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Earthdawn - the fantasy game by FASA Corporation

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Earthdawn Journal


Earthdawn, 1st edition
"Before science, before history, there was an Age of Legend...
For years humanity huddled in underground kaers, as the astral beings known as the Horrors ravaged the land in an orgy of terror and destruction. Now the long, dark age of the Scourge has passed, and brave adventurers emerge to reclaim their world.
Elf, ork, t'skrang, human, and other wondrous races explore a world that teems with strange creatures and unseen dangers; a world of lost cities, of ancient; long-forgotten treasures and indescribable wonders; a world where the very earth and sky vibrate with magical energies.
In this age of legend, heroes rekindle the glory of days past and become the legends of tomorrow.
Join these brave souls and begin roleplaying in Earthdawn, the Age of Legend."

"Earthdawn was FASA's brilliant attempt for an original roleplaying game in a fantastic sword and sorcery (and more sorcery) fantasy settings.

The game's premise is that the different civilizations are returning to surface life after 400 years of living in underground citadels. Their ancestors had fled to these citadels to escape an invasion of monstrous beings that had been brought by the rising tide of magical energies in the world.

The setting is rich, with tremendous roleplaying potential. Player characters may interact in the re-emerging governments and politics. They may serve as diplomats or warriors in nation disputes over land that has been unclaimed for centuries.

The setting also provides the best justification for ancient ruins and dungeon-searching adventures of any system I have encountered. An unknown number of citadels were overcome by the invading creatures during the 400 year period and even more were lost when their inhabitants attempted to return to the surface too soon. Players may be contracted to clear out the caves, or search for an artifact. The book offers a listing of several common foes, including soldiers of the different races but also several variants of the evil supernatural beings that have been left behind in their species' recent exodus.

The character races feature standard fantasy faire: orks, humans, elves, dwarves, trolls, and also some added variety with a lizard/human race, a species of rock men, and faeries.
The professions are even better, with over 10 to choose from. Each profession uses magic in accordance with its associated skills, from warrior abilities for toughening skin to thieving skills to make the person nearly undetectable.

The only drawback to the system is the complexity. There is a steps/ranks table for handling all skill uses (including spells and combat), and I have no complaints for it. But character advancement becomes complicated because of the character customization. However, I personally view the trade-off as more than worthwhile."
...from Amazon user "keeper_of_the_wolf"

1993, 1994 ... 336 pages + 2 sheets of 18 detachable cards ... 11"x17" color fold out map

FASA 6000 ... ISBN 1555602134
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FASA 6001 ... ISBN 1555602207
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Earthdawn Collector's Edition
Only 1,000 were printed. Wine red hardcover with gold gilt lettering (and a dragon head stamped into the cover if you look carefully). Internally, it is identical to the standard 1st edition.

1993 ... 336 pages + color fold out map (hardcover)

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Earthdawn Gamemaster Pack
"The Earthdawn Gamemaster Pack includes a screen, new treasure cards, and the Gamemastering Earthdawn book — everything gamemasters need to create and run adventures and campaigns in the Age of Legend. The screen features the tables and charts used most often in Earthdawn, including an expanded Step/Action Dice Table and Success Level Table and quick reference tables for generating character statistics in a hurry.

A full-color sheet of treasure cards illustrates nine new treasures for gamemasters to add to their games. The Gamemastering Earthdawn book picks up where the Earthdawn rulebook left off, offering more helpful suggestions for creating, and running Earthdawn adventures and campaigns. This book features optional rules, new treasures, more on blood magic, and profiles of gamemaster characters. The final sections of the book provide all the most important tables in Earthdawn in one place for easy reference, and several forms designed to help the GM keep the game running smoothly."

1993 ... FASA 6002 ... ISBN 1555602177

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Earthdawn Companion
"The Earthdawn Companion provides rules for advancing characters far beyond the limits set in the Earthdawn rulebook: expanding the existing Disciplines to Fifteenth Circle; offering new talents and spells; and providing rules for expanding characters' use of thread magic. The Companion also supplies rules for playing questors and Lightbearers, rules for ship combat, and guidelines for creating new Disciplines and creatures."

