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West End Games - The D6 System

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PARANOIA (1984): Jim Holloway’s brilliant cover art encapsulates the game


The D6 System: The Customizable Roleplaying Game
"As part of a team of CIA operatives, you must infiltrate a remote terrorist base in the Middle East and recover stolen bio-warfare files.

The Guardians of Time have asked you and your companions to leap into the past to prevent the death of King Thom before he institutes a peace treaty with a long-time enemy...

Your elite spacetrooper unit has less than twenty hours to fly into the heart of the dangerous Tanni Nebula and disable a strategic sensor outpost before the first battle of the Grand War begins...

The Tomb of Ulu has finally been found after five millennia, and only your group is daring enough to brave its unknown horrors to retrieve the Sacred Staff of Zasha...

The D6 System allows you to play adventures in these or any other game setting — from high fantasy to space opera — using the same rules. For each world you can create a specially modified set of mechanics that reflects the tone and feel of that genre. Choose a combat resolution method, create a character template, or even design your own psychic power system. D6 lets you do it all!

All you need are some six-sided dice and your imagination!


1996 ... 80 pages ... WEG 51005 ... ISBN 0874313724

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Masterbook With the Worlds of Indiana Jones & Bloodshadows (Signed Limited Edition Hardcover)
Contains full core rulebooks of the World of Indiana Jones and the World of Bloodshadows -W.

Signed by Ed Stark & Brian Perry & Greg Farshtey.

480 pages (hardcover with gilt lettering) ... WEG 51001

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D6 Roleplaying Game Core Set
"Combining the best of over 15 years of D6 System design, each D6 System rulebook provides you with the basics for playing in a wide range of settings: classic fantasy, modern adventure, and futuristic science fiction. You'll get everything you need to add the popular D6 System to your favorite setting, including:

three different yet compatible methods for creating characters - customizing pre-constructed templates, using defined dice distribution limits, and distributing a pool of points; over 80 character options that allow you to further personalize your character; your choice of damage systems, both equally interchangeable with a single combat system; detailed rules for extranormal abilities (magic, psionics, and more); dozens of generic equipment and character examples tailored to each genre to get you started in your adventures; the essential rules separated from the optional rules, to allow you to decide on the level of complexity; game engines that have genre-specific features, yet are compatible with each other. Each rulebook includes an introduction to using the book and the system, a solo adventure to test out the rules, and "what's in this chapter" introductions to help you locate the information you need.

This set contains three rulebooks - D6 Adventure, D6 Space, D6 Fantasy - a screen loaded with commonly referenced information, and a booklet filled with campaign and conversion tips, all in a handy slipcase. The screen also displays the combined panoramic image of the rulebook covers.

One Die, Infinite Possibilities!"

2004 ... WEG 51014 ... ISBN 193286704X

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Druid: Boudicca's Rebellion, 61 A.D.
* rules booklet
* 200 counters
* 22" x 34" game map
* counter tray

"DRUID is a vivid simulation of Boudicca's Rebellion, a fast-paced game of ancient "guerilla warfare." Barbarian and Roman players battle across first-century Britain, burning villages and sacking towns. The undisiplined Britons are initially strong, but must rally the disparate tribes of the island in revolt against the well-trained legions of Imperial Rome. The Roman forces begin as weak, but can call on powerful reinforcements. The Britons must hit cities and melt into the vast forests of the island where they cannot be found by Rome's legionaries. A wealth of "chrome" rules make the game interesting and provide repeated play value; rules are provided for tribal revolts, hidden deployment, legion activation, Druid Invocation, and beserk units. An unusual game on an unusual topic, DRUID proves the claim that some of history's least known conflicts can make some of the best games."

1984 ... Richard Berg ... WEG 10007

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Web and Starship [BOX SET]
"Web and Starship is a strategic space game, in which Earth is caught between two races. The Gwynhyfarr, who roam the galaxy in faster-than-light starships, and the Pereen, who link their planets together in a trans-dimensional "web" which permits instantaneous movement from one system to another. Earth is weak and lies directly between its two opponents, but its society is vigorous and expanding. They can use technologies of both other races."

