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Shadowrun - the cyberpunk/fantasy game by FASA

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I remember in 1989, when Shadowrun first came out, I was extremely intrigued by the curious mix of cybertechnology and fantasy. I bought the rulebook, played out a few games, and then moved on to other RPGs. While it didn't work for my gaming group, there's no denying that Shadowrun belongs in the upper strata of Great RPGs. The writing style of the books -- with excerpts from various characters and juicy cyberslang -- draws you in, even if you don't play the game.

An updated 2nd edition was released in 1992, and a third in 1998.

I have listed the books in FASA code number order, which is also (mostly) chronological. Using the year of issue (1989, 1992, 1998), it should be pretty easy to figure out for which edition an accessory was written. This page contains the 7100 & 7900 series, which were the core rule books and sourcebooks.

A great reference site (current through 2000) is Shadowrun Product Reviews.

Shadowrun, 1st edition (Softcover)

1989 ... 286 pages ... FASA 7100 ... ISBN 1555601332

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Shadowrun, 1st edition (Hardcover)
"The Year is 2050

The blending of technology and human flesh began in the late 20th century. Interfacing the human mind with computers was just the first step. Implants that "jack up" reflexes and cybernetic replacements followed quickly. Then came the Awakening. A five-thousand-year lull in the flow of mystical energies subsided, and Magic returned to the world. Elves, Dwarfs, and Trolls assumed their true form, throwing off their human guise.
In the world of 2050, the megaplexes are monsters casting long shadows. As shadowrunners, that's where you live, in the cracks between the giant corporate structures. When the megacorps want something done but they don't want to dirty their hands, it's a Shadowrun they need, and they come to you. Though your existence is not acknowledged by any governmental or corporate database, the demand for your services is high. You might be a Technomancer, sliding like a whisper through the databases of giant corporations, spiriting away the only thing of real value -- information. Or perhaps you are a Street Samurai, an enforcer for hire whose combat skills and reflexes make you the ultimate urban predator. Or perhaps a Mage, one with an ancient gift, the ability to wield and shape the magical energies that now surround the Earth. And that's exactly the kind of firepower you'll need if you get hired to make a Shadowrun..."

1989 ... Bob Charrette & Paul Hume & Tom Dowd ... 286 pages ... FASA 7101 ... ISBN 1555601103

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Shadowrun, 2nd Edition (softcover)
"The world is changed, some say Awakened.
Magic has returned to the world, and elves, dwarfs, orks, and trolls have assumed their true forms. Creatures of the wild have changed as well, becoming things of myth and legend. And technology has changed people, too. No longer mere flesh, many humans have turned to artificial enhancements called cyberware, and become more than human. Modern man is stronger, smarter, and faster.
ln the world of 2053, when the megacorporations want something done but don't want to dirty their hands, it's a shadowrun they need, and you they come to. Though your existence is not listed in any governmental or corporate database, the demand for your services is high. You might be a decker, sliding through the visualized databases of giant corporations, spiriting away the only thing of real value -- information. Or perhaps you are a street samurai, an enforcer whose combat skills make you the ultimate urban predator. Or perhaps a magician with the ability to wield the magical energies that surround the Earth.
And that's exactly the kind of firepower you'll need to make a shadowrun...
Shadowrun, Second Edition updates, revises, and expands the popular Shadowrun game system. This new edition is fully compatible with most existing Shadowrun sourcebooks, adventures, and characters."

1992 ... 296 pages + fold-out map ... FASA 7901 ... ISBN 1555601804

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Shadowrun, 2nd Edition (Hardcover)
A one-printing, limited edition.

1992 ... 296 pages + fold-out map ... FASA 7900 ... ISBN 1555601960

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Shadowrun, 3rd edition (Softcover)
"The year is 2060. Magic is as real as the mean streets of the mega-sprawls. Corporations call the shots while nailing each other through covert operatives in cutthroat competition. Flesh and machines have merged -- the street samurai with his smartguns and impossibly fast reflexes, the decker who can plug his own brain into the worldwide computer network, the rigger who links his mind to his vehicle and takes hairpin turns at fantastic speeds. And you're a part of this wired world, where corporate skyscrapers glitter over the dark shadows they cast. You live in those shadows. You're a shadowrunner -- a street operative.
You may be human or troll, dwarf or elf. You may throw fireballs, pull out your trusty Uzi or slice through computer security with a program as elegant and deadly as a stiletto. No matter what, you get the job done. You're a shadowrunner -- a professional. You don‘t just survive in the shadows -- you thrive there... for now.
Shadowrun, Third Edition is a complete rulebook for gamemasters and players. lt contains all the rules needed to create characters and ongoing adventures set ln the popular Shadowrun universe. Shadowrun, Third Edition updates, revises, expands and clarifies rules from previous Shadowrun rulebooks. It is compatible with previous versions of Shadowrun and with previously published Shadowrun source material."

