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Seattle Sourcebook
A modern frontier town, sandwiched between the Elven nation of Tir Tairngire and the Native American Nations, Seattle is a place where cultures mix -- often with explosive results.
Megacorps with private armies trade in technology and information. Crime bosses rule the underworld of illegal trade, violence, and extortion. There is always plenty of work for people who are witling to get their hands dirty, because the turnover is... brisk.
Seattle is home to over 300,000 squatters who are willing to kill their mother for a pair of shoes. Fortunately, most never knew their mothers.
Just don't stay out after dark. If the Elven street gangs don't get you, the city cops will, and maybe just for target practice.

The SEATTLE SOURCEBOOK is a gamemasters reference for SHADOWRUN. It furnishes all the information you might need to run a campaign in Seattle, Hundreds of locations are described In detail — from big to small and from opulent to seedy. The movers and the shakers of Seattle are fully profiled, be they political, corporate, or underworld. A color section details gang colors, corporate security uniforms. and tribal garb. The book is loaded with maps and will be a great addition to any SHADOWRUN campaign."

1990 ... Boy F. Petersen jr ... 178 pages ... FASA 7201 ... ISBN 1555601111

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Native American Nations, Volume One
"Over thirty years ago, the violent formation of the Native American Nations shattered the United States of America and altered the geo-political boundaries of North America. Now, someone's setting out to prove that turn-about is not fair play and to bring about a little change of their own. Is it payback? Or something deeper? Regardless, it's a mad chase through the Native American Nations, full of the chaos one expects in a Shadowrun adventure.

Native American Nations: Volume One features the adventure Peacekeeper. It also includes an in-depth sourcebook section providing details on the Salish-Shidhe, Sioux, Ute, and Pueblo Council Nations, information the runners can access via the Shadowland Information network."

1991 ... Nigel D. Findley ... 136 pages ... FASA 7202 ... ISBN 1555601308

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London Sourcebook
"From the chaos of greater London to the majesty of the Welsh Wild Lands and the fey court of Rhiannon Glendower of Snowdonia, the land of the modern United Kingdom are shrouded in power and mystery. The nobility, megacorperations, and ruling druidic government are all locked in an intricate dance of domination as the land itself fights against the toxic death man has brought her. Here, magic reigns, oppression rules, and the shadows run black and deep. Welcome to the Smoke, term. It’s party time.

The London Sourcebook is a reference for the Shadowrun roleplaying game. It details the political, social, economic, and magical power bases of the United Kingdom. Also covered are the streets, customs, laws, and places of interest In London and the surrounding areas."

1991 ... Carl Sargent & Marc Gascoigne ... 152 pages ... FASA 7203 ... ISBN 1555601316

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Germany Sourcebook
"Forged in the chaos of the Awakening and the Euro-Wars, the German Alliance is a land torn by strife, rebellion, politcal turmoil, and powerful magic. From the towering glass and chrome skyscrapers of Frankfurt to the anarchy of Berlin, from the GreenWar camps of the Rhine-Ruhr megaplex to the Troll Kingdom of the Black Forest, 21st century Germany Teems with opportunities and unseen dangers for the shadowrunner."

1993 ... Michael Immig & Thomas Römer ... 160 pages ... FASA 7204 ... ISBN 1555601863

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The Universal Brotherhood
Set consists of a cover sheet (showing a humanoid bug creeping through an alley), 56-page Missing Blood booklet, and unnumbered, top-stapled Unleash Your Inner Abilities! booklet.

"Unlock the potentials of your mind and body. Turn your back on the shallow and mundane join the Universal Brotherhood and be a part of something wonderful!

Who are the Brotherhood? Possibly the largest humanitarian organization in the world? To the grime-encrusted inhabitants of the sprawl they are a shining ray of hope in an otherwise hopeless world. This is their way out of the darkness, their key to personal fulfillment and understanding. They are on every corner. They knock on every door. And they want to save you too.

Now someone has been on the inside of the Brotherhood. The objectives and purpose of the Brotherhood have been exposed. Some of the questions are answered. But the truth is even more chilling...

The Universal Brotherhood is a sourcebook and adventure for Shadowrun, First Edition."

1990 ... Christopher Kybasik ... 144(?) pages ... FASA 7205 ... ISBN 1555600247

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Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America
"Take a tour of North America with the slightly warped. Learn the ins and outs of major cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.. Make your next vacation an exciting one, one they'll never forget.

The Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America details the countries, states, and politics of Shadowrun's North America. this sourcebook cover the laws relative costs of goods, (what to smuggle, and to whom,) corporate activity, (who's bought whom, and just what are they really up to,) and life in general (and how to screw it up in style!) across the continent in 2050."

