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"It began as a simple datasteal...
...a Shadowrun into the Aztechnology database.
Somewhere it went wrong and now you've lost the goods, lost your contacts, and your only chance is to get out of Seattle — fast.
There's just one problem: the only way out leads through the heart of the deadly Ork underworld, a dark labyrinth beneath the city where your first wrong move may be your last!"

1989 ... 64 pages ... FASA 7301 ... ISBN 1555601138

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"A blast of light punches my eyes as I walk down the ramp from street level. The dance floor is an amorphous beast, writhing with a thousand limbs, and the beat of the music red-lines my pulse Into overdrive. On the stage, a nova is dancing.

Searing beams of the spotlights catch the mirror-bright metal arms, legs, and face, reflecting them back in a dazzling cascade of color and light. The next thing you see is the hair flaring golden in the glare, surrounding her face like a solar corona around a silver moon. While Maria Mercurial dances, nothing else matters.

Of course, something else does matter—biz. That's why you're here, chummer, to protect the silver lady with no past. The money's good, the Job's easy; what could go wrong? Except maybe the lady's past is catching up with her.

Mercurial is a Shadowrun adventure, designed for gamemasters, who must already have a copy of Shadowrun. Mercurial includes all of the information needed to introduce a party of shadowrunners to the "glamorous" world of megabit rock stars, dreamchip addiction, sleazy talent agents, corp hitmen, toxic waste, and Yakuza sorceresses. A world where double-dealing is an art form and nothing is quite what it seems."

1989 ... Paul R. Hume ... 80 pages ... FASA 7302 ... ISBN 1555601162

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"THE YEAR IS 2050...
Ladies of the night are being murdered and butchered with the skill of a surgeon.
The Gaslight Ghoul has returned, and he stalks the streets of Seattle!
In SHADOWRUN, the rampant substance abuse of the 19th and 20th century is now as archaic as 8-track audio tapes. Now the escape of choice is the BTL or Better than Life chip. Plug in and all physical pleasures, desires, and hopes suddenly pale by comparison. Some 'experimental' chips are missing, and you've been hired to find them. But an investigation of simple theft is turning into a grisly trail that seems to have no rhyme or reason, Now you are beginning to wonder... can these chips program someone to be a serial killer?"

1989 ... James D. Long ... 80 pages ... FASA 7303 ... ISBN 1555601200

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Queen Euphoria
"It was a simple job, and the pay was good. Snatch Euphoria, the simsense star, sit on her for a weekend, and let her go. Easy. If you believe that, you've never run the shadows. Because now she's been snatched for a second time ... and the corps think you did it. What does all this have to do with - Ambergel, the most popular junk food in Seattle? A former Coyote shaman? An evil power so strong it threatens all mankind? Find the Queen. Find the answers. HURRY!"

1990 ... 72 pages ... FASA 7304 ... ISBN 1555601170

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Bottled Demon
"Who's got the Bottle?
The Shadowrunners meet a very disturbed man who hires them as bodyguards on a business deal.

Bottle, Bottle...
Who wants the Bottle? Now the man is dead, and they don't know why.

Bottle, Bottle... What's in the Bottle? The bottle is a mysterious artifact covered with ancient cryptic runes. Why are some people willing to kill for it? Why are some willing to die for it? And the most sensible advice the runners receive is the one thing they can't seem to do – get rid of it.

No Deposit...No Return -- Please dispose of properly.
Bottled Demon is an adventure for Shadowrun."

1990 ... James D. Long ... 64 pages ... FASA 7305 ... ISBN 1555601243

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This big (152 pages) adventure book is a collaboration of some well-known names in RPG writing (W.G. Armintrout & Tom Dowd & Jerry Epperson & John Faughnan & Paul R. Hume & James D. Long & Lester W. Smith & Ken St. Andre). Yeah. Very popular and out-of-print.

Note: Inexperienced sellers often confuse this book with "Harlequin's Back" (ISBN 1555602487). They are NOT the same.

"IMAGINE A HATRED THAT HAS ENDURED FOR 5000 YEARS. The shadowrunners are sent on a string of missions, collecting obscure items, all seemingly unrelated... or are they? From the streets of Seattle to the heights of the Bavarian Alps, from the magical mayhem of Columbia, Missouri to the headwaters of the Amazon the adventure unfolds.
Who would go to all this trouble to destroy one man... and why?

