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Star Trek - Last Unicorn Games (LUG) & Decipher

Last Unicorn Games ~ Decipher

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Last Unicorn Games

Note: Last Unicorn Games often issued the same book under 2 different ISBNs.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Role Playing Game
"Ever wonder what it would be like to take the Conn of a Galaxy-class starship as you engage a Romulan warbird? Ever wanted to drink Klingon bloodwine with your comrades on the I.K.S. Pagh? What about a shore leave on breathtaking Risa in search of the legendary Tox Uthat? Or a quick trip to Ferenginar to haggle with the Grand Nagus?

The Star Trek The Next Generation Roleplaying Game lets you "make it so" against the backdrop of the greatest science fiction universe ever created. Experience all of the adventure and excitement the galaxy has to offer as you and your friends become the actors in your own Star Trek The Next Generation adventures, creating new chapters and new stories set in this fascinating universe. Defend the Federation from the onslaught of the Borg, trade phaser blasts with Orion pirates, maneuver your ship through the deadly plasma storms of the Badlands, or explore unknown stars beyond the limits of Federation space.

Adventure awaits you, Captain. Do you have what it takes to boldly go where no one has gone before?

The Star Trek The Next Generation Roleplaying Game includes:

• The Icon System, fast and cinematic game rules that allow you to create new scenarios based on real episodes or ones you create yourself!

• Simple character creation rules that let you and your friends begin play immediately.

• Detailed guidelines for creating and running your own episodes in the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

• "Shakedown Cruise," an introductory adventure that pits the characters against an age-old Federation nemesis — the Romulans.

• A comprehensive look at the history and continuing mission of the United Federation of Planets, including information on Starfleet and its branches.

To play the Star Trek The Next Generation Roleplaying Game, you will need six-sided dice, pen, paper and your imagination."

1998 ... 312 pages (hardcover) ... LUG 25000 ... ISBN 1889533009

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Game
"In the Federation core worlds, life is almost Utopian... but on the frontier, it's balanced on a knife's edge! See if you can survive the adventures of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, where empires clash, smugglers flourish and intrigue runs thicker than blood on a Klingon's blade. Everything you need to experience this shadowy new dimension of Star Trek Roleplaying is in this book!

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 includes:
• Complete, easy to use Icon System rules
• Five new Templates (Bajoran, Cardassian, Ferengi, Klingon, Trill — including rules for Trill "past lives")
• Eight new Overlays (Colonist, Diplomat/Politician, Maquis/Rebel, Merchant, Mystic, Pirate/Smuggler, Spy, Warrior)
• Dozens of new Background History packages New Skills, Advantages, and Disadvantages
• A description of Deep Space 9 itself, including detailed write-ups of the station's crew
• Rules for creating and using outposts and space stations along the frontier
• Extensive discussfon of life on the frontiers of the Federation and in other major societies, including discussions on how to set and run your series in these tumultuous border regions
• New ships; including the Defiant, Danube-class runabout, and Bajoran, Cardassian and Dominion vessels
• "Idol Threats," an introductory adventure"

1999 ... 294 pages (hardcover) ... LUG 35000 ... ISBN 1889533092 / 0671035002

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Star Trek Roleplaying Game
"Where the Klingons are evil. The colors are pure. And the characters are legendary...

Prepare to launch at warp speed into the heart of the greatest science fiction universe ever created -- the original Star Trek television series. This is the Star Trek Roleplaying Game, a game of swashbuckling adventures, parallel histories, and saving the universe every week. You and your friends can take on those mythic roles aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise at the height of its five-year mission, or you can explore strange new worlds with characters of your own creation. Stride the sands of Vulcan, duel with alien intruders at the edge of the galaxy, stun Klingon agents with your trusty phaser, and marvel at the wonders of new life and new civilizations. The Star Trek Core Game Book gives you all the tools you need to re-visit these legendary voyages. So grab your phaser, take the helm, and set your course for the second star to the right.

