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Steve Jackson Games

Car Wars ~ GURPS

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One of the few companies featured in my web pages that's still actually publishing games. Steve Jackson Games home page can be found here

Kung Fu 2100
"For years the CloneMasters have ruled the world. Their only foes are the Terminators — trained from birth in the martial arts. Now you are a Terminator. Your mission: smash your way into the CloneMaster's fortress . . . chop through his defenses ... to destroy him forever.
But his guards are many and loyal. Like you, they can kill with a single blow. And time is against you . . .
KUNG FU 2100 includes 112 counters in 3 colors; 16" x 21" rules sheet; 10" x 21" color map; extra CRT and record sheets; and ziplock bag for counters.
This game features a unique combat system to represent the various martial-arts attacks, defenses, and weapons.
For one or two players. Playing time under 90 minutes."

1980 ... B. Dennis Sustare & Steve Jackson, Forrest Johnson (editing) & Denis Loubet (illustrations) ... Steve Jackson Games

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Game Design (Volume 1: Theory & Practice)
If you enjoy game history or design, Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog has a great review explaining why this book should be on your shelf.

"Written for the serious game designer — or for the amateur designer who'd like to be published professionally — GAME DESIGN combines practical "nitty-gritty" advice with theoretical background. You can learn, not just WHAT to do to design a good game, but WHY it works that way. This book will also be of interest to skilled Game Masters of role-playing games . . . and to the dedicated wargamer interested in learning more about his hobby. The play hints alone make GAME DESIGN an invaluable text.
Beginning with a discussion of the theoretical background of gaming, GAME DESIGN covers the historical development of the 'modern' wargame — from an occasional pastime for a dedicated few, to today's multimillion-dollar game industry. "How-to" sections include Mapping and Movement, Terrain, Combat and Play Sequence, Advanced Combat Systems, Research, Components, Playtesting, and more. A special chapter covers role-playing game design. For the would-be professional, there are chapters on Designing for the Market and Game Evaluation, as well as a bibliography of design resources.
Much of this material originally appeared in the magazine The Space Gamer. Now, thoroughly revised and updated (and with new chapters added), GAME DESIGN is available in book form. This is Volume 1: 'Theory and Practice.' Volume 2, a resource book for serious designers and Game Masters, will be available soon."

1981 ... Nick Schuessler & Steve Jackson ... 48 pages ... SJG 3101

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Raid on Iran
"On April 24, 1980, the United States launched a rescue mission to free 53 hostages held captive in Iran. Three helicopters failed on the way. The mission was aborted.
What if it had gone in?
RAID ON IRAN is a simulation of what might have been ... if the rescue mission had reached Teheran. The American commandos must find and free the embassy hostages - while holding off Iranian mobs and militants — and get them safely to the helicopters.
An alternate scenario examines the possibility that commandos might have tried to abduct the Ayatollah Khomeini himself... to exchange him for the hostages!
Components include full-color 16" x 21" embassy map; 119 counters in 3 colors; illustrated rules, charts, and tables; ziplock bag for counters; and plastic Pocket Box.
For 1 or 2 players. Playing time 60 to 90 minutes (Khomeini scenario, 15 to 30 minutes).

Game design by Steve Jackson; Cover by David R. Deitrick; Illustrated by Denis Loubet"

1981 ... SJG 1101

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Ogre: Tactical Ground Combat in the 21st Century
See also: OGRE: The Giant Designer’s Edition

* rules booklet
* play map
* small sheet of counters & baggie

"The command post is well guarded. Tanks, armed hovercraft, missile cannon, infantrymen in powered armor — all with one job: to defend that vital spot. Your mission is to go in and destroy it. Alone.
But when those defenders see you, they'll wish they were somewhere else... Because you're not a man. You're a thinking machine - the deadliest device on any battlefield.
You're the OGRE.
OGRE is a tactical ground combat game set in the next century. In 2085 A.D., armored warfare continues - faster and deadlier than ever.. Hovercraft, tanks, and infantry slug it out with tactical nuclear devices. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's the giant cybernetic tank called the Ogre.

The basic version of OGRE gives one player a force of infantry and armor, and a command post he must defend. The other player has only one unit — but it's an Ogre. It's an even match. Advanced games allow solitaire, or multi-player action with Ogres on both sides. Optional rules include concealed units, mines, and self-destruct."

