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Call of Cthulhu - Classic Campaign


Shadows of Yog-Sothoth

"This scenario book includes three new adventures for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. SHADOWS OF YOG-SOTHOTH is a seven-chapter tale of horror and suspense. Also included are two bonus scenarios: one is suitable for beginners and the other is perfect for experienced Investigators. Eight pages of Player Information include corrections and additions to the Call of Cthulhu rules and a very special centerfold!"

'A Global Campaign to Save Mankind'

Sections: The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight (Hutchison), Look to the Future (Petersen), The Coven of Cannich (Clegg), Devils Canyon (Carnahan), The Worm that Walks (Petersen), The Watchers of Easter Island (McCall), The Rise of R'lyeh (Petersen), The People of the Monolith (Shelton), The Warren (Gore).

1982 ... 72 pages ... CHAO 2010 / 2302 ... ISBN n/a

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The Fungi from Yuggoth: Desperate Adventures Against the Brotherhood
"Schemes of the Mi-Go: Internationally-famous psychic, Paul LeMond, has disappeared. From the moment your investigators find him, they will be plunged into the black secrets of the sinister Brotherhood of the Beast and its inhuman masters. The investigators must traverse the globe in an effort to track down the manifestations of the Brotherhood and to find when the Day of the Beast is planned. The investigators will visit four continents and possibly an alien planet in search of occult mysteries, madness, and grisly death, This book contains a complete campaign in eight chapters for Call of Cthulhu."

1984 ... Keith Herber ... 76 pages + 4 pages of player aids in the center ... CHAO 2305 ... ISBN 0933635087

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Curse of the Chthonians
"Things aren't always as they seem.

Is the little Rhode Island carnival just a place of innocent playfulness or does it house dark secrets? Is the newest exhibit at the Museum of Natural History a crude representation of an elephant, or is it a thing out of the depths of time? Who would kill for a ceremonial dagger? What mere vision is powerful enough to kill a wizened rabbi? Investigators will be confounded by four of the most detailed scenarios ever published for Call of Cthulhu."

Sections: Dark Carnival (Hargrave), The Curse of Chaugnar Faugn (Barton), Thoth's Dagger (Hamblin), The City Without a Name (Hamblin), The Kabbalistic Science of Gematria (Hamblin).

1984 ... 87 pages ... CHAO 2306 ... ISBN ??

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Masks of Nyarlathotep, 1st Edition [BOX SET]

'Perilous Adventures to Thwart the Dark God'

"When playboy Roger Carlyle met the African Woman, he took a turn for the worse. Every morning he related strange recurring dreams full of Egyptian symbols and mystic beckonings. Though never before interested in Egypt's history or archaeology, Carlyle suddenly organized an archaeological expedition to that ancient land. His friends were puzzled, and the newspaper gossip columns were fascinated. No one ever imagined that the expedition would meet such a terrible fate a few months later..."

Contents: 'What's in this box?' content sheet, introduction sheet, Chapter One: New York, Chapter Two: London, Chapter Three: Cairo, Chapter Four: Kenya, Chapter Five: Shanghai, Handouts 1 booklet, Handouts 2 (card).

1984 ... Larry DiTillio & Lynn Willis ... CHAO 2307-X

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The Trail of Tsathogghua
"Tsathogghua's curse awaits the unwelcomed investigators of the occult and unknown. What grim secret lurks on the sterile Greenland icecap?

What living horror grows behind the "Bigfoot" legend? TRAIL OF TSATHOGGHUA contains a mini-campaign in two scenarios as well as a third, unconnected, scenario- "The Haunted House."

This scenario pack is suitable for beginning keepers and investigators. It serves well as an introduction for the game and expose new players to both the Cthulhu Mythos and the occult."

1984 ... Keith Herber ... 64 pages + 16 pages of parchment-colored handouts in the centerfold ... CHAO 2308 ... ISBN 0933635052

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Terror from the Stars
The Field Manual of the Theron Marks Society is separate from the book's page count, and has 12 numbered pages.