1998 ... 336 pages ... FASA 7001 ... ISBN 1555603718

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Fanpro edition (2003) at Amazon

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Shadowrun Quick Start Rules (3rd edition)

1999 ... 64 pages ... FASA 7003 ... ISBN 1555603831

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Shadowrun, 4th edition (Hardcover)
"The year is 2070. The world is not only awakened - it's wired. Cyber and bioware implants make your meat body better-than-flesh, while the wireless Matrix enhances your perceptions with hyper-real senses. Deals are made in steel and lead more often than gold or nuyen; success and failure live only a razor's edge apart. Creatures of myth and legend walk the streets, while the arcane skills of spellslingers are in high demand, Above it all, monolithic megacorps bleed the world dry, sabotaging each other in covert cutthroat competition as they go to war over the bottom line.
You’re a shadowrunner, a street operative, scratching out a living on the mean sprawl streets. You may be human, elf, dwarf, ork, or troll. From lethal street samurai to well-connected info brokers, spell-slinging mages to code-cracking hackers. Ho matter what, you're a professional-corporate pawn or "deniable asset," you get the job done, Shadowrun, Fourth Edition offers a completely new rules system that is simple, integrated, and accessible. The state-of-the-art has also been aduanced, introducing a new level of augmented reality, new gear, and new magical discoveries; This hardcover rulebook contains all the rules gamemasters and players need to create characters and ongoing adventures set in the popular Shadowrun universe."

2005 ... 352 pages ... Fanpro 26000 ... ISBN 1932564667

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Gamemaster's Screen, 1st edition
Set in photo is missing the counter sheet. -W

3-panel screen with 32-page adventure "Silver Angel" by Tom Dowd, plus a sheet of 36 standup counters "depicting the various archetypes from the game, including a dragon."

1989 ... 32 pages ... FASA 7102 ... ISBN 1555601154

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Gamemaster Screen, Second Edition
3-panel screen with 32 page booklet ("Contacts" -- Dozens of archetypes and contacts), reference expansion card, and sheet of stand-up figures.

1992 ... FASA 7902 ... ISBN 1555601855

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Gamemaster Screen, Third Edition
"Includes Critters mini-sourcebook, a collection of the wildest, weirdest and outright deadliest creatures in Shadowrun. This book provides rules for critter combat, creating toxic and mutant critters, and a complete listing of all paranormal animal powers."

1998 ... 3-panel screen + 48-page booklet ... FASA 7002 ... ISBN 1555603696

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Sprawl Maps
"Sprawl Maps contains 8 new, full-color maps of sites in the sprawl, including a monorail/subway station, a warehouse, a park, low- and no-rent apartments, a street, and a nightclub.

Designed for use with Shadowrun, Second Edition, these maps are also marked for use with DMZ."

1994 ... FASA 7401 ... ISBN 1555602169

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Sprawl Sites
"Sprawl Sites is an invaluable reference tool for the Shadowrun game universe. Gamemasters will find here an abundance of information and ideas for bringing to life the strange, wonderful, and horrifying urban Sprawl of the year 2050. The opening essay, Life On A Limb, sets the scene. How often might one see a Metahuman walking down the street, for instance, or how many times is the average guy likely to see a Dragon in his life?

The chapter on Location Archetypes presents in detail more than 30 locations in the Sprawl, from residences and restaurants to chop shops and shadow tech stores. Each location also includes notes on what kinds of other characters would likely be present on the scene, as well as a map. Gamemasters will especially appreciate this section in those emergency moments when running an adventure requires them to come up with a location unexpectedly and fast.

At the heart of the book is Sprawl Encounters, a section for generating random encounters, followed by core descriptions of more than 130 encounters typical of various streets and neighborhoods of the Sprawl. The gamemaster may sometimes use these verbatim, or other times may find that an encounter offers the germ of an idea for an altogether different incident. Some encounters are interconnected so that the gamemaster may interweave characters and plot threads over the course of time. Some also offer the basis for whole adventures, or even a series of adventures, that he might create for his players. Most of the encounters are open-ended enough that the gamemaster can flesh out the missing details to suit his particular Shadow-run group and gaming style.

Contacts And Archetypes presents eight new Archetypes and 34 new Contacts to supplement those in the Shadowrun basic rules. In some cases, the gamemaster should note that weapons or cyberware carried by some of the Archetypes and Contacts are drawn from the Shadowrun source book, Street Samurai Catalog.

Sprawl Law provides background on the laws and levels of law enforcement in different areas of the Sprawl. Also in this section is a list of legal offenses ranging from possession of a weapon to premeditated murder and the average fine and/or prison terms those offenses carry. Finally, the chapter on Credsticks and IDs explains the how and why of each, both the real and the forged kind.