• A datafile
• An ancient magic Tome
• A flower
• A collection of Elven ears
• The manuscript of a soon
to-be-released bestseller
• A young woman of mysterious heritage
• A world famous Elven societal theorist

All are pieces to the puzzle.
Finding them is one thing.
Putting it all together is another.

HARLEQUIN is a series of eight adventures for SHADOWRUN designed to be interwoven into in already existing campaign. Over the course of these adventures, the players are presented with a progressively larger picture of a very complex tale of revenge."

1990 ... 152 pages ... FASA 7306 ... ISBN 1555601251

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Dragon Hunt
"In this adventure, the shadowrunners are hired to find a lost identity. The only problem is that some of the biggest corporations in Seattle don't want it found.
Hide and seek, cross and double-cross, a dragon's deeds and desires... Ah, business as usual in the shadows...
Dragon Hunt is an adventure for Shadowrun."

1991 ... Michael Lee ... 64 pages ... FASA 7307 ... ISBN 1555601375

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Total Eclipse
"The word is out, chummer. If you want blazing rock and roll, there's only one band to see: The Elementals. The buzz is they're about to become the next local band to hit the big time.
There's just one problem. The Elementals have broken their recording contract, and in the world of corporate domination, nobody goes solo.
The runners' job? Find the band and bring them home. Alive.

1991 ... 56 pages ... FASA 7308 ... ISBN 1555601510

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"Great Britain awaits! There's bound to be trouble when Seattle-based shadowrunners are imported to take care of business in the United Kingdom. A valuable employee of one of Britain's largest megacorporations may be missing, and Transys Neuronet will be damned if they're going to let anyone on their side of the pond know about it. The search takes the runners through Scotland, the city of Edinburgh, and to darker corners of the Matrix than they ever dreamed existed. It's a complex puzzle of betrayal, friendship, isolation, hatred, blinding love, vengeance, and, in the most bizarre twist of all - life after death. Imago is an adventure for Shadowrun. It includes high-level dealings with the realms of magic and the Matrix, separately and in unique combination. The London Sourcebook, Virtual Realities, and The Grimoire are recommended for play, but not required. Imago has been designed for use with Shadowrun, Second Edition, but can be used with the first-edition rules."

1992 ... 80 pages ... FASA 7309 ... ISBN 1555601502

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Elven Fire
"Gang violence strikes at the heart of Seattle.
Night after night, senseless violence and destruction turn the metroplex into a war zone.
By day, citizens move quickly from place to place, alert for the first signs of danger. By night, they hide where they feel safe, praying that the only death they see before dawn is on the trideo.
Tonight, the streets run with blood. Elven Fire is an adventure for Shadowrun."

1991 ... 72 pages ... FASA 7310 ... ISBN 1555601706(?)

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Ivy & Chrome

1991 ... Thomas Kane ... 64 pages ... FASA 7311 ... ISBN 1555601456

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One Stage Before

1992 ... 64 pages ... FASA 7312 ... ISBN 1555601928

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Dark Angel

1993 ... Thomas Kane ... 72 pages ... FASA 7313 ... ISBN 1555601944

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A Killing Glare

1993 ... 64 pages ... FASA 7314 ... ISBN 1555601952

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Celtic Double-Cross
"Renowned as a land of wonders, Tír na Nóg brims with with ancient elven art and sophisticated elven nobles, powerful magic and cutting-edge technologies. But beneath this cultured facade lies a dark mix of long-simmering feuds and Machiavellian plots. Now add a dash of good old UCAS politics, and you have a Byzantine brew of betrayal and bloodshed, a Mickey Finn with a lethal kick. The mere thought of elves and politics gives even the most hardened street samurai the shakes. But when the elves are Irish, and the politics American, there's only danger in store -- but for whom? Celtic Double Cross is an adventure for advanced Shadowrun players and gamemasters and requires the Tir na nOg sourcebook for play."