Two Scenarios and an Investigators' Handbook
The Pits of Bendal-Dolum: The investigators travel to tiny British Honduras in search of a lost archaeological expedition, but find evil beyond their worst nightmares. (Lyons)
The Temple of the Moon: adventure and intrigue in Peru. An investigator receives a gold artifact through the mails from Peru, pitting him and his friends against a ring of international art thieves and perhaps against more sinister foes. (Szymanski and Aniolowski)
The Field Manual of the Theron Marks Society: the Theron Marks Society is an underground group of organized Cthulhu investigators. This manual explains all the investigative techniques and tricks they have learned. The Theron Marks Manual is designed to be fit into any campaign. (Stalin)

1986 ... 40+12 pages ... CHAO 2313 ... ISBN 0933635117

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The Spawn of Azathoth: Herald of the End of Time [BOX SET]
"Herald of the End of Time. Few attended the funeral of the old man. And even fewer saw the headless apparition which appeared in an investigator’s room. The keen-witted investigators find significance in the unfortunate death. Through their persistence they begin to unravel a secret implying doom for everyone. Monstrous peril confronts the intrepid investigators as evidence leads them across the United States and into the depths of Asia.

SPAWN OF AZATHOTH is a new supplement for CALL OF CTHULHU, the roleplaying game which recreates the atmosphere and adventures of the stories of H. P. Lovecraft, world-famous horror-tale author.

Within this box are three books – the parts for seven distinct linked adventures, each of generous play time.

The first book, From Beyond the Grave, contains keeper introduction and orientation material, and presents “Providence,” the first adventure.

The second book, The Spawn Approaches, contains the other six adventures, “Garrison,” “St. Augustine,” “Andaman Islands,” “Ulthar and Beyond,” “The Eternal Quest,” and the climax of the campaign, “The Spawn of Azathoth.” Lovecraft created a special fantasy world, the Dreamlands, and two of the adventures take place there. Special rules included govern the behaviour of investigators in that other place, including transformation of physical objects and nightmare effects.

The third book, The Azathoth Papers, contains more than 60 news clippings, tome and diary excerpts, letters, and other clues. Three special sections of optional clues – quotations from Mythos tomes, gleanings from historical research, and news clippings – allow keepers to expand upon the clues that their investigators find, to emphasize certain kinds of information or to introduce lines of reasoning not otherwise uncovered."

Also contains a business card: "Emmott Baxter" for "E&E News Clipping Service."

1986 ... Keith Herber ... CHAO 2316-X ... ISBN 093363529X

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Terror Australis: Cthulhu Down Under: Australian Background and Adventures
"AUSTRALIA is a new-settled land, full of opportunity. But it is also an ancient land, filled with the dreamings of the Aboriginals, hunters and gatherers who came first. And, as famous horror writer H.P. Lovecraft wrote, long before the humans came shocking and awesome entities, whose purposes are unguessable.
TERROR AUSTRALIS includes three roleplaying adventures, "Old Fellow That Bunyip," "Pride Of Yirrimburra," and "City Beneath The Sands," as well as extensive information about the Aboriginal inhabitants, their mystical concept of Dreamtime, inhabitants of the Dreamtime, Australian history, transportation in the 1920s, contemporary Australian slang, famous hauntings, and a special chapter analyzing the Dreamtime (Alcheringa) in roleplaying terms. Intended as a roleplaying supplement and useful for any roleplaying system, TERROR AUSTRALIS also contains many pages of illustrations and maps to intrigue any Australia buff.
This book is a companion to publications such as H.P. LOVECRAFT’S DREAMLANDS and GASLIGHT, which also situate Cthulhu players in other times and places."

1987 ... Penelope Love & Mark Morrison & Lynn Willis & Larry DiTillio & Sandy Petersen ... 136 pages + color fold-out map of Australia ... CHAO 2319 ... ISBN 0933635400

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Masks of Nyarlathotep: Adventures to Thwart the Dark God
"A World-Spanning Struggle in 5 Episodes Features 8 Full-Color Plates

A Campaign For Call of Cthulhu.
When playboy Roger Carlyle met the African Woman, he took a turn for the worse. Every morning he related strange recurring dreams full of Egyptian symbols and mystic beckonings. Though never before interested in Egypt's history or archaeology, Carlyle suddenly organized an archaeological expedition to that ancient land. His friends were puzzled, and the newspaper gossip columns were fascinated. No one ever imagined that the expedition would meet such a terrible fate a few months later....

MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP consists of a series of linked adventures forming one long campaign. Settings include New York, Cairo, Nairobi, and Shanghai; puzzling clues are discovered in each locale, but can the hapless investigators survive long enough to make sense of them? Background notes and a variety of play aids help keep players and investigators on their toes during dozens of discrete adventures. Horrifying schemes, deadly adversaries, and sanity-threatening events challenge the coolest investigator as the team attempts to unravel the fate of the Carlyle Expedition."