1984 ... Greg Costikyan & Douglas Kaufman & James Holloway (cover) ... West End Games 11002

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Tales of the Arabian Nights: A Fantasy Adventure Game [BOX SET]
Visit my photoblog for a deep-dive into this game:
Tales of the Arabian Nights (1985): Endless Quest style boardgame with high replayability

• 160 large full-color counters
• 17 inch by 22 inch full-color mounted map
• Illustrated rules book
• Book of Tales
• 64 card deck
• 6 character display
• Encounter matrix

"Journey through the legendary Arabia of Aladdin and the magic lamp, of Ali Baba and the forty thieves, of the seven voyages of Sindbad. You are the hero of a tale of the Thousand and One Arabian Nights, travelling from Baghdad, the City of Peace, to farthest Cathay, matching wits with mighty efreet and wicked vizier, and discovering the greatest treasures of fabled antiquity.
If you have ever longed to truly choose your own adventure, then this unique storytelling game is for you. Unlike other paragraph games and books, you do not quickly exhaust a limited number of preset story lines. (The Powerful Wizard another player Beguiles might just transform you into an ape!) Your character is fully described without reference to numerical statistics. You play with and against the other players in a game which emphasizes drama and choice over combat and gold.
Whether a beggar or a prince, bedecked with honors or showered with scorn, tell your tale well and be a part of the Arabian Nights!"

1985 ... Eric Goldberg & Doug Kaufman & Ken Rolston ... WEG 11003 ... ISBN 0874310032

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Junta: The Game of Power, Intrigue, Money and Revolution [BOX SET]

• Gameboard
• Political & Event Cards
• Money
• Counters (100, 1 sheet)
• Rule book

"A game for 4 to 7 players with special 2 and 3 player variants.
The gameboard represents the capital city of a third world nation. The vast majority are impoverished, illiterate and apolitical; however, dangerous riots and disturbances do occur.
The Junta is generously supported by a super power that asks no questions. The goal of the few wealthy ruling families of the Junta is to siphon this generous support to their own Swiss bank accounts by intrigue, assassination, bribery and revolution.
Each player represents one of the families."

1979 ... Vincent Tsao / Creative Wargames Workshop

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Junta: The Game of Power, Intrigue, Money and Revolution [BOX SET]

• 160 large full-color counters
• 17" x 22" mounted map
• rules booklet (12 pages)
• 72 card deck
• 96 play money bills

"JUNTA is the game of power, intrigue, money and revolution in in an all too familiar banana republic. In this multi-player game, the players, as the ruling families of la Republica, connive, cajole, threaten and ally their way to the fattest Swiss bank account.
Players and critics alike have recognized JUNTA as a classic among games. The Washington Post praised the tense, fun play, GAMES magazine named it as one of the 100 best games for three consecutive years, and players find the game to be deliciously addictive."

1985 ... West End Games 10010

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Imperium Romanum II: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire [BOX SET]
• Two full color maps, total area 22" x 51", portraying the entirety or the Roman world at 50 miles per hex.
• 800 full-color counters depicting individual legions, auxiliary units, and leaders.
• One 28-page rule book.
• Two 8-page chart booklets.
• One 48-page scenario book including thirty-five scenarios.
• Dice and counter-tray with lock-on lid.

"Seven centuries of history are contained in this box.
Imperium Romanum II is the game of the Roman Empire — the greatest and most glorious empire the world has ever known. The rules book describes the intricacies of Roman political, economic, and military conflict. The game-map portrays the whole Roman world, from Britannia to Parthia, in exacting detail, and the 800 game counters depict individual legions, fleets, and auxiliary units. The thirty-five scenarios examine every major Roman war, civil and external, through 700 years that shaped the Western World.
Many games claim historical accuracy; players will be astonished at the wealth of historical detail in this one. Many games claim to be playable; players will be very pleased at how elegantly Imperium Romanum II joins scholarly historical concern to an eminently playable game system. In short, Imperium Romanum II is the definitive game of the Roman Empire.
Imperium Romanum II is based on West End Games' classic Imperium Romanum. More accurate, informative and attractive maps, an increase in the number of unit colors and types, rules substantially revised with an eye to readability, clarity, and historical accuracy, and the addition of new scenarios (and the elimination of some older ones) are just some of the improvements players will find in this thorough revision."