1993 ... 80 pages ... FASA 7315 ... ISBN 1555602215

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Eye Witness

1994 ... 72 pages ... FASA 7316 ... ISBN 1555602320

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Paradise Lost
"A run in Hawaii, paradise of sun and surf, should be the answer to every shadowrunner's dream. But when runners need to track down a piece of valuable, stolen tech in the island kingdom, they find that bright, cheerful Hawai'i hides dark intrigues and darker dangers.
Paradise Lost introduces player characters to the Kingdom of Hawai'i in 2055, and includes a sourcebook section describing Hawai'ian life."

1994 ... Tom Wong & Nigel Findley ... 80 pages ... FASA 7317 ... ISBN 1555602274

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Divided Assets
"The corps own a piece of everything To the corporations, everything's an asset to be charted, inventoried, and maintained. Everything is accounted for - even people. But what happens when a particular asset - namely an eight-year-old boy - becomes a pawn in a messy piece of corporate extraction? That's up to the shadowrunners to decide. Unfortunately, all the firepower and magic in the world won't help solve the problem. Divided Assets is a Shadowrun adventure for use with the Denver boxed set (thought it can be adapted for other locales), and the Shadowrun, Second Edition rules."

1994 ... 64 pages ... FASA 7318 ... ISBN 1555602338 (1555602339)

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Double Exposure
"Project Hope is transforming the Barrens, giving Seattle's down-and-outers a bed, a roof, clean clothes and three squares a day in return for helping to revitalize the megaplex's worst slums. Too good to be true? You bet your life, chummer. When a megacorp pours mega-nuyen into "helping" a charity, you know something bad's going down. And when the charity in question belongs to the Universal Brotherhood, "bad" gets a whole lot worse...
Double Exposure is a Shadowrun adventure for advanced players and gamemasters. It is compatible with both the Shadowrun, Second Edition, rules and the original, first-edition rules."

1994 ... 64 pages ... FASA 7319 ... ISBN 1555602401

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Harlequin's Back
"It's long been said that trouble follows Harlequin around like a loyal dog, but this time he's taking the lead and dragging some shadowrunners along on his waking nightmare. It's clear that the levei of magic is rising in the Sixth World, and bigger magic makes the world a more dangerous place. But the particular danger Harlequin's worried about isn't supposed to be a problem for another two thousand years...
Harlequin's Back is a big adventure for Shadowrun, Second Edition. It involves magic and mayhem on a scale beyond any previously published Shadowrun adventure and is recommended for veteran gamemasters and fearless players. (Experience with the first Harlequin adventure is helpful, but not required.)"

1994 ... Tom Dowd ... 152 pages ... FASA 7320 ... ISBN 1555602487

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Super Tuesday!
"An election means work for those in the shadows. Dunkelzahn the dragon and five other candidates are running for president: that means five different chances for characters to dig up dirt and expose nasty secrets. This set contains five related adventures that can be used individually or together. It begins the Election of 2057 storyline."

1996 ... Steve Kenson ... 112 pages ... FASA 7322 ... ISBN 1555603033

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Shadows Of The Underworld
"Shadows of the Underworld is a collection of five Shadowrun adventures, set against the chaos of the United Canadian and American States Presidential election of 2057. The runners get entangled with everything from political agents to fanatical cults, from a gun fight on the top of New York City's most famous building to the secret world of Oakland's metahuman underground. Shadows of the Underworld is intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels."

1996 ... 96 pages ... FASA 7323 ... ISBN 1555603076

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Predator and Prey

1997 ... 96 pages ... FASA 7324 ... ISBN 1555602940

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"Missions is a collection of four Shadow run adventures that allow players and gamemasters to experiment with the alternate campaigns presented in the Shadow run Companion: Beyond the Shadows. In these adventures, the players can play a DocWagon High Threat Response team, tone Star undercover police, corporate security Agents, government commandos or even a media investigative team. Missions includes suggestions for translating these adventures Into campaigns and for incorporating an existing shadowrun team Into these, adventures. Missions is intended for gamemasters and players of alt experience levels, for use with Shadowrun."