1977 ... Steve Jackson ... SJG 1106

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GEV: Tactical Ground Combat in the 21st Century From the World of OGRE
* rules booklet
* play map
* small sheet of counters & baggie

"In the year 2085, a tank duel lasts only seconds. An entire battle ends in minutes. Nuke-firing infantrymen dodge across the battleground in powered suits, trying to come (o grips with the enemy armor. And those armor units, both tanks and hovercraft, are deadly. Only a direct hit will take one out ... a miss may stun the crew, but their machine will keep trying to kill you!
G.E.V., sequel to OGRE, adds more detail to this fast-moving simulation of armored combat a century from now. G.E.V. is a new game - but it's wholly compatible with OGRE. Stacking and terrain rules, new unit types, the Mark IV Ogre, and more . . . Scenarios include Raid, Breakthrough, Ceasefire Collapse, and The Train. And within hours, you'll be inventing your own."

1978 ... Steve Jackson & Winchell Chung (Illustrations) & David R. Deitrick & Dave Martin (cover) & Denis Loubet (map art) ... SJG 1107

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Battlesuit: Man-to-Man Combat from the World of OGRE

He can fly. He can leap over a building - or point his finger and destroy it. With his enhanced senses, he can spot a hidden foe a mile away.

Is he some super-powered defender of justice? Not exactly. He's sudden death, and he believes in the cause he fights for... but there are five more just like him in his squad, and dozens back at HQ.

He's an ordinary infantryman ... in the year 2085.

BATTLE SUIT is a sequel to the best-selling Ogre. But, where Ogre tells the story of the supertanks of the far future, BATTLESUIT is man-to-man combat. Each unit represents a single fighting man in his powered armor. Extra-large counters are provided for four types of suit, four levels of damaged suit, and three types of drone. PANIC and JUMP chits are also included.

Six scenarios are provided, ranging from a "training" combat to full-scale battles. And - just as with the original Ogre game - you'll soon be inventing your own scenarios.

BATTLESUIT introduces a new tactical system of mapping and movement. Either player may interrupt enemy movement with "reaction fire." But if a unit doesn't take its reaction fire soon enough, it may not get the chance - it'll be dead!

Game components include 275 extra-large, double-sided unit counters; 24 pages of rules; 21" x 32" game map; ziplock bag for counter storage; and the plastic Pocket Box.

1983 ... Steve Jackson ... SJG 1109

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Necromancer: A Fantasy Game for Two Players
"NECROMANCER is a fantasy game for two players. Each player becomes a Necromancer — a powerful wizard controlling the forces of the undead. As their skeletons and zombies battle, the Necromancers use their powers to take control of enemy units! The goal: to find the mystic Jewels of Power — and destroy the enemy Necromancer.
A unique combat system varies the power of a player's troops according to the number of units he controls; the more undead you control, the weaker each unit is. All counters are back-printed, since any unit may change sides.
Game components include a colorful 11" x 17" game map; 112 two-sided counters; 24 pages of rules; a ziplock bag to store the counters in; and the plastic Pocket Box."

1983 ... Steve Jackson Games 1110

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Awful Green Things From Outer Space [Plastic Pocket Box]

The crew of the exploration ship Znutar just wanted to cruise around the Galaxy, discovering strange new worlds and playing pool. But then their ship was invaded by the Awful Green Things. And suddenly they were fighting for their lives!

In this wacky two-player game, one person takes the part of the Awful Green Things. Every turn the monsters multiply and grow . . . especially if they can eat somebody! The other player commands the crew, frantically trying weapon after weapon in hopes of defeating . . . The Awful Green Things from Outer Space!

This new Pocket Box edition includes 137 full-color counters, and a ziplock bag to hold them; a 24-page illustrated rulebook; and a 12" x 21" color map."

Game design by Tom Wham
Cover by J. David George

1988 ... SJG 1111 ... ISBN 1556340982

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The OGRE Book
"OGRE and its sequel, G.E.V., are among the best-selling wargames of all time, with over 100,000 copies in print. Fast, challenging, yet easy to learn, both games are tournament standards. Now, by popular demand . . . The Ogre Book. This collection of the best Ogre / G.E.V. articles from the pages of The Space Gamer will introduce you to basic strategies . . . polish up your game for tournament play . . . and introduce you to exciting variants and scenarios for one, two, three, or more players.