Sprawl Sites is intended as much as a source of ideas as a reference. Eveiy gamemaster and every Shadowrun game is unique. Elements that fit well into one campaign may be ill-suited to another. Thus will gamemasters feel free to make any and all changes necessary to make the hundreds of ideas in this book work for them and their players." ...from the Introduction

1989 ... Boy Peterson & John Faughnan ... 136 pages ... FASA 7103 ... ISBN 1555601197

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Street Samurai Catalog
"When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping...

You're the ultimate fighting machine. A predator-for-hire In the savage urban world of Shadowrun. You've devoted your life to honing your combat and martial skills. The tools of your trade are airfoil grenades, form-fitting body armor, and an Ares Crusader Machine-pistol. An expansion for Shadowrun, the Street Samurai Catalog will let you outfit yourself with the latest equipment available on the black market: retractable hand razors, ultrasonic sights, enhanced reflexes, and maybe a rangefinder for your cyber-eyes. Whatever you need to get the job done, you can find it here, but it wont be cheap. And remember to watch your back before someone decides to make you yesterday's news."

1989 ... Tom Dowd ... 114 pages ... FASA 7104 ... ISBN 1555601227

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Paranormal Animals of North America
"Magic has returned to the world, and with it has come all manner of beasts. Genetic material, long dormant with the absence of magic, has been reactivated, transforming mundane animals into creatures once believed supernatural, even mythical Juggernauts roam the plains, Firedrakes infest the woods, Leviathans swim in the oceans, and Devil Rats now hunt Man in the shattered Sprawls that he has created.

Paranormal Animals of North America is a Shadowrun field guide to the newly awakened creatures of the Sixth World. 80 of the most dangerous paranormal species are discussed in full detail. Included with each entry are illustrations, physical descriptions, feeding habits, magical abilities, range, and safety tips for runners."

1990 ... Nigel D. Findley ... 176 pages ... FASA 7105 ... ISBN 1555601235

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The Grimoire: The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy 14th Edition, 2050
"The Grimoire is an expansion of the magic rules from Shadowrun. It includes material for designing spells, using and forming magical groups, and the Enchanting of items. The Grimoire covers Initiates, Insect totems and Toxic shamans, adventuring on the metaplanes, Free Spirits, Magical Adepts, Alchemy, the creation of specialized types of shamans and mages, and presents a complete section on new spells as well as expansion of old ones."

1990 ... Paul Hume ... 128 pages ... FASA 7106 ... ISBN 1555601278

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Virtual Realities
"Virtual Realities, a Shadowrun sourcebook, is the ultimate guide to decking the matrix. It includes new, revised, and expanded rules for matrix running, cyberdeck construction, and computer systems. Virtual Realities also features a full-color computers graphics section and a novella-length fiction piece, both set entirely in the matrix."

1991 ... Tom Dowd & Chris Kubasik ... 160 pages ... FASA 7107 ... ISBN 1555601448

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Rigger Black Book
"'With the squeal of tires and the blast of autofire, everyone knows the drek has hit the fan!'

No shadowrunning team is complete without a rigger. Commanding the vehicles that provide fire support, surveillance, and a way out if things go bad, a team's rigger is as important as its street samurai or combat mage. And riggers are never without the vehicles they control. The Rigger Black Book features every kind of vehicle, from urban runabouts to hunter-seeker combat drones and everything in between, and rules for modifying that off-the-dealer's-floor model into the lean machine of every rigger's dreams.

The Rigger Black Book contains dozens of new vehicles, support gear, cyberware, and new and expanded vehicle rules for the Shadowrun game systems. This fully-illustrated source-book also includes eight pages of full-color illustrations."

1991 ... Phillip McGregor ... 144 pages ... FASA 7108 ... ISBN 1555601693

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"The beat's on the street, and that's where you have to be if you wanna be in on what's happening...
SHADOWBEAT makes it easy by dishing out the scoop on music, media, sports, and entertainment in the 2050s. Discover the best way to stardom in the sims.
Learn how to get the dirt on the stars. Get down and dirty as an Urban Brawler. All this, and the toys that make it happen, are included in SHADOWBEAT.
This Shadowrun sourcebook also provides new skills and archetypes to help characters set out on a new career."

1992 ... Paul R. Hume ... 104 pages ... FASA 7109 ... ISBN 1555601596

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"Shadowtech is a sourcebook for use with the Shadowrun game system. Its purpose is twofold. First, it explains the science underlying the latest technological discoveries leading to the development of new bioware and cyberware as well as other useful equipment. It also provides descriptions and game information for many of those same high-tech items. Second, understanding how things work not only enriches the game ambiance, but also gives both players and gamemasters a better grasp on applications and limitations inherent in the new enhancements and gear their characters will now have at their disposal.