1989 ... Larry Ditillio & Lynn Willis ... 160 pages ... CHAO 3304 ... ISBN 0933635605

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Arkham Unveiled
"Arkham is a small town along the Massachusetts coast — the setting favored by author Howard Phillips Lovecraft in his tales of monstrous horror.
All in all a quiet place, Arkham is best-known as the home of Miskatonic University, an excellent school becoming known for the collection of esoteric and disturbing volumes residing in its library's restricted collection. These tomes form the foundation of all current efforts to thwart the dire desires of the Mythos legion.

ARKHAM UNVEILED contains extensive background information about this New England town — written to be used by serious investigators as a base from which to further explore the mysteries of the Cthulhu Mythos. Pertinent buildings, useful people, and important locations are described in depth. A 17x22" Players Map of Arkham is bound into the back, and four new, thrilling adventures complete the package. These sinister tales make full use of the background materials and provide the utmost challenge to the players' roleplaying and investigatory skills."

1990 ... Keith Herber ... 160 pages + map + Arkham Advertiser ... CHAO 2325 ... ISBN 0933635621

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Return to Dunwich
"Dunwich is a small village located along the Miskatonic, upriver from Arkham. Until 1806, Dunwich was a thriving community, boasting many mills and the powerful Whateley family.
Those among the Whateleys came to know dark secrets about the world, and they fell into the worship of unwholesome creatures from other times and places. Retreating to the hills and forests surrounding the town, they betrayed their uncorrupted kin.
Prosperity fled, and a dark despair seized the people. What remains is a skeleton town, mills closed, its citizens without hope or future. However, secrets of the Mythos survive, to be discovered by brave and enterprising investigators.

Return to Dunwich contains extensive background information about a town originally created and described by H.P. Lovecraft in his terrifying tales of horror. Pertinent buildings, useful people, and important locations are described in depth. A 17x22" map of Dunwich Country depicts the area for miles around. Two new scenarios are included: one introductory and the other suitable for many evenings of play. Various links and leads to Arkham are included; possession of Arkham Unveiled is useful but not necessary."

1991 ... 132 pages + map ... CHAO 2330 ... ISBN 0933635710

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Horror on the Orient Express [BOX SET]

"Three Times in One Night! A puzzling headline begins a front-page article found in the Times of London. Three men, all identical in identification, were found dead in the same room of the Chelsea Arms. All were dispatched in a similar manner - stabbed through the heart.

Then the home of a valued friend burns to the ground, severely burning him in the process. An odd summons, a surreptitious meeting, and a thousand-mile journey begins on the legendary rail service carrying the investigators to the Gateway of the Orient."

"THIS BOX CONTAINS a campaign-length adventure supplementing the roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu. These notes enumerate and discuss the intent behind each item in the box.
• The Campaign BOOK — short essays summarize the history of the Simplon-Orient Express, how the service functions, and the campaign and background integral to it. Here are found explanations and labels for each type of train car, including labeled diagrams of a locomotive and locomotive cab, and additional information.
• Through The Alps — this book starts the actual campaign. Adventures occur in London, Paris, Poissy, Lausanne, Dream Lausanne, and Milan.
• Italy And Beyond — continuing the campaign, this book's adventures occur in and near Venice, Trieste, Postumia, Dream Zagreb, Belgrade, and Oraszac.
• Constantinople And Consequences — the third scenario book concludes the campaign. Investigators face peril in Sofia and Constantinople, and westward to Paris. It ends in London, where the trip began.
• Player Handouts — this booklet contains all but one of the handouts needed for the game; the missing handout (the Scroll of the Head) is separate in this package.
• Strangers on the Train — a booklet of peripheral characters, all with motivations and identities ready for the keeper's use, and complete enough to be handed out as player-characters. The perforations allow immediate player use, without disrupting play.
• Routes of the Orient Express Map — shows some of the luxury European routes. Tens of thousands of miles more were tracked: this is an Orient Express map, not a rail map of Europe, nearly all of which was well-served by rail.
• Passports — four identical passport forms are provided, modeled on the then-standard 1921 Department of State document, which is replaced later in 1923. The passport was indeed a single sheet of paper, folded to quarters so that the passport-and-shield showed in front; it was carried in a traveler's wallet or in the green cardboard sheaf emblazoned with the national crest, as supplied by the State Department.
War and the subsequent Red-Menace scare prompted authorities to attempt to limit generally-authorized travel during these few years; we encourage merely the listing of 'all nations' where name of country is required. The 'accompanied-by' section could indicate additional family members. The personal description section depended on unscientific criteria: mouth might be 'determined,' nose might be 'prominent' or 'snub,' and so forth. The passport number would be six-digit, starting with a 1. The photo should be black-and-white.
Though the keeper is under no obligation to do so, the intent behind providing four copies is to give the players souvenirs of the campaign. If desired, a very limited number of additional copies can be obtained by mail from Chaosium; see the separate order form.
• Luggage Stickers — they are modeled after historical stickers. Use a knife and straight-edge to separate the two images. The backings are gummed to adhere when wet, like stamps. These are for the keeper. A very limited number of additional copies can be obtained by mail from Chaosium; see the separate order form.
• Scroll of the Head — a player handout, probably gained during the Lausanne adventure. Instructions for use and presentation occur on it.
• Sedefkar Simulacrum — a cardboard version. Cut around the segments (leave a little white border), and award the corresponding segment or segments as the investigators recover them.
• Train Car Plans — four sheets, each different, depicting six different cars: one of these is for the keeper's eyes only. They are large enough for the positioning of scale miniatures. Separate the cars and deploy them at least during the 'Repossession' and 'Blue Train, Black Night' chapters. The Campaign Book has explanatory labels for the cars.
• Period Poster — reproduces an Orient Express poster of the epoch. That rail map includes a route not shown on the Route Map. Very limited additional copies of the poster can be obtained from Chaosium; see the order form."

