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Call of Cthulhu

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Delta Green



Alone on Halloween - a Solo Scenario Against the Children of the Night
Alone on Halloween by Scott David Aniolowski & John Tynes. The Old Dark House by C.L. Werner.

"A long solo scenario apposing the children of the night. 666 numbered entries guide you on your descent into insanity. Headless horsemen, mad scientists, haunts and spirits of every type , and ......something worse. A darkling nightmare from beyond the stars rises, this Halloween night."

1992 ... John Tynes & Jeff Barber ... 68 pages ... PAG 1000

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Creatures & Cultists!: The Furiously Fuggly Card Game
"It's time for you and your Cthulhu Cult buddies to rise up and SPOOGE THE WORLD...just mate sure the Boy Scouts of Azathoth don't do it first!
• 128 cards
• 3-5 players
• 8 play sheets
• moron-level rules
• uses six-sided dice
• a must for HPLovecraft & Call of Cthulhu™ fans!"

1993 ... Jeff Barber & John Tynes ... Pagan Publishing PAG 2000
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2004 ... EOS Publishing ... ISBN 0971064237
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Devil's Children
"DEVIL'S CHILDREN is a Call of Cthulhu adventure for up to four players and a Keeper. Two intertwined scenarios span three hundred years of history, from 1692 Salem to 1992 Arkham, as they relate a bloody tale of evil and destiny. Special pre-generated characters are provided, as are numerous handouts to enhance game-play. Recommended for mature readers."

1993 ... Authors: David Conyers, David Godley, David Witteveen. Illustrators: Dennis Detwiller, Anson Maddocks, Jesper Myrfors ... 52 pages ... PAG 1001

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Walker in the Wastes
"In 1848 the Franklin Expedition vanished in the ice searching for the Northwest Passage. Eighty years later, you and, your associates travel to Northern Canada to research the disaster — and find yourselves launched in a globe-spanning race to defeat the terrible god of the icy wastes. Hundreds of hours of research have gone into creating the most realistic 1920s campaign ever. Japanese gangsters, Iraqi archaeological digs, secret airships, and a legend older than humanity serve to challenge even the most experienced of CoC players. Walker in the Wastes is a huge campaign of discovery and horror, and is suggested for experienced Keepers."

1994 ... John H. Crowe III & Dennis Detwiller ... 224 pages ... Pagan Publishing PAG 1002

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Coming Full Circle
"VENGEANCE HAS BEEN A LONG TIME COMING. The little town of North Ashfield, Massachusetts, is not the kind of town where evil dwells. Yet it not only dwells — it thrives. The ghosts of the past and the horrors of the present rub shoulders with honest citizens and innocent children, feeding on the isolation and naοvetι of the residents. The circle of life, the circle of love, the circle of friends, the circle of family: all are encompassed within a much larger sphere...the circle of death. Its arc is slow and somber, but when the ends are joined all hell will break loose. The legends of New England rise wild.
Coming Full Circle is a campaign of four scenarios set from 1929 through 1939. This is a non-Mythos campaign featuring threats drawn from New England folklore and superstition, and includes rules for creating psychics and mediums as investigators and using "the Gift" in play."

1995 ... 160 pages ... Pagan Publishing PAG 1003 ... ISBN 1887797009

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The Golden Dawn
"Join the most notorious occult society of Victorian England — The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn — alongside luminaries such as W.B. Yeats, Aleister Crowley, and others. This book includes extensive source material (including rules for astral projection and Hermetic Magick) and four Call of Cthulhu scenarios offering a look at the dark side of Victoria's Empire."

1996 ... Scott Aniolowski & Garrie Hall & Steve Hatherley & Alan Smithee & John T. Snyder & John Tynes ... 192 pages ... Pagan Publishing (PAG) 1004 ... ISBN 1887797025

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The Realm of Shadows
"The Realm of Shadows is a campaign for the Call of Cthulhu role playing game. Set in the 1940s the players are arrayed against a blasphemous and insidiously corruptive cult of cannibals."

1997 ... Blair Reynolds ... 202 pages ... PAG 1006 ... ISBN 1887797106

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Mortal Coils
"...MORTAL COILS is a new anthology of eight Call of Cthulhu scenarios from Pagan Publishing. Inside is a diverse group of noisome terrors ranging from surreal horror to violent action. Works include: GOD OF THE MOUNTAIN by Michael Cisco • A MURDER OF CROWS and VIGILANTE JUSTICE by John H. Crowe, III • MYSTERIA MATRIS OBLITAE by Dennis Detwiller • COMMON COURTESY and NIGHTCAP by Jeff Moeller • WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY by Rebecca Strong • DREAM FACTORY by John Tynes"