1994 ... Greg Gordon & Louis J. Prosperi & Christopher Kubasik & Allen Varney ... 168 pages ... FASA 6200 ... ISBN 1555602150

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Barsaive [BOX SET]
“A Land of Wondrous Beauty and Unspeakable Evil ...When the wizards proclaimed that the Scourge had ended, Jaro, I, and three others broke open the seals on the doors and walked outside. We hoped to find a new world, brimming with life. Instead, a barren landscape stretched before us. As quick as thought, the sky grew dark with creatures, their attack nearly overwhelming us. We fought our way back to the kaer, thinking ourselves safe. We soon learned that a Horror had entered the mind of Jaro...

Explore the province of Barsaive, a land that encompasses the high mountain realms of savage troll raiders, lush green jungles that hide long-forgotten cities, vast plains filled with strange and deadly beasts, and the life-giving waters of the mighty Serpent River. An untamed land still recovering from the depredations of the Scourge. Barsaive now teems with orks and elves, t’skrang lizard-men and human settlers, all drawn by the promise of her breathtaking wonders.

The Barsaive Campaign Set includes: The Explorers Guide to Barsaive, The Gamemaster Book, A poster-size map and sextant, and 36 full-color treasure and creature cards.”

1993 ... Christopher Kubasik & Louis J. Prosperi ... FASA 6100 ... ISBN 1555602142

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Parlainth: The Forgotten City [BOX SET]
"The ruins of Parlainth beckon the bold explorer, promising profit and peril. For centuries, this fabled Theran city lay hidden in astral space, all knowledge of it erased by a powerful spell until a thief and his apprentice found the lost magic that would bring Parlainth home. Now this ancient seat of Theran power has returned to the land of Barsaive, its people slain and its buildings and streets ravaged by Horrors. Vast sections of it remain unexplored, concealing glittering treasures and objects of unknown power behind crumbling walls and in dank catacombs. Only the boldest adventurers dare explore mysterious Parlainth, risking its dangers in search of wealth. Only those with the courage to challenge the fearsome Horrors lurking in its ruins can claim the name of hero.

Parlainth: The Forgotten City contains:
• A 144-page volume that provides a wealth of detail about the Forgotten City and the explorers' outpost of Haven, options for exploring the ruins, and a guide to creating and running adventures jn Parlainth.
• Fragments of first-hand information about the mysterious ruins, in the form of documents written or discovered by previous explorers.
• 18 full-color treasure and creature cards.
• A full-color, fold-out map of the ruins of the Forgotten City."

1994 ... Robin D. Laws ... FASA 6104 ... ISBN 1555602436

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Sky Point & Vivane [BOX SET]
"In the southwest corner of Barsaive crouches the city of Vivane, the sinister Theran Empire's lone outpost in that ravaged land. Nearby, hundreds of feet up in the air atop towering stone pillars, looms the fortress of Sky Point. Sky Point holds a vast fleet of armed airships and massive, floating citadels, all capable of wreaking untold destruction on Barsaive. Together, these two landmarks pose a constant, menacing threat to the lives and freedom of Barsaive's people.

Sky Point and Vivane contains three books:
• [Book One: Barsaivian Vivane (72 pages)] an overview of the Theran Empire and the city of Vivane, and a detailed look at the Barsaivian section of Vivane.
• [Book Two: Theran Vivane (48 pages)] a detailed description of the Theran Quarter of Vivane.
• [Book Three: Vivane Province (64 pages)] a complete guide to Vivane Province. This book describes the people and places of Vivane Province, the fortress of Sky Point, and the slavers' town of Vrontok that has sprung up in Sky Point's shadow. It also offers ideas and guidelines for creating adventures in and around Vivane Province.
Also included:
• two 17" X 22" maps depicting the city of Vivane and Vivane Province.
• Sixteen pages of handouts and props that can help gamemasters bring the city of Vivane and Vivane Province to life for the players."