This 288 page, full-color book includes:
• A history and timeline of the Federation, with a map of Federation space and its neighbors in 2269, with location guides to Starfleet ships.
• 6 starbases, 17 planets, 11 alien races (not only the Klingons and Romulans, but the Gorn, the Medusans, the Horta, and the Tholians), 10 creatures (including the Denebian Slime Devils and Tribbles), and Klingon and Romulan supporting cast.
• The complete Icon System rules, including over 50 skills and over 80 custom traits, 7 species Templates, and 8 Starfleet Overlays to build your character - and 7 ready-to-play, but fully-customizable, archetypes.
• Dozens of weapons and items of Star Trek technology, with 18 fully-statted ships (and a complete diagram of a Constitution-class starship and its bridge), plus complete rules for ship-to-ship combat.
• Scientific (and dramatic) guides for designing planets, new life, and new civilizations, along with a random planet generator.
• Tons of great ideas and advice for narrating your own Star Trek RPG episodes, including episode seeds, a complete starting adventure with ready-to-play characters, and a new frontier sector of Federation space."

1999 ... 286 pages (hardcover) ... LUG 45000 ... ISBN 1889533181

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Narrator's Toolkit
"Any Star Trek game session is only as good as the Narrator who runs it. In the Star Trek: The Next Generation Roleplaying Game, the Narrator acts as director, producer and writer, in addition to playing the roles of the entire supporting cast. While this may seem daunting at first, don't despair; many players find it to be the most challenging and rewarding part of the game. Final Frontier: The Narrator's Toolkit is designed to make your life as a Narrator a little easier.
Packed with storytelling hints and design tricks, Final Frontier: The Narrator's Toolkit gives you all the tools you need to create larger-than-life adventures in the final frontier. It includes:
• In-depth discussions of what makes a game feel like Star Trek, including detailed entries on common themes.
• Expanded sections on story and adventure design, including sections on advanced storytelling devices and troupe-style play.
• Tips for running your own ongoing Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG series, including discussions on converting existing episodes and supporting cast into game terms.
• A complete, ready—to—run adventure — "Hide and Q" — based on the television episode of the same name, that ties all of the concepts together.
An indispensable resource for experienced and novice Narrators alike, let Final Frontier: The Narrator's Toolkit take your Star Trek: The Next Generation games to the next level."

1998 ... 62 pages + three-panel screen ... LUG 25001 ... ISBN 1889533017

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Players' Guide

1999 ... 158 pages (hardcover) ... LUG 25002 ... ISBN 0671035037 / 1889533033

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Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Game Narrator's Toolkit
"Storytelling on the frontier...

Welcome to the shadowy universe of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Give new life and greater depth to your Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Game episodes. This indispensable guide provides Star Trek: DS9 Narrators with all the tools they need to create and run engaging adventures set in this compelling universe. An extensive gazetteer also includes a detailed look at the Bajor Sector, including its planets, inhabitants, and neighboring starfaring powers. Finally, a handy, fold-out reference screen includes all of the key charts and tables from the game. Prepare to experience the thrill of creating and directing your own Star Trek: DS9 roleplaying episodes!

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Narrator's Toolkit includes:
• Basic and advanced storytelling fundamentals
• Guidelines for scene creation and episode construction
• Information and suggestions on running static series centered on a station or frontier outpost
• An extensive guide to the Bajor Sector, its worlds, and its people
• Detailed examinations of the Bajoran people, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance, and the Maquis rebels"

1999 ... LUG 35001 ... ISBN 1889533106

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Raiders, Renegades & Rogues

1999 ... 128 pages ... LUG 35100 ... ISBN 0671035045 / 1889533122

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Narrator's Toolkit (Star Trek: the Original Series)

1999 ... 64 pages ... LUG 45001 ... ISBN 0671040154 / 188953319X

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The Andorians: Among the Clans (Star Trek: the Original Series)
"The Andorians have always been something of a paradox; a mystery at the heart of the Federation. Now learn me codes of Andorian honor, ancient ways of behavior enforced at knife point and exalted in song. Walk the glacier paths and fly above the towering moraines on ice-blue Andoria. Pilot the sleek, powerful ships of the Andorian Free Trader fleet, or serve proudly on the all-Andorian starship, the U.S.S. Eagle. (You'll learn how to say "Eagle" in Andorian, as well.) Among the Clans contains detailed information on the history, planetology, and geography of Andoria and a guide to their colony worlds across the Andor Sector.