1991 ... Tom Dowd ... 128 pages ... FASA 7206 ... ISBN 1555601359

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Native American Nations, Volume Two
"Eye of the Eagle

Seattle isn't the only place where danger lurks. Conspiracy also grows to the north, threatening to tear the Tsimshian Nation apart and shatter its government. the radicals behind it are willing to die for their cause. Their tools are the weapons of terror: violence, fear, chaos, and an ultimate weapon, something so dark and terrible it should have been left buried.

Native American Nations: Volume Two contains an adventure and source material for Shadowrun. The adventure, Eye of the Eagle, uses material found in the sourcebook section, which provides details on the Algonkian-Manitoo Council, the Athabascan Council, the Trans-Polar Aleut Nation, and the Tsimshian Nation."

1991 ... Nigel Findley ... 112 pages ... FASA 7207 ... ISBN 1555601588

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Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life
"The NEO-ANARCHISTS GUIDE TO REAL LIFE provides useful information about the SHADOWRUN world in a fictionalized format along with new, specific game systems for each of the subjects covered. This sourcebook is compatible with the original SHADOWRUN rules as well as the newly revised SHADOWRUN, SECOND EDITION rules."

1992 ... Nigel D. Findley ... 104 pages ... FASA 7208 ... ISBN 1555601650

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California Free State
"The CALIFORNIA FREE STATE sourcebook describes the country of California. It features the movers and shakers, the hot spots, the war zones, the strange magic and the deep dark shadows of this independent nation that seems always on the brink of civil war. This sourcebook describes life throughout the Free State, focusing on Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the magic-rich Mojave Desert. A must for any California campaign, the CALIFORNIA FREE STATE sourcebook provides a wealth of adventure hooks, story starters, and rules for using them in your SHADOWRUN game. Also included are new rules for mutant critters, magical oddities, and toxic beings unique to California. For use with SHADOWRUN."

1996 ... 160 pages ... 7209 ... ISBN 1555601936

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Tir Tairngire
"Long shrouded in mystery, now one brave voice dares to speak the truth of the Land of Promise, Tir Tairngire. How did it come to be? Who holds its reigns of power? And what does its future hold? The Tir Tairngire sourcebook reveals the Elven Nation for the first time, in all its glory and danger. Journey there and beware.

Tir Tairngire is a Shadowrun sourcebook that details the history, society, politics, and mystery of the Tir, the land of the elves in North America."

1993 ... Nigel D. Findley ... 152 pages ... FASA 7210 ... ISBN 1555601979

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Tír na nÓg (Tir na nOg)
"Tír na nÓg, the Land of Youth. Long protected by a powerful Veil, the former nation of Ireland now stands revealed in its Awakened power. Who are its masters? Where did they come from? And what does its emergence hold for the world of 2054."

1993 ... Carl Sargent & Mark Gascoigne ... 168 pages ... FASA 7211 ... ISBN 1555602096

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Denver: The City of Shadows [BOX SET]
* 168pg Denver City of Shadows book.
* 62pg Denver Gamemaster Book.
* Poster map: Denver Downtown.
* Poster map: Denver Sector map
* 2 security/travel passes for two of the city's six sectors.

"Welcome to the Front Range Free Zone. (That's Denver for you outta-sync jokers.) It's a subdivided, drek-infested, dead-dry tinderbox waiting for some political pyromaniac with slippery fingers to drop a match. It's the center of the black market for most of North America and the crossroads of six nations: Aztlan, CAS, Pueblo, Sioux, Ute, and UCAS. They get along with each other about as well as the rest of us do, all jandering for position and a slightly bigger piece of the turf. It's the home of the Nexus, the Denver Data Haven, repository of more black information than Maria Mercurial's diary (maybe)."

1994 ... Nigel D. Findley ... 168 pages, 62 pages ... FASA 7212 ... ISBN 1555602363

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"Only one place has it all in 2056 — Aztlan, the world's only corporate nation.
Built on the drug trade, consolidated country by country through ruthless business deals, run by a powerful and mysterious corporation and sustained by a national faith in the Aztec gods, Aztlan can be a runner's greatest dream or his most chilling nightmare. For at the heart of war-torn Aztlan lies Aztechnology, a potential mother lode of paydata and newtech, and an almost certain source of death. Listen carefully to the rumors and fudge for yourself which are true or false — Aztlan guards Its secrets well, and Aztechnology will kill to keep it that way.
The Aztlan sourcebook describes the people, history, economy and current affairs
of the nation of Aztlan, including details on Aztechnology Corporation, the unusual
magic practiced by Aztlaner citizens, and the Yucatan conflict. This book also describes many aspects of life in Tenochtitlan (formerly Mexico City), and provides new rules for Aztlaner magic and Aztechnology corporate personnel.
For use with Shadowrun, Second Edition."