The sciences covered in this book are bionetics, cybertechnology, eugenics/genetics, and chemistry. Each is divided into two sections: technology and equipment. The technology chapter examines the science in the context of current theory, general rules, techniques, and also investigates the breadth and limitations of advances made in that field of study. These sections are for gamemasters and interested players. They explain some of the science behind the mechanics, and present a more concrete picture of the level of technology available in the Shadowiun universe. An equipment chapter directly follows each technology section, with descriptions of items developed from that particular science. The equipment chapters introduce the game concepts of Availability Codes, Legality Ratings, and Street Indexes for "purchasable" merchandise." ...from the Introduction

1992 ... Karl Wu ... 120 pages ... FASA 7110 ... ISBN 1555601561

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DMZ — Downtown Militarized Zone [BOX SET]
Small unit combat rules set includes 2 books, 8 maps + 1 jumbo map ("Building Sheet 9") + Pavement Sheet (x2?), counters, and stands.

Slip of paper found in set says:
Though the back of the DMZ box you've just purchased says there are 12 full color-maps, there are in fact 8 regular-sized full-color maps and 1 jumbo map enclosed with this game. The back of the box is incorrect. You are not missing anything, except of course immense fun if you haven't yet begun playing!
—FASA Corporation"


"DMZ is a game of street combat set in the near future. Quick combat resolution and movement systems make battles move along, whether the fight is on motorcycles or on foot, whether it is fought with magic, automatic weapons, or physical combat. DMZ is a great introduction to the Shadowrun universe, and will stand alone as a boardgame, or it can be used as a fast-moving substitute for the combat system in the Shadowrun role playing game."

1990 ... FASA 7111 ... ISBN 1555601324

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Paranormal Animals of Europe
"The glorious creatures of the mythic past and horrors undreamt of dwell in the Europe of 2054. Gargoyles and goblins stalk the streets of London. Centaurs and satyrs roam the countryside. A mysterious and menacing menagerie of creatures, both fearsome and friendly, now populates the European landscape.
PARANORMAL ANIMALS OF EUROPE is a field guide to these magically awakened creatures. Detailed descriptions and nearly 100 illustrations help bring each animal to life. Get back to nature and liven up your SHADOWRUN campaign with PARANORMAL ANIMALS OF EUROPE!"

1993 ... Carl Sargent ... 168 pages ... FASA 7112 ... ISBN 1555601995

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Corporate Shadowfiles
"In the world of 2054, money still makes the world go 'round, and no one holds more of it than the megacorporations. Unchecked by the laws of any nation and bolstered by private armies of the hottest hitters and cyberjocks money can buy, these giants command commercial empires that span the globe. Constantly competing to increase their all-important profit margins, these behemoths will stop at nothing to achieve their ends and don't care who gets geeked along the way. All fiercely protect their privacy, however, and prefer to wage their wars in the shadows--making them an unending source of biz for the runner.

Corporate Shadowfiles reveals the secrets of the megacorporations for the first time--their histories, assets, personnel, the works. So if you're looking for a little background on your corporate clients, or maybe planning that big score that will set you up for life, open your capture file and read away--but be ready to beat feet, 'cause the corps will kill to protect this data.

Corporate Shadowfiles is a Shadowrun sourcebook that includes extensive explanations of megacorporate operations and economics. Detailed profiles of the "Big 8" megacorporations, and new game rules for rating corporations that will add a whole new dimension of lethal intrigue to your Shadowrun adventures!"

1993 ... Nigel D. Findley ... 156 pages ... FASA 7113 ... ISBN 1555602118

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Fields of Fire
"Fields of Fire is a sourcebook for mercenary characters in the Shadowrun universe. Because the Shadowrun game is not just about mercs or purely mercenary operations, this sourcebook focuses on how mere characters think and behave in relation to the usual Shadowrun storyline. This sourcebook is about attitude and purpose.
The Field Pack section is devoted to weapons and equipment available mainly to mercenaries, but also to the most savvy street samurai. The Rules section in the back of this book expands and clarifies certain existing combat rules and offers new optional rules. Enjoy!"

1994 ... Tom Dowd ... 112 pages ... FASA 7114 ... ISBN 1555602231

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Lone Star

1994 ... Nigel D. Findley ... 136 pages ... FASA 7115 ... ISBN 1555602304

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Prime Runners
"Deckers, Riggers, Terrorists, Newshounds, Fixers, and more. Prime Runners presents forty-one of the best of the shadows, ready to inhabit any Shadowrun campaign. Each character profile comes complete with an alleged background, apparent motivations,
rumored history, most-recent description, and as-accurate-as-anyone-can-guess Shadowrun, Second Edition game statistics. From Michael Sutherland, cultured decker-extraordinaire, to the elusive McBean, who seems to have been everywhere and done everything; from Yakuza bosses to hate-mongers to people not quite human, these are the prime runners, the best of the best, with enough plot hooks to snare even the most 'been there, killed that' shadowrunner."