• Among the Clans is part of Last Unicorn's Alien Intelligence line of products. While written for the Star Trek Roleplaying Game, it includes material applicable to the Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Games, as well.
• A complete timeline of Andorian history - including coverage of Andoria in the era of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
• Eight system templates, plus a complete planet writeup for the Andorian homeworld.
• Total coverage of Andoria's geography and ecology from pole to pole, including five fuily-statted new Andorian creatures.
• Seven ready-to-run Andorian Supporting Cast characters, each one an episode in himself.
• Guidelines for creating and playing Andorian characters, including 15 new overlays and 22 new clan-based early life packages, plus new background histories, skills, advantages, and disadvantages.
• All-new Andorian martial arts, weapons, and dueling codes.
• Seven fully-statted new ships, including the front line anti-piracy ships of the ADF, and the all-Andorian U.S.S. Eagle.

With Among the Clans, your Andorian characters will come alive - and their enemies will hate you for it!"

1999 ... 128 pages + fold-out map ... LUG 45101 ... ISBN 0671040170 / 1889533262

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The Price of Freedom: The United Federation of Planets Sourcebook
"A grand experiment, a noble alliance, a Federation born of hope

In the 24th century, one power outshines all others as a beacon of hope in the galaxy. Based on diversity and mutual support, populated by countless sentient species, the United Federation of Planets stands as a testament to the collective vision of its member worlds. United by the precepts set forth in the Articles of Federation, its members have become the foremost guardians of freedom in the galaxy.

In the two centuries since its founding, the Federation has come to assume an almost legendary stature among both its membership and its starfaring neighbors. Starfleet vessels and officers, UFP ambassadors and diplomatic missions, Federation scientists and researchers -- all have played pivotal roles in galactic history, and in many cases their exploits and accomplishments have taken on the mantle of legend. It is a legacy of vigilance, of hope, and ultimately of universal acceptance and freedom.

The Price of Freedom gives players and narrators alike a detailed overview of this grand interstellar experiment. From Vulcan to Alpha Centauri, from Starfleet Command to its Advanced Technologies division, this book serves as the indispensable UFP game reference. Along with its companion volumes, Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds and Planetary Adventures, Vol. I: Adventures in Federation Space, The Price of Freedom gives players the most complete picture yet available of this noble and far-flung alliance."

1999 ... 160 pages (hardcover) ... LUG 25100 ... ISBN 0671040030 / 1888953039

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First Line: Starfleet Intelligence Handbook
"Not all threats to Federation security hail from strange new worlds. starships and their crews cannot always safeguard the peace. from the Cardassian Obsidian Order to the Romulan Tal Shiar, the Federation is under hidden siege by the espionage agencies of its enemies. In a universe where information can be the greatest prize, it is often more effective to remain in the shadows. The Obsidian Order plots the disgrace of a Starfleet Admiral. The Tal Shiar infiltrate the Daystrom Institute. One organization is uniquely qualified to counter these efforts — Starfleet Intelligence. Although its actions are rarely seen, Starfleet Intelligence maintains an unending vigil over threats to Federation peace. Its agents are the first line of defense.

The First Line: Starfleet Intelligence Handbook gives players and narrators alike a glimpse into this fascinating organization. Infiltrate Cardassian space inside a modified photon torpedo. Slip through the shadows beneath the vast Imperial Senate chambers on Romulus. Follow the trail of nefarious Ferengi merchants selling Federation secrets to the highest bidder. You are the front line and final defense, safeguarding the Federation from unseen threats and hidden enemies. Do you have what it takes?