1985 ... Albert A. Nofi ... West End Games 10030 ... ISBN 0874310245

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Air & Armor: The Game of Battlefield Command in the Next War [BOX SET]
• One 22" by 34' full-color game map
• 600 full-color playing pieces
• Three full-color Track Displays
• 32-page Standard Rules book
• 24-page Advanced Rules booklet
• One decimal die
• Storage tray with lock-on lid

"Air & Armor is a simulation of near-future combat in a saw Pad invasion of West Germany, taking place on 50 miles of the border near Wurzburg and Schweinfurt in the US VII Corps sector.
• Ten Scenarios depict a wide variety of confrontations in the Wurzburg area tour are played using only the Standard Rules, three using only Advanced Rules, and three using both.
• Emphasis is on Command.
Success in the next war will depend as much upon the intangibles -- training, command, communications, intelligence, preparation, and morale -- as on the hardware. Air & Armor's rules for movement and combat are simple; complexity is reserved tor operational planning and command control.
• Surprise is Key.
Players secretly divide their strengths among several units; neither player knows where his opponent's main force lies, allowing for ambush and surprise without cumbersome "double-blind" rules
• Shows Startling Differences Between NATO and Pact Operational Doctrines.
Most games simulate NATO's advantages in doctrine and organization by exaggerating its numbers. In Air & Armor, NATO units are not more powerful, they are more versatile. NATO's strength is its flexibility, the Pact's, its numbers."

1988 ... West End Games 10050

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Tank Leader (Eastern Front): World War II Armored Tactics [BOX SET]
• full-color 22" by 34" variable terrain map
• 320 full-color 5/8" counters
• 72 formation and reinforcement cards
• two cardstock player aids
• 32-page booklet, including Standard and Advanced rules, 15 scenarios, extensive historical and designer's notes
• three six-sided dice
• counter tray with lock-on lid

"0600 hours 1 September 1944: You're in command of a tank battalion, ordered to secure the critical junction at Palote. An enemy heavy tank regiment has been sighted racing toward the town. Seconds are critical! Do you make a dash up the road from Alechino and hit the enemy's flank, or head for the town to relieve the battered and demoralized infantry?
• Within 30 minutes you're making critical decisions in a fast-playing game which is endlessly challenging,
• The 15 Standard and Advanced game scenarios cover the whole Eastern Front, from 1941 to 1945, and are never exhausted; terrain, weather, initial forces, and reinforcements vary from one playing to another!
• A variable terrain map changes to suit each scenario, so the map can handle virtually any time and place on the Eastern Front.
• An emphasis on command: You use the card system and the Advanced rules to make your units an effective combined-arms force. Artillery fire must be coordinated with armor attacks, as your infantry defends the headquarters that control the artillery fire.
• An easy-to-use card activation system makes you think in terms of formations, not units. Each group of units ("formation") is rated for morale, experience, and C3 (command, control, and communications)."

1986 ... West End Games 10090 ... ISBN 0874310571

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Soldiers: Man-To-Man Combat in World War II [BOX SET]
* four 11"x17" maps
* 300 1/2" counters
* 32-page rules, background, and scenarios book
* 1 color player aid display
* four charts
* counter tray
* d10 & d6

1987 ... John Butterfield ... WEG 10200 ... ISBN 0874310725

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Fire Team: Modern Squad Level Command [BOX SET]
• Four 11" by 17" geomorphic maps • Four cardstock player aid cards • 320 ⅝" full-color counters • 200 ½" full-color counters • Two full-color US and Soviet command displays
• 32-page rules booklet • One decimal die • Six cardstock scenario cards • Counter tray

"You are the leader of US or Soviet squads in this tactical-level game. You control radar-controlled guns, and helicopters carrying rockets and laser-guided missiles. Your men will ride Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles equipped with guided missiles, and be armed with the latest infantry weapons - Dragon and Spigot anti-tank missiles that demolish enemy tanks at 1500 meters; automatic grenade launchers that fire 30 grenades in seconds; and high-explosive anti-tank rockets.
Success, however, depends not so much on weaponry, but upon your ability to direct your squads in the face of the mad confusion of battle, where the operable tactic is fire and flee. Can you meet the test and win?
Your command control skills are tested throughout play. You draw command chits to determine the number of command points you receive each impulse - and may either plan for the future by saving points, or spend them to do what must be done now! 12 scenarios provide diverse US and Soviet small unit actions in exurban West Germany at the outbreak of the next war. A complete design your own system shows you how to create your own scenarios."