1994 ... Carl Sargent & Marc Gasgione ... 104 pages ... FASA 7116 ... ISBN 1555602525

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Bug City
"For years, a shadow war has raged against the Universal Brotherhood and its savage masters — parasitic insect spirits that feed on human hosts. Now Chicago has become the final battleground in the war against the bugs. Overrun by the horrible predators, the city has been quarantined by the UCAS military leaving its inhabitants to fend for themselves while 'other solutions' are considered. Hundreds of thousands remain trapped within the walled Containment Zone, at war with brutal gangs and ruthless warlords that rage unchecked — and the unnatural menace threatens them all.
BUG CITY is a SHADOWRUN sourcebook that picks up where the novel BURNING BRIGHT left off. It provides a detailed description of life in the Containment Zone and includes game information on the changes in Chicago's physical and magical nature, profiles of the city's important residents, and expanded rules for the city's terrible ravagers - the Insect spirts themselves."

1995 ... 160 pages ... FASA 7117 ... ISBN 1555602533

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Corporate Security Handbook
"The CORPORATE SECURITY HANDBOOK describes in detail how corporations defend their facilities, valuable data, personnel, and nuyen. This sourcebook provides rules for setting up and getting around all kinds of security measures, including cutting-edge security systems never before seen in SHADOWRUN. Also included are new equipment, new contacts and archetypes, and guidelines for gamemasters on how to make a comprehensive corporate security system part of a SHADOWRUN adventure."

1995 ... Michael E. Colton ... 128 pages ... FASA 7118 ... ISBN 1555602614

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Want a little edge in that street fight? A little flash? A little chrome in street-light to make the punks think twice? Then take a look inside these pages. Cybertechnology tells you everything you want to know about the latest, wizzest, and handiest cyberware. Learn what works and why. From cybereye laser sights to move-by-wire systems that can make you the fastest and deadliest thing on two feet, Cybertechnology has it all.

And then there's cybermancy, for the real hard-core street samurai. Cybermancy gives you edge in spades... if you can pay the price. How much cyberware can a body take before it's no longer human? Cybermancy pushes that limit beyond your wildest dreams. This combination of state-of-the-art magic and technology can make you a virtually unstoppable cyborg, more metal than flesh. Of course, there are a few side effects...

The Cybertechnology sourcebook describes new cyberware, accessories, and enhancements, and offers optional and expanded rules for dealing with cyberware in all types of situations. The book also contains complete cybermancy rules and new archtypes, including cyborgs.

For use with Shadowrun, Second Edition"

1995 ... Tom Dowd ... 104 pages ... FASA 7119 ... ISBN 1555602673

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Awakenings: New Magic in 2057
"Awakenings: New Magic in 2057 is a sourcebook for Shadowrun, Second Edition. It revises and expands on existing rules for magic in Shadowrun, Second Edition and The Grimoire, Second Edition, offers new and expanded rules for adepts, and includes rules for the magical system of voudoun. It also provides players and gamemasters with a wide range of options for roleplaying magical characters and making magic an Integral part of life in the Shadowrun universe."

1992 ... Stephen Kenson ... 160 pages ... FASA 7120 ... ISBN 1555602738

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"Threats describes fourteen of the most powerful and influential people, organizations and entities in the Awakened world of Shadowrun. These threats are the biggest of the big players — magical secret societies, mad scientists, astral monsters and other frightening forces with the power to change the world.
Gamemasters and players can decide which threats are real and which are lunatic fantasies from paranoid minds — or even create their own threats using the guidelines in this book. Any threat, from this sourcebook or from the gamemaster's imagination, can become the ultimate villain in a single adventure or an ongoing campaign. For use with Shadowrun, Second Edition."

1996 ... 104 pages ... FASA 7121 ... ISBN 1555602908

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Portfolio Of A Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets
"On Inauguration Night 2057, the newly sworn-in President of the UCAS is assassinated—and the Awakened world will never be the same. Dunkelzahn, the powerful and charismatic great dragon, has been murdered by unknown enemies… but he left behind a Last Will and Testament, a legacy that will change the world. Some will get rich—others will learn that dealings with the dragon can extend beyond the grave. Will Dunkelzahn’s legacy be a gift to the world… or a curse?
While the UCAS government searches for Dunkelzahn's killers, the shadows explode with activity as the dragon's secrets bubble to the surface —- secrets that may hold the key to ultimate success or failure for everyone from the most powerful megacorp to the lowliest shadowrunner, Even dead, Dunkelzahn still calls the shots...