1991 ... CHAO 2331 ... ISBN 0933635761

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Kingsport: The City in the Mists
"Kingsport is a coastal town located a morning's stroll from Arkham. Draped in mists and fog, it is home to artists and fishermen, sailors and dreamers. Here dreams and reality mingle to an unsettling degree.
Some find solace in such dreams; others find only terror and death. Charles Baxter's dreams drove him to despair. He took his own life, throwing himself into the sea. The only clues to his demise: a water-soaked collection of poems.
Horrors exist in the real world of Kingsport as well, remnants of an ancient witch-cult that once infested the town. Unspeakable things crawl through their burrows beneath Central Hill and lurk in the fogs off Jersey Reef, preying on fishermen and unsuspecting tourists alike.
Kingsport's soothing atmosphere and beautiful setting beckons to vacationers. Its perch on the brink of the dreamworld inspires artists. Investigators come to Kingsport to find understanding of the dark realms of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Kingsport describes this fabled Massachusetts town in meticulous detail — its important personalities, buildings, history, and its weird people and places. This book also features a fold-out players' map of the town, a tourist brochure describing places of interest, and three new adventures. These range in tone from wonder to terror, and bring to life the unique atmosphere of Kingsport. These tales of dreams, mysteries, and alien horrors include player aids for added realism and enjoyment."

1991 ... Kevin A. Ross ... 123 pages + fold-out map/town directory (pg. 27) & parchment-style fold-out town map in the back (final pages are handouts, including the pamphlet mentioned on back cover) ... CHAO 2333 ... ISBN 093363577X

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Escape From Innsmouth
"Innsmouth was once a prosperous trading town located on the north coast of Massachusetts. Early in the 19th century her great sailing ships traveled the world in search of trade and treasure.
A series of mishaps brought the town to the brink of financial ruin, but it was saved when Captain Obed Marsh discovered a secret source of gold among the islands of the South Pacific. Prosperity returned to Innsmouth, but only for a short time. The gold held a price that now, nearly a century later, has left the town a decaying hulk, its diseased citizenry mere shambling parodies of what were once people. Shunned by its neighbors, Innsmouth slowly dies.
Some whisper that old Obed Marsh made a pact with the Devil. Others know the truth: the town itself has sold its soul, bringing down a curse and forever sealing its doom.

ESCAPE FROM INNSMOUTH is based on H.P. Lovecraft's popular "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," a haunting tale of a nearly forgotten town cursed by a blasphemous pact. ESCAPE FROM INNSMOUTH contains pertinent information about the town and its residents, maps of important locations, and two lengthy scenarios. A 17x22 inch players' map is also included."

1992 ... 162 pages ... CHAO 2338 ... ISBN 0933635656

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Investigator's Companion for the 1920s: Volume 1 - Equipment & Resources
"Are there flashlights in the 1920s? How about flashbulbs? What can your licensed private-eye do? Can your investigator buy a machine-gun?
Too often, Call of Cthulhu investigators find themselves not only baffled by the mysteries of the Mythos, but baffled as well by day-to-day life in America during the Roaring Twenties.
Discover the types of research facilities that are available, learn new skills, and purchase a variety of types of equipment including an extensive list of firearms common to the era. Consult with experts on a variety of esoteric and occult topics.
An essential aid for players, investigators, and Keepers."

