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Judges Guild - Classic Traveller & general sci-fi supplements

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Traveller Referee Screen

Four 8.5" x 11" cardstock sheets, black-on-green. Loaded with charts for Classic Traveller, referee's information on one side, and data for the players on the other. Updated with information from Mercenary.

1979 ... JG 75

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The Traveller Logbook

"Tables on physical characteristics and personal background, accurate combat damage tables for all standard types and auxiliaries, complete interstellar trade tables and much more."

1979 ... 62 pages ... JG 78

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Starships and Spacecraft
Three 22x34 inch sheets, 25mm scale deck plans of all standard Traveller starships and auxiliaries, complete technical data, ship's papers and layout grid for your own starship design.

1979, 1980 ... JG 89

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Dra'k'ne (Drakne) Station

1979 ... Bill Paley ... 62 pages ... JG 105

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First discovered and charted in 947, the Tancred system has only one human habitable planet, II. (B8668367) Located at the intersection of some fairly important jump routes, the Tancred system is of some importance to the Imperium, An imperial Communications station is maintained on the larger satellite of Tancred IV. An Imperial Observation Station in located on the lesser moon of Tancred II,

Tancred is a standard oxygen-carbon ecosystem with no major deviant Life forms. Humans can eat most life forms without danger, though dietary deficiencies may result if vitamin supplements or natural Terran foods are not occasionally eaten as well. All standard human food crops do well on Tancred. In fact certain varieties of fruit do so well that export of special spices and preserves as luxury goods has a modest sector-wide market. Ranching and herding of Terran animals for meat and natural products is also a large industry. Too large an industry, for it produces too much to be used on planet, it's too expensive to try to sell off-planet, and takes up too much land which should be devoted to food crops. Fish and other marine Life abound but planetary authorities nave allowed little investment in this industry. The Office of Imperial Ecology maintains an extensive computer file on all prohibited and acceptable livestock. Customs authorities are constantly in contact with this office in the performance of their duties. The planetary branch of this office is located at Starport Hauteville and cooperates with Hauteville University Laboratories in unusual cases.

The planetary population is Human, no native sapience being adjudged likely to develop on this planet in the near future. Several non-Human cultures located deeper in the sector maintain representatives here but no more than 10 non-Human sapients are usually present on Tancred at one time.

Capital and equipment to colonize this system was provided by a consortium of nobles from Melagar III. Though originally fairly progressive, the ruling elite has in past generations become reactionary and decadent. They have maintained their control at the cost of suppressing industrial growth and technological advancement. The ruling elite has restricted all positions of economic and political power to itself. Unfortunately few members of the elite are competent enough to handle their positions. Imperial interest in maintaining the stability of the system has led to Imperial pressure to maintain the status quo. This Imperial interest has been purchased by the elite's support of an important political faction at the court.

Younger members of the nobility have become resentful of the situation. They are the ones who must do the actual work of administering the planet but they are not permitted to gain any reward from their labors. Industrialization has been suppressed and the planet's considerable mineral resources are not being utilized. Almost all of the better farmland is locked up in noble's estates and is maintained in a picturesque 'natural' state. Food prices are high and good Jobs are scarce, opportunities for advancement are practically non-existent, The middle and lower classes are sullen and resentful. Subversion and rebellion are ready to break out at any moment. Indeed a revolt has broken out and the Imperium has arranged for the ruling elite to hire a mercenary regiment from off planet to aid the meager planetary armed forces in suppressing the rebellion. Imperial interest in the situation remains high but pressure from the faction at court has prevented any measures at alleviating the cause of the unrest..."

1980 ... Dave Sering ... 48 pages ... JG 330

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Ley Sector

Complete Sector Guide. 22 by 34 Stellar Map. 8 Large Planetary Maps. 32-page Detailed Guidebook.

1980 ... Ken Simpson (artwork) ... JG 340

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Darthanon Queen: Science Fiction Adventure in the Ley Sector

1980 ... Authors: Ray Harms & Michael Reagan & Dan Hauffe; Art: Kevin Siembieda & Peter Jenkins ... 30 pages ... JG 350

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Astrogators Chartbook
Complete science fiction mapping system. Four different mapping grids. Special map key & record pages.

1980 ... 94 pages ... JG 410

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Fifty Starbases: Essential Mapping Systems for Planetary Landings

1981 ... 94 pages ... JG 480

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Glimmerdrift Reaches
"The Glimmerdrift Reaches is located at about the center of the Trailing edge of the Imperium. Separated from the main body of the Imperium by an extensive rift area, this Sector is nonetheless touched by two distinct branches of Imperium territory. The Glimmerdrift Reaches is one of the group of Sectors of mixed client states known collectively as the Gateway Quadrant. This area of mixed states separates the Imperium from the domains of the Hive Federation and the Two Thousand Worlds. The Glimmerdrift Reaches derives its name from the fact that some regions of the rift area contain nebulosities which flouresce strongly in certain wave lengths of visible light."

1981 ... Dave Sering & Steve Crow & Ken Simpson (art) & Ed Perry (art) ... 32 pages + poster map ... JG 490

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Doom of the Singing Star
"Included within the 64-page Guidebook are scenarios covering hijacking, piracy rescue, and heists on shipboard, as well as security and mercenary assignments planetside. The package also contains 24 Giant 15mm scale Deck Plans for Cruise Liners of the Brilliant Gem Class. Designed as commercial vessels, the para-military capabilities of these ships permit them to play a prominent part in any campaign."