1987 ... West End Games 10210 ... ISBN 0874310601

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The World of Tank Girl (MasterBook roleplaying game)
This game is part of West End Games' MasterBook system. A box set is available that bundles the Tank Girl book with a MasterBook rule book, and MasterBook card deck. -W

"Tank Girl might not know a roleplaying game from a wanker, but you don't have to be that ignorant. Take a trip into the outback with the craziest badhead ever to strap on a super-tank and go in search of beer and bloodshed!

This here game is the ultimate RPG sourcebook for Tank Girl, the movie. It includes stats for Tank Girl and all her friends ...and enemies. How does a mutant wallaby stand up against a Ripper? How fast can Tank Girl's tank go? What happens when Jet Girl crashes her jet into Sub Girl's sub? Who fills out the insurance claim?"

1995 ... 160 pages ... WEG 28002 (book) / WEG 28001 (box) ... ISBN 0874313635 (book) / 0874313267 (box)

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Hercules & Xena RPG [BOX SET]
Box set includes: 96-page Hero's Guide, 112-page Secrets of the Ancient World, a GM Screen, 3 16-page adventures, 6 custom engraved Hercules & Xena dice.

1998 ... WEG 36000 ... ISBN 0874315255

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Star Trek releases by West End Games

See Also:
The main Star Trek page

Star Trek - The Adventure Game [BOX SET]
* 22"x17" mounted map
* 40 1" planets
* 64 5/8" playing pieces
* rules booklet
* 40-planet adventure booklet
* three status display cards
* two dice

"In Star Trek: The Adventure Game, you send forth a starship, exploring unknown planets across the immense distances of space. One player represents the mighty United Federation of Planets; the other, the powerful and mysterious Klingon Empire. Solo play is also possible. With outright war between the two interstellar powers forbidden by the Organian Treaty, both are constantly striving to increase their prestige and size. This is done by discovering, exploring and then persuading - or forcing - new worlds to join your federation or empire. Play is simple, but succesful exploration does not come easily. Upon reaching a planet, you choose a course of action, and learn from a special booklet how the planet and its inhabitants react to you. You might conquer a new world - or you could lose a starship."

1985 ... WEG 11004 ... ISBN 0874310296

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Star Trek III: Three Solitaire Games In One [BOX SET]

* three rules booklets
* one 22"x17" and two 11"x17" game maps
* 400 counters
* counter tray
* decimal die

Three solitaire games: "Kobayashi Maru," "Sherwood Syndrome," and "Free Enterprise."

1985 ... Greg Costikyan & John M. Ford ... WEG 20020 ... ISBN 0874310369

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The Enterprise Encounter (Star Trek) [BOX SET]
* Full-color 22" x 17" map
* 28 playing pieces
* 4 page rules
* 4 page original story written especially for this game based on Star Trek
* 25 Adventure cards
* 43 Battle cards
* 4 Crew racks
* 1 die

"In STAR TREK: The Enterprise Encounter, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise face their deadliest challenge ever as they relive past adventures from the television series while attempting to rescue their lost companions and defeat the menace of Trelane, the Squire of Gothos.
STAR TREK: The Enterprise Encounter is a fast-paced family game for two to four players. It rewards logic, deduction, and sheer, raw nerve in a simple, intriguing format that can foe enjoyed by new or veteran players. With playing time of an hour or less, short, easy-to-learn rules and beautiful components, die-hard STAR TREK fans and casual viewers alike will find this game a perfect evening's entertainment. So venture into the world of STAR TREK, and boldly go where no man has gone before."

1985 ... WEG 20030 ... ISBN 0874310350

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