1993 ... 64 pages ... CHAO 2343 ... ISBN 1568820070

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Investigator's Companion for the 1920s: Volume 2 - New Occupations and Skills
"ON BECOMING AN INVESTIGATOR contains valuable tips that can help your investigator reach middle age, and possibly even to those golden years. THE OCCUPATIONS SECTION contains 140 different possible 1920s occupations for CALL OF CTHULHU investigators « perfect for replacing that dearly-departed friend on-the-spot with the bartender or cabbie who witnessed the whole gruesome affair. 1920s SKILLS expands upon skills descriptions found in the 5th edition of CALL OF CTHULHU, including additional material regarding the Roaring Twenties. APPENDIX A contains legal tips for the professional investigator. APPENDIX B describes the current state of science and forensics.
An essential aid for players, investigators, and keepers."

1994 ... 64 pages ... CHAO 2346 ... ISBN 1568820186

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The Cairo Guidebook
"The opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922 and the breathtaking beauty of the treasures within sparks a wave of Egyptomania that washes across the world. Dowagers and flappers alike wear Egyptian-style jewelry. Men wear tarbouches to work on Wall Street, and smoke hashish from nargeeleh water pipes. The animalistic motifs of ancient Egyptian art blend with the clean lines of Art Nouveau to create new styles of interior decorating.
Excavations in the Valley of the Kings make or break the careers of archaeologists. Some reap fortunes from copying tomb items and selling them as genuine artifacts. Others steal genuine artifacts and re-sell them to unscrupulous collectors.
Frequent riots and political assassinations challenge British rule, but Egypt is to be a protectorate of the British Empire for decades more. Westerners openly wear guns in the streets of Cairo, but sternly forbid firearms to the locals.
Visitors are thrown into a powder-keg of political intrigue and sordid motive, of anarchy and rich adventure as romantic and improbable as a tale from the Arabian Nights.

THE CAIRO GUIDEBOOK is set in the 1920s. With it, Keepers can easily base many adventures in and around this teeming city. Dozens of scenario hooks are highlighted in the text. Period maps of Cairo, Alexandria, and Port Said are included, and dozens of plans of ancient and modern-day structures are shown. Getting to Cairo is detailed. The sights of Cairo, and the important excursions possible from Cairo are discussed, as are the important people of the city and the culture of the nation. Though intended for roleplayers, all the information in this book is genuine and accurate for the period, and some is found nowhere else. Mythos influence is considered. There are also resources concerning the gods of ancient Egypt and an extensive timeline of events from Pre-Dynastic Egypt through the end of the 1920s. Indexed. Dozens of illustrations and more. Dozens of maps and plans."

1995 ... 104 pages ... CHAO 2351 ... ISBN 1568820259

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Miskatonic University: The University Guide Book
"The world sees Miskatonic University as a solid New England institution. Its professors and departments are on par with those of any Ivy League school, among the best in the nation.
Founded posthumously in 1765 by seacaptain Jeremiah Orne, Miskatonic University grew from the acquired assets, and debts, of ailing Arkham College. Orne laid claim to the older 1690 institute which he (from beyond the grave) invigorated with new life.
He had accumulated many books and curious objects during his voyages along the eastern seaboard and to the Caribbean and South America. His curiosities were to stock a museum; his money funded a college; his books became its library.
MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY provides a coherent setting and background for running investigations using the CALL OF CTHULHU roleplaying rules. Chapters include Welcome To The University, Exploring the Campus, The Library and Exhibit Museum, M.U. By Department, Administrative Trivia, People At M.U., Social Life, In And Out Of The Academic World, and It's The End Of The World As We Know It. It also features a complete index, and an array of handouts."

1995 ... Sandy Artunes ... 74 pages ... CHAO 2352 ... ISBN 156882033X

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Taint of Madness: Insanity and Dread Within Asylum Walls
"Taint of Madness is a long sourcebook discussing the recognizable forms of insanity, the historical treatment of the insane, how the mad or incompetent are handled, and what the legal complications of being classified insane may portend. Plenty of game-related information and suggestions are made. The Cthulhu sanity rules are modified. There are three fully-developed asylums (Bethlehem for the 1890s, Arkham Sanitarium for the 1920s, and Bellevue for the 1990s), as well as a short scenario for each. Background information includes notes for conducting psychiatric interviws, sample commitment and release papers, a glossary of psychiatric terms corrected for the era, extensive information concerning historical asylums in the US and across the globe, an annotated bibliography, and plenty of illustrations. Indexed."