1995 ... Carl Sargent ... FASA 6108 ... ISBN 1555602681

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Earthdawn Player's Compendium
"Before science, before history, an era of magic existed in our world's dim past. Magic flowed freely, touching every aspect of the lives of men and women of the Name-giver races. It was an age of heroes; an age of fantastical deeds and mythical stories. It was the Age of Legend. Earthdawn is a roleplaying game set in a world of high adventure, high magic, and terrible danger. The Player's Compendium is the definitive book for Earthdawn players, taking characters from the First to Fifteenth Circle in their Disciplines. This book contains everything your character needs for years of play, featuring revised and updated game mechanics, hundreds of spells, talents, knacks, skills, and much more!"

2006 ... 524 pages (hardcover) ... Red Brick Ltd. RBL-100 ... ISBN 1411693752

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Earthdawn Journal

An official magazine published by Sword of the Knight Publications.

Earthdawn Journal, Vol 1
Aug/Sep/Oct 1994.

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Earthdawn Journal, Vol 2
Nov/Dec/Jan 1994/1995. Articles: Rescue! - A harrowing adventure on the shores of Death's Sea by Bill Hincks; Inquisitor - A investigative new discipline by Brian C. Schemer; Mystic Warrior - A new discipline for those who like to use the natural method by Ash Black; Children of Jaspree - A collection of creatures to dazzle your players by Andrew Ragland; Earthdawn Q&A - Answering all those enquiring questions you send our way by Lou Prosperi; The Search for Wisdom - Delving into a forgotten tomb, searching for wisdom, by David Caraley; Servalen - A city deep in the Servos Jungle detailed by Andrew Ragland; Character Creation of Earthdawn Spellcasters - A treaty on Earthdawn Spellcasters by Drew Caldwll

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Earthdawn Journal, Vol 3
Feb/March/April 1995. Articles: Anghali G'Hosteren - A Dinganni "city" in southwestern Barsaive by Andrew Ragland; Bed of Thorns - A piece of fiction with some interesting revelations by Vicki Kirchoff-Martin; The Spy - A new discipline for those who like to sneak around by Paris E. Crenshaw, III; The Kiss - An adventure with a deadly twist by Greg Gorden; The Raven - An inn located in Kratas by David Caraley; The Grey Wolves - Threatening the peace of Haven, the Grey Wolves stalk by Bill Hincks; T'skrang Trouble - A troubling encounter on the roads of Barsaive by Devon Schiller; The Grounded Drakkar - An inn located in Jerris by David Caraley

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Earthdawn Journal, Vol 4
May/June/July 1995. Articles: Concerning The Weather of Barsaive - A discourse on the weather (or lack thereof) in Barsaive by Andrew Ragland; Shelter From The Storm - A roadside encounter by David Caraley; Streets of Darkness - Adventuring in Jerris can be, well, interesting... by David Caraley; Combat Mage - A fighting mage discipline by Ash Black; Earthdawn Q & A - Questions answered about Earthdawn by Lou Prosperi; Children of Jaspree - More creatures to bedevil your players with by Andrew Ragland; From Upandal's Forge - A powerful new magic item from Paris E. Crenshaw; Kaer Dol'gar - A lost kaer in the Wastes holds danger by David Caraley; The Oasis - An inviting inn for travelers to Travar by David Caraley; For Such Is The Truth - A new legend for Earthdawn by Steve Kenson; The Lazy Eye - A sleazy inn for Bartertown patrons by David Caraley

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Earthdawn Journal, Vol 5
Aug/Sept/Oct 1995. Articles: Thicker Than Water - A closed kaer holds a hidden danger Fiction by Vicki Kirchhoff-Martin; On Dinganni Spiritualism - Exploring the depths of Dinganni society by Brian McCallister; More on Adventure Logs in Earthdawn - A discourse on adventure logs by Aaron K. Funk; Night of Desire - An adventure in the bowels of Kratas by David Caraley; Days of Vengeance - The followup adventure to Night of Desire by David Caraley; Useful Magical Items - More common magic items to blow your money on by Andrew Ragland; Earthdawn Q & A - Lou answers more questions from the readership!; The Windsong - An inn in Bartertown by David Caraley; The Floating Kaer - A legend for Earthdawn by Andrew Ragland; Children of Jaspree - More new creatures and creations by Andrew Ragland; Reflex Booster - New blood magic from Ash Black; The Songsmith - A new elven discipline by Craig Wright; For Such is the Truth - More new legends from the legendary Steve Kenson!