1998 ... 204 pages ... PAG 1007 ... ISBN 1887797114

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Delta Green

Delta Green
"Inside you'll find e secret history of the 20th century, and the movers and shakers who are players in the game: Delta Green, the outlaw conspiracy working inside the U.S. government to fight the darkness; Majestic-12, the clandestine agency that cuts deals with aliens and reports to no one; SaucerWatch. a UFO study group closer to the truth than they know: the Harotechia, immortal Nazis who serve a risen Hitler; and the Fate, an occult criminal syndicate that knows where the bodies are buried. Plus: * new skills * new spells * new weapons * new Mythos tomes * profiles of thirty-six real-world intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, with character templates for each * a look at Mi-Go biology, philosophy, and operations * analysis of the Cthulhu Mythos in the modern day * a factual history of the U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement community * dozens of useful NPCs * campaign-construction guidelines * two scenarios * a short campaign * and more."

SOFTCOVER: 1997 ... 298 pages ... ISBN 1887797084
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HARDCOVER (D20): 2006 ... 338 pages ... PAG 1010 ... ISBN 1887797238
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Delta Green: Countdown
"NO FUTURE. Get used to the taste of ashes.

"The countdown to the apocalypse has begun. As our darkened globe spins through the eternal night, the lasting legacy of the human race is nothing but a scream -- drowned out by the roar of the destiny devouring us all. This is your last chance to show the cosmos what it means to be human: the will to fight.

Delta Green: Countdown blows the doors off the world of Delta Green, reaching wider and digging deeper to map the terrain of the twisted pulp apocalypse we call the dawning of the 21st century. Brace yourself for the final world order: The Insects from Shaggai, alien parasites subverting the leadership of a nation; PISCES, the UK's attempt to harness the unknown; The Army of the Third Eye, terrorists fighting a bloody battle against alien invaders; GRU SV-8, a band of desperate operatives fighting darkness in the ruins of Russia; The Skoptsi, occult fanatics with an eight-hundred-year legacy; The OUTLOOK Group, where Majestic-12 tests its elite; Phenomen-X, a syndicated TV news show that pokes its camera in all the wrong places; Tiger Transit, a former CIA airline now in the clutches of a Tcho-Tcho drug cartel; The D Stacks at the American Museum of Natural History, where Dr. Jensen Wu classifies the unclassifiable; The Keepers of the Faith, traditionalist ghouls fighting the lean and hungry Heretic ghouls beneath the streets of Manhattan; and The Hastur Mythos, a twisted skein of surreal destruction weaving its way through humanity. Plus: • new skills • new spells • new Mythos Tomes • rules for psychics • a microbiologist's dossiers on paranormal lifeforms • profiles of international intelligence and law enforcement agencies • dozens of useful NPCs • two scenarios • a short campaign • and more."

1999 ... Dennis Detwiller & Adam Scott Glancy & John Tynes ... 432 pages ... PAG 1008 ... ISBN 1887797122

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Machinations of the Mi-Go (Delta Green Eyes Only, Vol. 1)
"Want to take a head trip? Then check your body at the gate.

The Fungi from Yuggoth are one of humanity's most baffling and insidious foes. Now get the inside scoop, pulled wetly from the brains of those who know. All the juicy details are inside:

• life on Yuggoth • Mi-Go physiology • surgical procedures • weaponry • alien technology • what MJ-12 knows • operations on Mars and the Moon • the Greys • UFOs • new Mythos tomes • new spells • and more"

2000 ... Dennis Detwiller ... 52 pages ... PAG 2103 ... ISBN 1887797130

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The Fate (Delta Green Eyes Only, Vol. 2)
"New York is a rock. Underneath is where we squirm.

The NYC occult underground is the dark heart of the city. Its arteries are the Network, the criminal syndicate that even the mafia fears. Its soul is the Fate, a secret order of sorcerors and psychopaths. And its brain is Stephen Alzis, a man who can convince your own shadow to betray you. From the highest skyscraper to the deepest ghoul warren, to them we're meat all the way down.
It's time to rip the lid off this world of secrets. This book has the straight dope, information that these people have killed to conceal:
• the secret history of the Fate • extensive biographies • the truth about Stephen Alzis, including full game stats • new Lords • new Adepts • new Neophytes • new enemies • details on the Fate's occult hidings • clue-filled guide to investigator research on the Fate • appendix on a Fate player-character campaign • guide to NYC law-enforcement • and more."

1998 ... Dennis Detwiller & Shane Ivey ... 108 pages ... PAG 2104 ... ISBN 1887797149

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Project Rainbow (Delta Green Eyes Only, Vol. 3)
"The Past isn't Dead. That's why the Future must Kill It.