"Eric Rowe & I contributed the middle of this book: asylums and adventures. There are three asylums spotlighted: Bedlam (in the 1890s), Arkham (in the 1920s), and Bellevue (in the 1990s).

I think the asylums came out quite well. They contain complete descriptions and are well researched. We found some wonderful period books on Bedlam in the Main Stacks at UC Berkeley. The Arkham Sanitarium information came mainly from other books that Chaosium had put out, including Arkham Unveiled. The nice folks out at Bellevue sent us lots of information on that modern-day hospital.

The adventures are average: not bad, not great. The prime point was to show how the asylums could be used in real adventures. So, there's one adventure where you get to play patients, and another when you get to play workers at an asylum, and one last adventure where you play fairly normative investigators, looking into Cthulhoid activity.

The adventures cover some of the themes that interest me most from the Mythos: the Dreamlands, ghouls, and dead chickens. No, really."
...from Amazon reviewer Shannon Appel

1995 ... 120 pages ... CHAO 2354 ... ISBN 1568820429

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The Compact Arkham Unveiled
"The town of Arkham is the home of Miskatonic University. The town and it's inhabitants are like a beacon that casts the best of civilization into the darkness and mystery beyond. Not far away, the Colour Out of Space landed and sapped the land.
To the northwest, the Dunwich Horror terrified the farmers until Arkham's intellectuals fought the thing and vanquished it. To the northeast lurks the decaying town of Innsmouth and its tainted, guilty, sullen inhabitants. Hoary gambreled Kingsport, seaport of dreams, is a few hours' walk to the east.
But in Arkham, all is normal and peaceful. Faith, family values, and decency thrive along the banks of the Miskatonic -- or so the townsfolk believe..."

1995 ... Keith Herber ... 96 pages + 16" x 21" newspaper + town map ... CHAO 2356 ... ISBN 1568820496

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The London Guidebook
"For seven centuries the reach and power of the British Crown was regularly challenged, but never dispelled. The Crown's capital city, London, in the 1920s three times older than the Crown itself, grew to he the pre-eminent confluence of old privilege, new money, dynamic creativity, social class friction, madness, tuberculosis, science, education, and advanced medical research. Bumbling criminals, evil geniuses, refugee intellectuals, social deviants, harmless eccentrics, moral reformers, occultists, and millions of utterly normal people gravitated to London. The larger any city becomes, the more it becomes the place to be, and the more reasons people find for going there. London was the largest city in the world.
With detail chosen not only for social or political importance but also for the curious, bizarre, and supernatural, this book captures much of London's special flavor. Keepers and interested readers will find in it substantial background and a wide range of information, including new occupations for the game, famous people, London by district (with a half-dozen general maps, and many more detailed plans and illustrations of particular buildings and complexes), the suburbs, the Thames, parks, subterranean London, transport, annual events, law and order, crimes and criminals, institutions, recreation, occult London, a historical chronology of the city, a 1920s timeline by month, prices, how to get chloroform (or weapons, fireworks, or public records), how to send a letter or telegram, sample hotel and restaurant costs, a bibliography, an introductory scenario, and an index."

1996 ... 96 pages ... CHAO 2347 ... ISBN 1568820275

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Arkham Sanitarium: A set of player aids for use with Call of Cthulhu
"The battle against the horrors of the mythos often leaves an investigator dead or insane. In either case, a paper trail has formed, one that can lead new, ignorant investigators into realms of unspeakable evil.

This supplement contains a large number of useful forms for use in a Call of Cthulhu game. Death certificates, patient records, and even fingerprint forms are all included and may be used immediately. Also included is a 25-page Sanitarium prescription pad ideal for live-action playing sessions. Use it to write 'prescriptions' in a game, or just as something the players and keeper may scribble on."

1997 ... CHAO 2366 ... ISBN 1568820887

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The New Orleans Guidebook
"New Orleans in the 1920’s is a city of many faces. The gaiety of Mardi Gras is juxtaposed with the rampant corruption that earned New Orleans the nickname 'The City That Care Forgot.' The genteel decline of the French Quarter, the location of the city’s original settlement, stands contrast to the rich opulence of the Garden District, where the Americans later built their mansions. Voodoo and Catholicism exist peacefully side by side. And beneath it all, the face of the Mythos can sometimes be glimpsed.
This guidebook includes detailed chapters on: the history of New Orleans, the French Quarter and the greater city, and the bayous and coastal area. A chapter on voodoo includes guidelines for integrating it into Call of Cthulhu, New occupations unique to the Crescent City and the area are suggested, and five secret societies are covered. A scenario designed to acquaint investigators with most of New Orleans' areas completes the book."