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn’s Secrets is a unique Shadowrun product. It describes the assassination of President Dunkelzahn and the resulting fallout in the political, business and shadow worlds. Its centerpiece is the dragon’s will, which includes more than 200 items around which gamemasters and plyers can build entire adventures and campaigns. Dunkelzahn’s bequests expose other people’s secrets that may mean life or death to anyone from the guy next door to the highest-level corporate executive."

1996 ... Steve Kenson ... 112 pages ... FASA 7122 ... ISBN 1555603068

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Underworld Sourcebook
"The Underworld Sourcebook describes in detail the "Big Four" International criminal syndicates: the Mafia, the Yakuza, the Triads and the Seoulpa Rings. Each syndicate's markets, business practices, traditions, histories and secret rituals are revealed, along with loads of information on gangs, terrorists, assassins and other groups who rule the shadows through no law but their own. The Underworld Sourcebook includes guidelines for building campaigns around organized crime and customizing them for local settings, and alternate campaign rules that allow players to play members of organized-crime syndicates, it provides a wealth of adventure hooks, story starters, background information and rules for use in any Shadowrun campaign. For use with Shadowrun and the Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows."

1997 ... Stephen Kenson ... 112 pages ... FASA 7123 ... ISBN 1555603157

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Notes from author Chris Hepler

"When we wrote the main body of Cyberpirates, Jenny and I aimed for something more than just a supplement dealing with 'lead-flying dockside wars.' We thought Shadowrun deserved well-researched supplements giving a glimpse of the rest of the world beyond North America and Europe (which the game universe had utterly ignored before that point). We were also out to show the reader a potential of role-playing that the average Shadowrun gamer never touched.

Shadowrun is a world darker than our own, and a disturbing trend we saw in its players and writers was they rarely acknowledged behind all the whizbang technology and magic and history, this is a game about playing professional criminals.

So while we gave the information on what your games would be like in the Caribbean, Philippines, and Africa, we wanted to make sure each of them highlighted a motivation for why your character could be a sympathetic protagonist...even though a shadowrunner team will often have at least one gun-toting psychopath that revels in property destruction, murder, kidnapping and other tools of the trade.

Because if you take that seriously... if you role-play it with detail and intensity... this game becomes dark and disturbing indeed. And its story potential grows exponentially.

Thus, we explored crime as a matter of reputation, political statement, and a method of survival.

To our anger and surprise, much of our original text on drug smuggling was chopped and made vague by the editors without our consent or knowledge. About a third of the book follows this pattern. We realized that drugs might not have been appropriate subject matter for young audiences and in fact wanted a 'recommended for mature readers' notice. However, our major protestation is that we were not even asked to make the changes ourselves.

If you read Cyberpirates out loud, you can find the tone-of-voice and flow-of-conversation consistency errors the editors added. JAS Hook's dorkiness was not our invention; Virgil's 'translation' was in plainer English; and Gingerbread's new deck chair (p. 31) was actually 'a rock of crack the size and weight of Arthur Vogel.'

A few other choice bits never saw the light of day. For the chart-lover, we had prices in nuyen for cocaine, gold, hemp paper, rare animals, even human flesh to the ghouls of Asamando. We revised the system of poisons which used three intervals, so the Antidote Toxin spell would not be utterly useless the way it was in SR2. And we wrote overdosing and addiction rules that made real-world sense, rather than the ones printed in Shadowtech that say any drug user, including an alcoholic, will die within ten weeks. These, and the GMing advice supporting the Alternate Campaigns from the Shadowrun Companion (Carribean DocWagon, Filipino media teams, etc.) were cut.

We apologize to anyone who was offended by any of the comments about the history of slavery in the Caribbean and Africa sections or the Filipino-Japanese emnity. We took a course on Caribbean history specifically to write this book, and in our drafts, the comments about 'natives' and 'little boats' were NOT there. We know people have died and worse over real-world racism and nationalism, and we portrayed them in Shadowrun to point out they will not disappear in the next 60 years. If no one else was offended by some of the wording, we will state here for the record that we were.

The information about Filipino environmental destruction is real. The logging mafia in Third-World countries are no game, and they are best expressed in a book we recommend from the University of California Press, PLUNDERING PARADISE. We cannot do the situation justice in 20,000 words of a gaming supplement. It would not be believable. Read it... and learn.

While Chris does admire John Szeto's technical accuracy, we were surprised to find so many statistics for things we'd never use in our games, like aircraft carriers. We think it encourages making Shadowrun a military game, which is, as Missions and the Companion pointed out, only a fraction of the stories one can tell in the world. Our idea of a Cyberpirate isn't the guy outfitted with a ton of ECCM and missiles on the commando raid; it's the guy on a rubber raft with an outboard motor, trying to do a pickup of white gold so he can post bail for his unjustly accused wife.

Because that's the kind of game we like to play."