Contents of The Ogre Book include: "Playing the Odds in Ogre and G.E.V.," by Roland Parenteau — a mathematical analysis of the best use of attack strength.

"Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept It . . . ," by J. H. Oxley, and "Adding Fear and Loathing to G.E.V.," by Timothy C. Weidel — random generation of missions and multi-player scenarios where you may not know your opponent's real objective! "Ogres and the Fuzzy Wuzzy Fallacy," by Lawrence Duffield, "The Four Howitzer Defense in Ogre," by Chester Hendrix, and "Defensive Tactics and Strategy in G.E.V." by Tim Solis — advice for the defensive player with an Ogre breathing down his neck. The original designer's articles for Ogre and G.E.V., including specifications for the Mark I, II, and VI

Ogres and discussions of possible expansion sets . . . And much more!

(And, if you like this book, watch for Volume II. The Ogre will be back . . . )"

1982 ... Steve Jackson ... 40 pages ... SJG 3201

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Shockwave: An OGRE and GEV Expansion Set
"Shockwave is a supplement for both Ogre and G.E. V. It includes 224 counters for a variety of new units; a 13" x 14 1/2" map that fits on any side of the G.E.V. map; and twelve scenarios (four for Ogre, eight for G.E.V.).
New units in Shockwave include a devastating Cruise Missile (and a Laser Tower to shoot it down); three new types of GEV; and the Superheavy Tank."

1984 ... Steve Jackson & Denis Loubet (art) ... SJG 7201

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Ogre Reinforcement Pack
"Ogre Reinforcement Pack — the G.E.V. and Shockwave supplement you've been waiting for: battle-ready replacements for scuffed-up counters and crumpled maps, along with four multi-map scenarios! New rules include towing options, random Ogre damage, and the variant Ogres previously available only in The Ogre Book. Fight to recover crippled Ogres on "The Day After," deliver a crippling punch to a Combine industrial complex in "Body Blow," or "Fake Out" the Paneuropeans by concealing your true objective until it's too late!
Components include a rules sheet with scenarios; four duplicate counter sheets from Ogre, G.E.V. and Shockwave; and two duplicate maps from G.E.V. and Shockwave."

1985, 1987 ... SJG 7202 ... ISBN 1556340737

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Ogre Miniatures
"The 21st-century battlefield is deadlier than ever. Hovercraft, tanks and infantry slug it out with tac-nukes. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's the giant cybernetic tank called the Ogre!

When it was first released, Ogre set a new standard for fast, exciting boardgame play. Ogre and its sequel, G.E.V., have over 200,000 copies in print. Tens of millions of simulated Command Posts have gone up in flames. At last Ogre comes to the table-top — deadlier than ever. You've wiped out armies with a half-inch cardboard Ogre. Now your Mark V is a half-pound of solid metal, guns bristling, ready to take on the world.

This book includes all the rules and units from Ogre and G.E.V. — and more — adapted for miniatures play. Detailed yet playable terrain and movement rules add a new dimension to Ogre warfare. Die-cut templates let you lay down spillover fire with pinpoint accuracy. A timeline of future history, plus sample Tables of Organization, let you prepare the perfect battle plan. Whether you're trying to stop an Ogre ... or whether you are the Ogre.
Easy to learn, fast-moving and deadly, Ogre Miniatures is miniature armor as it should be played. Build your army with the great new Ogre vehicles from Ral Partha and buildings from DCP."

1992 ... Steve Jackson ... 64 pages + 2 detachable cardstock sheets (1 counters/template sheet; 1 reference card) ... SJG 7203 ... ISBN 1556342195

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Globbo! - A Peculiar Game For Two Players
"An exceptionally strange game of exploding children and their cheerfully homicidal babysitter in a really alien playpen.

GLOBBO includes an illustrated rulebook, a 16" x 21" mapsheet, 140 cardboard playing pieces, and a ziplock bag to store the pieces between games. If you can bear to put it away..."