1995 ... Nigel D. Findley ... 184 pages ... FASA 7213 ... ISBN 1555602576

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Target: UCAS
"The United Canadian and American States is in turmoil, in the past year, the great dragon Dunkelzahn won a special presidential election — and was assassinated on the night of his triumph. Savage riots broke out and have barely subsided; inexplicable magical phenomena have triggered a vicious anti-Awakened backlash; and corporate backstabbing and political intrigue are reaching new lows as everyone who can makes a play for the big time. And nowhere in the UCAS are the aftershocks as fierce as in three of its greatest cities: Boston, Detroit and Chicago.
Boston, home of the East Coast Stock Exchange, has been neutral territory for years. But now Richard Villiers of Fuchi Corporation is rumored to be undertaking a secret operation there, and Boston's shadows are jumping.
Detroit is the ultimate company town, home base of Ares Macrotechnology and Damien Knight's persona! fiefdom. But all is not well in Aresville — Knight's ego is getting too big for his bottom line, and bad trouble is brewing.
And Chicago, better known as Bug City, has finally been cured of the insect spirits that infested it ... or has it? And could the cure be worse than, the disease?
Target: UCAS contains a wealth of information for players and gamemasters: adventure frameworks that allow gamemasters to jump right into these explosive cities, rules for ghoul player characters and free bug spirits, and more. Target: UCAS is intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels. For use with Shadowrun and the Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows."

1997 ... 104 pages ... FASA 7214 ... ISBN 1555603149

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Target: Smuggler Havens
"Where can you sell body parts to voodoopriests?
Where do Siberian shapeshifters buy military goods? What weird experiments are going on in corporate aquaspheres? Where do t-bird smugglers hide from the military patrols? Learn the skinny here, chummer.
The Target: Smuggler Havens sourcebook allows you to jump right into the exciting cities of New Orleans and Vladivostok. lt contains a wealth of information on smuggling, including adventure frameworks for new locations, rules for t-bird smuggling and border patrols, free voodoo spirits, and information on awakened Siberia. Target: Smuggler Havens is intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels."

1998 ... 110 pages ... FASA 7215 ... ISBN 1555603416

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New Seattle
"Seattle’s got it all: movers and shakers from all of the megacorporations, high-stakes
political conflicts and even vicious mob wars -- and it’s surrounded by hostile countries!
Every runner and wannabe comes to Seattle to leam their chops, hone their skills and make those contacts that will get them the big scores.
From the rich enclaves of Magnolia Bluffs to the Z-Zone death traps of the Redmond Barrens, your knowledge and skills -- plus a little luck -- will help you survive the deadliest shadows in the world.
New Seattle is a sourcebook for the Shadowrun roleplaying game. New Seattle takes the player on a tour of the most exciting city in the world of 2060. Each section of Seattle contains information on gangs, corporations, politics, hideouts, major players, criminal organizations and everything else players and gamemasters need to create both straightforward adventures and complex campaigns."

1998 ... Stephen Kenson ... 136 pages ... FASA 7216 ... ISBN 1555603424

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Target: Matrix

2000 ... 136 pages ... FASA 7219 ... ISBN 1555604765

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Shadowland Magazine

"An Official Publication Devoted to FASA's Shadowrun Roleplaying Game."

Shadowland, Vol. 1
ARTICLES: To The Bone (short story, Vicki Kirchoff-Martin), Nissan Stallion (motorcycle, Andrew Ragland), The Gross-Frankfurt Sprawl (city description, Jonathan Szeto), Nightstalkers (organization, Steve Kenson), Acers (powered armor, Andrew Ragland), Drak's Drek (column, D. L. Knox), Yuki No Onna (critter, Steve Kenson), Virtual Realities 2.0 (preview, FASA), Headache (short adventure, Chris Hussey), Cop Gear (equipment, Andrew Ragland), Crimson Avenger (Matrix software, Andrew Ragland), The General Store (decker supplies, Andrew Ragland), Rose Colored Glasses (short story, Phillip T. Adams)

October/November/December 1995 ... Kevin D. Knight (editor) ... 56 pages ... Sword of the Knight Publications 201