1997 ... Fred Van Lente ... 90 pages ... CHAO 2369 ... ISBN 1568820895

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The 1920s Investigator's Companion
"When faced with the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos, investigators need all the help that they can get. This essential player's aid for Call of Cthulhu provides it.
The 1920s Investigator's Companion is split into four sections. "The Roaring Twenties" details life in the 1920s, from a general historical overview to listings of favorite songs, books, and films of the era. "On Becoming An Investigator" outlines the trials of becoming an investigator, offers 140 different occupations, and annotates the use of skills in the 1920s. "The Tools of the Trade" lists resources investigators may use for research, describes various forms of transport and transportation, and also catalogs other equipment and guns. "Words of Wisdom" brings the book to a conclusion by offering advice to the intrepid investigator. Now, for the first time, everything a 1920s investigator needs is gathered in one place."

1997 ... 128 pages ... CHAO 2370 ... ISBN 1568821069

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Escape from Innsmouth (Second Edition, Expanded & Revised)
"A century ago Innsmouth was a thriving community on the Massachusetts coast. Then a shadow fell over Innsmouth. There were whispered rumors of heathen religions and blasphemous pacts. Now Innsmouth lies rotting, its harbor choked with sand, the town itself nearly engulfed by salt marshes. Outsiders shun Innsmouth and its sullen, deformed inhabitants. But the secret is still there. Hiding. Festering. Growing. Waiting.

This book recreates H. P. Lovecraft's most haunted locale for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Herein are described all of the terrible places, brooding characters, evil tomes, and monstrous inhabitants of shadowed Innsmouth. This is a revised, second edition, containing all of the original source material and maps, with corrections. Included for the first time in this edition are an introductory Innsmouth scenario and an entirely new section for the acclaimed "Raid on Innsmouth" adventure."

1997 ... Kevin Ross ... 174 pages + fold-out map of Innsmouth ... CHAO 2371 ... ISBN 1568821158

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Beyond the Mountains of Madness: The Starkweather-Moore Expedition of 1933-34
"Little by little they rose grimly into the western sky; allowing us to witness various bare, bleak and blackened summits... in the reddish Antarctic light against the provocative background of irredescent ice-dust clouds. In the whole spectacle there was a persistent, pervasive hint of stupendous secrecy and potential revelation... I could not help feeling that they were evil things - mountains of madness whose farther slopes looked out over some accursed ultimate abyss." - H.P. Lovecraft

"This colossal volume combines both an epic adventure, based on Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" and a complete Antarctica sourcebook. The level of detail is extraordinary. Special investigator sheets are included, with stats specific to an Antarctic investigator.

Oh Boy! Make sure you are prepared before you embark on this adventure. "Beyond the Mountains of Madness" is an incredible investment in time and energy. The book assumes that the keeper has read and is familiar with both "At the Mountains of Madness" as well as Poe's "Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket." (As far as preparation goes, this is a joy. They are both great books, and should be read anyways.) It took our group about 5 months to complete, and we skipped several optional sections. The adventure takes place in several chapters, including preparing for the trip, the ocean trip to Antarctica, on Antarctica, and then the trip home.

The book is a challenge for both keepers and players. If done well, this will be one of your best adventures ever." ...from Amazon reviewer Zack Davisson

1999 ... Charles Engan & Janyce Engan & Michael Blum & John Goodrich & Mike Lay & John T Snyder & Paul Carrick & M Wayne Miller ... 438 pages + map ... CHAO 2380 ... ISBN 1568821387
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2006 ... (otherwise identical)
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Antarctic Expedition Pack for Beyond the Mountains of Madness (Call of Cthulhu)
Rare and collection of handouts, Keeper aids, and souveniers for the monumental Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign.