1984 ... Allen Varney ... SJG 1202

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Star Traders (Isaac Asimov Presents) [BOX SET]
• Illustrated rulebook with clear, easy-to-learn instructions
• Full-color galaxy gameboard
• Station and money counters
• 'Trader's Luck' and cargo cards
• 'Personality' cards
• Six colored rocket tokens

"In this game of the far future, the heroes aren't warriors. They're the daring captains who cross the galaxy with the rarest cargoes of a hundred worlds. They're the Star Traders'. Star Traders is an exciting game of travel and trade. Two to six players race to deliver the best cargoes and build trade stations. Both competition and cooperation are important. You can interfere with your opponents ... or help them out, for a price! In the end, only one player will be named the Imperial Trader. Star Traders plays on two levels. The basic game takes about an hour. The advanced game involves more planning, as you try to control strategic worlds, and takes 3 to 4 hours. "Star Traders is an excellent family game. It is easy to learn yet thought-provoking, and not just a matter of chance. There is ample occasion for strategy and decision-making. And a game can be finished within an hour or two! 'I have enjoyed playing Star Traders, and I am happy to have my name associated with it. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.' ...Isaac Asimov."

1987 ... Steve Jackson Games SJG 1304 ... ISBN 1556340834

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Coup: A Two Player Game of Riot, Rampage and Revolution [BOX SET]
"Game components include 8-page rulebook, 17" x 22" game map with large hexes, 112 full-color 3/4" die-cut counters (and two ziplock bags to hold them), and one die.

It's time for a revolution! Will you end up in the Leader's palace, or shoveling snow in the gulag?
Coup is in the great tradition of the old-style two-player wargames, with hex-map movement But it's a "beer-and-pretzels" game rather than a hard-core simulation. The emphasis is on taking and holding vital hexes like the Capitol and the Radio Station, rather than destroying enemy units. A game takes about an hour (two hours for the advanced scenario). Repeat play value is very high.
The Maximum Leader starts with much stronger forces ... even tanks and helicopters. The rebels are depending on rag-tag irregulars and rogue police -but they can raise mobs every turn, swamping the more powerful units. Play it as a strategy game ... or just for the fun of pushing the mangy rebels out of the Armory ... or of summoning mobs to keep the Maximum Leader on the run through the city."

1991 ... Steve Jackson & Ben Sargent ... SJG 1312 ... ISBN 1556342144

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Orbit War

Game components include 12-page rulebook, "quick start" setup sheet, 340 counters plus 50 dummies, 17" x 22" mounted map board, 2 dice and ziplock bag.

"The year is 2020. The world is once again divided into armed camps. Cold War II is edging toward World War III. And whoever controls space will own the Earth...
Orbit War is a game of superpower conflict in space ... from limited blockades to global war. Space stations and Space Marines, armed shuttles and orbital weapon platforms, nuclear missiles and smart mines, comsats and jammers and grim hunter-killer satellites - all join in the deadly orbital duel. Optional rules allow for salvage and repair of damaged units, and for surgical nuclear attacks on enemy launch facilities.
Players maneuver their units to hold strategic areas of space over the rotating Earth, and to destroy enemy forces. Movement and combat are fast, and a "quick start" sheet makes it easy to play your first game. But Orbit War is challenging. Can you control your force effectively in an environment where everything is moving?"

1992 ... Wallace Wang & Steve Jackson ... SJG 1318 ... ISBN 1556342527

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Dork Tower: A Board Game of Heroism and Whacking Monsters

Welcome to the land of Aurora, where John Kovalic's beloved characters take their own characters for adventure. Play the role of Lumpin Lightfingers, Brother Zark, or one of the other four Dork Tower characters' characters as they journey through the forests, dungeons, and cities of this magical land.
Collect scrolls and magic items and prepare yourself to do battle atop the central 3-D cardboard tower with the evil wizard Z'Mindrik. But watch out; Z'Mindrik is guarded by dangerous, powerful monsters and the other players are dogging you every step of the way.
Everything you need to play is inside this box. Except for friends... which you'll have no problems finding as soon as they see that you have a copy of Dork Tower!
This game can be played by 2 to 6 players, but it's best with 3, 4, or 5.
For ages 12 and up.
Plays in 1-2 hours.
Includes over 100 die-cut pieces, 56 cards, one 17.5" x 23.5" map, 12-page booklet with rules and character sheets, 3-D cardboard tower, and two Chessex "Borealis" dice. (Oooooo! Sparkly!!)"

2003 ... Steve Jackson & Philip Reed ... SJG 1370 ... ISBN 1556347146

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