1997 ... Jennifer Brandes & Chris Hepler ... 184 pages ... FASA 7124 ... ISBN 1555603017

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Corporate Download
"In the mid-21st century, mega-corporations have become the new global super-powers, a law unto themselves with their own security armies. Because only rival corporations can stop their quests for power, an outright corporate war has raged for two years. Now it's time to bury the dead and acknowledge the victors. This Shadowrun sourcebook outlines the new power structure, focusing on the mega-corps as the runners see them-- corporate plans, dirty secrets, people to know and how to use them."

1999 ... 144 pages ... FASA 7125 ... ISBN 1555603629

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Man & Machine: Cyberware
"Man . . . or Monster? Cyberware can increase your speed, enhance your strength and sharpen your reflexes. It can put a computer in your head, armor under your skin and weapons in your arms. There are implants to improve every internal organ and devices that let you interface with machines ¼ but you’d better know when to stop. Too much cyberware and you’re a cyberzombie—more machine than man. Man & Machine expand son the basic cybernetic gear offered in Shadowrun, Third Edition, and provides advanced rules for implanting, surgery, healing and damage. This sourcebook offers more than 200 new pieces of gear, features advancements in biotechnology and chyemistry, and introduces nanotechnology."

2000 ... 160 pages ... FASA 7126 ... ISBN 1555603637

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The Grimoire — The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy 15th Edition, 2053
"The Grimoire is the book of magical power for the Shadowrun world. Inside, gamemasters and players will find essays on the magical world and roleplaying magicians. It includes rules on spell design, finding and forming magical groups, initiation into higher forms of magic, enchanting, alchemy, free and ally spirits, the exploration of the metaplanes, and powerful magical threats.

The Grimoire, Second Edition revises and expands on the original Grimoire, bringing it up to date with the Shadowrun, Second Edition game system. In addition to the revised sections, Grimoire, Second Edition contains a new kind of adept, new physical-adept powers, a new metamagical ability, an expanded spell list, and more fearsome insect spirits."

1992 ... Paul R. Hume ... 142 pages ... FASA 7903 ... ISBN 1555601901

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Virtual Realities 2.0
"Virtual Realities 2.0 offers a complete overhaul of all the rules for running Shadowrun's worldwide computer network, the Matrix. new rules provide a faster-playing version of decking through the Net, update Shadowrun technology, and offer new equipment and equipment rules. This sourcebook also includes rules for playing otaku, the mysterious technoshamans who seem to live in the Matrix, and offers the most current information about Matrix law and artificial intelligences."

1995 ... Paul Hume ... 176 pages ... FASA 7904 ... ISBN 1555602711

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Shadowrun Companion: Beyond The Shadows (2nd edition)
"It's time to go beyond the shadows and take a look around.
And you'll find lots of surprises...

Make the most of your character! Expanded character creation rules let you customize your character with Edges and Flaws.
A revised Skill Web and new rules for training give your character more bang for the buck in learning and using skills.
The flip side of contacts—enemies! New rules let you create foes large and small to keep your characters on their toes.
When you really need Karma, how do you collect? Optional Karma rules offer you new ways to get, keep and use Karma.
Why stick with shadowrunning? Play a DocWagon High-Threat Response Team, a street gang, a government covert-operations unit or even a shapeshifter!
The Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows is a unique rules expansion for players and gamemasters.
From character creation to retirement, from epic campaigns to one-shot adventures, from streamlined skill rules to options for tailoring the way magic works to best suit your game, The Shadowrun Companion has it all. This book expands and clarifies rules for character creation, skill use and defaults, contacts, Karma, magic and cyberware, and includes new rules for playing metahuman variants and shapeshifters. A guide to creating adventures and campaigns offers step-by-step techniques to help gamemasters get the most out of the Shadowrun universe. The Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows is compatible with all Shadowrun sourcebooks."

1996 ... 136 pages ... FASA 7905 ... ISBN 1555602983

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Shadowrun Companion, 3rd edition.

1999 ... 136 pages ... FASA 7905 ... ISBN 3890646565

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Rigger 2

Taking the datajack cable from under the dash,
I plug it into the jack under my ear. Then I sit back as the virtual display blossoms before my eyes. Dizziness hits me for a split second; then my mind adiusts to the blizzard of input from the vlew screens and sensors that are arrayed before me. The screens show views from every angle, as well as numerous data displays... from the amount of fuel in my ‘copter’s tank to the infrared displays of the people here at the landing pad. As the
datafeed pours into my brain, I’m no longer just the human named Zagger. Instead, I am now my machine. I AM the Yellowjacket helicopter. I AM A RIGGER!
Rigger 2 overhauls and expands on the rules for riggers in Shadowrun. From creating a rigger chancter to down-and-dirty vehlcle combat to electronic warfare, this book offers clear, concise rules for practically every aspect of playing a Rigger or dealing with a rigger’s vehicles and drones. Also included are the rules for robotics, vehicle construction and modification, using security riggers in your game, and a comprehensive list of every vehicle in Shadowrun products published to date.
Rigger 2 replaces the Rigger Blackbook.
For use with Shadowrun, Second Edition.