Everyone’s heard of the Philadelphia Experiment. In 1943 the USS Eldridge disappeared in a stealth-technology test gone wrong. It’s a classic of conspiracy theories, a fairy tale from the labored myth-cycle of U.S. intelligence community. They even made a movie about it.
Like most fairy-tales, the truth is far, far more hideous.
Project Rainbow exposes six decades of official lies:
• The secrets of the Tillinghast Resonator • what happened to the USS Eldridge • what's still happening to the USS Eldridge • how the Office of Naval Intelligence took on Majestic-12 and won • why March Technologies always has the latest miltech • game mechanics for T-Radiation and N-Space • a mind-blowing time-travel scenario • and more."

2000 ... Dennis Detwiller ... 152 pages ... PAG 2106 ... ISBN 1887797211

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Delta Green: Eyes Only
Delta Green: Eyes Only brings together three of Pagan Publishing's long sought after Delta Green chapbooks - Machinations of the Mi-Go, The Fate, and Project Rainbow - as well as three scenarios and source material on tradecraft and policing millennial NYC.

"Are you cleared for this?
For eighty years your organization has fought to protect humanity by uneearthing evils older than the world itself. You violated every law to save people who'll never know you exist. You took down fanatics who worshipped horror incarnate. You dug up truths that all the powers of government and magic tried to conceal.

You're about to wish you'd left well enough alone.

Delta Green: Eyes Only digs deep into the worm-ridden heart of modern power. Uncover its secrets and you'll see why people kill to keep them hidden.

* Machinations of the Mi-Go explores the history, goals and science of the Fungi from Yuggoth, including the plot that shaped the American government for decades.
* The New York occult underground exlplodes with The Fate, an in-depth look at Stephen Alzis and his servants and enemies, including new Cthulhu Mythos tomes and a guide to playing characters in the Network.
* Project Rainbow brings a staple of conspiracy fiction, the Philadelphia Experiment, seamlessly into the Mythos- stealth technology meets the Tillinghast Resonator with nightmarish results.
Plus: Tradecraft, detailing Green Boxes, communications security, hacking, interrogation and the emotional toll of murder; Policing Millennial NYC, listing federal law enforcement agencies and facilities in the New York area; A Night on Olshead Mountain, an adventure that pits investigators against the deadly after effects of alien activity;Holy War in which Delta Green attempts to unravel New York's most dangerous occult conspiracy in the months after 9/11/01; and Artifact Zero, a mind-blowing time-travel scenario in which the agents must put more than their lives and souls at risk."

2007/2008 ... Dennis Detweiler (author & art) & Adam Scott Glancy & Shane Ivey & Todd Shearer (art) ... 260 pages (hardcover/softcover) ... PAG 2107/1013(?) ... ISBN 1887797270/1887797297


Delta Green: Alien Intelligence
"Delta Green: Alien Intelligence is a set of eight short stories set in the world of the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Beyond being modern updates of the pulp horror of the 1930s, these stories seamlessly intertwine the Cthulhu Mythos into modern day conspiracy theory and the myths of alien abduction and visitation."

1998 ... 194 pages ... ISBN 1887797092

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Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement
"WHEN AN AGENT VANISHES, leaving behind a lifetime of mystery and igniting a future of peril, a Delta Green team is pulled into a vortex of horror and deception, destiny and
betrayal. From the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee to the snow-covered beltway of Washington, from the depths of Fort Leavenworth prison to the sunny tropics of Puerto Rico, from the sky over China to the jungles of Cambodia, we are there, following a scarlet skein of tangled causality through time and space that threatens to ignite a war between Delta Green and its bitterest enemy.
The dancers at the soul of time are calling across the gulf of infinity.

2000 ... John Tynes ... 229 pages ... Armitage House ... ISBN 1887797165

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Delta Green: Dark Theatres
"Delta Green: Dark Theatres is the second Delta Green fiction anthology. It presents eight new stories of intrigue and horror set against the backdrop of the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft blended with modern conspiracy theory. Delta Green: Dark Theatres follows two award winning Role Playing Game sourcebooks, a novel and a previous short story anthology."

2001 ... Bob Kruger & John Tynes ... Armitage House ... 299 pages ... ISBN 1887797173

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Delta Green: Denied to the Enemy
"Thule is the Nazi Atlantis, the legendary home of Aryan superbeings who ruled pre-history. Thule was supposed to be a Nazi myth, but when a defector from the SS Occult Sciences division, the Karotechia, brings proof of Thule's reality, Delta Green's course is clear: the alien city and its technological and occult secrets must be denied to the enemy. But the true masters of Thule are fighting their own war. A traitor from the past endangers their eons-old plan to shape the future. The survival of mankind depends on the fate of Thule; but to destroy Thule or to save it? Which choice will save humankind?"

2004 ... Dennis Detwiller ... 260 pages ... ISBN 1887797246

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