1997 ... 96 pages ... FASA 7325 ... ISBN 1555601812

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Mob War!
"Struggle in the sprawl! Can the death of one man forever change the balance of power in the shadowy underworld of Seattle? Can one man's death spark a blaze of violence guaranteed to burn everyone from the lowliest chip dealers to the CEOs of megacorps? When the dead man is Don James O'Malley, head of the Seattle Mafia, the answer is yes. There's infighting in the "the Family," and even other syndicate is determined to take advantage of the chaos to grab themselves a bigger share of the nuyen. As the Triads battle the Yakuza for control of Seattle's docks, the Mafia defends its upscale gambling dens against Yakuza attacks - and the Seoulpa Rings take over anything that's not nailed down. The Seattle underworld has erupted in violence and no one is safe from the ... ... Mob War! Mob War! is a unique Shadowrun adventure set that fleshes out the Mob war raging in Seattle. This book provides all the information gamemasters need to involve their player characters in the conflict on the level that best suits their group and style of play. Mob War! includes 24 adventure frameworks and ideas, plus a host of other adventure hooks that suggest ways to explore the activities of the crime syndicates. Among other options, players characters may" Belong to any one of the syndicates Offer their services as shadowrunners to the highest bidder Serve Lone Star as detectives assigned to solve the mystery of the Don's death Work for a security service hired to contain the violence Mob War! is intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels. For use with Shadowrun and the Shadowrun Companion. The Underworld Sourcebook is recommended but not required to use this book."

1997 ... 64 pages ... FASA 7326 ... ISBN 1555603289

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Blood In The Boardroom
"Killing the competition is no longer a figure of speech ...
The boardrooms become war rooms as the movers and shakers shift their fights from the stock exchange to the streets. Using everything from military-scale assaults on ultra-secure company compounds to stealth missions and sabotage, the fat cats have gone to war. Dunkelzahn's will made the head of security for Fuchi Industrial Electronics a voting member of Renraku's board of directors— and all hell broke loose. Now Fuchi is in a civil war that may destroy the corporation. Renraku is under siege on every front and must turn to an old enemy to survive, as Ares goes on the offensive to purge itself of traitors. Even minor-leaguer Yamatetsu must fight its way out of Japan when a metahuman takes over the helm.
The most desired asset in this upheaval Isn't a stack of stocks or a portfolio of investments, but a professional shadowrun team willing to keep its mouth shut and do the job.
As the blood flows from the boardroom into the shadows, it's a gamble to choose the winning side—because no runner wants to end up on the bottom of this pile.
Blood In the Boardroom covers the events of two years of clashing megacorporations and corporate civil war. This Shadowrun adventure offers gamemasters the opportunity to easily tailor a non-linear story tine to their group's specific interests and style of play. It provides everything gamemasters need to involve their players' characters in, the corporate war. Intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels. For use with Shadowrun."

1998 ... Brian Schoner ... 88 pages ... FASA 7327 ... ISBN 1555603467

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Renraku Arcology: Shutdown
"Something mysterious and terrible has shut down the Renraku Arcology. The doors are sealed, the Matrix is off-line, and 100,000 inhabitants are trapped inside. The UCAS Army seals off the site, and not even Renraku knows what's really going on.

Renraku Arcology: Shutdown tells who's behind it, and what horrible events are occurring inside. This Shadowrun® adventure offers a dark and gritty technological setting complete with new drones, mysterious enemies, and new rules for otaku. It provides everything gamemasters need to involve their players in the arcology nightmare, whether extracting trapped relatives, liberating abandoned research, or just getting out alive. Intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels. For use with Shadowrun."

1998 ... 88 pages ... FASA 7328 ... ISBN 1555603475

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First Run
"First Run! features three complete adventures that help novice gamemasters and players learn the rules of Shadowrun, Third Edition.

IN THE SHADOWS YOU LEARN OR YOU DIE while playing. From a basic gun battle to a run against a corporate research facility to smuggling, this product lets players and gamemasters encounter the unique elements of Shadowrun. First Run! offers gamemasters suggestions for overcoming the most difficult aspects of running a game, and provides guidelines for building ongoing campaigns. Each adventure also includes hints for increasing the difficulty to challenge experienced players. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition."

1999 ... Michael Mulvihill ... 64 pages ... FASA 7329 ... ISBN 1555603238

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Corporate Punishment

2000 ... 88 pages ... FASA 7330 ... ISBN 1555603858

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2000 ... 152 pages ... FASA 7331 ... ISBN 1555604102

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