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Earthdawn Journal, Vol 6
Feb 1996. Articles: The Opening of Kaer Kalin - An unopened kaer sends out explorers by Michael A. Swiernik; On Dinganni Spiritualism: Vengeance - Exploring the depths of Dinganni society by Brian McCallister; Cookery of Barsaive - A selection of delectables by Andrew Ragland; Potions of Barsaive - A selection of alchemical creations by Tim Reynolds; On Elemental Items - A selection of common magical items by Steve Kenson; The K'stulaami Taildancer - A new discipline for the k'stulaami by Michael E. Colton; Children of Jaspree - More new creatures from Andrew Ragland; Icebringer - The tale of a horror by Dan Allard; 1995 GenCon Earthdawn Tournament - A report on the Earthdawn tournament by Michael E. Colton; Legend: The Stolen Sword - A legend from Iopos by Andrew Ragland; Legend: Andelin - A lost elven city by David Caraley; Test of Courage - An adventure with the Ores by David Caraley; Legend: Neeza's Pipes - A winding's pipes save a village by David Caraley; For Such Is The Truth - Magic items from Steve Kenson

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Earthdawn Journal, Vol 7
July 1996. Articles: Tesrae Ti'Serenmistishsa - Citadel of the True Followers by Andrew Ragland; On Dinganni Spiritualism - Exploring the depths of Dinganni society by Brian McCallister; From the Library of Victoris Wiseman - A selection of items by Timothy Reynolds; Sarabrennos' Spellbook - A selection of spells by Aaron Sullivan Pattern Patter; A discourse on patterns by David R. Henry; The Protector of Kaer Tallin - An encounter by Brian McCallister; And the Path Shall be Perilous - An adventure by Kenyon Daniel; Brazt'ul-char - A "friendly" Horror by David R. Henry; Truaga'ar - A town of trolls by Dan Allard; Outcasts - A pair of dwarven outcasts to encounter by Aaron Porter

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Earthdawn Journal, Vol 8
April 1997. Articles: Arms and Services - A visit to the weaponsmith by Aaron Porter; The Town of Woes - Earthdawn Fiction by Karen M. Branham; Setting Up a Campaign by Richard Tomasso; Songsmith - Earthdawn Fiction by Vicki Kirchoff-Martin; Ithuriel's Archery - A selection of arrows by Mike Swiernik; Blood Wood Magical Items - From the upcoming Blood Wood sourcebook; Corrupt Spirits - A selection of nasties by Dan Allard; Children of Jaspree - A collection of critters, including the himme'oy, qelodo, gotampeuy and fisher wasps; The Pointless Swords - A collection of swords by Graeme Lindsell; Unpleasant Blood Charms - A couple of new blood charms by Graeme Lindsell; The Wandering Swordsman - A new Discipline by Sean Simmons; Hammerstone - A town near the Tylon Mountains by Jeremy Mettler; Longhope's Legacy - A selection of new magic items by Roger Gaudreau

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Earthdawn Journal, Vol 9
September 1997. Articles: Adventurers' Guild: Heritance by Kathleen Czechowski; Elementalism- Bridge of Light, Icewall; Illusion- Phantasmal Dancer, Pitch Bender, Ignore the Call of Nature, Calm, Who's the Fairest of Them All?, Ocean Floor; Nethermancy- Spirit Blade, Enigmatic Eye, Impeding Spirits; Wizardry- Dazzling Cloud, Karma Boost, Write Afar, Hide Magic, Grant Astral Sight, See Matrix, Cast Rune; Theory- Sympathetic Infusion; Children of Jaspree- Swamp Creatures by Andrew Ragland; The Magic Shop - Night Crawler by Eric Campeau; Ways of the Adept - Mystic Warrior Knacks by Robert Fulford; In My Barsaive - Guilds and Societies by Robert Fulford

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