The First Line: Starfleet Intelligence Handbook provides players with a new direction for their Star Trek: The Next Generation games. Focusing on the shadowy world of espionage in the 24th century, this book provides players and narrators alike with information on running cloak-and-dagger adventures. It includes:
• Detailed character generation rules for Starfleet Intelligence operatives.
• Information on mission teams, highly skilled cells of SI operatives. Also included are detailed rules for mission team episodes and series, giving players and narrators alike a whole new way to play the Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG.
• In-depth treatments on rival agencies such as the Tal Shiar and the Obsidian Order, as well as on the history and role of espionage within the UFP.
• New SI technology, plenty of supporting cast characters, locations for player operatives to visit, information on running extended espionage series, and more!"

1999 ... 96 pages ... LUG 25101 ... ISBN 1888953047 / 0671040057

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Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds
"It's a big galaxy, and even Starflect officers don't get to see it all. From the spellbinding Sand Gardens of Tellar to the lush White Jungle on Risa, from the vast wilderness preserves of Vulcan to the Steppe Cities of Alpha Centauri, the splendor of the UFP and its worlds awaits you. join us on a tour of the worlds of the United Federation of Planets and experience the singular wonders that each system has to offer.
Presented as an atlas, Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds contains detailed treatments of each of the founding members of the UFP, including Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar, Earth and Alpha Centauri. Additional entries discuss Federation colonies, neutral systems and other UFP members, as well as the roles these systems play in the larger structure of the Federation. Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds provides players and narrators alike with an illustrated guide to the worlds and inhabitants of the Federation. From Earth to Andoria, from outlying colonies to systems at the UFP core, this book serves as the indispensable game reference to Federation space.

Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds includes:
• Detailed treatments of 23 Federation planets, including write-ups on planetary history, politics, locations, important leaders, and more!
• Over 25 system and planetary maps, including homeworld maps of each of the UFP's founding members.
• New technology, supporting cast characters, and adventure hooks. Everything a Narrator needs to introduce the myriad worlds of the UFP into his game!"

1999 ... 128 pages ... LUG 25102 ... ISBN 0671040065 / 188953305X

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Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans

Vulcan. Hot, volcanic, unforgiving. Home to the one of the pillars of the Unite Federation of Planets — the Vulcan people. From the Fire Plains to the provinces of Kir and Raal, join us on a tour of this ancient and fascinating world. Climb into the foothills below Mount Seleya or walk the streets of Vulcana Regar. Buy a Vulcan lute in the Grand Bazaar of ShirKahr or sample some plomeek soup from a street vendor's cart in far-off Ta'vistar. When you are ready, prepare to begin your training for the most arduous personal journey of all — the attainment of the fabled Kolinahr discipline — as you attempt to banish ail emotion.
The Way of Kolinahr includes detailed information on Vulcan history, society and culture, providing the most comprehensive look to date at this fascinating world and its people. Play a Vulcan Ambassador or a Vulcan Master of the Jarok Sect of logic. Debate the finer points of multi-phasic particles at the Vulcan Science Institute. Wrestle a sehlat in the hills above Rammat. Learn to use the lirpa and ahn-woon at the Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts. The splendors of the planet Vulcan await you.
The Way of Kolinahr opens up a multitude of new opportunities for ST TNG RPG players and Narrators alike. An indispensable resource on the planet Vulcan and its people, The Way of Kolinahr provides all the tools necessary to design and run entire Vulcan episodes and series. It includes:
• Guidelines for creating and playing Vulcan characters, complete with numerous new templates, overlays, and background histories.
• A detailed look at the planet Vulcan, its history, politics, and ongoing role within the United Federation of Planets.
• In-depth treatments on the Vulcan philosophical schools and their impact on the development of the planet and its people.
• Comprehensive write-ups on the ancient Vulcan psionic disciplines, including many new psionic talents and abilities for characters.
• New Vulcan technology and psionic devices, supporting cast characters, locations for players to visit, information on running extended Vulcan series, and more!"