1981 ... 64 pages + 2 huge posters with deck plans ... JG 500

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Navigator's Starcharts: Sector Mapping System

1981 ... JG 520

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Crucis Margin
A complete sector in the Gateway Quadrant, featuring: 22" x 34" stellar map; 8 large planetary maps; 32 page detailed guidebook.

1981 ... 32 pages + poster map ... JG 590

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Marooned on Ghostring
"This 32 page book with a 22x34" color map details a planet in the Maranatha-Alkahest Sector of the Gateway Quadrant. Complete details are given on the planet Ghostring as well as its sapien native race, the Hawklings. One major scenario and varients are included."

1981 ... Walter & Dorothy Bledsaw ... 32 pages + poster map ... JG 640

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Amycus Probe
"This 32 page adventure is the first in the Border Prowler Series set in the Gateway Quadrant. New equipment featured in the series are the 40 ton armored Assault Shuttle, and the 1000 ton Border Prowler Class Ship. All maps and encounter tables are provided for the judge."

1981 ... 32 pages ... JG 710

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Rogue Moon of Spinstorme
"This 32 page adventure continues the Border Prowler series. New information is given and complete personnel and equipment statistics are given for ships, assault shuttles and opposition forces."

1981 ... 32 pages ... JG 720

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Simba Safari

"High Adventure and Danger. Trophy Hunts in the Outworld Sector. Safari Ship Plans, Giant Maps and Charts. New Creature Types."

1982 ... Dave Sering ... 32 pages + poster map ... JG 730

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Port O' Call: Tarlkin's Landing (General Science Fiction Supplement)
"Campaign adventure in the future! Entire spaceport and town, detailed characters and adventures, 15mm scale building plans."

1981 ... Dave Sering ... 46 pages + fold-out mapsheet ... JG 740

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Maranantha-Alkahest Sector
"The fourth and final Traveller Sector completes the Judges Guild Gateway Quadrant Campaign background. This product contains a 22" x 34" three-color map and a 32-page Guidebook. The map gives Stellar Locations, political divisions, and jump routes in the Sector. The reverse of the map has eight significant planets of the Sector mapped in detail with historical background and statistics on each. The guidebook details each of the 392 Systems. Background history of each of the 16 Sub-Sectors is provided as well as political and military information on the nine significant interstellar states, empires, sultanates, and einarchys located here. Complete events, rumors, and encounter charts are provided for the Judge in this product."

1982 ... 32 pages + poster map ... JG 760

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Corsairs of the Turku Waste
"This product is one of a series of Traveller adventures designed by Judges Guild and set in the Gateway Quadrant. Each product features one of the standard ship designs and is part of the science fiction role playing campaign taking place on the Trailing frontier of the Imperium. The Gateway Quadrant is the area of mixed client states intervening between the Human areas of the Imperium and the alien states of the Two Thousand Worlds and the Hive Federation. This particular adventure is set in the Union Crucisofthe Crucis Margin Sector. It takes place about the Imperial date 200 - 1107 in the period of political turmoil which threatened the breakup of the Union Crucis in civil war. While given a specific place and motivation in terms of the campaign background already established, the Judge may set the adventure elsewhere in the Quadrant or transfer it completely to another campaign. In the Glimmerdrift Reaches Sector, suggested locations are in the Krax Confederation or the Ginlenchy Concordance. In Ley Sector, suggested locations are in the Guadix Drift or the Matarshan Federation. In the Maranatha-Alkahest Sector, suggested locations are on the fringes of the Range Valyana or Ramayan. If the Judge wishes to set the adventure in his or her own campaign universe, the location should be on the fringes of a well-traveled shipping route. An airless planet or satellite is the preferred location for the hideout."

1982 ... 30 pages ... JG 880

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"High adventure in the far future as Space Pirates Scourge the starlanes. Vicious Mind Control Devices enslave hapless captives. The pirates starbase and the planet are detailed for play. Five subject races are listed with encounter tables for the life and land of the planet."

1982 ... Walter & Dorothy Bledsaw ... 30 pages + poster map ... JG 940

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Darkling Ship
"This scenario is the third in a special series of connected adventures set in the Judges Guild Gateway Quadrant of the Traveller campaign universe. The Border Prowler series is designed to provide a Judge with a ready-made mini-campaign. Set up in tournament format with handout sheets of information, equipment, and pre-generated character, this particular scenario can be accomplished with only a portion of the resources available in the crew and equipment of the Hrunta. Other crewmembers and other equipment will be called upon in subsequent scenarios. Each scenario is designed to be run independently. The events of the entire series of scenarios took place in slightly less than a standard year; consequently, no improvement in the skills or statistics of the given characters is permitted. Any of the scenarios can be set into an ongong campaign by replacing any or all of the given characters by player characters who have the same overall assortment of skills. The Hrunts can then become a free-lance security vessel whose mercenary crew has been hired by the Imperium to investigate these irregularities."

1982 ... 32 pages ... JG 960

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Science Fiction Adventure Campaign Pack

JG 1050

The Traveller game in all forms is owned by
Far Future Enterprises
. Copyright 1977 - 1998 Far Future Enterprises. Traveller is a registered trademark of Far Future Enterprises.

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