 by FGU, Other Suns starts off with a setting of the L'Doran Hegemony, where humans are a defeated race, one of many. Although the alien races -- let's be honest -- aren't very alien (bears, dogs, squirrels, etc.), the setting is tantalizing. With a little less rules, and a little more background, Other Suns would have been more than the obscure game it is.

Dragon Magazine (Ares section), issue 89, had an article about the Moon/Luna in the Other Suns universe, written by Niall Shapero ("Luna, the Empire and the Stars"). Riveting reading, and indispensible background material.

• Book 1: Characters and Skills (72 pages)
• Book 2: Starships & World Building (65 pages)
• 3-panel ref screen
• master character sheet

"A Science Fiction role playing game complete with everything needed to create player characters in any of 11 intelligent species with the additional option of robotic characters. Rules for the building of starships, space travel, space combat, creation of worlds and star-systems, populating worlds, combat, skills, technology, and even careers are included, A full choice of career types with over 100 skills and additional rules for psionic talents allow for freedom in character design and character goals.
Also included in this boxed set are a judge's screen, master character record sheet, a sample planet with a full ecology from among the worlds of the Hegemony, and an introductory scenario to get you started.
Science Fiction Adventure in the L'Doran Hegemony."

1983 ... Niall Shapero ... FGU 2201

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Alderson Yards Shipbook

There is something very special about an Alderson Yards built ship. ...Is it the utilitarian style and comfort of our ships? ...Is it the meticulous engineering and design? ...Or perhaps it's the reasonable price and the numerous types of vessels we build. That something special goes beyond what you can see or test for. It is a feeling of trust and well being. You know Alderson has a reputation to defend and Alderson Yards will not allow any mistakes to tarnish our image. None.

This catalog contains over 15 of our most popular and useful ships for personal or commercial usage. The information is usable with the Other Sun's gaming system. So enjoy. And remember, Alderson Yards wants your shipbuilding to be fun and rewarding."

1984 ... 48 pages ... FGU 2202

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Spacefarers Guides

Written by Ed Lipsett (and sometimes also Bob Charette), released by Phoenix Games, these guides detailed a large area of space for sci-fi roleplaying. The novelty lies in the race and world descriptions adapted from classic science fiction (pre-1980).

Spacefarers Guide to Sector One
Classic RPG sourcebook that translates Science Fiction alien races from all the popular authors into gaming terms. Excerpt: ... "MOTE PRIME ~~ Race: "Moties" ... The Mote in God's Eye ... Pournelle & Niven ... S & S 1974. Planet: The planet has a 27.33 hour day, and is characterized by very flat terrain and many old craters on the surface. The atmosphere contains filterable poisons. Physical: The natives are four feet tall and vaguely humanoid, but asymmetrical. They have two dexterous right arms and one powerful left arm which joins directly to the head; there is no neck. Strength -1; Dexterity +4. There are many specialized types of Moties, which differ in body size and shape including: Porters, Farmers, Watchmakers [semi-intelligent manipulators), Messengers, Workers, Physicians, Warriors [matchless fighters], Mediators and Masters. Mental: Instincts to perform one's Job and obey one's Master are inbred. Mediators are superb cultural and linguistic translators. Culture: Moties must reproduce to live; this causes population to grow to unsupportable levels, leading to war and catastrophic collapse to Neolithic levels. Each cycle lasts 1 00 to 400 years; the cycle is near the top at present. Techno: Except for lack of FTL technology, considerably in advance of Empire standard, including force-field airlocks, frictionless surfaces, room-temperature super-conductors. The Engineer caste can copy, improvise or invent almost anything. Import: Metals, petroleum (the planet's resources are exhausted, and scavenging is a highly developed art). Export: Technology. Notes: WARNING: An Empire battle fleet will destroy any ship that does not let itself be searched and booby trapped when entering and leaving the system. NO natives are allowed out of the system. T8 MB GPP455 SA P11 H50 Anormal tainted G .87"

1979 ... 62 pages

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Spacefarers Guide to Sector One Planets
Classic RPG sourcebook that translates Science Fiction planets from all the popular authors into gaming terms. Piper, LeGuin, Norton, Heinlein, Laumer, Dickson, Leinster, Tubb, Smith, Bradley, Herbert... they're all here!