1999 ... 96 pages ... LUG 25103 ... ISBN 1888953071 / 0671040081

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A Fragile Peace: The Neutral Zone Campaign

1998 ... 96 pages ... LUG 25300 ... ISBN 0671040022 / 1888953020

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Planetary Adventures, Vol. 1: Federation Space
"Exploration is Starfleet's primary mission. Starships venture into uncharted regions of space, searching for new lifeforms and new civilizations, in the bold hope of establishing friendly relations. One week, you may be orbiting Ligon II, for delicate negotiations. The next, you might find yourself making first contact with a sentient star. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? One thing is constant no matter where your duty takes you—you're always in for an adventure.
Planetary Adventures provides Narrators with five ready-to-run adventures for their Star Trek: The Next Generationฎ series. Return to the weapon world of Minos to delve further into it's mysteries. Wander the colorful bazaars of ShirKahr on Vulcan. Or make a foray into the dangerous dark matter nebula Mar Oscura. Like the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series, with this book players can visit a new planet every week. A companion volume to Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds, this book gives players a complete picture of adventuring within the Federation.

Planetary Adventures includes:
• Five complete adventures for Narrators to use as part of their ongoing series.
• New species, technology and maps.
• In "Ghosts of the Past," the Crew follows the path of the Enterprise-D, returning to Minos to explore the reason for the planet's demise.
• In "On the Edge of Night," the Crew must brave the dangers of a dark matter nebula and an exploding neutron star.
• "The Enemy You Know" brings the Crew to Vulcan, and into the heart of Romulan intrigue.
• "The Cradle Will Fall" returns to Aldea, where the Crew must confront a challenge that threatens this legendary planet of peace.
• "Red Giant" takes the Crew under the skin of a dying sun to save a doomed people.

1999 ... 104 pages ... LUG 25301 ... ISBN 0671040073

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Holodeck Adventures
"The boundaries are set only by your imagination as you enter one of the most amazing inventions of Federation technology -- the holodeck. It's a roleplaying game within a game, as your Star Trek characters take on roles from other times and places. They can even become your favorite characters from other RPGs! Holodeck Adventures provides the perfect way to get other roleplayers into your Star Trek game, or to give existing Star Trek gamers a refreshing change of pace.

This book includes:

• How to take on the role of a fictional character, and enter a world of fantastic adventure -- all in the Star Trek universe!
• A complete description of how the holodeck works.
• Information for Narrators on using the holodeck in their games, and creating their own holodeck programs.
• Information for the Icon System on tommy guns, Duesenbergs, cannon, pirate reavers, and more.

Three complete adventures:

• The Case of the Golden Serpent plunges Dixon Hill and friends into a mystery involving an ancient Aztec idol.
• The Doom That Came to Korath presents a story of supernatural horror set in Alpha Centauri's past.
• The Falcon's Gold provides an adventure on the bounding main, and includes rules for pitched naval battles, flintlocks, and pirate mayhem."

1999 ... 102 pages ... LUG 25303 ... ISBN 0671040103 / 1889533173

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The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire [BOX SET]

• Book I: The Romulans
• Book II: Romulan Characters
• Book III: Romulan Adventures
• doubled-sided fold-out map: Romulan Uniform and Rank Reference & Romulus/Remus planetary maps
• doubled-sided fold-out map: Ship Size Reference & Romulan Star empire stellar map

"They are the hidden enemy, the foe who is both unknown and unknowable. They are by turns hostile and peaceful, aggressive and guarded. They are a people given to violent passions, a culture for whom glory is life. They are the Romulans.
A vast region of space, the Romulan Star Empire encompasses sectors in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Empire's long, storied, and often brutal history remains largely hidden from most outsiders. Life within the Empire Is governed by the Way of D’era, a harsh and militaristic philosophy that pre-dates the time of the Empire's founding and guides the Empire in its expansion throughout the galaxy. It is a way of honor, a way of cunning, a way of Empire.