1997 ... Jonathan Szeto ... 176 pages ... FASA 7906 ... ISBN 1555603041

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Magic In The Shadows
"Magic in the Shadows is a sourcebook for the Shadowrun roleplaying game that expands on the bask magic concepts and provides advanced magic rules. For players, this book offers new magical paths, metamagic, totems and more than 75 new spells. For the gamemaster, there are new rules for initiation, spirits, astral security, magical threats and more!"

1999 ... Stephen Kenson ... 176 pages ... FASA 7907 ... ISBN 1555603580

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Cannon Companion
Over 150 new weapons for the Shadowrun RPG. New accessories, gear, armor & explosives. Advanced rules for the martial arts, firearm design and modification, simsense, and underwater combat.

2000 ... 128 pages ... FASA 7908 ... ISBN 1555603750

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From author Kenneth Peters:

"Since I had a hand in writing this book I can state with some confidence that it is not just a reprint of Virtual Realities 1.0 and 2.0. While obviously a lot of the material is the same, you'll note that there are tons of small (and important) changes to the rules since VR2.0.

For example, while the programming rules are essentially identical to VR2 there are important changes such as the removal of Task Bonuses (which in the end makes programming take LONGER then it did in VR2) and replaced by TN modifiers. There is also an "programming plan" rule that should be familiar to those who have used the surgery rules from Man and Machine.

Other changes include an focus on the normal uses of the Matrix, new satellite and cellular decking rules (although FASA did add some pretty bogus "decking satellite" text to maintain compatibility that I think is completely unrealistic) and a streamlined cyberdeck construction system (which unfortunantely still requires years of game time to build from scratch). The Otaku rules are also give a BIG boost but at the expense of long-term viability since they begin to lose their powers past a certain age.

Another focus is on the "average user" as I mentioned before, and while non-DNI cyberdeck users are still pretty limited there is a lot they can do now, especially with the helpful Information Search rules.

Knowbots also get a reworking and there is a new type of smart frame called agents.

In short its a top to bottom reworking of the VR2.0 rules with a sprinkling of VR1.0 updates. Combined with the setting material in Target: Matrix (now out if you can somehow find it on Amazon..) you should be good to go. The Matrix material is now FAR more tightly integrated with the rest of Shadowrun, as you will see in future supplements such as Rigger 3."

2000 ... 176 pages ... FASA 7909 ... ISBN 1555604013

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Rigger 3

Living is rigging, omae. Like burning rubber down the highway at 150 klicks an hour with only your brain to guide you. What about making a drone an extension of yourself, or undermining the security of a whole building, manipulating every camera, motion detector or security door. But the biggest kick is blowing up a car full of goons without even jacking out - weapons of destruction at your mental command... now that's road rage, my friend.

Rigger 3 expands upon the basic rigging and drone rules provided in Shadowrun, Third Edition and offers advanced rules for robots, ships, security riggers and electronic warfare. Rigger 3 also offers expanded vehicle listings and rules for vehicle design, construction and modification for any character."

2001 ... Jon Szeto & Rich Tomasso ... 208 pages ... FASA 7910 ... ISBN 1555604021

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Challenge Magazine Index for Shadowrun

Challenge Magazine was published by GDW before its demise (1995). The magazine supported the science fiction gaming community with articles written for a multitude of RPG systems. The following articles are listed by issue number & title:

I# Title
44 Squeeze Play (Fiction)
44 Shadow Tiger
45 Donut Run
45 New on the Street
46 Quicksilver Sayonara (Fiction)
46 The Quick and the Undead
47 Digital Grace (Fiction)
48 In the Name of Finland
50 Numberunner (Fiction)
51 Damsel in Distress
53 Maiden Run
54 A Dark and Cyber Night
55 Nature Spirits
56 Fast Cash
57 An Arm and a Leg
58 Streets on Fire
59.5 Law Enforcers
60 Vampires!
61 Machines in thhe Shadows
62 Fair Game (Fiction)
63 Fair Game (Fiction)
64 Live Bait
65 Freshly Kilt
66 Short takes
67 Nega-Magicians
68 Zoned Out
68 New Shamanic Totems
69 Who's On First
70 Secret Agent
70 Assassin Archetype
71 Half the Attitude
71 Thief Archetype
72 Prey for Death
72 Physical Adept Archetype
73 Vampire Hunter Archetype
74 The Deep Blue Seize
74 Spy Archetype
76 Long Arm of the Sprawl
76 Magical Thief Archetype
77 New York City Subways, 2054

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