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Shadowland, Vol. 2
ARTICLES: Lunatic Fringe (short story, Phillip T. Adams), Drak's Drek (column, D. L. Knox), McKissack's Chameleon (critter, Andrew Ragland), Gift Horse (short story, Erik Kjerland), A Runner's Guide to Magic (background, Linda Naughton), The Gross-Frankfurt Sprawl (city description, Jonathan Szeto), Learning and Improving Skills (skill rules Linda Naughton), Path of the Tiger (shamanic totem, Gabriel Salazar), Headaches: Social Animals (short adventure, Chris Hussey), The Hermetic Lodge (spells, Chris Hussey)

December 1995 ... 56 pages ... SOK 202

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Shadowland, Vol. 3
ARTICLES: Amethysts (short story, Jennifer Baker & Christopher Maley), Arabian Magic in the Sixth World (magical traditions, Steve Kenson), Another Good Run (short story, Wesley Tester), The Gross-Frankfurt Sprawl (city description, Jonathan Szeto), Super Tuesday: A Preview (FASA), The Hermetic Lodge (spells, Chriss Hussey), The Wave-Form Nature of Magic (magical theory, Erik S. Jameson), Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (short story, Jay Fugiel), Celtic Totems (Steve Kenson), Get Out Of The Water! (short adventure, Steve Kenson), Magical Groups (Steve Kenson), All Gear, No Guns (equipment and vehicles, Erik Jameson), Second Tier Solutions (corporations, Erik Jameson)

April 1996 ... 56 pages ... SOK 203

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Shadowland, Vol. 4
ARTICLES: The Shopping Mall (equipment, Erik Jameson), The Street Gang Campaign (alternative campaign setting, Steve Kenson), Serious Buckshot (shotguns, Kevin Montanaro), 2056 Harley Davidson Ultra-Glide (vehicle, Kevin Montanaro), The Ahvaz Diaspora (magical background, Erik Jameson), VatJob (adventure, Andrew Ragland), A Star Is Dead (short adventure, Chris Hussey), Dead Air (novel preview, Jak Koke)

August 1996 ... 56 pages ... SOK 204

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Shadowland, Vol. 5
ARTICLES: Cold (short story, Gunnar Jaeck), 'Till Death Does the NPCs Part? (NPC rules & contacts, Gurth), Bigger, Badder, & Powered (power armor, Erik Jameson & Brian Angliss), The Voodoo You Do (voudoun rules & loa, Steve Kenson), Daddy's Little Girl (short story, Vicki Kirchoff-Martin), A Change For The Better (shapechange spell & toughts, Steve Kenson), Sister Savior (short story, Chris Hussey), Hardware: Guns (firearms, Brian Dowess), On the Nature of Magicians in the Sixth World (magical background, Mike Bodary), Headache: Little Boy Lost (short adventure, Chris Hussey), Mr. Wherefore (NPC, Chris Hussey), The Hermetic Lodge (spells, Chris Hussey & Douglas Miller), A Piece of Cake (short story, Richard April)

December 1996 ... Kevin D. Knight (editor) ... 56 pages ... SOK 205

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Shadowland, Vol. 6
ARTICLES: Bad Karma ("negative Karma" rules, Dave Panchyk), NERPS: Hot Spots (locations, Erik Jameson), Spells in the Astral (new spells, Ron Cole), Nightdancer Home Protection (corporation, Peter Bailey), Dr. Burt's Body Shop (cyberware & bioware, Mark Fisher, Eric Fisher & Bert Patrick), Balance (short story, Lee Shaw Morrison), Double Trouble (contact, Karen Mason-Richardson), Headache: Zone of Twilight (short adventure, Chris Hussey), That Spell Is Useless! (spells discussion, Mike Bodary), Making Some Changes (firearm modifications, Gurth), Headache: What's Cooking (short adventure, Karen Mason-Richardson)

April 1997 ... 56 pages ... SOK 206

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Shadowland, Vol. 7
ARTICLES: Expect the Unexpected (short story, Andrew Hamilton), Getting Physical (adept powers, Ken Sato), Friendship & Honor (short story, Steven Warnock), Gen Con Wrap-up (convention review, unknown), Technobabel (novel preview, Steve Kenson), Cyberpirates Preview (Mike Mulvihill), Knight Shift (NPCs, Unknown), Ne Tools of Anti-Social Behavior (firearms, Brian Downes), Gotcha (hit location system, Ben Zitterkoph & Jason Shockley), Nature's Shadows (plant totems, Anonymous), Nothing Personal - Just Business (short story, Jon Szeto), Shadowrun CCG List (card list, FASA), High Noon (short story, Jay Fugiel), Way of the Hunter (adept rules & powers, Jonathan Szeto), Hermetic Lodge (spells, Chris Hussey), Newsline (2050s' news, unknown)

October 1997 ... 56 pages ... SOK 207

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