The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire gives players and narrators alike a detailed overview of this vast interstellar empire. Within its three books you will find comprehensive discussions of everything from Imperial history and politics to Romulan religion and culture. Other sections include treatments on the Romulan economy and mercantile relations, the Imperial and senatorial fleets, worlds and client states,
Romulan technology and vessels, and important personalities of the Star Empire. New ships and new templates abound. From the Tal Shiar to the bomeworlds of Romulus and Remus, all the way back to the schism on ancient Vulcan — The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire has it all for fans of the most secretive race in the Star Trek universe. Make no mistake — you're not In the Federation anymore... Are you prepared to follow the Way of D’era?"

1999 ... LUG 25500 ... ISBN 0671040049

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Starfleet Academy [BOX SET]
• Book One: The Academy Handbook
• Book Two: Narrator's Guide
• Book Three: The Cadet's Guide to Sector 001
• 2 double-sided poster maps
• facsimile Certification of Degree document

"The soul of Starfleet resides in the academy... where young beings from many worlds are educated and trained to take up their roles in the vast organization that is Starfleet. From across the Federation they come, entranced by a sense of discovery, attracted by the challenge, drawn to the promise of adventure. Here, cadets learn the meaning of the words Honor, Truth, Duty. In the end, they earn the right to call themselves Starfleet officers -- the finest men and women known to history. Now you can enter the Academy and experience for yourself what it takes to become a member of the Federation's elite cadre."

1999 ... LUG 25501 ... ISBN 067104009X / 1889533165

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All Our Yesterdays: The Time Travel Sourcebook (Star Trek : The Expanded Universe)
"From the ancient humanoids of four billion B.C. to the Kelvan Invasion of the 123rd century, all time stands open before you. All Our Yesterdays is the complete guide to time travel in the world of Star Trek roleplaying, covering everything from time travel techniques such as the slingshot effect and Borg temporal vortices to the rifts in space-time which snare unwary travelers. Overlays and organizational details make members of the Department of Temporal Investigations and other transtemporal characters ready to play. There's a chronology of the Star Trek universe, guides for Narrating time travel episodes and avoiding (or inviting) temporal paradox, 29th century Federation Timeships and fearsome Borg spheres, and teasers for episodes stretched all across the galaxy and throughout its history.

Cross your 23rd-century Star Trek Roleplaying Came characters over into your The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine series (or vice versa), or run a pure time travel series. The first of our Expanded Universe sourcebooks combines the entire cosmos of Star Trek roleplaying opportunities. This book includes:
• Eight episode seeds, three series seeds for Expanded Universe play, and nine parallel histories accessible by subspace rift or Romulan treachery.
• Directives (including the Temporal Prime Directive), guidelines, mission types, technology, history, and organization for the Department of Temporal Investigations-enough information to run an entire DTI series.
• Four new overlays and eight new DTI Tours of Duty, plus early life background history packages, new advantages and disadvantages, new and expanded skills (including psionic skills) for time travel, and more.
• Seven new ships and five new alien species descriptions (including the Krenim, the Travelers, and an expanded Devidian description)."

1999 ... 128 pages ... LUG 15002 ... ISBN 0671040162

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Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Player's Guide
"To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before...

Experience all the danger and excitement the galaxy has to offer as you and your friends become the actors in your own STAR TREK adventures! The STAR TREK Player's Guide contains everything you need to create and play your own characters through every era of the STAR TREK universe. Intrigue and adventure await you at every turn among the stars. Do you have what it takes to boldly go where no one has gone before?