Contents include:
1. 2-panel keeper's screen tailored for Antarctica
2. Embroidered full-colored Starkweather-Moore expedition patch: suitable for cap or jacket
3. 12 pages of double-sided newspaper clippings
4. 4 souvenir boarding passes for the SS Gabrielle
5. The long-lost conclusion to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Narrative of Arthur Gordong Pym of Nantucket"
6. 2-color 16" x 20" keeper's map of Antarctica
7. Expedition postcard ready for mailing
8. Starkweather-Moore expedition window sticker
9. Official temporary tattoo of the Antarctic expedition

1999 ... CHAO 2381 ... ISBN 156882145X

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No Man's Land: WWI Mythos Action with the Lost Battalion
"The date is October 2, 1918. In France soldiers huddle in hastily-dug trenches, faith
their only protection against the never-ending artillery barrage. It is the time of World War I — the Great War — a time when mankind proves itself capable of atrocities never before conceived of. As above, so below. Beneath the cracked and shattered soil of the Argonne Forest there lives something that waits, lurking and feeding upon misery — something inhuman. Very soon the members of the doomed Lost Battalion will stumble upon this mystery older than Mu, and then the fate of the world will He in their hands.
No Man's Land includes rules for generating soldier characters in WWI and a guide to a soldier's life in the period, detailing dangers from shell-shock to mustard gas. It is the first of the Cthulhu Master's Tournament books, which are designed to be run as stand-alone or tournament adventures. It originally formed part of the Cthulhu Master's Tournament at GenCon. No Man's Land can also act as the basis of a campaign set in the 1920s. Match your wits against the masters of Mythos horror!"

1998 ... 80 pages ... CHAO 2385 ... ISBN 1568821425

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H.P. Lovecraft's Dunwich
"Dunwich is a small village located along the Miskatonic, upriver from Arkham. Until 1806, Dunwich was a thriving community, boasting many mills and the powerful Whateley family.
Those among the Whateleys came to know dark secrets about the world, and they fell into the worship of unwholesome creatures from other times and places. Retreating to the hills and forests surrounding the town, they betrayed their uncorrupted kin.

Prosperity fled, and a dark despair seized the people. What remains is a skeleton town, mills closed, its citizens without hope or future. However, secrets of the Mythos survive, to be discovered by brave and enterprising investigators.

H.P. Lovecraft's DUNWICH begins with "The Dunwich Horror," Lovecraft's masterful tale of life in the town and its surrounds. It expands upon the story with extensive information about the town: pertinent buildings, useful people, and important locations are described in detail. A 17x22" map depicts the area for miles around, and two scenarios are included. All statistics and gameplay notes for d20 Cthulhu are also provided.

* About 80 pages of informative guidebook for Dunwich and Dunwich's environs.
* Written for BRP Cthulhu; includes conversions and statistics for d20 Call of Cthulhu.
Part of our 1920's Lovecraft Country setting.
* New full color cover by Philippe Bouveret, "The Sorcerer".
* Introductory story by H. P. Lovecraft, "The Dunwich Horror".
* New template of a typical Dunwich farm.
* Introductory scenario, "Earth, Sky, Soul", by John Tynes.
* "Return To Dunwich" adventure serves a sequel to the H.P. Lovecraft story "The Dunwich Horror".
* "Underground" adventure takes investigators into the dark underbelly of Dunwich.
* New layout."

An updated edition of "Return to Dunwich"

2002 ... Keith Herber ... 200 pages + map ... CHAO 8802 ... ISBN 1568821646

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H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham: Unveiling the Legend-Haunted City
"ARKHAM is a small town along the Massachusetts coast-the setting favored by author Howard Phillips Lovecraft in his tales of monstrous horror.

All in all a quiet place, Arkham is best-known as the home of Miskatonic University, an excellent school becoming known for its esoteric and disturbing volumes residing in its library's Restricted Collection. These tomes form the foundation of all current efforts to thwart the dire desires of the Mythos legion.

H.P. Lovecraft's ARKHAM contains extensive background information about this haunted New England town-written to be used by serious investigators as a base from which to further explore the mysteries of the Cthulhu Mythos. Pertinent buildings, useful people, and important locations are described in depth. A 17x22" players' map of Arkham is bound into the back, and four thrilling adventures complete the package.

Includes the H.P. Lovecraft short story "The Dreams in the Witch-house" (1933)

* New Layout
* New Artwork
* Fully compatible with both Call of Cthulhu from Chaosium Inc. and Call of Cthulhu d20.
* Part of our expanding 1920's Lovecraft Country line.
* This book contains material previously published as Arkham Unveiled (1990) and Compact Arkham Unveiled (1995). Each book long out of print.

2003 ... 200 pages ... CHAO 8803 ... ISBN 1568821654

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Chaosium owns (and holds trademark to) the Call of Cthulhu in all forms.

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