1978 ... Ed Lipsett ... 64 pages ... "Little Soldier Games: A division of Phoenix Games"

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Spacefarers Guide to Alien Monsters
"Hi fellow sapients, I'm Professor Starymaple from the University of Zacania. I have compiled this little dissertation for your edification. Enclosed I have listed some of the more interesting faunae, that reside on Second Empire planets. It is hoped that this presentation will alert you to the various shapes and abilities nature has spawned to amuse, interest and frighten the sophont beings of the universe. It is hoped that you will walk, crawl, fly or swim with more care after reading this volume.
If you should come across a new species of fauna, or perhaps a heretofore unknown new ability of a known species, please write me care of the University of Zacania. May you learn something new every day.
—Professor Starymaple University of Zacania 4921"

1979 ... Ed Lipsett & Bob Charrette (cover) ... 64 pages

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Spacefarers Guide to Alien Races
"Greetings, fellow sapients. l'm Professor Starymaple of the University of Zacania. I have compiled this treatise on intelligent races, and offer it for your greater edification. In it are listed most of our brother races who reside in Second Empine space. It is my hope that this presentation will promote better understanding of our fellow beings, their strengths and their weaknesses, and hasten the day when we will walk, crawl, fly and swim in greater harmony. If you should encountera new sapient race, or perhaps discover a hitherto unknown ability of a known race, please communicate with me care of the University of Zacania. May you learn something new every day. —Professor Starymaple University of Zacania 4222 (Preface to Terran Edition)"

1979 ... Ed Lipsett & Bob Charrette (ill.) ... 64 pages

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Spacefarers Guide to Sector Two: Rourke's Diadem
"I salute you, fellow sapients: may you die blissfully. For those of you who don't recognize me, I am Professor Starymaple of the University of Zacania. The excellent Spacefarer's Guide series has proved so popular with our Terran readers that we have found it necessary to issue this new edition of the Guide to Sector Two: Rourke's Diadem, in the Terran tongue. I am pleased to give it my endorsement, and that of the University. Here you will find described the ninety-six worlds of the Empire of Cavoral, which spans the cluster called Rourke's Diadem, and also the various Guilds and Merchant Houses which link it to our own Second Empire. Many facets of the Terran race are puzzling to more contemplative species, but none more so than the multiplicity of "religions" by which humans seek to comprehend the Infinite. Each claims the Truth for itself, as if the branch should call itself the Tree — but it is not my place to judge. At any rate, be warned: in the Diadem, truth wars with truth; if you would seek your fortune there, you must walk, fly, swim or crawl with extreme caution. May you learn something new every day. — Professor Starymaple University of Zacania (Preface to 2nd Terran Edition)"

1979 ... Ed Lipsett & Bob Charrette (cover) ... 72 pages ... "Little Soldier Games, a division of Phoenix Games"

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Space Marines

Space Marines - Science Fiction Miniatures Rules Tactical Ground Combat
"Space Marines is a game designed to simulate land combat in the interstellar era. Naturally, the rules are only one possible system, and unlike games on historical periods, there is no way to measure the realism; we don't know what the world will be like in several centuries from now. These rules are based on the author's future history, which may or may not be probable but does lead to a universe in which ground combat still exists.

SPACE MARINES is a game. While every attempt has been made to keep the rules self-consistent and reasonable on the basis of current knowledge, their purpose is to give an enjoyable game. This took priority over 'realism'.

Various weapons and devices used in the game are referred to as Type A, B, or C. This is to reflect differing levels of technology and cost of weapons. In the twentieth century a type A rifle would be an automatic weapon, a type B would be semi-automatic and a type C would be bolt action."

1980 ... A. Mark Ratner ... 80 pages ... FGU 7100

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Starships & Spacemen

Starships & Spacemen: Carry Out Missions in the Final Frontier
This early science fiction RPG was written by Capt. Leonard H. Kanterman, M.D. (US Army Medical Corps). S&S has a surprisingly detailed background revolving around the shifting alliances and conflicts between the Terrans, Zangids, and several other alien races. The book also comes with a character sheet and reference card.

1978 ... 81 pages ... FGU 1050

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