• All the basic rules needed for play, easily convertible from previous STAR TREK RPGs
• Original STAR TREK canon consistent with previous versions of the STAR TREK RPG
• Character creation, including six archetypes for fast play, ten player character species, and nine professions
• Details for playing characters from any STAR TREK setting: STAR TREK™, STAR TREK: The Next Generation™, STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine™, or STAR TREK: Voyager™
• Equipment and starships-from all of the TV shows and films
• Detailed, never-before-seen information about the STAR TREK setting, including a comprehensive history of each STAR TREK era"

2002 ... 256 pages ... Decipher 900 ... ISBN 1582369003

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Star Trek Roleplaying Game Narrator's Guide
"These Are The Voyages...

You've read the Star Trek Player's Guide, and now you're prepared to take the next step - you're ready to become a Star Trek narrator. Now it's your turn to create new life and new civilizations, new starships and new technology. It's your turn to design your own episodes and adventures in the Star Trek universe, and to make its legends your own. So what are you waiting for? A whole new universe beckons...

The Star Trek Narrator's Guide includes:
• The complete rules needed for play, easily convertible from previous Star Trek RPGs
• Original Star Trek canon consistent with previous versions of the Star Trek RPG
• Detailed guidelines for creating and running your own episodes in every era of the Star Trek universe
• In-depth creation rules for starships, planets, creatures, hazards, and alien species
• Tips for linking your episodes into entire series and "seasons" of adventure for your players

2002 ... 248 pages ... Decipher ... ISBN 1582369011

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Star Trek Roleplaying Game Narrator's Screen
"The Narrator's job can indeed seem daunting at times. The Star Trek Narrator's Screen is designed to make your job as Narrator more smooth and enjoyable. Packed with all of the most important charts, tables, and forms from the RPG, the Star Trek Narrator's Screen is one product no Narrator should be without!
The Star Trek Narrator's Screen includes:
• A beautiful, full color, four-panel Narrator's Screen
• All of the game's most important tables and charts
• All of the forms a Narrator needs to create and run a Star Trek series
• Eight ready-to-use full-color character sheets"

2003 ... Decipher ... ISBN 158236902X

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Starfleet Operations Manual
"Welcome to Starfleet!

You are the best the galaxy has to offer: the men, women, and aliens of Starfleet. With the Starfleet Operations Manual, you have the wisdom of more than two centuries of five-year missions distilled into one place. Your Star Trek Roleplaying Game characters can use the guidelines, hints, and rules in this sourcebook to keep their starships flying smoothly, to meet challenges on their own terms, and to outwit the most devious Romulans - or the most cunning Narrators!
The Starfleet Operations Manual includes:
• Over fifty new professional abilities for starship officer characters, 10 new advancement packages, and three new development packages, including the phaser control officer.
• Eight new Federation member species suitable for Starfleet player characters, from the sensual Deltans to the gruff Tellarites.
• Twenty-six new pieces of proven Starfleet technology, including rocket boots, psychotricorders, and the fearsome tetryon pulse launcher.
• Ten Starfleet ships of the line covering over 200 year of Federation history, all with full Star Trek RPG statistics."

2003 ... 80 pages ... Decipher ... ISBN 1582369046

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These are the fleets of the Galaxy.

Enterprise... Excelsior... Stargazer... Their names and exploits have taken on the mantle of legend. Over two centuries' worth of starship engineering comes together in this comprehensive volume. Whether charting the unknown or battling hostile empires, starships from the Vanguard of exploration and discovery for every starfaring species. So open hailing frequencies and prepare to deploy these vessels in your own Star Trek RPG series!

Starships includes :
• Over forty different starship designs, complete with illustrations, history, and technical data. Vessels include Starfleet designs such as the Prometheus and Nova classes, as well as threat vessels such as the implacable Borg cube and the Breen warship.
• Additional maneuvers for the starship combat system allow you to perform the Riker Maneuver, Scorpion Evasives, and many other tactics.
• Starship and system design rules for every type of vessel - UFP, Klingon, Romulan, Dominion, and others - allow you to create dozens of new ship systems and build any starship you can imagine!

2003 ... 208 pages ... Decipher ... ISBN 1582369062

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"To seek out new life and new civilizations...

The Suliban have infiltrated this book. So have the Gorn. And the Flaxians. And they've brought friends, all complete with full game statistics so you can pit them against one another in your Star Trek RPG series. You can even step into another species' skin thanks to the in-depth treatments of alien culture found in this book - play an El-Aurian, a Founder, or even a Horta! Assimilate your foes as the soulless Borg... From the near-human to the inscrutably omnipotent, aliens can serve as allies, enemies, enigmas, or obstacles for any crew. Aliens presents all of the information necessary to include many of Star Trek's most popular life forms in your game.

Aliens includes:
• 58 alien races, ranging from near-humanoids such as Ekosians to bizarre entities such as the Q, the Horta, and the Medusans.
• New species-specific traits, weapons, technology, and skills, as well as new background rules to handle characters raised by alien cultures.
• Coverage of aliens from all eras : Wheter the Gorn from the original series, the Axanar from Enterprise, or the Vorta from Deep Space Nine, it's in this book."

2003 ... 176 pages ... Decipher ... ISBN 1582369070

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"It's a menagerie out there...

From the Klingon targ to the Ceti Alpha eel, the galaxy plays hosts to lifeforms that strain the imagination of even Starfleet's finest zoologists. They won't strain yours, though, because Creatures gives you the complete readout on dozens of aliens beasts for your Star Trek RPG series. You'll know what to do when the Tarkassian razor charge, and you'll learn the best way to avoid mugato bites. In fact, after reading this book, alien monsters will probably cease to give you any tribble at all...

Creatures includes:
• Creatures from all eras of STAR TREK, including guidelines for incorporating them into your series.
• More than 60 creature descriptions, from the Aldebaran serpent to the Yridian yak, complete with full STAR TREK RPG statistics and rules.
• Detailed and expanded rules for creature design."

2003 ... 96 pages ... Decipher ... ISBN 1582369089

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"To explore strange new worlds...

The burning sands of Vulcan. The icy chasms of Andoria. The storm-swept skies of Qo'noS. Worlds presents them in all their glory, ready for your away team and fully described for your STAR TREK Roleplaying Game series. From Iconia to Rigel X, the skies of your series suddenly got a little more crowded. Report to Stellar Cartography and prepare to transmit navigational coordinates—countless new worlds of adventure await you!

Worlds includes:
• Comprehensive entries for over 62 planets from every STAR TREK era, including such fan favorites as Romulus, Cardassia Prime, Bajor, and Ferenginar.
• Never-before-seen historical, cultural, and planetological information, complete with episode ideas and detailed maps for each world.
• A detailed star system and planetary creation system, including new planetary design methods true to 21st century science and to STAR TREK canon."

2005 ... ISBN 1582369097

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Mirror Universe
"Through the looking glass... darkly...

Haven't you ever wanted to phaser the captain, level a helpless planet, and steal your weight in gold-pressed latinum? Now you can – on the other side of the mirror. In this setting book for the Star Trek Roleplaying Game, you can bring Federaton ideals of justice to the Mirror Universe, or revel in your own character's dark reflection. Prowl the Terran Empire with Captain Kirk of the I.S.S. Enterprise, or crush puny Human rebels with Intendant Kira of the Cardassian-Klingon Alliance. So grab your agonizer, grow a goatee, and watch your back–because in the Mirror Universe, nothing is what it seems...

Through a Glass Darkly: The Mirror Universe includes:
• Complete setting information for the Terran Empire from Star Trek and the brutal Alliance from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
• Rules and guidelines for creating your existing character's mirror image.
• Everything you need to play a "Mirror Series," including new skills, cruel traits, and the malign Wheel of Comeuppance.
• Star Trek RPG Rules and statistics for the agonizer, the Tantalus Field, and the deadly devices of Imperial Security.
• Unsolved mysteries of the Mirror Universe to explore on your own or use in your series."

2005 ... Decipher

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